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El kit contiene todo lo necesario para hacer dos tandas de cerveza. Siguiendo las instrucciones, la cerveza sale muy rica. El bidón ocupa poco espacio, y por lo tanto es idóneo para casas donde no haya mucho espacio. Lo único malo es que los kits de Mr Beer solo se venden en Estados Unidos, y aquí salen muy caros.
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Muy bien,buen producto y ha llegado correctamente, todo funciona bien.en general estoy satisfecho con la entrega.
Muchas gracias . .
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HASH(0xa0fd7f00) de un máximo de 5 estrellas I'm really impressed with the kit and the beer it makes 14 de diciembre de 2008
Por J. Gypton - Publicado en
My wife got me this for my birthday last month, and I was really excited about trying it out...which, like a kid with a new toy, I did almost immediately. The instructions are easy to follow and the components are easy to assemble and use -- I had my first batch (of 'Cowboy Lager') sitting in the keg after about 45 minutes of reading and work in the kitchen.

The minimum amount of time the mix needs to sit in the keg is 7 days -- I let this first batch sit for 11. The longer the time in the keg, the more flavor it's supposed to develop. I bottled the mix -- 8 liters in all -- and that was another simple process, going exactly as described in the instructions. The beer has to ferment in the bottles for no fewer than 7 days in order to carbonate. My 8 bottles are still sitting, after 8 days. I plan on letting them sit for another week before putting them in the fridge so they'll be 'conditioned' in time for Christmas.

I did, however, make an extra bottle from the first batch, in an extra bottle I had. I drained the keg almost dry to do it, even pouring in some of the sludge that had settled at the bottom. The stuff was orange and cloudy! I let that sit for the minimum 7 days, and let it condition in the fridge for only 1 (although the instructions recommend at least a week). I wanted to try something close to the minimum standard for the mix and the kit in general...and I have a mug of the stuff next to me as I type. Final verdict on this 'minimum mix' -- it's quite good! It was adequately carbonated, and produced a smooth head that had a nice smell and flavor. The beer itself is about the same color as a typical American brew -- Coors or Michelob -- and has a very light flavor, with a slightly dry aftertaste. It's something I could enjoy in the middle of summer. And remember: this, according to the instructions, is the swill. The better stuff will come out of those bottles that are going to ferment for another week before I cool them.

I'm fired up! I made my next mix today -- American Blonde -- which was also included in the set. I'll let that sit in the keg even longer to see how the flavor develops. All in all, I'm really happy with this as a present, and even happier about what's it's produced. This isn't just a gift that seems cool: it's already exceeded my expectations.

This section added on 8 June 2009: I'm now carbonating my 17th two-gallon batch. Yes, that's a lot of beer, considering that each batch makes 20-24 bottles, depending on how much water I decide to add (sometimes a little more if it's a heavy brew with a lot of ingredients). ANYWAY, I'm still as fired up about this thing as I was when I got it. We've bought two six-packs and one twelve-pack of beer from the store since December, and that was mostly to harvest bottles for future use. I do not miss buying beer at the store...mine is better, and cheaper, too. My only recommendation is to get 12-oz brown glass bottles, a hand-held capper, and O2 barrier caps -- then you can bottle your own 'normal' bottles, and you can reuse them. The 1-liter PET bottles that came with my set are fine, as they keep the carbonation well, but I don't like opening that much beer at once unless I have people over. Standard bottles are far more convenient. Mr. Beer rocks. That is all.
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HASH(0xa109b1bc) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Mr. Beer + Amazon = KISS 19 de julio de 2009
Por L. Truong - Publicado en
The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit plus Amazon's free shipping equals beer-making's Keep It Simple and Sweet solution. As a beginning home brewer, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on an elaborate home brew kit nor have to read tons of books on how to do it. My goal was to try it, and if I liked the finished product, play with it some more.

Well, after my first two batches of Mr. Beer brew, a lager and a pale ale, I can attest to the simplicity and convenience of this product. The beer making process was somewhat simple. I followed the directions that came with the kit about sanitizing, brewing, bottling, and conditioning almost to the letter. Almost anyone with a high school reading level can make their own beer using a Mr. Beer kit without terribly screwing anything up. The beer that is fermenting in the Mr. Beer keg doesn't make your entire house reek of a micro-brewery. As a matter of fact, the only time you do smell beer is when you're preparing the wort and when bottling. Although I'm not really a fan of the light beers, I was quite happy with my first couple batches of home brew and have subsequently ordered more Mr. Beer refills from Amazon.

If you want fast, effort-less beer, visit BevMo! My own bit of advice to getting optimal flavor in your brew is to be patient. Let the beer brew (ferment) in the keg for two weeks to give it favor and alcohol content. Then after bottling, let it sit for two more weeks to fully carbonate. Finally, let it chill in the refrigerator for 2 weeks before enjoying your home brew. It's the 2-2-2 rule! Bottoms up!

Rather than using glass bottles, which probably look better and feel more like beer in your hands, I prefer to use the plastic bottles. I think plastics are easier to clean, not prone to bursting or breaking like glass, and you can easily tell if your beer is fully carbonated by squeezing the bottle. Since this brew kit only came with 8 1-Liter bottles and I had multiple fermenters, I needed to get more bottles! Rather than paying $14.99 for the Mr. Beer empty bottles on Amazon, I decided to buy the 16 oz. plastic 7-Up bottles instead. One Mr. Beer fermenter will yield 16 of the 16 oz. bottles of beer. As long as you use plastic bottles made to hold carbonated beverages, you can use it to bottle your Mr. Beer home brew. If you want to use the smaller 12 oz. soda bottles, you will require 21 12 oz. bottles for your 2 gallon batch of Mr. Beer.

My only complaint is that Amazon doesn't sell the other ingredients nor accessories sold only on the Mr. Beer website, such as the Unhopped Malt Extract which allows you to add additional flavor, body, alcohol and malt characteristics to your beer. At [...], you have to pay quite a bit for shipping, and you only get free shipping if your order totals $99. However, with their Brew Club, members get $5 shipping on all club orders over $29.99. Happy green brewing!
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HASH(0xa10a3528) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great for what it is 29 de mayo de 2010
Por S. Gaskin - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I give this item five stars, not because it is the best homebrewing kit out there, but because it is probably the most economical choice for a person looking for an introduction to homebrewing.

I finished making my first batch of beer, and have the second batch fermenting now. My first batch was the American Blonde Ale that came with the kit. Being a pretty avid beer drinker, I will say it here that the beers that come with this kit are not going to knock your socks off. But I WILL say that it is still decent beer, and just knowing that you made the beer makes it all that much better. You can indeed buy better beer mixes from the Mr. Beer website, although it can be a little costly. Much of them are available here on amazon as well, and if you take advantage of 4-for-3 (buy three and get one free), it's not too expensive. Anyway, I would still prefer to drink the basic beers that came with the kit than buy a pack of Coors/Bud in the store, because the experience of creating and eventually tasting your own homebrew is very enjoyable :)

The good news about this kit is that, if you decide to "graduate" from making basic kits from Mr. Beer, you can still use the supplies (the fermenter, the PET bottles) while customizing your own ingredients, instead of buying Mr. Beer refills. The fermenter is great because it's just 2.5 gallons. It will make about twenty 12-oz. bottles of beer, and quite honestly, this is the best way to go for a lot of people. Most beer kits make 5 gallons of beer (or 45 12-oz. bottles), which is great if you are a hardcore beer drinker or really know what you are doing. But for beginners, making smaller batches is a great way to get your feet wet, and if things go bad (or you don't like a batch for some reason), you are wasting less beer.

My recommendation: If you want to start understanding the basics of brewing beer without forking over a boatload of cash, get this kit. It can always be customized at a later date if you decide to get into more complex brewing. This is a small price to pay to begin learning the homebrew process, and to start enjoying your very own beer.

Also, if you get this kit, take note that although Mr. Beer says its beers are ready to drink within two weeks, you need to give them at least four. They should ferment for two weeks, then transfer to bottles to carbonate/condition for two weeks. It's even recommended to then put them in the fridge for another two weeks before breaking them open.. if you have the self restraint to wait that long :) This is additional conditioning time that allows the flavors to mesh together. You will definitely taste the difference. This is called the 2-2-2 rule (two weeks per stage of brewing).
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HASH(0xa0f2903c) de un máximo de 5 estrellas A Detailed Review on Mr. Beer Kit, Read for Clarity and for an Honest Review from a Beginner 29 de noviembre de 2014
Por Danny Lee - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I came to home brewing when I was bored and looked up hobbies I can take up, and slowly got more and more interested.
I got this kit early this month, with the book How to Brew by John Palmer, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in home brewing. Though I cannot review on the quality of the beer (I bottled my first batch three days ago) I will write an honest review on the equipment, and ingredients that comes with this Mr. Beer Kit.

As a beginner in home brewing, every home brewing term seemed alien to me, and seeing the 5 to 6 gallon carboy with contraptions like siphons, air locks, and hydrometers just confused. Therefore, I decided to get the most simplistic kit available, that's why I chose Mr. Beer. I will first start with the Pros.


MR. BEER Kit out of the Box , Perfect for Beginners
This is a perfect kit for absolute beginners on a budget. For 50 dollars, you get a fermenter, bottles, two hopped malt extract, yeast, and no-rinse cleansing solution. Almost everything you need is included, minus a large pot (enough to hold 4 cups of water), metal spoon, can opener, and a silicone spatula. The instruction manual is not clear, but Mr. BEER has a Youtube video explaining step-by-step on how to sanitize, brew, and pitch the yeast. Mr. BEER also gives you daily email (if you register) on subjects like sanitizing, science behind yeast and fermentation, and other useful information. Like I said it has 90% of what you need to get started.

Ease of Use
Mr. BEER kit is easy to use. First you sanitize with the given sanitize solution. Then you boil 4 cups of water, add the hopped malt extract and stir until dissolved. Then you add 1 gallon of chilled water, add the wort, add another gallon of water, and then add the yeast. Finally, you close the lid and let it sit. of course there are more details involved, but it's pretty much as simple as it gets.

No Gimmick, It Actually Brews
This is a legit, beer making kit. You can see everything happening in the fermenter: yeast fermenting, high krausen (peak of fermentation), layer of yeast in the bottom, and the clarification of the beer as fermentation completes. It's so fool-proof, it's guaranteed to make drinkable beer... note the drinkable part.

Perfect for Increasing Knowledge
This kit is perfect for absolute beginners, who don't want to deal with a lot of complicated equipment, but as you brew, you will want to learn and start reading books and forums, like I did. As I gain more knowledge on the brewing process, watching videos and reading "How to Brew" by John Palmer, I see more and more future limitation when it comes to this Kit. This is where I start the Cons


Limited to MR. BEER Products
With this 8.5 Quart kit, you are limited to only using MR.BEER kit sold by MR. BEER. You can buy the standard 5 gallon recipe kit which makes 5 gallons, but you have to do the math and ratio out all the ingredients if you want to do so (who has time for that?). So unless you want to keep using hopped malt extract without using specialty grains, malt extracts, and add the hop yourself, this is obviously a kit that you'll "graduate" within time. But this kit is solely for Mr.BEER refills and nothing else.

Quality of the Ingredients/ Yeast
As I learn more about specialty hop, adding hops at different times, and other brewing techniques required for home crafted beer, I find that just pouring a liquid extract to boiling water is very limited and restrictive. Also, the quality of the yeast is questionable, for it does not have a date, and who knows how long the yeast (refill) has been sitting on a shelf. According to Palmer, quality beer requires quality yeast, and with Mr. BEER, there is not telling the quality of the yeast that comes with it.

Crude Ventilation/ Air Lock
This kit has "air notches": little holes on the mouth (top opening) of the keg which lets excess CO2 out, which, by theory can let oxygen in as well. Because how the lid is positioned, I do not believe a lot of oxygen gets in during the fermentation process, but the air notches are crude nonetheless.

You Will Outgrow it Very Quickly
Though it is for beginners, you will outgrow it quickly. As I read more, and watch more videos, I am itching to get a standard kit (5 gallon carboy, siphon, airlocks, etc.) to "graduate" from this kit. It is perfect for beginners yes, but if I had to do it again, I would buy a standard starter kit (Northern Brewing, True Brew, etc) and start from there.

This kit is awesome for beginners and those who want to start brewing without all the equipment. I will update this review on the quality of beer it makes.

Note: I am following the 2-2-2 rule (2 weeks in the primary fermenter, 2 weeks of bottling, and 2 weeks of conditioning). Just FYI for those wondering the process I took.

--------------------------------------------UPDATE 12/07/2014------------------------------------------------

Beer taste: Wow, so I brewed the Aztec Cerveza and I am enjoying a glass right now, watching the 49ers v Raiders game. So this is the process I followed to brew this batch: 2 weeks in the fermenter, 2 weeks bottling/carbonating, and 2 weeks of conditioning in the fridge. However, I was curious and couldn't wait any longer. It's been 3 days of conditioning, and decided to drink it.

This is an awesome tasting beer. More milder than other cerveza's out there, but awesome in every way. Good carbonation, good taste, and the best thing is that it is smooth. It has a hint of sour taste, but I think that is due to bottling a day or two early. But after this bottle, I will drink the rest of the bottles when the full two weeks of conditioning has been done.

This is smooth, and very enjoyable beer. But be aware: home brewed beer has a certain taste to them. Internet forum describes it as "the homebrew musk". There is definitely that, but it adds to the richness of the flavor. I am very impressed.

I bought one more keg: I bought one more keg. I thought about getting a 5 gallon, standard kit, but I am going to stick with Mr. Beer (I have changed my mind). It is simplistic, takes minimum equipment, I can brew multiple batches at one time, and the end result is outstanding. Right now I have a pilsner and a stout brewing. Can't be more happy with Mr. Beer. For those people telling you that you can't brew good tasting beer with simplistic equipment like Mr. Beer, they are wrong. I wish you were here right now so I can have a glass with you. Cheers!

Updated rating: 5/5
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HASH(0xa106cbf4) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Save your money for a real homebrew kit 6 de octubre de 2011
Por J. Parrish - Publicado en
If you are seriously interested in creating great homebrew beer, then this kit is NOT for you. I've been making homebrew beer for about 1.5 years. I was given a Mr Beer kit as a gift and tried making two different styles of beer. The first was a pale ale, and the second was an oatmeal stout. The pail ale was just OK, and the stout was undrinkable. To make a long story short... the Mr Beer kit cuts some important corners in the brewing process at the expense of the quality of the beer.

Mr Beer Kit Pros:
- The plastic bottle are actually pretty good. I still use them with my 5 gallon homebrew kit occasionally.
- The kit is small and doesn't consume as much space as a standard full size homebrew setup.

Mr Beer Kit Cons:
- Must purchase the Mr Beer ingredients, as the kit is not a standard size. Standard kits make 5 gallons.
- Has a very, very, crude air lock on the fermenter, so Oxygen gets to the beer and spoils it quickly
- Don't know the quality of the ingredients. The yeast could be old and useless resulting in ruined beer
- Lots of other basic issues, but the three above are enough to not to buy this kit...

Other Thoughts:

I was ready to give up on homebrewing after my Mr Beer experience, but my wife convinced me to try a "real" kit. Since getting a real 5 gallon kit, I've had great success (9 very good brews, 0 bad) and actually enjoy brewing and so do my family and friends who partake in the end result. Consider putting your money towards a 5 gallon kit sold by any homebrew supply store or here on Amazon. Consider the following:

Basic but acceptable kit that has everything needed for your first brew, and can be upgraded later: New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew

Better kit... but bottles (48 needed per batch), caps, and beer ingredients not included: Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

If you like to read and really want to learn about beer... How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time

Finally, I recommend additional ingredient kits from Midwest supplies (google it) out of St Louis Park, MN. They are excellent quality and have lots of options.