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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas you ate the chicken before the egg 2 de mayo de 2014
Por veinsrunempty - Publicado en
I'm noticing that all of the reviews for this soundtrack were written before the film came out. If you actually watch the film, every song has a cogent meaning for the film and works in concert with the storyline.

I would say this is definitely my favorite soundtrack from a Marvel film. The dubstep is so aappropriate for Electro and all of the pop music made me laugh and/or feel. Zero complaints from me.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Truly ambitious and risky film scoring that pays off big 4 de junio de 2014
Por Eric Marcy - Publicado en
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No doubt about it, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is one of the finer Zimmer scores in recent memory. You can tell that Zimmer and his "super group" really got the creative juices flowing. The Electro material in "My Enemy" and "Still Crazy" won over my skeptical self (as one who hates dubstep) with its intelligent and energizing blend of electronica, baroque and spoken-word/chanting. Electro's material is truly electrifying, and also gets into your head. But Spider-man also gets some great material: his main theme is a cocky, swaggering trumpet piece first performed in "I'm Spiderman" which receives a tender, understated performance in "Ground Rules" and makes its best and most powerful appearance towards the end of "You're That Spider Guy", as well as being worked in throughout the score.

Zimmer also composes a truly tender and moving love theme, and perhaps the best cue of the score is "We're Best Friends", where it is performed with lush strings and fluttering woodwinds. A true piece of beauty that touches the heart. "I Need To Know" also infuses the listener with a thrilled sense of anticipation, mixing electronics and strings in a classic Zimmer build-up construct. Also notable is "There He Is", with a fluttering electronic and guitar arpeggio piece that conjures up images of creeping, crawling spiders. Truly a brilliant conceptual piece.

Unfortunately, the material for Green Goblin is decidedly less inspired. "I'm Goblin" really is just cacophony, though definitely energized cacophony with some frantic string work, but the appearance of the horn of doom just isn't all that engaging. Also, some of the more atmospheric parts of the soundtrack are a bit too flighty and insubstantial to really make an impact. Those are the only blemishes on an otherwise fine score.

Zimmer ultimately delivers, collaborating with some talented musicians to bring us the most unique blockbuster score to be heard in some time. Unfortunately, there are some dead spots, but the highlights are so well-conceived, so original, and so well-executed that it remains one of the top scores of 2014!
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas An Amazing Stylistic Approach That Lacks That Big Emotional Pull 17 de julio de 2014
Por Kaya Savas - Publicado en
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Spider-Man is one of those superheros who had a nice streak with Danny Elfman. Elfman’s music wasn’t pushy or showy, but somehow seemed to fit exactly right. In the two movies he scored, the music was really fleshing out the character. After a falling out with director Sam Raimi it was Christopher Young who stepped in, and he did an admirable job for a mostly dumpster worthy movie. The studio hit the reset button and we were given one of James Horner’s freshest scores in years. Now it seems like Hans Zimmer was always director Marc Webb’s first choice, and with a gap in his schedule he was now able to commit. Hans has always been an innovator and has always been the most influential composer in in the industry. He’s a driving force for genres and drives other composers crazy when editors flock to his music to temp track every movie in development. And that’s probably the most admirable thing about the post 2005 Hans Zimmer, is his desire to evolve. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave him an opportunity to flock some of his most cherished friends and collaborators together. They were dubbed The Magnificent Six and include Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski and Steve Mazzaro. So how did this band experiment work out? Extremely well surprisingly, but not without a little bumps along the way.

Hans Zimmer is known for working through collaboration, and this isn’t the first time he’s co-composed with a group of people in band form. One of his most underrated scores is Barry Levinson’s An Everlasting Piece, which was composed by Hans Zimmer & The Jigs (a band comprised of frequent collaborators and named for the film). For Black Hawk Down they were simply referred to as the “BHD Band”. So this isn’t a new idea, but the talent involved here makes it one. Musically, the score is indeed a fresh and unique sound. Hans Zimmer is the band leader, and with that you can tell that the basic structure of the score is his voice. But he really did allow a lot of input from the rest, and as much of a Zimmer sounding score this is it’s also unmistakably not Zimmer in places.

The music takes different forms and structures that craft a modern, pulsing adventure that fills negative space with driving force. If you break this score apart you will find lots of moments of great innovation in musical storytelling. Electro’s theme is a brilliant result of experimenting with electronic sounds and audible lyrics (in English). The operatic style of it breathes life into the character, and Pharrell Williams’ voice will send chills instead of sooth you with the rhythmic lyrics that help describe Electro. Electro's theme in fact is maybe one of the most original ideas for a character theme, and definitely follows suit with past Zimmer villain themes. As for Peter’s theme, it’s a full-force fanfare that echoes a brightness and an energy found in that character. Peter Parker is a high school student with smarts, agility and vulnerability. That theme is his heroic theme, the “save the day” theme. And it works. I think Hans built the theme to not be completely unfamiliar to what James Horner did before. The theme even feels like something Horner would write with that repeating descending fashion towards the end. It does feel part of the whole soundscape that Zimmer and company built though. The rest of the character is fleshed out in the rest of the body of the score.

I do think there was a trade-off here though, and it’s hard for me to believe I’m going to say this about a Hans score. There seems to be an emotional disconnect, and I think it happened in the midst of crafting the unique soundscape. There’s so much talent involved here, and together they managed to create one seamlessly invigorating soundscape. However, in the end of it all I didn’t feel much in terms of an emotional connection. The flow seems disrupted and nowhere near what Hans has accomplished in the past. I hear the score working and know what it’s doing, but I’m not feeling that emotional state I'm used to. The second half of the score is much stronger in developing dramatic builds. I finally found some music I could grasp onto and get lost in. Hans utilized his recognizable “sirens” from Crysis 2 to build uneasiness, while Johnny Marr’s familiar style is reminiscent of his playing on Inception. That strong auteurism does peek up now and then, which is a welcome reminder.

Overall, this is a more than functional score with lots of great moments. The talent involved help drive the sound to new places. Electro’s theme is the highlight as it’s the piece of music that really pushes the narrative and allows the listener into the character. It truly is one of the most unique character themes I've heard. The rest of the score does its job, but it never finds that magic that resonates. The magic comes from hearing a bold soundscape materialize through collaboration. What’s missing is an emotional connection to the story. We can connect to the characters, but it’s hard to connect to their journey. That echoes how well the score works in certain areas, but also slightly disconnected as a whole. The score is fast, it's light, it's fun and it has some fantastic standout moments. In terms of a superbly built summer distraction, it doesn’t get much better. As a wholly lasting and emotionally engaging narrative maybe not so much. The 2-disc special edition has some great stuff including the original "The Electro Suite" sketch and should be chosen over the standard release.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Film score fans need to go deluxe 23 de abril de 2014
Por Danny - Publicado en
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Hans Zimmer sure does get all the love these days when it comes to physical releases of his movie scores. Remember the "good ole days" when nearly all movie score CDs were released about a week before the movie came out? Yeah...I know you can get the digital copies pretty early, but if you like to "really own" your have to wait. Zimmer's CDs get all the package glory. Like Superman Man of Steel, this package comes with some great extras. I was shocked when I opened up the package from the mail and seen the sheer size of this thing. It comes in an oversized paper tri-fold with an art book that contains pictures from the movie and the recording session. There is also some great liner notes as well. I honestly hate paper tri-folds. I know they are more environmental friendly but they can be terrible for CDs. You have to slide them in and out of the paper pockets and your bound to scuff up the disk a little by doing so. Just transfer your stuff digitally and maybe you'll only ever need to slide them out once. There are two discs here with the first disc which focuses on the score. The "non deluxe" version has 20 tracks that are a mix of songs inspired by the movie and a few score cues thrown in. The deluxe version here has more score cues added. Compare the track numbers from the two versions and you can see that the better deal is with the deluxe edition. More bonuses follow on disc two. It contains extra bits of music from the film, remixes, and original songs from contemporary artist. I don't really care for this type of music but I do appreciate having the 5 other bonus score tracks/remixes.
This is a great score and you have to appreciate Zimmer's desire to collaborate with artist to create these soundtracks. He did this with Superman Man of Steel and I thought the results were fantastic. That one is probably one of my favorite recently released superhero scores. Amazing Spiderman isn't just might take a while to grow on me. The majority of the score on disc one is very quiet and emotional. Tracks 5-10, 12 & 13, 16 & 19 are your moody pieces here. I happen to like track 5 "Ground Rules" the best. Some of these tracks quietly build and pick up in both rhythm and even become percussive at times but most gradually fade back into a more thought inducing hum that probably represents growing tension for the characters in the movie. I like them, we need this music in the movie and Zimmer knows how to just appears to be a lot of it!
Your "electric" tracks are 1, 4, and 18 on disc one....1, 3, and 11 on disc two. I think one of the most interesting tracks on the entire CD is number 4 on disc 1 (My Enemy). According to the liner notes, Pharrel Williams created the lyrics to represent what the character was thinking in his head. Pretty cool stuff and this track really displays some fruitful creative collaboration between artist. Track 2 and 20 on disc 1 are really great as well. Here we find Zimmer's "superhero" theme. Epic and becomes a fitting piece for the wall crawler. I didn't really care for the Goblin's theme however. It is evil and menacing...but lacking. I don't really hear anything thematic about it and I wish it would have been a bit more for that character.
Disc 2 has some much longer suites and remixes that are fun to listen to with the standout being "The Electro Suite" which contains many of the themes established throughout the score.
All in all, this is a great Zimmer score. He continues to grow as a composer and I admire the fact that he sees the advantages of creatively collaborating with other artist to achieve the best possible musical accompaniment for films. You can find a lot of variety in the score and I know that this is going to blend beautifully with the movie. The overall package for this physical CD release is nice indeed. I think we are going to get spoiled and expect this for all of Zimmer's big budget movie scores! Although I personally liked Superman The Man of Steel better, I feel that this one will grow on me. I recommend.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I love this soundtrack! 5 de mayo de 2014
Por Mark - Publicado en
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I really enjoyed the movie and the soundtrack is amazing! It really completes it. It's full of emotion and just listening to it brings tears to my eyes.

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