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Finding Nemo / O.S.T. Banda sonora

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CD de audio , Banda sonora
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"Vuelva a intentarlo"
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Finding Nemo sets a anew "high water mark" for art and technology of computer animation with its incr edible underwater world populated with memorable characters. Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeoffrey, Wille m DaFoe, Allison Janney, Geoffrey Rush and Barry Humphries are featured in the talented Voice "cast."

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Lively as the Ocean Itself 28 de mayo de 2003
Por dandy breeze dairy - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio
I haven't seen this movie yet (though I'm eager to), but even without the watered visuals in my head, this is a great score, both inventive and lively. Animated films can have scores that rival (and surpass) the scores for live-action films. (Look at the recent Spirited Away.) And Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo is one of them. There are forty tracks here. Most of them are short and sweet, but together they make for a few seconds over a full hour of music. That's a good deal. There are no huge, sweeping themes (like the Fellowship or Rohan themes in the Lord of the Rings scores), but simple, soft (and loud) cues spread throughout. Nemo's theme is a gentle piano piece (Nemo Egg). The sea turtle theme is rousing brass, which segues into an electric guitar, actually (The Turtle Lope). The Sydney theme is short but hopeful (Sydney Harbour), and some tracks make the music almost sound like the ebb and flow, the vastness and the life, of the ocean (Wow, First Day, Field Trip). It all provides for a lot of imagery. And Newman uses more than a simple, standard orchestra. Along with violins and horns and piano, he makes use of an array of unique instruments, all with a voice: tahitian uke/banjo, lyre, wurlitzer, hammond b3, and more. You can hear echoes of some of his other scores (Erin Brockovich in "Curl Away My Son"), but this is a unique work. It's lively and different from any animated film score (or live-action score) I've recently heard. Fan of Disney/Pixar, of film scores in general, or of Newman? If you don't mind a score with personality, you should enjoy this. Thomas more than lives up to his cousin Randy's animated work.
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Over the Ocean, Beyond the Sea 15 de enero de 2004
Por Rich Stoehr - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio
When I first saw "Finding Nemo" in the theatre, I wasn't yet aware just who had composed the score for the film. However, it became clear to me in the first few scenes that nobody other than Thomas Newman could have created those lush string arrangements and soft piano solos... and I couldn't have been more delighted.
Thomas Newman has quickly become a favorite of mine over the past few years. His scores are highly original, and despite the fact that he composes a wide range of music for many different types of films, his style is very quickly recognizable. He always suits his music to the subject matter of the film, a choice which works perfectly for "Finding Nemo."
Throughout the film, Newman's music evokes the feeling of the ocean. There is a depth to it, a vast expansiveness that accentuates the physical presence of the water of the sea. Soft, muted piano movements and strong brass themes, all layered over a rich background of strings throughout. Simply put, it's beautiful music, whether you listen to it in the film or all by itself.
While evocative of the setting of the film, Newman's music for "Finding Nemo" also works powerfully on the emotional level. Each short piece seems composed specifically to enhance the feeling of a scene, and each accomplishes that goal. Sadness, joy, danger, and humor are all expressed -- sometimes one at the same time as another -- but never overstated. Unlike many composers, Newman's real talent is being able to express emotion through his music subtly, without overplaying anything. He injects the music with just the right level of emotion, and lets it simply wash over the listener, giving them room to experience the emotions the score evokes without forcing it upon them. It is a rare talent, and prevalent throughout this score.
The final thing I appreciated about "Finding Nemo" was that Newman didn't approach it as "just a kids' movie." Many skilled composers seem to feel the need to simplify, or even dumb down, their themes just because a film is targeted for children. It is a trap that often makes the music suffer. Newman does not fall into that trap -- the music for "Finding Nemo" is mature and complex, and works brilliantly for the film. Newman doesn't pander to the audience, and I think that's what make the music (and the film) work so well as a whole.
This is not my favorite Thomas Newman score, but it is certainly representative of why I've come to love his music so much. As in most of the films he has worked on, I come to the inescapable conclusion that any other composer would not have expressed the feeling of the film as skillfully, or moved the audience so much. The final measure of the score's success is (as it should be) how well the music merges with not only the events of the film, but the themes and the emotions of it. Newman's music for "Finding Nemo" does it all perfectly, and with astonishing grace. Simply put, this is what good movie music is all about.
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A Good Score by Thomas Newman 31 de octubre de 2003
Por gac1003 - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio
From the first bars of "Wow" (the first track) Thomas Newman immediately makes you feel as though you're in an underwater world. This carries over into the main title piece "Nemo Egg (Main Title)," very delicate with piano as the main instrument. Newman has sprinkled the soundtrack with many other styels and themes that evoke scenes from the movie as well, such as "Mt. Wannahockaloogie" when Nemo sees the fish tank volcano for the first time, and "Sydney Harbour" which changes the tone from underwater to the hustle and bustle feel of human city life. Robbie Williams also does a great job with the pop standard "Beyond the Sea" giving it just the right swing feel.
It is a good album, and the music flows seamlessly from one track to the other. But, good as it is, the music tends to work better in context with the movie. Get this album if you are a Thomas Newman or a Disney Fan.
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The Music to the Movie. 11 de diciembre de 2003
Por tvtv3 - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio
FINDING NEMO is a great film, one of, if not the best, films of 2003. The movie has a great story, wonderful characters, and breath-taking animation (did you see the taste buds on the whale's tongue?). However, one cannot deny that a crucial component of this moving and enchanting film is the music. THE FINDING NEMO soundtrack is one of the best instrumental soundtracks that Disney has ever released. It is the music to the movie. The album contains 40 tracks and except for the last one (Robbie Williams' remake of Bobby Darin's classic "Beyond the Sea") and #18 ("Mt. Wannahockaloogie", which is just the fish tribe chant) all are instrumental. "Time to Let Go" has some dialogue with Dory singing the "Keep on swimming" bit, but quickly transcends into a powerful and moving piece of auditory magic. My favorite pieces on the album are:
"Nemo Egg (Main Title)"
"News Travels"
"The Little Clownfish From The Reef"
"Swim Down"
"Finding Nemo"
"Fronds Like These"
"Beyond the Sea"
I cried several times while watching the movie and several of the compostiions on here were powerful enough to bring back a few tears to my eyes. This is a great album for anyone who loves FINDING NEMO and anyone who loves great music.
7 de 8 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
MUSIC LOVER FROM ND 17 de noviembre de 2003
Por Un cliente - Publicado en
Formato: CD de audio
Now, I know I'm from North Dakota and a lot of people believe that we're not sophisticated or cultured people, but I'll have you know that I'm extremely cultured and sophisticated. This score is absolutely fabulous. It upset me to know that there were people who were upset that there weren't any lyrics on the soundtrack. Since when do Disney soundracks have to be conventional and boring? The music is definitely not boring. It's beautiful. There's a big difference between boring and beautiful. The moment I heard this music on the film I loved it. It captures so many emotions and feelings within each song's structure. If you know anything about music: if you've studied it, if you love it, if you're an avid music-listener, buy this soundtrack. It's relaxing, it's gorgeous, it's uplifting. LOVED IT!!!