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Beautiful Bastard (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 28 mar 2013

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""Beautiful Bastard" is the perfect mix of passionate romance and naughty eroticism. I couldn't, and didn't, put it down until I'd read every last word."--Elena Raines, Twilightish

Biografía del autor

Christina and Lauren are a writing duo who have been swooning over romance novels for as long as they can remember. The pair first met writing fanfiction in 2009, under the names tby789 (The Office) and LolaShoes (My Yes, My No) and launched their partnership with their popular collaboration, A Little Crazy. Together, they reworked the famous fanfiction, The Office, into the novel Beautiful Bastard.

Detalles del producto

  • Tapa blanda: 320 páginas
  • Editor: Simon & Schuster (28 de marzo de 2013)
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN-10: 1476730091
  • ISBN-13: 978-1476730097
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (1 opinión de cliente)
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº44.019 en Libros en idiomas extranjeros (Ver el Top 100 en Libros en idiomas extranjeros)

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2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil Por julia en 21 de enero de 2014
Formato: Tapa blanda Compra verificada
interesante manera de explicar la historia de dos personas. El hecho de que los capítulos se alternen para explicar la historia desde el punto de vista de el y de ella, hacen que el libro sea una visión moderna de la típica historia "chico conoce chica"
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Ridiculously Awful! 13 de febrero de 2013
Por Liz Murach - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle
1 Star

I can't be a person who doesn't tell the truth about a book, about my experience reading a particular story. I just can't be that person. If I love a book, you *know* it. I don't hesitate to get effusive with my praise and love and sickening adoration;-) If I don't like a book, I try my best to not be a total raving witch about it, and I hope that comes across when people read my reviews. This review is going to sound harsh, but...I really don't know any other way to say what I feel needs to be said. I've written and rewritten this review multiple times, and, I'm sorry, but this is what I've got.

I went into this with the very best of intentions and expectations, even after some less than stellar reviews on Goodreads. I thought, you know, it's a matter of taste and preference. This sounds like my kind of story, so I'm gonna go for it! One of my favorite authors loved this story in its original form, and, well, that was good enough for me. I was so excited to receive this and start reading!

I tried. Truly, I did. So, when all is said and done, what do I think? I honestly cannot comprehend what originally drew so many people to this story online that a major publishing house felt compelled to pull it, pretty it up a bit, and spend the money to have it published. There is absolutely no snark or nastiness intended by that comment. Truthfully, I'm completely and totally baffled.

I understand sex is a draw. It attracts people in droves. I get it. I've been one of those people on more than one occasion. The opportunity to read Beautiful Bastard is case in point. But, I have read FAR better, far sexier, far more sensual (for that matter, far more filthy) sex scenes than what is offered up here. There was nothing original in that regard. In fact, I knew I was in trouble with this story, when, by 4% in, Kindle page 17, without knowing ANYTHING about either character, without having even the most minimal physical description of the two, with barely any conversation passing between the two up to this point, THEY HAD SEX FOR THE FIRST OF UMPTEEN TIMES!!! For God's sake, it was like a bad porno! Is that what's doing it for people now? Is that the big draw here??

So, then, I thought, what else draws me to a story? You can tell, at this point, I was still trying desperately to find some reason, any reason, this story originally attracted so many people that it *had to be* published. So, I considered what other characteristics I've enjoyed about the stories I've read and loved (or, even just tolerated). Chemistry, emotion, character growth, great dialog, humor...I love all of these things. NOT ONE OF THEM WAS ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THIS STORY!! Not an ounce. Not one iota. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Lord help me, but there was absolutely *NOTHING* but the most boring sex interrupted by bouts of incredibly childish, annoying and tedious bickering between the two! Quite literally, that. is. all. there. was.

I am disappointed, in the extreme. Frankly, I don't know that I've ever felt this disappointed in a book, on several levels. Some days I have to wonder about the state of the publishing industry. I guess this is just one of those days. This review is obviously only my opinion, which I am entitled to. As I said when I began, I do not enjoy being harsh and overly critical. I *loathe* feeling the need to give a review like this. But, I'm also committed to giving my full and honest opinion. In this case, *my* honest opinion is that there was nothing here that deserved to be published, and, if there was, it certainly could have benefited from a good editor and the investment of even a little bit of time.
68 de 80 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Fun and flirty read 14 de febrero de 2013
Por Ava & Brianna @ Biblio Belles - Publicado en
Formato: Tapa blanda
I was very fortunate to receive an eARC of this book from the publisher, Gallery Books via Netgalley.

I LOVED this book! I think I have been slightly overwhelmed with heavy, 'nitty gritty' books of late. You know the kind where some one has a broken past and dark secrets and the other is messed up etc. So on immediately starting this book I was laughing within the first few pages and I welcomed the comic relief.

"He was the most self-righteous, pompous pr**k I'd ever met." This was our introduction to the female MC Chloe Mills. Damsel in distress she was not! It was long overdue for me to read a book with a sassy chick and Chloe did not disappoint. That girl swore like a trooper. She knew there was no denying her boss was drop dead gorgeous but she also knew he was a complete ass. "My boss, Mr. Bennett Ryan. Beautiful Bastard... tall, gorgeous, and entirely evil."

The dialogue between Chloe and Bennett was priceless, they both gave as good as they got. "Good morning Miss Mills. You seem to be in an exceptionally cordial mood today. Did somebody die?"

The book was told in alternating points of view and this worked well for the story. I loved hearing from Bennett's point of view as we got to know him more and he was just as witty as Chloe. "It occurred to me that it might not be in my best interest to let her make my coffee. One of these days she was likely to put something in it. Like arsenic."

From the very first chapter things got quite smexy indeed. And boy was their encounters HOTT. Although Mr. Ryan did have a little problem when it came to leaving Chloe's underwear intact and his desk drawer soon filled up with ripped panties :)

The love/hate relationship worked well in this book. It was believable that two people who couldn't stand each other could at the same time be so physically attracted to the other and have mind numbing action between the sheets, on stairwells, in elevators and up against windows. Did I mention this book was smexy??

This story has been talked about in the same way of Fifty Shades. If that's not your thing then don't be put off this book. It doesn't involve ropes or handcuffs. It's just pure physical attraction between two gorgeous people. It makes a nice change from every guy trying his hand at being a Dom.

This was a quick read for me, considering I was so reluctant to put it down. I finally gave in to exhaustion at 4:15 am only to then recommence at 9:30 am to finish the last 30%. It was a fun and light read. There was no angst or heartbreaking secrets but what it did contain was lust, passion, love and care. I fell for both of these characters. Bennett didn't eclipse Chloe and vice versa, they both stood on their own and I loved them equally.

If we address the pink elephant in the room then yes this story derived from Twilight. I haven't read the original story 'The Office' but if I hadn't known then I would have never associated this with Twilight fan fiction. This background has made some people reluctant to read this book but I say do it. It stands on it's own two feet. Read it for what it is. Fun with a little bit of sexy and sass thrown in.

I have been telling anyone who will listen to go and read this book now. And I will say it here again. If you want a funny, light-hearted and sexy read then you won't regret picking up this one. Go get it NOW! ~Ava
227 de 278 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
More plot please 13 de febrero de 2013
Por Kala - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle
Alright, because I was approved for this via NetGalley/Gallery Books (thank you!), I went ahead and read it. I still have a major issue with p2p fanfiction being marketed as original, but I decided to give this one a chance.

I like to read a lot of Twilight fanfic (the actual fanfic, not the p2p kind with new names!) and my boyfriend always calls it Twilight porn. THIS STORY is exactly why he calls it that. If ever there was a story that was pretty much porn without a plot, this is it.

Bennett and Chloe hate each other. For the first 2/3-3/4 of the novel, they have a lot of hate sex. They snipe at each other in public, then in private they have rough sex. Shirt ripping, buttons flying everywhere, bent over the desk type of sex. The sex scenes themselves are pretty hot - I will admit that.

But that's all there is. Lots of sex.

Towards the end, the sex becomes less hateful and the characters snipe at each other less frequently, but it's still just a sex story. I can give you the entire plot in a few lines:

Hate sex
Hate sex
Hate sex
Hate sex
Hate sex
Hate sex
Hate sex
Love/Hate sex
Love/Hate sex
Argument/Break up
Make up
I love you sex
The end

The book wasn't poorly written, but there just isn't any substance here. It's Edward and Bella having hate sex all over an office. That's it.
177 de 225 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
This "book" consists of a bunch of scenes thrown together. 12 de febrero de 2013
Por BookGeek - Publicado en
Formato: Tapa blanda
This is the story of how two people who are incredibly mean to each other, have lots of sex and then say I love you. That is literally what "Beautiful Bastard" is about. I would never classify this as a love story, because no one actually falls in love. I also wouldn't call it erotica, because while the sex scenes try really hard, they just are not hot enough. Chloe Mills is an intern at a multi-million dollar company, that some how cannot live without her. Bennett Ryan is the mean COO of his father's company and Chloe's boss. After nine months of butting heads and Bennett being a complete bastard to Chloe, they begin having sex. It comes out of nowhere, there is no real hint that these people want each other, they just start doing it and cannot stop.

That kind of storyline drives me crazy. The "I hate you, but you're so hot I can't stop myself from having unprotected sex with you everywhere" storyline. Let's face it, it is not that difficult to control your body. Bennett and Chloe are unbelievably awful to each other. They legitimately hate each other for most of this book, but some how they have sex in conference rooms, in office hallways, in Bennett's office, etc. Don't get me wrong, I understand passion and lust are sometimes beyond our control, but Chloe is supposed to be this serious and ambitious girl, why would she risk her career and her job to have sex in hallways with a guy she doesn't like? It makes no sense. You can say, well, she probably was in denial about liking him. Fine, but how can you like someone who treats you like something on the bottom of his shoe?!

I have worked for media companies, entertainment companies, advertising companies and movie companies since I was 16 years old. I have been the intern to Academy Award winning directors, executives, TV show head writers and company presidents. As good as I was at my job, I never found myself as comfortable and as needed as Chloe Mills is in this book. Sure, she has some kind of MBA internship, but guess what I know people who were MBA interns and they didn't go to the President's house for dinner and the president wouldn't have stormed into their bosses office to demand that the executive treat the intern better. Chloe's relationship to everyone else in this book is extremely absurd. Everyone's like "we can't do this without Chloe." She is an intern! Of course you can do it without her. If Chloe left, you would still be able to run your million dollar business effectively! Give a me a break! I rolled my eyes at 90% of the office/business scenes, because it is pretty obvious to me that the writing team Christina Lauren, probably have never spent a day in a corporate office before writing this book.

I think it's incredibly sad when adults sit down to write fan fiction of teenage stories. How an adult can read "Twilight" and think it is so epic that they have to write Bella and Edward in other situations is beyond me. Liking and finding "Twilight" to be entertaining, I get, but not middle age mothers being so obsessed they decide to write their own book starring these characters. I actually don't know how old the writing team Christina Lauren is, but since their bio claims they have jobs, etc I'm going to say they're not 16. It blows my mind that these authors and the author of "Fifty Shades of Grey," have been able to be successful by copying and repackaging someoneelse's characters. I also find it shameful that publishers are actually going out of their way to release fan fiction. What happened to looking for the next great thing? Not re-releasing the same crap in different forms! By the time I have kids and they begin reading, publishing will just be a bunch of fan fiction about characters actual writers have created.

I have to say one thing about EL James, at least she wrote a story. We know about her character histories and there is a beginning, middle and end. The same cannot be said for "Beautiful Bastard." This "book" consists of a bunch of scenes thrown together where Chloe and Bennett are mean to each other and then have sex. There is no real exploration into the characters and their histories. There is no characterization or evolution. One day out of nowhere they just stop fighting. Nothing happens to bring this truce along. The authors need them to stop fighting, so they do. There is no real conflict or resolution in this story. There is nothing and no one to really root for. I mostly had a vague interest in whether or not they would end up together. There are no stakes. The author tries to throw in the idea that Chloe's reputation could be tarnished, but this book does not take place in 1886, so I was not too worried.

I don't have any real emotions toward this book, which I think is worse than hating it. If I hated it, that would mean that the authors were able to get a rise out of me. It means that something they wrote deeply effected me for the worse, but a negative reaction is way better than no reaction at all.

I read this book in a few hours, because it is a ridiculously easy read. You open the book and the next thing you know it's finished. It doesn't even give you time to form an actual opinion.
12 de 13 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Loved it! 12 de abril de 2013
Por Kimberly - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle Compra verificada
I almost skipped reading this book because of the awful reviews but boy am I glad I didn't. The story keeps you interested, yes they have a lot of hot sex, but that is not all there is to this book. It tells the story of Chloe and Bennett, it is not a typical fluffy love story. It follows them through their discovery of each other and their exploration of their own feelings. You watch these characters grow and evolve and understand what lies underneath the hostility. It is obvious that their mutual hate of one another hides a mutual attraction and drives an incredible passion. It is a pleasant twist that the male character explores his feelings and is chasing after the heroine rather than having the herione turn soft and weak. And for all those ladies out there that love a vocal man, OMG Mr. Ryan's dirty mouth is hot, hot, hot (I may even have my husband read this book to take a few pointers!!!) Don't listen to the negative reviews, this book is worth your time.