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Fuente de agua para gatos y perros pequeños

de Catit

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Número de modelo50053
Peso del producto925 g
Dimensiones del producto17,8 x 17,8 x 15,2 cm
Voltaje230 voltios
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Producto en desde11 de enero de 2013

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Fuente de agua para gatos y perros pequeños

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HASH(0x9c0b830c) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Better than the older version, filter not quite perfect. 22 de noviembre de 2008
Por N. Schweitzer - Publicado en
For two years, I used the large Hagen Catit "bubble-dome" water system (that they still make and sell). The pump gave out on it, and when I went to order a new one, I saw this new, smaller version and gave it a try.

My cat was already used to drinking from a dome fountain, so he immediately adjusted to this new model. Although this version holds less water than the old version (64oz vs. 100oz), the water seems to evaporate more slowly, and thus it lasts almost as long between refills (although I live in Arizona, where things evaporate very quickly). The actual pump is exactly the same as the one found in the old model, and it is very quiet (although you can hear a slight "hum").

My only complaint is with the filter. Inside of this device is a circular filter that is supposed to fit snugly against the inside walls. The water comes up from the bottom of the feeder, out the top of the dome, then drips down the sides of the dome and back inside through some holes around the outside edges. The problem is that the filter doesn't quite reach the edges of the feeder, and when the water drips back inside, much of it flows through the small space between the filter and the inside wall of the feeder. I wish the filter was made slightly larger in order to minimize this gap and to make sure that all of the water flows through the filter.


Update: After a brief power outage, I realized one important thing: Unlike many of the other water fountains for pets, if the power goes out, there is NO WATER available for the pet to drink from this model. If you leave for a day or two, or are in an area that may get power outages, be sure to leave out a separate dish of water.
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HASH(0x9c1d86b4) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Quiet, simple, easy and functional 14 de marzo de 2008
Por Joe Schmoe - Publicado en
In my quest to find a good moving water source for my cat Socks, I tried the water fountain by model by Catit, but was not impressed by the noise of the pump or the flow of water, which continually ended up on the floor. The other medium flow Petmate didn't leak, but was just as noisy. I was a bit frustrated by my luck with these fountains as many reviewers had given such great ratings, particularly with the noise level - Maybe I got some lemons? Anyway...

This cylinder style model works great, and the water reserve is very large. The setup is much simpler than both of the previous fountains I tried, takes up less space and in my opinion is actually esthetically pleasing compared to the others.

It was very quiet as soon as I plugged it in, just a slight hum from the pump, which was virtually silent, something I could easily live with being that my house is very small (775sq).

My cat loves it, and is drinking WAY more than he would with just a bowl of water. I continually gave him fresh water throughout the day, but he is just not interested. Anyway, we're both happy with this product. I recommend it, good luck.
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HASH(0x9c0c9f9c) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not impressed 28 de enero de 2009
Por Chet Marino - Publicado en
At first I thought this would be a good fountain from the looks of it, but after using it for about a month, I found a few things that I really didn't like about it:

1) the cheap plastic promotes slime growth faster than a heavier gauge plastic like the type used in the Drinkwell fountain. It would be imperative that this type of unit be cleaned at least once a week and probably more in warm weather. I left it go for two weeks and was totally disgusted by the amount of slime buildup around the filter - the slime was literally caked on the filter. Thank god I feed my cat only wet food and he rarely drinks water (but I still like to have a fountain going for him) because if he drank the slime water, I probably would have needed to take him to the vet. This has been a problem for others too. See: [...]

2) because of it's design, it's a pain to clean, and with these fountains, keeping them clean is very important. Specifically, the motor. In order to get this motor clean, you need to remove the exterior shields to access the propeller. The various compartments of the motor need to be cleaned just as much as the body of the unit as the slime grows in the motor as well. This type of motor is much more difficult to clean versus the type of motor used in the Drinkwell fountain which is basically a 2-piece motor.

3) other fountains (the Drinkwell) are top rack diswasher safe, but this one would more than likely become warped in the dishwasher.

For me, being able to easily clean a fountain is the most important thing, and this one flunks the test in my opinion. Although I referenced the Drinkwell's superiority several times in my review, I have to say I'm not enamoured with cleaning it either. Why can't someone make a fountain that doesn't have a ton of little crevices and hard to reach places to clean? I've been tempted to buy a tall ceramic bowl and just stick a fountain motor at the bottom of it instead, but there would be no filter that way and where I live, what comes out of the faucet is nasty.

4) the unit has a little red plastic ball that is supposed to rise to the top of it's holder to tell you when you have filled the fountain adequately, but the one I had never rose to the top - and I'd end up overflowing the fountain before I stopped in time. Not sure if this was just a defect with the one I had or if they are all like this.

5) I bought this fountain at Petco and still have never been able to find filters for it at Petco (even at Petco online). I found them at another place online, but it would be nice to be able to run to a store to get them.

I've tried every fountain on the market and this one would be at the bottom of my list. The Drinkwell is still at the top.
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HASH(0x9c0d6300) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Possibly an improved model... 26 de agosto de 2008
Por Lex - Publicado en
We have 2 cats who used to use the other Catit model drinking fountain (Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain (14''x10''x7'' - drinking fountain)). They loved it--or at least I assumed they did because they drank a lot more water than they did before. The only problem was that the unit began to have problems after about a year or so.

This smaller Catit model seems to have improved upon the flaws that the other model had:

1) Quiter - all you can hear is a very dull hum of the motor. No trickling water noises or faulty pumps.
2) Smaller - more compact and easier to maneuver around.
3) Easier to refill - no risk of overflowing, and there's even a visible gauge on it that shows the water level so you know when to refill.
4) Cleaner - the lip around the top is much taller than the larger model, making it a lot harder for water to splash out of it.

The unit still has a dome inside that water trickles over, making it just as appealing as the larger model. Our cats love it and probably feel spoiled. The good thing is that they're drinking a lot of water that's filtered, cold, and never goes stagnant. If you love your pets as much as I do, this is a great investment to make!
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HASH(0x9c0c9120) de un máximo de 5 estrellas The BEST product we've purchased for our kitties! 1 de marzo de 2009
Por BookNoseRose - Publicado en
I purchased this fountain from the pet store- but had I known Amazon carried it- I would have bought it online! Anyway, this is a GREAT fountain! We have four very picky kitties who slurp water down like little camels now! Since it's elevated, it doesn't seem to get dirty, the times I have cleaned it, it wasn't slimy, dirty, furry or anything like that. There's a big charcoal/fiberous filter that separates the pump and motor from the drinking surface, which I think is the key to the cleanliness of this fountain.
I also like that I can montior how much water our boys are drinking! We have owned this fountain about three months and have not had ANY problems from it. Our kitties have their own room (ie: the laundry room) which isn't heated/cooled like the rest of the house (they have thier own heater and A/C, but it doesn't always take care of the whole room) and I was concerned that the water might freeze and damage the pump but it hasn't yet.
This is a great purchase and I am planning to get the big dog version of this fountain for our dog this weekend!

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