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THE DRINKING PERSUADER: DITCH!! "recovery": STOP DRINKING; instigation, and altercations [Tapa blanda]

Bovy McFarland

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Descripción del libro

20 de junio de 2012
SOME PEOPLE, SPEND A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME; IN THE CONFLICT OF INDECISION, WITHIN; WITH THE PRESSURE OF IT, LIVING. THEY SPEND A FAIR AMOUNT OF TIME; WATCHING THE TRUE, AND FALSE, BATTLE FOR RELEVANCY; IN THERE MIND; UNKNOWINGLY... THEY ARE ACTUALLY HAVING ALTERCATIONS WITHIN, ON A REGULAR BASIS. YOUR TRUE NATURE WILL SHOW ITSELF; AND IF YOU ARE FIGHTING THESE BATTLES ON THE INSIDE; HAVING ALTERCATIONS AMOUNGST YOUR NATURES; IT MAY OCCASIONALLY MANIFEST IN THE FORM OF ALTERCATIONS, WITH PEOPLE; VERBAL, AND PHYSICAL POSSIBLY. THIS INNER CONFLICT, COULD BE YOUR POISON. IT SOMETIMES RESULTS IN WORSE. YOUR NEED MAY BE FREEDOM FROM THE POISON, AND PAIN OF INNER CONFLICT. The following I tell you is THE REASON, people will relapse in those twelve step programs. And the lack of its widespread acknowledgement on peoples behalf; is evidence of peoples tendency, towards self-justified delusions, of mental convenience, and ease; With respect to; accountability, and blame, and acknowledgement of wrong doing. In regards to how they can, in their mind, see themselves as unaccountable for things, and not indebted to anyone; on account of a particular habits; fruitions of discordant, inharmonious, uncaring, disadvantageous, reckless personal behavior. False innocence; it propagates mental cowardice of character; which is only in someone, who does not possess, what is necessary, to be of the heroic, and victorious nature, with regards to an addiction; in a long term abstinence. There is no such no thing as a person's life being "unmanageable" by themselves, if one is free of actual birth, or even developed, physiological disadvantages. Life will always present circumstances to you; and you will react in some fashion; even if you do nothing. It's not as if there were not a decision to be made; and no choice was available; it was inexperienced decision making. Your reactions are driven by developed precepts of thought; your existing neural paths. These are the drives within your subconscious mind, which direct your being always. And you can develop, and become driven by new neural paths, in new motivations; which are derived from the things you feel are truly, of the most value to you. Once you recognize what they are, you can proceed to attain them; in recognition of the spirit of these new neural paths; as it is always the spirit of the thing you seek, that you must develop. For the spirit of a thought, will always be the driving force in its fruition's, and developments. Most people who have become enslaved to an addiction, are being driven by neural paths, that were developed in their youth; and are not rooted in truth; false precepts, which there thinking is rooted in. However one can not jump through hoops (do steps) to meet the demands of overcoming the self, discovered as inept, and inadequate. And the self left alone to be determinate of what is inept, and inadequate, within it's own merits; at a point where it has diminished it's own abilities through the abuse, and worship of an addiction; will not induce the requisites of abstinence; there is a more profound need. I was considered a doomed wreck; in this book are the ideas that have made me a person abstinent, from my poison, for three plus years at this writing. No joke, this will free one of the inclination to do, that which they do not want to do.THE VERY GATE TO REDEMPTION FROM ANY PART OF YOURSELF, YOU WISH TO BE EMANCIPATED FROM. AS SURE AS THE STARS IN THE SKY. AS SURE AS THE EARTH, IS NO LONGER THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. AS YOU WILL READ, HEREIN IS A PRACTICAL WAY, TO RECOGNISE CAUSE, AND EFFECT, ON A LEVEL SUPERCEDING ALL, IN IT’S BEING ABSOLUTE. Consider the speedboat going across the water at great, and determined speed. The engine supply of energy is propelling it, so that as it goes along; behind it, are the waves of its wake. You see the boat stop, and hear the engine stop; will the wake push the boat? No, it will not; in fact it will disappear entirely.

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