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The Art of True Healing: Prayer and the Law of Attraction Classic Wisdom Collection: The Unlimited Power of Prayer and Visualization (Inglés) Tapa blanda – feb 1997

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Book by Regardie Israel

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HASH(0xdc58abb0) de un máximo de 5 estrellas on 'the art of true healing': GET THIS NOW!!! 18 de diciembre de 2003
Por Un cliente - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa blanda
(Revised, corrected: 12/ 25/ '03)
The title is a little misleading. This essay, brief and easily assimilated by any intelligent person, is really about healing any problem in your life, "whether it is a problem of character, marriage, health, financial - in fact, any problem type of which one can think.'

first, from the conclusion of Regardie's essay: " anything worthwhile abnd likely to succeed requires a great deal of work and perseverance. The Art of True Healing is no exception." There. Now you've got some of the brass tacks, for starters.

(of course, there ARE alternatives . . the metaphysical/ new thought/new age/ christian science, etc. spiritual healing world is FULL of them. ('Scientific Christian Mental Practice' by Emma Curtis Hopkins is one of my absolute favorites, delightfully awkward title or no.) Yet, Regardie's 'True Healing' is alot less reading, tho both approaches take about a year of practice to show fullest results for efforts. Take your choice.)

Many also attain perfectly decent results with the simplest 'relax, visualize, breath slowly and rhythmically, and practice reciting affirmations til you get the jist of it all ' types of approaches advocated in such books as those of Shakti Gawain ('Creative Visualization.') It's up to you.

Over 20 years familiarity prompts me to offer up these ideas to the newcomer:

1. There is a 'caveat emptor' - the one way to mess up the exercise in this book, is by insufficient relaxation and rhythmic breathing. Be forewarned. As Regardie says: ' Cultivate above all the art of relaxation.' You cannot force the Art of True Healing/middle pillar exercise anyway. Its entire orientation and basis for success, is that of ease and simplicity. It could be added that an overall seriousness of approach, and a fundamentally stable life, provide a good, substantial foundation for this technique.

Dont be put off when Regardie uses phrases like :' We have interfered with the inherent rhythms of nature. And how sadly have we paid for it!" Emphasis like this is nice, yet can cause some people to indulge melodramatically in some negative thinking. Such adherence to such ways of putting things, can yield negative results sooner or later. Firm up your continuity. It is still a valuable essay.B alance in all things. Study intelligently.

2. I am pleased that this book is out in this one-volume edition.
It makes it so much more convenient (especially at such a low price) than just having it on the internet. You can, for reasons of completeness, compare this Marc Allen version here with the original you can currently find on the internet. You will find them quite comparable.

3. Regardie elsewhere in his writings recommends, that you not discuss your work with this exercise with anyone else, as you will then tend not to benefit by it. Don't ask me why. That's just the way it is.( Oh, well... )

4. Regardie also states that the exercise described in 'The Art of True Healing' may take 'far more than a month to master.' As with many techniques, anything like perfect mastery can take about a year. This hardly matters: you will probably start noticing benefits more or less at the outset of this techniques' regular, careful, consistent, and persistent practice. In the essay, towards the end, Regardie states some words to that effect, so have confidence as you set out on this road.

5. The essay is essentially self-contained. Regardie himself, however, is too intelligent to let his work just stand on its own. He recommends in his writings a few useful additions for the 'Art of True Healing' practitioner. Certainly Yogi Ramacharaka's 'Science of Breath,' an old standby/standard that too many people still don't know about, should prove a great help to some people venturing into Regardie's healing technique. Also, Regardie recommends reading Bernard Hollander, MDs 'Hypnosis and Autohypnosis.' I think both of these books are an excellent addition to the libraries of those who would practice the technique offered up in 'The Art of True Healing.'

The 'Art of True Healing ' was once contained as the final essay no. 5 in a book entitled Foundations of practical Magic. Truth is, there was much in that book, sprinkled here and there in the other essays contained therein, that provided much food for thought for understanding the 'art of true healing' essay just that much better, also (comparisons with meditation, Jung's Golden Flower , etc.)

Yet, may I make yet one more recommendation? Were Regardie alive, I believe he would be highly pleased with the material to be found in Thomas Cleary's recent 'Taoist Meditation' book (hint: not just for Taoists, and not just for meditators, Cleary's book helps immensely towards relaxation.) Cleary offers up in this book much useful material that would assist many of those interested, in creating the best possible attitude and approach to practicing the middle pillar exercise as depicted in 'The Art of True Healing.' Although I doubt if Cleary had the intention, his 'Taoist Meditation' is still a perfect addition for ' Art of True Healing' practitioners.

6. Many 'versions' of this technique are depicted in other 'occult' and 'visualisation' books. By and large, you should ignore these as incomplete. Regardie's volume is the only 'real McCoy,' that discusses the matter at any kind of length, with the most intelligence and completeness. I have yet to find a decent substitute for 'The Art of True Healing.'

7. As Regardie notes in another book, regular persistent practise will ultimately enable you to perform the exercise described in 'The Art of True Healing' anytime, anywhere. Regardie himself used to practise it back in the 30s, while simply walking around London. (..."1930s? hmmm! say! this practise has been around a while, hasn't it?" ...yes, indeed, it has...)

8. There exist recordings of Regardie himself performing a fairly complete, though time-condensed, version of this 'Art of True Healing/middle pillar exercise.' In tape form, I have found it a very useful 'middle pillar' aid.

9. Finally, it may be worth noting, for some, that there is a connection between 'The Art of True Healing' essay, and with 'circulation of the energy' material in Jung's 'Secret of the Golden Flower.' One essay hardly substitutes for the other, however.

10. It should be pointed out, that NO form of visualization is a substitiute for psychotherapy, regualr medical treatment, or a sane, rational, stable and balanced approach appropriate to your given lifestyle ( I leave it to you to patiently decide what that might mean, as it applies to you !) Indeed, any form of meditation or visualizing technique ought to be approached with caution. It has been said that, in general, 'the mind must be trained very slowly.' I would add, carefully. Morbid haste or whacky approaches, exotic methods for the sheer sake of 'something different' can be sheer folly -- even dangerous, for both body and mind. People have rather worked themselves into mental illness with the wrong approaches to their mind and meditation, as they have with regards to their lives and lifestyles. In short, sometimes we simply need to think about our esoteric interests more like accountants, than like wild-eyed New Age messiahs, rushing in madly in billowing flourescent paisley attire. I need not extenuate. I think you get the picture. ' All things in moderation. . .'

Many of you disappointed by other 'Visualization' techniques are likely be highly pleased with 'The Art of True Healing.' Compared to other methods, it can seem a breath of fresh air to the serious practitioner. I agree with one reviewer who said it was the greatest book in the world. Persistence, devotion to its method and steady practise, and a proper attitude, is usually all that's required.

Barring the vagaries of personal indolence and fanaticism that can impair its usefulness, the Art of True Healing/ middle pillar exercise 'is a very powerful technique.' Carefully and assiduously practised, it is 'extremely worthwhile because of the nature and quality of the results which follow,' just like Regardie says near the end of his essay.

In short, BUY THIS BOOK. It is truly worth MANY times its cover price !

(PS: should I ever find anything better, I will be sure to let you know, right here on this review page. But I doubt you are going to find a legitimate method for successful overall integration with, and success within, the significant areas of life, better than 'The Art of True Healing.' So, GET a copy !!!
32 de 32 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0xdc576e34) de un máximo de 5 estrellas SO SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE 2 de enero de 2001
Por Peter Uys - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa blanda
Besides the clear exposition of the Middle Pillar exercise, the book also contains an element borrowed from astrology - the seven principal ideas symbolized by the sun, moon and inner planets (every idea and thing can be classified within one of these root ideas). For example, the sun represents power & success, life, money, growth, etc., its positive color is orange, its negative color is yellow or gold, and its magical name is Jehovah Eloh ve Dah-as. So for example if one has a need of money, you would visualize the negative color (yellow/gold) as a next step following the Middle Pillar and vibrate the name. To help someone else who needs money, one would visualize the positive color (orange) and the person concerned and vibrate the name. I have seen the Middle Pillar described using six chakras (Ted Andrews)or all seven chakras where Regardie uses only five (he combines the Throat & Third Eye centres), but I suppose it doesn't matter, since the effect is the same. And the effect is immediate and very tangible. I found Marc Allen's afterword to be helpful (variations of and reflections on the meaning of the Middle Pillar), especially the description of the 2-minute version and the clear explanation of the tree of life. Unlike another reviewer (daniel j walton) I merrily mix eastern and western methods and have been chanting Sanskrit mantras after vibrating the Hebrew names in the middle pillar, and it enhances the feeling and the effect for me. An important little book, very useful for spiritual healers, alternative therapists and for everybody who takes responsibility for their own health.
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HASH(0xdc5b41fc) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Powerful, Beautyful and effective 25 de febrero de 2003
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa blanda
This book is an extrordinary beautyful classic, one that I hope stays in print for a very long time. This is a book of not only healing but of spiritual wholeness. This is suitable for any one wheather you are a Wiccan, a New Age Christian, A spiritist, Ceremonial Magician, shaman, atheist no matter what you will find that this book is spiritual but in no way static. The Middle Pillar ritual is discussed here. The auther and editer even state that you can alter it as long as it stays within the proinciple of the ritual. Meaning you can chant the English traslations. Example instead of vibrating Eheih for the crown galgal you can chant "I am", I see, I speak instead of YHVH Elohim. I love instead of YHVH Eloah ve-d'ath. I create instead of Shaddai El Chai. and I bless instead of Adonai Ha-Aretz. Also you can do a silent vibration for the God names as well. The color scale they use for the MP here is the elemental scale instead of the Briatic col! ors of the Tree of Life. For Wiccan you can change it to your traditional colors of the elements. But the suggestion here is when you first begin is to see each galgal gold or white and to actually vibrate the god names. Also there is a variation of using the chackras instead of just using the galgals. (They are diffrent in ways, too many authers confuse the galgals with the chackras). This is a very easy to read and easy to understand and is suitable for the beginner. Also they give out the basic associations of the planetary powers and colors. The positive color is given out as well as the negative color. This is not to be confused as good or bad. The Sun positive color is orange the negative color is yellow. The moon the positive color is blue the negative color is puce. Mercury the positive color is yellow the negative color is orange. Venus the positive and negative color is both emerald green. Mars the positive and negative color is both red. Jupiter the positive c! olor is purple the negative color is blue. Saturn the positive col or is Indigo the negative color is black. Now when visualising something for yourself and using color you use the negative colors. Why? Because the negative colors are receptive and bring in. You want to attract these thing to yourself. You want to be a magnet to these forces. When using color visualizations for someone else you would use the positive colors and direct the energy you have built up using the MP to send the energy. This way the active energy is being sent to that person or animal. Its practical and makes total sense. This book will give you the prelimenary guide in healing yourself and then others. It is important to heal yourself so that the energy you send out is balanced. If you are mentally stressed or drained or tired how can you heal anyone else? In the afterword of this book Marc Allen gives a few variations of the Middle Pillar and gives a basic lesson (very, very basic) on Tree Of Life and shows how the the sign of Venus or the Ankh can be formed from t! he Sephiroth on the Tree this shows the power of love, life and healing that this system can give you if you work at it. The introduction by Marc Allen in very interesting and nice, those who get this book should read the intro first before jumping into this book as it will give you a grip on what you will be learning and experiencing. This book is only 110 pages long and is a true work of beauty that will help in achieving the Great Work.
30 de 32 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0xdc581ef8) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Abridged version 23 de diciembre de 2007
Por H.S. - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa blanda
This latest paperback edition is a little disappointing. I'm familiar with the original classic by Dr. Regardie, and when I received a copy of this version, I was astonished by the degree of editing. Whole blocks of text have been omitted, some parts have been rearranged and even rewritten, and - most questionable - the direction of the circulation of light has been reversed in the second step (back to front vs. front to back). I'm sure Mr. Allen means well with his editing, but perhaps he should consider changing the title of this edition to something more descriptive of this diluted version, since it only vaguely resembles the original. The exercises offered by Dr. Regardie back in the 30's were - and still are - invaluable as useful and effective spiritual exercises. If you're interested in the full experience of Dr. Regardie's intention, try to find a copy of the original and skip this crippled and watered-down version. For an unabridged version, look for Foundations of Practical Magic: An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical and Meditative Techniques by Israel Regardie.
19 de 20 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0xdc57d6d4) de un máximo de 5 estrellas A very powerful book for seekers of Truth and Healing 16 de marzo de 2000
Por Un cliente - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa blanda Compra verificada
I had never heard of Israel Regardie, but I ran a search for "visualization" and it popped up...I ordered a copy and was truly amazed at the power unleashed by just one reading...I tried the meditation and found it worked easily and without complications. I just sent my best friend a copy and can recommend it highly to anyone...Coincidentally, I had already experienced several incidents of visualization healing in my own life experience..This book provided valuable validation.