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2K NBA 2012, PS3, ESP - Juego (PS3, ESP)

Plataforma : PlayStation 3

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  • Game rating: E (para todos)
  • Modo multijugador
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Descripción del producto

Con más de 5 millones de unidades vendidas en todo el mundo y más de 20 premios de mejor juego deportivo del año, el año pasado NBA2K11 te ofreció convertirte en el mejor de todos los tiempos con Michael Jordan y el Jordan Challenge.

Este año la franquicia de NBA 2K ha vuelto por la puerta grande ofreciendo a los fans algo que siempre han deseado - es la hora de acabar con el debate de qué equipo y qué jugadores han sido los mejores de toda la historia de la NBA. Protagonizado por leyendas del calibre como Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson y Larry Bird junto con todos tus jugadores favoritos de la liga actual, NBA 2K12 estará lleno de novedades emocionantes que desvelaremos en las próximas semanas para que el 7 de octubre los fans se encontrarán en medio de la cancha en una experiencia de baloncesto sin precedentes.
Otras características:
Clasificación PEGI: 3
Género: Deportes
Modo multijugador: Si
Plataforma: PlayStation 3
Rango ESRB: E (para todos)
Versión de idioma: ESP

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas If you don't like this game 8 de febrero de 2016
Por KOTG - Publicado en
Formato: Videojuegos Compra verificada
If you don't like this game, you don't like NBA basketball! MJ on the cover!! What else can you ask for. This game definitely is for every NBA or basketball enthusiast out there. The game play is so "real" it felt like I was on the court. The body movements are precise, the players expressions are spot on, the size of the players are accurate. NBA 2k continues to amaze me with the quality of the product and this game does not disappoint. The cost was a lot lower than the department stores that are selling this game. The game was delivered on time as promised. I have no issues what so ever from the seller, very professional and clean transaction. I thought the experience would be a headache, but I was pleasantly surprised and I don't think I will ever go to the big stores to buy a game again. I shared this experience with lots of family and friends and let them know how easy it was. I was able to get the game without having to leave my couch. This was another great experience, Amazon only lets the best sell on there site!
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Ok.. I rarely make negative ratings...but this is bad. 23 de febrero de 2014
Por Matthew Chidester - Publicado en
Formato: Videojuegos Compra verificada
...But this game is awful. Let me explain.

I bought this game because I've played previous NBA 2K games and they're generally good.. Being a Utah Jazz fan and a long off season I thought it would be cool to play the game..

The bad parts..the menu set up is awful..trying to figure out how to upload a youtube video or download the latest rosters (which by the way isn't supported anymore so you're stuck with default..) is a joke. The game loads awful and for some reason NBA games lately have turned into a rap video fest... I miss the old school NBA games of SNES honestly over this stuff..

Anyway - my biggest gripe though (get's worse) is the game locked up and froze many times. I'm not sure if it's looking for online content that isn't there or what but... I have to write this up as one of the worst games I've bought (and I've played some pretty bad games out there..) but yeah I would advice someone looking for a cheap NBA game to play to avoid this one... locks is a mess, and it's not being supported anymore for DLC or roster downloads... (do not buy this.. just my .02)
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas An Incredible Simulation But Too Much Unnecessary Detail 21 de diciembre de 2011
Por Martin E. Hartzold - Publicado en
Formato: Videojuegos Compra verificada
I've been out of active gaming for several years. I haven't played an NBA game regularly in quite some time but decided to give 2K12 a shot. First of all, this is a pretty incredible game. The simulation is as close as I can imagine to an actual NBA game and I am sure an incredible amount of work went into its creation. Kindly, one could say this is a very challenging game to play. To put it a rougher spin on it, this game is as frustrating as any game I've ever played. It seems like the designers wanted to make it more like the experience of controlling the players as you watch a game on TV instead of its own, original basketball simulation.

The absurdly long and frequent loading delays coupled with the weird stat screens and game breaks amplify any frustration you may be feeling towards the gameplay. (What's up for 2K13 guys? Actual commercials?) If I'm playing a game, I don't want to have to sit and watch some timeout graphic of the opposing coach talking to his players instead of being able to quickly advance through those superfluous screens and get back to the game. While most of the delays are only a matter of seconds, concentration, timing and rhythm are all a HUGE part of the gameplay and each gets thrown off severely by the frequency of completely useless 'extras' added to make playing the game more like watching one on TV.

Before each free throw, for example, there are odd delays that involve the referee checking the ball and throwing it back to the player while the camera angles switch around. Inbounding the ball after a foul or stoppage in play involves the players having to get into position and the referee again handling the ball and giving it to the player. Often times, the camera will actually follow the referee as he chases the ball down in order to retrieve it after an out of bounds play, foul, etc... It's so silly and I'd rather not have to sit through it.

I'm sure I need to spend some more time w/the controls. But why 2k sports, when I have someone on a fast break, wide open near the basket, does the control for 'dunk' cause them to move sideways and brick a fadeaway jumper? Why is it so easy for me to accidentally step out of bounds with a player and why is it so hard to pull up behind the three-point line when on the break? That the controls are so sensitive in a game that is trying to be such an accurate simulation, makes it sloppy and adds yet another level to the frustration I've already referred to several times. I understand that there are very advanced control features that, if mastered, can eliminate the issues I've just mentioned. There is a screen you can read in the controller options panel during a game. But, those same, special instructions are not in the booklet that comes w/the game and I can't find them online.

Also it seems like way too much went into designing the crowd and bench. Maybe some folks care more about that kind of thing, but it doesn't do much for me. And, when you play in the New Orleans arena, part of the crowd graphic is a fan's head blocking the camera during gameplay. It seriously blocks a good portion of the screen when you are trying to control your player on the court and it happens constantly.

Maybe as I get more into the game and become better at it, I'll change my mind. But, for now I'm going to have to go with thumbs down. I can see this game being better in a couple of years, but as for now, it's just not there.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I...can't...stop...playing 28 de noviembre de 2011
Por James Gallen - Publicado en
Formato: Videojuegos Compra verificada
I have an elliptical machine that was never being used. In order to actually make it a worthy investment I mounted a small tv on the wall in front of the elliptical and hooked a playstation 3 up. Nothing can get me on that elliptical for an hour or more at a time better than NBA2k12.

I'm not even a huge basketball fan, but I love playing NBA2k12. There are several things that sets NBA2k12 apart from all the other sports games out there

1. The commentators really do give excellent commentary. The stories they tell about the teams and players are quite engrossing. Direct commentary about the game being played is also spot on and can reflect the ebb and flow of how each individual game of basketball is going.
2. The create a player mode is fantastic. It is far and away better than every other create a player mode from an EA game such as Madden, NCAA, or FIFA. The drills combined with the milestones and points for playing each game make it actually rewarding to progress my character.
3. The Legends mode is a great addition to this game. As I said, I am not a huge basketball fan so I don't know much about NBA history. This mode covers all of the major players, and their respective teams, over the history of the NBA. Playing with Wilt Chamberlain's Lakers actually made me go out and buy a biography on Wilt.
4. For whatever reason, almost every game I play ends up being quite close at the end. I don't even mind losing because the thrill of that last second shot going in, or just rimming out, really does simulate the thrill of watching a real game. I actually find it a little more exciting than the real thing to be honest.

I can't recommend this game enough. 2k sports certainly made this one worth buying.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Disappointed, UPDATE: it delivers 18 de diciembre de 2011
Por Joe Rhodes - Publicado en
Formato: Videojuegos Compra verificada
Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of the 2k basketball games. I was looking forward to getting 2k12 after the lockout ended with updated rosters but I'm not sure if it was worth the wait now. The graphics are excellent and the presentation and features are new an improved as well, but I have problems with this game.

First, of all I got it a couple of weeks ago and I'm already having technical issues. Lately its been bringing me to the start screen while it's loading. Also the connection to online is faulty and shuts down. Now the gameplay, as a first impression, I am so disappointed. It is completely different from the previous 2k games. What I dislike most is the controllability. The players on defense move so slow that it's pretty much pointless guarding the guy with the ball on user mode. Don't even get me started on playing against the CPU. The CPU is so hard and BS, its not enjoyable unlocking all the legend teams. Because of the change in difficulty to do anything, stats are way down. But then again, it could just take some time getting used to. I'm not going stop playing, since it's still addictive and a great basketball simulation, it's just not what I expected.

I'll be sure to update if I catch onto the new gameplay. PS name: Chaptopher


So I've been playing a lot of 2K12 for about a month now and I have a few new things to say. My opinion stands that 12 is much harder on so many levels and incredibly annoying on many occasions. I don't think there's anyone who can play this game without ever saying "WTF!" and "BS!" There is constantly something that ticks you off when playing. Examples include constant stepping out of bounce, losing the ball by bumping into your own team mates, constantly bumping into defenders, the huge influence of consistency and slumps, and even some errors or gliches when playing (like getting points taken off in MyPlayer for something you did not do). Another thing that really can drive you crazy is the lengthy presentation and loading. Loading takes MUCH longer than 2k10 and 11, probably because the improved graphics.

Despite all these ARRRGGGGHHHs and UGGHHHHHs, 2K12 is a huge step up in basketball video games. The presentation is fresh and a breath of fresh air, compared to that of the lackluster predecessors. Each year 2K comes closer to the lifelike image of the players and the atmosphere. This year, there was a huge step in this area. With big change, I think 2K felt they had to revamp the way execution in the gameplay. Playing 2K10 and 11 now feels much easier, but not necessarily a good thing. 2K12 is much closer to lifelike movement.

Here's the goods and bads I have for 2K12:

1. Improved Graphics
2. Features and Ad ons (new and improved)
3. MyPlayer improvements (no summer circuit though which I personally didn't like)
4. Addiction
5. Realistic gameplay (not overall gameplay)
6. Improved pass accuracy (to some degree)

1. Constant turnovers (especially from stepping out of bounce)
2. Annoying gameplay
3. Difficult CPU challenges
4. Consistency of shots and bricks
5. Ability of LBJ
6. Plays (a little difficult getting used to)
7. Pick and roll and pick and pop offense more complicated to control
8. Gamesliders need major adjustment in future 2K games

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