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Cinderella Man (Thomas Newman) CD, Banda sonora

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CD de audio , CD, Banda sonora
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Título de canciónArtista Duración Precio
  1. Newman: The Inside OutThomas Newman 1:20EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
  2. Shim-Me-Sha-WobbleMiff Mole 1:03Sólo álbum
  3. Newman: MaeThomas Newman 1:16EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
  4. Newman: Change of FortuneThomas Newman 1:15EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
  5. Newman: Weehawken FerryThomas Newman 2:43EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
  6. Newman: Cold Meat PartyThomas Newman0:40EUR 0,49  Comprar canción 
  7. Newman: All Prayed OutThomas Newman 2:38EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
  8. Tillie's Downtown NowBud Freeman 2:19Sólo álbum
  9. Newman: Three Bucks TwentyThomas Newman 1:01EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
10. Newman: Corn GriffinThomas Newman 1:12EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
11. Newman: Shoe PolishThomas Newman0:48EUR 0,49  Comprar canción 
12. Traditional: Londonderry AirPaul Giamatti0:27EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
13. Newman: The Hope of the IrishThomas Newman0:52EUR 0,49  Comprar canción 
14. Newman: Hooverville FuneralThomas Newman 2:52EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
15. Newman: Fight DayThomas Newman 3:39EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
16. Newman: Good As MurderThomas Newman0:52EUR 0,49  Comprar canción 
17. We've Got To Put That Sun Back In The SkyRoane'S Pennsylvanians 1:25Sólo álbum
18. Newman: No ContestThomas Newman 1:08EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
19. Newman: PugilismThomas Newman 1:06EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
20. Newman: Bulldog of BergenThomas Newman 1:42EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
21. Newman: Big RightThomas Newman 2:50EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
22. Newman: 9, 4, 2 EvenThomas Newman 1:27EUR 0,69  Comprar canción 
23. Newman: Cinderella ManThomas Newman 4:48EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
24. Newman: TurtleThomas Newman 3:19EUR 0,99  Comprar canción 
25. Cheer Up, Smile, NertzEddie Cantor 4:02Sólo álbum

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Another TKO for Thomas Newman 25 de mayo de 2005
Por P. Nigash - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
I've been a fan of Newman's compositions since he scored "The Shawshank Redemption." And while I feel that he may never out-do his own work on "American Beauty", there's no question that he's created a niche for himself and his composing style. There is a "Newman Sound." It's undoubtedly graced your ears several times before.

Having not seen the film yet, I bought this CD in anticipation of what Thomas' interpretation of what 'Cinderella Man' would be. Through his seemingly endless supply of short, haunting, introspective melodies and quick bursts of emotion I was taken into the heart of what I believe this film is truly about - love, strength, and honor. And as a result, I simply can't wait to see it - if for no other reason than to see the visuals that inspired the genius that is Thomas Newman.

Like many of Newman's soundtrack recordings, there are about 4 tracks of music from the film that are 1930's originals. And like many of the period pieces he's scored in the past, these songs break up Newman's score quite nicely. Unlike much of the old-style porch music that you've heard in previous scores, these songs are much closer to Jazz than anything else. If you're into that style, you'll find this to be quite a bonus.

For those of you who purchase soundtracks, I highly suggest you pick up this classic. For other Newman fans such as myself, it's a must have - get it now. My only hope is that the Academy recognize the fundamental artistry of one of the most unquestionably classical composers of our age, and finally give this man the oscar he so righteously deserves.
6 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Lots of good Irish and Depression Era music 14 de junio de 2005
Por K. Smith - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
I can't say I'm an expert on movie soundtracks or anything, but I do own and enjoy several different ones (probably quite a few more than the average person). I just want to say that not only does this music do a really good job of setting the tone for the movie, it is just generally enjoyable to listen to. The disc has several of the songs that just sound like pure Irish folk music with instruments such as flutes, whistles, mandolin, and Irish fiddle. It also has its fair share of music that comes straight out of the Great Depression Era and those songs all sound fantastic. You even get Paul Giamatti whistling "Londonderry Air"! I'd have to say that all-around, this is one of my favorite soundtracks I have heard in quite some time.
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Another enjoyable Tom Newman score 24 de noviembre de 2005
Por Theowne - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
Thomas Newman's soundtrack for Cinderella Man doesn't stray from the patented "Newman sound" too much. In it, Newman utilizes his "sound" which has been present for many of his movies with new motifs and themes, and of course, it is a good decision, as it works very well. If you're a fan of Newman's works, this is definitely a good buy, but newcomers would probably find a warmer and more colorful welcome to the world of Thomas Newman in a score like "Road to Perdition". In "Cinderella Man", strings and piano is probably the most prominent style, though there are also tinges of action, orchestral magic, ethnically influenced music and of course, Newman's typical odd instrumentation.

The score opens with the cue that pretty much defines the score. "The Inside Out" is a restrained, calm track which opens with an odd piano and emotional strings, which take the field before returning to the piano. This combination is common throughout the score. "Mae", an optimistic track, also renders piano and strings, which follows into other tracks which feature the same motif but with varying use of the themes. The first real breakthrough moment is "Weehakwen Ferry" with what I have heard called a "see saw effect" with strings, strings which soar before being pulled back down by another piano motif. The first Irish tinge appears in "Hope of the Irish", a short piece which develops fully later in "Turtle". There is a track called "Londonderry Air" consisting of Paul Giamatti whistling - not very interesting, to say the least. "Corn Griffin" presents a single note blared by the orchestra over interesting percussion rhythms. This is somewhat echoed later in "Pugilism", though in this one the forefront is on the pizzicato strings, a favourite of Newman's.

Where the score really shines is near the climax, where Newman draws out the top cards he's been hiding. "Big Right" starts out with a tint of heroism which fully explodes near the end with the orchestra. Thomas Newman is really the only composer able to compose throughly interesting action pieces that I actually enjoy. The emotional highlight comes on "Cinderella Man", with Newman's traditional soaring strings, which eventually descend back into the restrained piano effort.

Cinderella Man is not a groundbreaking score, but you take it for what it is, which is another enjoyable Thomas Newman score in traditional Tom Newman style. Though it sounds similar in it's tone throughout, it still manages to retain interest and the final few tracks are a great sendoff. Reccomended, though for new listeners, I would point to Newman's more varied scores.
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Jim Braddock would be proud 9 de junio de 2005
Por Skylar Kennedy - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
Man, Thomas Newman, if anyone knows how to deliever a great score it's this guy. Director Sam Mendez(American Beauty,Road to Perdition) called upon Thomas Newman in his previous 2 movies, and both scores were excellent, but I must say this score he has done for Ron Howard's latest film was as impressive as Braddock's comeback. This is the best score of the year so far, and recommended to everyone familiar with this brilliant man's work.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
A fairly conventional score for Thomas Newman, but enjoyable nonetheless 25 de marzo de 2006
Por Prasanth - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
Cinderella Man is, in a way, a return to conventional scoring for Thomas Newman. For a long while we've heard world instruments and percussion banging it out before stopping to allow beautiful themes to grasp our souls, but in Cinderella Man the effort is more restrained. It is largely a score for piano and strings, and fans of Thomas Newman will have heard the sound before. But, all the same, it is an enjoyable score for Newman fans of both kinds, and while it does take a while to get into a full expression of the story, it is definitely worth the wait.

The piano is used a lot in the score, making appearances across most of the tracks, including the gentle "The Inside Out" or in "Mae", appear with the delicate strings that we have come to expect from Newman. "Pugilism" makes use of pizzicato movements, whereas the two Irish influenced tracks, "Hope of the Irish" and "Turtle", bring back some more unconventional instruments as one would expect. But largely, the score meanders in the background, establishing a delicate tone and texture, but never really taking a forefront. Of course, I must make mention of the wonderful "Weehawken Ferry", which presents a crisp walking movement of strings, similar to what was heard in Shawshank Redemption. However, it is not until the final few tracks that the music finally free's itself from it's subdued nature and reaches out. "Big Right" explodes with blaring french horns and sharp strings, until it finally fades off and allows the highlight track, "Cinderella Man", to come in. This track is Newman at his best, with his typical soaring string arrangement of the main theme introduced in "The Inside Out", before finally reverting back to quiet woodwinds and piano near the end.

Cinderella Man is by no means an innovative or groundbreaking score - it's a fairly conventional drama score. The same adjectives could be applied to the movie as well. Is it worth the pick-up? Definitely, if you are looking for more Newman goodness. However, if you're looking to get into the world of Newman with a more colorful score - try "Angels in America" or "Road to Perdition".

- prasanth1111@gmail.com

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