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The Black Candle [Tapa blanda]

Emily F. Murphy

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30 de agosto de 2013
"When coming from under the influence of marijuana, the victims present the most horrible condition imaginable. They are dispossessed of their natural and normal willpower, and their mentality is that of idiots. If this drug is indulged to any great extent, it ends in the untimely death of its addict.” A classic in anti drug propaganda depicting an alarming picture of the effects of opium, cocaine, as well as a “new menace,” marijuana. **** There are international, national and municipal rings, and rings within rings. A drug ring does not differ materially from an insurance company, except that it is not incorporated. It has its headquarters, presidents, directors, and agents. It gives to its agents commissions, bonuses, as well as protection against accidents such as bail and fines in the courts. It had "prospects," and deliveries, but the policies it issues are or death, and not on the endowment plan. There are no beneficiaries except the ring itself. Rings started in a small way some years ago but have been steadily increasing their business, until the profits now accruing are the most prodigious ever earned by any commercial enterprise. The rings are looking for new worlds to conquer, and for this reason "the underworld" had gradually encroached upon and laid siege to the upper classes, until these are threatened with dissolution. The drug ring looks with covetous eyes upon the wealth of society and instead of stealing a lady's diamonds has only to invite her to a "snow party," give her a few sniffs of cocaine, and before a great while the ring has her jewels in its coffers. The same process is applied to suit "the prospect" with both sexes and in all classes. *** Published in 1922, Murphy's amazingly inaccurate and racially tinged pronouncement about drug addiction will puzzle and amuse even today's most ardent prohibitionists through its overblown rhetoric, biased sources and totally unqualified claims. In fact, the book reads almost like a satire of a modern-day anti-drug tract ala “Reefer Madness.”. Murphy's opus could be considered highly entertaining reading, except for the fact that The Black Candle was taken deadly seriously in its day and led directly to criminalization of marijuana in Canada in the 1920’s. CONTENTS PT I. I. Pipe Dreams II. The Traffic III. The New Buccaneers IV. Opium V. Snowbirds and Owls VI. Heroin Slavery VII. Passing on the Habit VIII. Doctors and Magistrates IX. Soldiers and Drug Addiction X. The Cure PT II. I. The Black Candle II. The Traffic in the United States III. Young Addicts IV. The Drug Traffic in Canada V. Ways of the Traffickers VI. Trappers All VII. War on the Drug Ring VIII. International Rings IX. Prisoner at the Bar X. A Comparison and a Question XI. Black Smoke XII. Cocaine XIII. Girls as Pedlars XIV. The Hypodermic Needle XV. Prescriptions XVI. The Immediate Withdrawal Cure XVII. Opened Shutters XVIII. Prohibition and Drug Intoxication XIX. Opium XX. Crime and Narcotics XXI. Drug Bondage XXII. The Living Death XXIII. Marahuana--A New Menace XXIV. Orders for Search XXV. The Spotter and Stooler XXVI. Drugs Generally XXVII. Salvage XXVIII. Healing XXIX. Forecast of Victory XXX. The Contest XXXI. To Addicts--Apologia

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Biografía del autor

Emily Ferguson Murphy (also wrote as: Janey Canuck) (1868-1933) was a Canadian womens rights activist. In 1916, she became the first woman magistrate in Canada, and in the British Empire. She is best known for her contributions to Canadian feminism, specifically to the question of whether women were persons under Canadian law. Murphy was also a journalist and author. Her experience in the courts led her to inveigh against drugs, in particular opium and marijuana. As Janey Canuck, Murphy wrote a number of articles about drugs and attendant social problems. These were published in The Black Candle (1922) under her pen name. Her other works include: The Impressions of Janey Canuck Abroad (1902), Janey Canuck in the West (1910), Open Trails (1912), Seeds of Pine (1914) and Our Little Canadian Cousin of the Great Northwest (1923).

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