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Advanced Elements AE1031-0 - Kayak / Piragua de mar, color naranja

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  • The BackBone is a bow-to-stern frame for the AdvancedFrame Expedition inflatable kayak, which enhances both rigidity and performance.
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Descripción Breve Advanced Elements AE1031-O Lagoon1 Kayak Orange

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Peso13 kilogramos
Incluye bateríasNo
MarcaAdvanced Elements

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The LAGOON 1 is easy to set up and ready to use quickly 31 de mayo de 2015
Por Susan - Publicado en
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I use a Kayak for boat cover during open water swim training, in a variety of conditions and different places. The LAGOON 1 is easy to set up and ready to use quickly, it is comfortable. I like the floor and air cushioned seat. Unfortunately it swings with every pull of the paddle and I have not been able to figure out how to correct this. I also have an Advanced Elements SPORT. It is not as comfortable and is difficult to enter and exit as you can't push down on the sides and the seat slides forward. The SPORT does perform beautifully, tracks straight, and works well even in a 3 foot chop. If you are not paddling far and want comfort get the LAGOON 1, but if you are going a distance and could find some challenging conditions, get the Sport.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Our 2nd Advanced elements kayak--Love it!! 18 de julio de 2011
Por Bob the Beagle - Publicado en
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I bought the Advanced Elements Dragonfly kayak 3 years ago and it is still going strong after lots of use. The Dragonfly is very similar to the Lagoon--the air chambers on the Lagoon are somewhat different. I bought the Lagoon for my husband who has recently started kayaking--he LOVES it. They are both very durable and an excellent choice for flat water kayaking. We are in out early 50's
and they are perfect for us. No lugging and tugging. No need for an expensive roof rack or a truck. If it wasn't for this lightweight kayak I would never go as often as I do. Believe me I had a heavy old plastic one and didn't enjoy it nearly this much! Thank you Advanced Elements!
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Fun kayak, easy set-up and great stability. 26 de octubre de 2012
Por Bob - Publicado en
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I purchased the Lagoon 1 inflatable kayak about a month ago. My maiden voyage was great and I had no problems inflating the kayak. I have some back issues so I was looking for a kayak that would be easy to enter and exit from and be comfortable. The inflatable seat was good and I felt like I was sitting in my home recliner. My back did not ache at all. I kayaked on a small mountain lake in Colorado. The water was quiet and the kayak turned and tracked well. Easier paddling made it track straight. Even a hard paddle did not sway to kayak's bow much. No more than a canoe does. My first voyage lasted about 90 minutes and great fun was had by this old outdoor guy. I'm 65 yrs old and have wanted to try kayaking for awhile. Good first experience! I had plenty of room in the kayak as I.m only 5ft7in and 160lbs. Overall, This kayak is a great,fun product. Recommend it highly.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas lagoon/dragonfly 8 de marzo de 2009
Por Ron PA - Publicado en
Having enjoyed my AE AF-Convertible for years, I decided to get the lagoon for a playboat. My first impression was--that's an annoyingly large carry bag--2 feet high, 3 feet long, and 5 inches thick; the handles are such that you have to keep your arm bent to keep it off the ground unless you shove it onto a shoulder. I refolded the boat so it's smaller and thicker and stuffed it into a different duffle bag I had for much greater convenience.

Inflating and setup was quick and easy with a closed cell foam bottom replacing the inflatable floor and saving some time. Be sure to close the coaming twist-valves tightly and be careful using a sprayskirt or they'll come open when you're working it into place. I finally glued 7 velcro tabs around the coaming and sprayskirt and got it to hold up to heavy water. That's a must-do imo except escape could be difficult if it flips.

The little boat was cramped and even with my short legs I had to jam the bottom of one foot against the other ankle and bend my knees slightly. I managed to stuff a winter jacket and a half-gallon jug of lemonade under and between my knees and that pretty much used all the inboard storage space unless you want to pile gear on your lap. Camping gear can be bungeed to the front deck in a dry bag but the small rear deck is unfortunately free of D-rings. On calm water I stretch my legs out on the front deck and recline against the rear and get quite comfortable.

Handling was a reasonable trade-off between tracking and maneuverability, with the bow hunting from side to side with the paddlestrokes and requiring a weaker stroke for steady cruising but responding nicely to the strong turning and scooting strokes needed in rough water.

Speed was another trade-off for stability, the boat was very stable and only flipped once from a smoothly rising rock that didn't disturb the surface of a muddy creek, so I usually take off my floatation vest and stick it under the deck bungees while enjoying bobbing and rocking over class I and II waves and chop. But still-water speed suffers with that wide, teardrop shaped hull and I have to settle for a modest cruising speed.

I got some "pool noodles", (foam tubes) and trimmed, velcroed and stuffed them under the coaming to elevate it and keep things much dryer. I also started spraying silicone water-guard on the top fabric.

After many river trips I'm pretty happy with the boat but the tedious pulling apart, inflating, drying, reassembling, deflating and packing are still a major downside to these inflatables.

The lagoon is clearly best used as a playboat in whitewater or at least with moderate current to move you downstream and people who want to paddle around on still water should choose a more streamlined model.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great boat for calm water and (not very serious) paddling. 31 de julio de 2014
Por R. Carlson - Publicado en
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Bought two of these for a trip to shore. They are portable, easy to assemble, and tough. We mostly kept to calmer water (we were on the ocean, but in a protected harbor). The boats are easy to carry (even for my 98 lb wife). On the water, they move smoothly, almost effortlessly.
I think I would be concerned in choppier water, but, after all, they are called "Lagoon boats". I really appreciated the tie-downs, the mesh pocket, the seat with backrest and the handles on both ends (a handle in the middle also would have been appreciated, but that's just a "nit").
The crack-down was easy as well and both easily fit into the trunk of our Acura RDX with plenty of room to spare.

Getting in and out is a challenge as the boat is so light. You need to find a place to wedge it into to stabilize it.

We paddled across the bay several times to our favorite bar (yes, you can see, we're not serious kayakers :)

We also boarded a much larger boat (Great to meet you Captn. Norm!) and were able to get back in the boats again, but it was not pretty.

Overall, these are great units for a lake, or inner harbor. They are tough, track straight and are easy to transport.