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Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers) (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 19 jun 2013

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J.A. Redmerski, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of THE EDGE OF NEVER lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas with her three children, two cats and a Maltese. She is a lover of television and books that push boundaries and is a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.

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Awesome 28 de junio de 2013
Por Me - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle Compra verificada
I've been stepping away from the romance genre as of late because they all seem to be the same predictable roll your eyeballs nonsense that makes a 31 year old like me feel like I've been transported back to high school. I decided to give this one a go because I couldn't find any good thrillers I was interested in. I wasn't a huge fan of The Edge of Never but I figured everyone deserves a second chance. J.A. Redmerski can write a damn good romantic suspense! It was unique in a refreshing romantic suspense kind of way. The characters were very well developed. The plots were exciting and well thought out. There wasn't the typical smut you run into with YA and NA books, in fact in my opinion this read more like an adult novel. Well done, I look forward to book 2.
28 de 34 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
MUST READ!!!! 22 de junio de 2013
Por Emily - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle Compra verificada
Ho. Ly. Sh.....t!!!

I love Redmerski! I finished this book in just a few hours because I couldn't tear myself away from it. I seriously cut a family outing short because I HAD to come home to find out how this one ended. It's a long story with lots of twists and turns. I think I went through every possible emotion while reading this one. I was angry, scared, frustrated, hopeful, confused........but in a good way. :) This is one of those books I know I will pick up again and wish I could read it as though it was the first time. The story is unique and the characters are complicated. The ending was perfect for them and their situation. I don't want to elaborate on why because I want to be sure not to give anything away. Don't go into this one with the expectation of sex sex sex. It's there in the slightest bit but it's so far from the central theme from the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I can't wait for the next one in the series.
14 de 18 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Thrilling story, perfectly crafted characters and amazing writing 19 de junio de 2013
Por Zenia - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle
I received an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

Killing Sarai kept me on my toes from the very first page until the end. I was instantly captivated by the thrilling story, the perfectly crafted characters and the amazing writing.

"Javier saw something in me he didn't see in the other girls. I call it a sickening obsession, he calls it love."

I'm mostly good at judging whether I'm going to like a book or not just by reading the first chapter and after reading the first chapter of Killing Sarai I was hooked! The story begins immediately and I was spared all the introduction that many authors unfortunately think is important to understand their books better, which to me it isn't.

I like it when I'm thrown right into the action and more or less left to myself to figure out what is going on and who the characters are, it's much more realistic and exciting that way. So I LOVED that this book began in medias res.

The writing of the book was fantastic. I was captivated by it and hung unto every word as if my life depended on it. The pace is constantly high and after finishing a chapter I felt like I had been holding my breath through the entire thing.

And I loved that though the book dealt with very serious subjects like violence, drugs, sex and slavery I was also able to smile a lot while reading. It is all about the small moments.

"I don't move. She may have guts, but she's still fidgety and it would be unfortunate if she shot me by accident."

Victor was wauw and swoon and scary! I was really confused about him because a part of me felt like I shouldn't like him, because he is a killer and really cynical and he. was. scary!

But I quickly came to adore him. He has not had an easy life, and I do have a very soft spot for the wounded anti-hero.
And his ego is HUGE! (Just look at that previous quote) But he was confident in himself and his own abilities in a way that made me respect him.

And ahh swoon when he revealed that he actually had emotions (which didn't happen very often) I was weeping with joy and totally swooning like the fangirl I am.

"I want her to look upon me, just for a moment. But she never does and I walk away."

"He's smiling. Not just his eyes, but his lips, too. He's so beautiful to me. So dangerously beautiful."

.. Like I said, it's all about the small moments - and those moments were precious to me!

Sarai is one strong woman and I liked her instantly because she wanted to escape on her own from the man who had kept her captivated the last 9 years of her life.

She has a very strong survival instinct and though she has had a difficult life she still has the ability to love and care, which I found to be a very important characteristic.

Throughout most of the book I was waiting impatiently for something .. anything to happen between Victor and Sarai but not much did and in the beginning I was SO frustrated with that, but then I realized that the romance between Victor and Sarai was so perfectly written because it was realistic to the story and to the characters, which made what they had so much more important and deeper, and though there weren't any great love declarations their romance still made me swoon.

And the suspense .. ahh be still my frantically beating heart!
I could not put this book down! Something was always going and .. and come on, the title IS Killing Sarai so I was so scared for her throughout the entire book.

And those last 4 chapters, GAH! I was so scared of what was going to happen. With this kind of book where you already know before you begin reading that you definitely won't get a happy ending with butterflies, unicorns and rainbows I always pray for a somewhat happy ending that at least won't crush my heart.

This quote reflects pretty well how I felt when the book ended:

"But then my smile fades and my heart finally dies completely (...)"
My poor heart! But at least there is going to be a sequel, phew! And I'll be counting the days until I can read it.

This book is a must read and I would recommend it to everybody who loves great writing, well-rounded characters and a plot that steals your breath away!
5 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Fantastically Captivating Dark Romance 24 de junio de 2013
Por O'Mara - Publicado en
Formato: Versión Kindle Compra verificada
For fans of C.J. Robert's Captive in the Dark series, J.A. Redmerski gives readers a similarly dark romance without feeling like a copycat.

Redmerski's story about Sarai and Victor isn't rushed or filled with ridiculous dramatics like so many books these days. Sarai is a very strong individual that is explored and explained quite well psychologically. Her relationship with Victor and how it evolves is well-paced and believable in it's progression. The dual perspectives add a lot to the story and the voices of the characters are distinguishable from each other, which isn't always the case when an author attempts to write from such a strong male's perspective. Victor and Sarai are such well thought out characters with so much depth. Their reactions and thoughts felt very genuine, allowing the reader to feel as if they truly understand and empathize with them.

While a lot happens in this book, it's done in a way that doesn't make the reader become bored with the story and wonder when it's going to end. While Livvie and Caleb will always be my favorite couple, I fell in love with Sarai and Victor and cannot wait to read what happens next.

Thank you Redmerski for such a wonderfully captivating story!
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
Suspenseful and captivating 22 de agosto de 2013
Por Amanda L. - Publicado en
Formato: Tapa blanda
I'm so engrossed and immersed into Killing Sarai right from the 1st chapter, when Victor made his appearance and referred as the `American' by our heroine Sarai. This is the kind of book that drew me in right from the start and I wanted so bad to read the whole book in one sitting.

Sarai is some sort of prisoner of Javier, a psychopathic Mexican drug lord that keeps her with him since she was 14 years old. Sarai didn't succumb to her fate and had been waiting for the opportunity to escape his clutch. She found it one day when she saw Victor, a hired assassin that shows up at Javier's place. After she devices a plan of escape and manage to hitch with Victor, she found herself getting in a mess and also a lifetime experience that she had never anticipated.

Victor, the assassin, found himself reluctantly in the company of one of Javier's prize possession. Most of the time, we were being kept in dark about his motives of keeping her and he is so damn mysterious. As per the usual assassin personality traits, he is stoic, uncommunicative, cold as a cucumber, but socially adaptable to every circumstance thrown at him. I'm not sure why, but I had a thing for stoic hero. I'm swooning after him the moment he appeared. And he is so badass too.

What really sold me is the romance department, is subtle and simmering at slow current. Not those in your face kind of romance with instant attraction and full of lust. They hardly touch each other more than half of the book beside him tying her up and her trying to punch him. But that only makes me hanging on to their every minor exchange like a dog panting over a bone. The development is much more believable compare to those conventional romances that I usually read. Sarai concern is only to use Victor to help her escape while Victor was thinking how to make use of the situation to his advantage. They didn't turn into bff all of a sudden and it takes time before they start to care for each other. Many times we can see they are contemplating with their decision, their struggle to trust or to even care.

Most of the chapters are from Sarai's POV, but we do get some from Victor's POV as well. But I need to admit that I much prefer reading about Victor from Sarai's POV because he is much sexier that way. I actually didn't really read the excerpt of this book before diving into it. It seems like is already foretold that eventually Victor is putting everything at risk for helping Sarai. He is so selfless and honorable like that for even helping a woman he is not sleeping with.

There is so much that happen in this book, action-packed, adrenaline pumping, bullets flying and so much more. Climax after climax. Just when you think something is settle or solved, something else happen again. I think I need to take a deep breathe everytime something blows up. Javier is trying to track down Sarai, Victor had mission to completed, people to be killed and Sarai just want to live. And then she wants to follow a different path of life. Most of the time my heart is drumming and pumping hard right along with Sarai. There is so much emotion in this book. I gasped, I shouted, I cried, I laugh and I swoon.

Sarai is such a strong character. She isn't a kickass heroine, but she definitely is a survival and a fighter. She never let things that happen to her destroy her life. I can't wait to see how she going to turn her life around after she gain her freedom to do whatever she desire.

"I'm a real piece of work," I say. "I almost feel like punching myself."

There is no irritating cliffhanger, thank god. The bittersweet ending makes me sigh and I feels contended with it. I'm sure we will see more of Victor and Sarai soon. I will definitely mark my calendar for the next release.

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