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ASUS VH236H 23" Full HD Negro pantalla para PC - Monitor (58,4 cm (23"), 300 cd / m², 1920 x 1080 Pixeles, 2 ms, Full HD, 160°)

4,5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas
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4,5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 318 opiniones de clientes

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  • Built-in camera
  • Entrada de audio para PC
  • Kensington lock
  • LED de suspendido
  • Protección de contenido digital de elevado ancho de banda
  • cámara
  • Ángulo de visión, vertical: 160°

Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto5 Kg
Dimensiones del producto54,9 x 22 x 40,9 cm
Número de modelo del productoVH236H
Dimensión de la pantalla23 pulgadas
Resolución de pantalla1920 x 1080 Pixeles
Número de procesadores1
Tipo de memoria del ordenadorDRAM
Discos adicionalesDVD
Detalles de audio3,5 mm
Interfaz de la tarjeta gráficaAGP
Tipo de conexión inalámbrica802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g
Número de puertos HDMI1
Número de puertos VGA1
Potencia eléctrica55 vatios
Tamaño de las unidades de bastidores1
Información adicional
Producto en desde28 de junio de 2010
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Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Altura: 409 mm
Ancho: 549 mm
Auriculares: 3,5 mm
Brillo de pantalla: 300 cd / m²
Cantidad de puertos DVI-D: 1
Cantidad de puertos VGA (D-Sub): 1
Certificación: UL/cUL, CB, CE, FCC, CCC, BSMI, VCCI, PSB, RoHS, WEEE, WHQL
Certificado Energy Star: Si
Color del producto: Negro
Consumo de energía (inactivo): 1 W
Consumo energético: 55 W
Cámara incorporada: No
Diagonal de la pantalla: 58,4 cm (23")
Dimensiones del embalaje (alto x alto x peso): 623 x 171 x 478 mm
Entrada de audio para PC: Si
Frecuencia digital horizontal: 30 - 83 kHz
Frecuencia digital vertical: 50 - 75 Hz
Interfaces de montaje VESA: 100 x 100 mm
Intervalo de escaneado horizontal: 30 - 83 kHz
Intervalo de escaneado vertical: 50 - 75 Hz
LED de suspendido: Si
Manual de usuario: Si
Número de puertos HDMI: 1
Peso: 5,5 kg
Peso del paquete: 7,3 kg
Potencia estimada RMS: 4 W
Profundidad: 220 mm
Ranura para cable de seguridad: Kensington
Relación de aspecto: 4:3
Relación de aspecto nativa: 4:3
Resolución de la pantalla: 1920 x 1080 Pixeles
Sintonizador de TV integrado: No
Tamaño de pixel: 0,266 x 0,266 mm
Tiempo de respuesta: 2 ms
Tipo HD: Full HD
Ángulo de inclinación: -5 - 20°
Ángulo de visión, horizontal: 160°
Ángulo de visión, vertical: 160°

Preguntas y respuestas de los clientes

Opiniones de clientes

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5 estrellas
4 estrellas
3 estrellas
2 estrellas
1 estrella

Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 4.5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 318 opiniones
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great product for the price 27 de julio de 2009
Por J. Lam - Publicado en
Compra verificada

One of my criteria is to have built-in speakers. I don't have external speakers nor do I like more tangled wires. The speakers sound better than my old Viewsonic VA1912wb I replaced. That is a welcoming fact. Initially, there was a lot of waviness on screen. The troubleshooting guide suggested video connection as the issue. Turns out that it was my old VGA cable (I didn't want to craw behind the computer initially...). Once I hooked up with the new cable provided, it started working perfectly. I'm running Windows XP Media Center. After I turned off and on my computer, it recognized the new monitor and reset the resolution and refresh rate profile. It now runs at 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz. No driver is needed. I was afraid that I would need to update my video driver since I have a 4 yr+ old computer but I don't. With HDMI, DVI, and SPDIF Audio Output, it will be more than capable to handle my future computer (definitely not with Vista, though).

Of course, not everything is perfect with this monitor. The buttons and OSD menu are not great. But they are within my expectation based on other reviews I mentioned before. In addition, once you move away from the center view by, say, more than 45 degrees, the picture quality starts degrading rapidly. It means that if you want to show someone standing behind you the pictures on your screen, he/she would need to bend down, sit down, or step back in order to appreciate what you are trying to show. These are just minor flaws that I'm willing to live with for what I'm willing to pay. Overall, I'm a very happy customer.

August 11, 2009 Update:

Shortly after I wrote the initial impression above, I began to experience some flickering with the screen. This is my description to ASUS Customer Service:

"While in use, occasionally monitor would flicker. Anywhere from showing multi-color vertical bands (partial or full screen) to black or white screen. Sometimes it's vertical and horizontal lines covering the full screen (forming dense grid pattern). This is a brand new monitor (in use for 1 week). I'm using VGA cable. I've unplugged and plugged the cable and made sure connection is good. I've updated my video card driver to the latest version but did not solve the problem. Saw this posted in forum but no solution replied. If not resolved, may need to return the monitor."

ASUS replied in about 2 days making several recommendations. I followed the advice the best I could. See my subsequent reply of findings:

"Firstly, would you please tell us when and after what action this problem occurred?
1. When the computer first boot up. Doesn't matter whether the monitor is on first or on after boot up. The screen flickers with vertical multi-color bands on the right or sometimes the whole screen. At times there are both vertical and horiztonal bands that form white fabric like pattern. Duration could last for 2 sec to good 5 seconds.
2. When in use during any computer session. Very sporadic. Sometimes happens while surfing the net. Not always repeatable. In one particular session, every time I went to, it flickered. But it didn't happen again since.

Secondly, please press Splendid key on LCD about 3 seconds to load the default settings.
Did it and no change.

Please replace another graphic card.
Not possible but I have another laptop to test with. This laptop is much newer... 1 yr old. When switch to ASUS as external monitor, the same flickering happened, for long or short duration. But other than that, I did not experience other instances.

Thirdly, please check if there is any updated BIOS or driver for your other PC components.
Updated BIOS.

Now the only times that it flickers are when the computer first boots up or when it goes in and out of screen saver or when the monitor is first turned on. I've not observed other in-session interruptions as before.

Otherwise please change this LCD to another PC to test."

Today, ASUS told me that this may be defective. I've proceeded to replace my unit via Amazon. Will update again in the future. Up to this point, ASUS customer service has been prompt.

August 15, 2009:

Requested Amazon for a replacement on Aug 11. Received a new unit 2 days later. Plugged it in. Not a single problem was observed. All flickering has been gone since. I have to commend the excellent customer services from both ASUS and Amazon. Couldn't be happier.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas EVO Monitor -- nothing more needs to be said 28 de noviembre de 2012
Por M. Rivero - Publicado en
Compra verificada
After seeing all of the negative reviews, I wanted to weigh in with my own experience.

First of all, if you're buying this monitor, it really should be for one purpose and one purpose only: to play games. This monitor's claim to fame is the lack (not total, but about as close as you get with LCD technology) of input lag. This is crucial for video games that rely on timing your button presses within certain frames of animation. Street Fighter, for example, has plenty of 1-frame links. This means that in a 60 frame per second game, you have 1/60 of a second to time your button press. If your inputs are lagging behind the display, things get far more difficult and any timing you practice is not going to be the same timing as if you were using a lagless CRT monitor or playing in an arcade. So that's where the EVO monitor comes in. It's called that because the EVO Championship Series, which is the biggest fighting game tournament in the country, had exclusively used this model monitor to ensure as lagless of an experience as possible for their competitors.

I bought this monitor for a good price and happened to purchase it right around the time a rebate was active. I submitted the rebate according to the instructions and about 8 weeks later it came. To the person/people complaining about being ripped off by rebates, the best advice I can give you is this: WHENEVER you submit a rebate, always photograph each of the components you are sending in, with documentation filled out, and the envelope stamped with the mailing address written on it. That way, if there is any issue with them saying you did not comply with the rebate terms, you have photographic proof and are not bound by what they told you they received. I haven't had that happen to me, but I still take pictures just as a precaution.

Make sure you're not going from a digital to analog source or vice versa, and make sure the monitor is set to game mode. That's how you'll get the best results.

It's not the premier monitor for watching movies or for gaining productivity with your work machine. If you want something like that, you're in the wrong place. It's also not the best monitor if you're just casually playing games or aren't really into fighters/shooters/anything else that requires strict timing. Accept it for what it is and know what you're buying before you click purchase. If you do that, there's no reason you should anything less than a good experience with the monitor.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas ASUS VH236H - Xbox 360 Review 7 de julio de 2012
Por K.S. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
So I wish there were more reviews like this on amazon for monitors & XBOX. Although I know most people using this monitor will be looking for a great PC monitor for daily use or gaming, I am basing this review for the Xbox 360. Others may feel the same as me, but I really DON'T like the look of HD tv's on games, & most have HD response lag. My HD TVs look great on TV/Movies but on games not that great & trust me I've tried my best to get good settings. & others may be able to relate to me but I am not just a casual gamer. I play games on the 360 competitively & participate in tournaments and such. I heard this was a monitor that was going to be used at some LAN events so I picked it up to get used to it. I was hating my 27 inch Sylvania & felt like there was some HD delays that were affecting my gameplay. Anyways, I bought this monitor. Very cheap, about $160. This was my first monitor that I bought for gaming on the 360. When I got it it took my a day or 2 to get used to the size, but afterwords I love it. I really enjoy gaming on the 23 inch a lot more. Also I play all my games in 720P because I record my gameplay, many of you may know about that, there aren't very many 1080P capture cards out there, I have an HDMI capture card & record at 720P. That's a different topic though. My point in bringing this up is that 720P looks GREAT. Although I do play on it sometimes through 1080P & man is it sharp. This monitor has a very clear picture on both 720p & 1080p. I tweeked my settings quite a bit to make it to my liking. It looked pretty nice out of the box but as many would I went through all the settings to see what there were & checked them out. My picture has great color, clear picture, good response time, & is 10x better than my HD TV. About 3 months after playing on this monitor I hooked up my HD TV to see how playing on a 27 inch was again....I just about puked. Part of the problem is that I wasn't used to the bigger size (so that was understandable) but the picture was just not even close to as clear as it was on this monitor. This monitor is very cheap & high quality for such a great price, & I would recommend it to others.

In conclusion, like I said I use mine on my Xbox 360 for mainly FPS gaming. I'm more than a casual gamer so I take things like response time (this one has 2ms) very seriously as anyone that plays fast paced games seriously knows that it really makes a difference. The color on this monitor, picture, & response time are really great. I would really recomend this to others for such a great low price. Budget it not too big of a deal for myself as I work 5 days a week but for many young gamers or just somebody with a tight budget, or just not wanting to spend that much, this monitor will work for you. It'll be great for gaming & normal computer activities. I've had it for about half a year now & haven't had any trouble with it at all. It works great on my Xbox 360 & my computer. I hope this review helped some people out there & especially those who are maybe looking for a good monitor for your XBOX as many reviews never mention xbox only PC. It works great for both. I would never go back to gaming on my Xbox 360 on my old HD TV (even though it's a nice TV) it's nothing compared to the clarity & response time of this monitor. I will be looking into future Asus products as I really liked this one & once again at such a great price. That is all.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Monitor 29 de julio de 2010
Por Kindle Customer - Publicado en
Compra verificada
By the way, i paid $170 after a $20 mail-in-rebate, just so you all know.

I ordered two of these Asus monitors for use with my desktop. I believe they are absolutely gorgeous monitors. I tested each for dead pixels and found none. They colors are accurate and vibrant, and the screen is plenty bright. The edges are thin and glossy, giving the monitor a nice look. The screen itself is a matte finish so there is limited to no glare.

I tested the monitor with a few blu-ray movies. The picture is stunning. I'm comparing these two monitors to an HP w2207, a relatively expensive monitor i purchased two years ago. The quality is the same if not better. I think for the price, these monitors are hard to beat. I cannot compare them to newer LED LCD monitors, but unless you have them side-by-side, i doubt one would notice any significant difference.

I am using my own speakers and not the built-in ones so i cannot comment on them. I might add though that the purchase of a monitor should not be based on speakers, just buy a cheap pair of external ones. Finally the stand. While it is not as ergonomic or as functional as others, it is solid. You can only tilt the screen, it is at a fixed height. While this provides good stability, if you like a custom height or you wish to rotate the screen, you are out of luck.

I do not consider myself an expert, but i put a lot of careful research into purchasing a good monitor for a good price. I definitely would make this purchase again.

Hope this helps.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good moitor, especially for the price 1 de junio de 2012
Por Paul - Publicado en
Compra verificada
EDIT: I recently watched another movie with the built in speakers and what I originally said about the audio distortion after a cretin range is incorrect, what I experienced was mostly due to low quality audio from the file I was watching; with the higher quality audio it was quite distinct and dialog was understandable from 5-6 ft away, I can't say anything about further then that because the room was smallish. Audio quality was still mediocre, and I'd still compare it to the built in speaker on an iPod. The speakers do have that same issue with low quality audio files, and my laptop was still better able to reproduce the sound on those files more distinctly then the monitor.

A few years ago I owned a BenQ "Full HD" monitor that I got for ~$450 (then low end for HD) and I figured that by now I'd get a similar image from this. When I got this display I was slightly disappointed, the image on this isn't as clear and the colors seemed off and kinda washed out, comparatively. After doing a couple Windows display calibrations and tweaking the displays settings I was a bit happier, but it's colors are still not as sharp as something more then twice the price. After about a day of using it I got used to its "look" and I can say it is totally capable of displaying amazing visuals in games, movies, etc. It's a great monitor for the price, and I doubt you'll have any issue with the image unless you're a hardcore gamer with a $3000 rig. I have to say though the speakers are crap; on par with laptop speakers or the speaker on your phone or iPod. I use headphones 90% of the time and have windows routing sound out my computer speakers, as many of you probably do, so this is a non issue for me, honestly I didn't even know it had them when I ordered it, I never use built in speakers; it's not a buying point for me, I'm just happy they are not visible. I have had one experience with them I can share. Last night I used it to watch a movie off my laptop and chose to use the built in speakers as they are somewhat louder then what my 11" laptop can output, however the extra volume gains you less clarity in dialog to the point where we had to sit ~3 ft away from it in order to understand what was being said. There was a distinct cutoff point around there where if we schootched our chairs back it would become incomprehensible, and the louder the volume is up the worse this effect got. It wouldn't be so bad with loud music, but with voice it is definitely an issue if you plan to use the built in speakers. Built in speakers are always crap, so this is to be expected. If you were at a desk in a quiet room watching youtube or listening to Windows make its alert sounds I doubt you'd have an issue.

Nit picks:
-No DisplayPort (if you don't know: it's like an HDMI alternative)
-No audio out/headphone jack
-Stand only tilts
-Menus are not intuitive to navigate
-Power button is orange and I think it clashes with the slick glossy black bezel, it is SUPER easy to find though.

-I would choose this monitor for a sub ~$1500, mid range gaming rig, as response times are fast and while I found the colors slightly "muddy" while viewing hi-rez landscape photos I use for wallpaper the colors are quite vibrant and well suited to gaming, producing fantastical visuals free from graphical anomalies (ie tearing).
-I would also choose this to do homework, word processing, email, spreadsheets, and web surfing on; it is cheap (although there are cheaper, if all you are doing is surfing and office stuff pick up a 1080p $110 acer if you can) simply because of the screen space and low price point. Having built in speakers also means you won't have to spend $18 on USB speakers to hear the funny cats on youtube or windows boot up.
-I would also choose this if I was planning to use my computer as my movie/TV watching device, as long as I got a $50-$100 desktop sound system to accompany it.
-I would not choose this monitor if my main use was to edit photos, video, etc or utilize the built in speakers expecting high quality audio you'd expect accompanying the "Full HD" viewing experience. You're going to have to buy something expensive for all of that.

It did take Amazon a WEEK to sip this out (guess they were out of stock), but I was notified of the ship date at checkout. Shipping/delivery was on time, even to Hawaii and FREE! Best thing about Amazon. Especially living in Hawaii where New Egg only offers 2-day FedEx air witch would have cost me at least $50 more for this purchase. This monitor was on sale ~$10 less over there that week, but the shipping would have killed me.

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