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The Ascent of Man [Reino Unido] [DVD]

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In 1969 Jacob Bronowski was commisioned by David Attenborough, then Controller of BBC2, to write and present this 13-part documentary series that examines in great depth and with great erudition the intellectual and technological history of the human race

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  • Audio: Inglés
  • Región: Región 2 (Más información sobre Formatos de DVD.)
  • Número de discos: 4
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  • Estudio: 2entertain
  • Duración: 650 minutos
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (2 opiniones de clientes)
  • ASIN: B000772842
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The truly antecessor of 'Cosmos', yet a story of human progress in humanistic key, not from the classical and mechanical monkey offspring view, but from the intention to the future and discovery through their major milestones: agriculture, metals, studying the matter, heaven forces, genetics own and all future possibilities.
El verdadero antecesor de "Cosmos": Una historia del progreso humano en clave humanista no desde el punto de vista clásico y mecánico desde la descendencia del mono, sino desde la intención de futuro y descubrimiento a través de sus grandes hitos: la agricultura, los metales, el estudio de la materia, de los cielos, de las fuerzas, de la propia genética y de todas las posibilidades de futuro.
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Qué se puede decir de la obra que inspiró Cosmos de Carl Sagan. La pena es que no está subtitulada en español.
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Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 4.6 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 117 opiniones
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A personal history of thinking, science, art and striving for the joy of the effort 18 de abril de 2014
Por Phred - Publicado en
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Once upon a time we knew it as National Educational Television and it carried local college classes, on an experimental basis, (My dad taught one of those classes); a few cooking shows, and other odd ball items. I can remember lots about civil defense and how to recognize and avoid blasting caps.

Then in 1970 it became the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service. There was very little cable for mainstream America . Through PBS would flow all manner of thoughtful and innovative programming. Among the most ground breaking and important would be from England, and of these Kenneth Clark's Civilization (1969) and Jacob's Bronowski ( 1973) along with Sagan's Cosmos, Burke's Connections and a few others proved that there was a market for thoughtful, intelligent and passionate television.

From this discovery came the backing for later cable channels like Arts and Entertainment and The History Channel. Unfortunately for those channels these original programs also proved that this level of discourse required presenters capable of communicating at high level. What's more you had to fill entire schedules in a world where that kind of talent is scarce. And so these channels now give equal time to "reality "programming and ghost hunting.

For those would accuse Bronowski of egotism, I suggest some idea of his bio may help. Bronowski left Poland where it was dangerous to be Jewish. He arrived in England with no English. He would develop a dual passion of Mathematics and literature. He married in London in 1941 during a bombing raid. He would serve out the war working in both math and physics as part of the British Nuclear weapons effort. In 1945 he was part of the British Chiefs of Staff Mission to study the effects of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. This would mark the end of his military work and see him more active in fields like scientific ethics and statistical studies of the economics of industry. Appointed as a director of Coal Research Establishment of the National Coal Board; he headed the research into smokeless fuels and one early form of such fuel was called "Bronowski's Bricks".

In the 1950's he was asked to assist in solving a problem in paleontology. It is this experience that will serve as the opening to the Accent of Man Broadcast. His interests would shift to biology but always with an eye to the parallels between arts and science.
By the time he was approached to do The Ascent of Man he was a popular lecturer and author of many books. It not an accident that Jacob Bronowski is invited to give us his personal views. To sum up the aforesaid in more modern parlance: He was all that.
Professor Bronowski employs a typical lecture style. The episodes are described as "unscripted" but we know he would have had complete lecture notes, if only to maintain continuity between segments that would be filmed far apart. This forms a familiar starting point. He has a tightly designed purpose to each episode and a passionate desire to engage you in his visceral response to events, people and ideas. We are not just told of the phony case against Galileo, we go with him into the secret Vatican Library and he handles each of the documents that prove his points. Note that he is trusted into the Vatican vaults. Bronowski will have direct access to all manner of diaries, working papers and historic homes.
In each episode we will travel to the places and touch the things that come together as man learns to observe nature, predict the utility of planting seeds, gain control of his immediate condition and eventually gain mastery of the esoteric and remote facts of the physical world.

Bronowski begins by telling us that a defining characteristic of the human is the willingness of the individual to push their limits for the pure joy of this effort. Humans uniquely work /play to capacity not for survival but to lend pleasure to the drab business of survival.
A second theme that runs throughout the episodes is the fact that the sciences and the arts developed in parallel, often in cooperation with each other. This is a fact we tend to deny, Bronowski is correct.
The emotional moment comes in episode 11 Knowledge or Certainty. He has progressed into the history of his generation. In physics and math the discussion was of the Quantum and the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Science had come to realize that there were exact, measurable limits on what could be known. Bronowski would prefer that we call it the Principle of Tolerance arguing that what can be known has a built in margins of tolerance.

There is however a darker reason for this suggestion. Just as physics was moving into the post Newtonian world, the political world in Europe, across Russia and into Asia was moving into a world of intolerance and the certainty needed justify the intolerance.
Fascism, Communism, Militarism all depend on certainty. Certainty is as much a death knell to proper scientific thinking as it is to art as it is to humanity. If `A' is right, and there can be no discussion, then `B' is wrong and deserve abuse and worse.

There can be only a few visuals more tragic and emotional then that of Jacob Bronowski, standing in the stream that runs through the concentration camp at Auschwitz, where members of his family were reduced to ashes and taking a clump of black mass from the bottom of the stream pleads for tolerance.
Yes this is old science, but he is speaking to the time when these thoughts were new. These points in time rarely need updating. The computer graphic are extremely out of date, yet they serve. Much of his wardrobe is so out of fashion as to be a history lesson in themselves. These things are minor, period distractions.

What is of importance? The story being told, the passion driving the story telling, the depth and creative thinking, the natural story arch and the unifying themes are why The Ascent of Man can reach into your brain and into soul from 1973 to today.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas This series still stands well above anything else aired on television. Really! 11 de abril de 2017
Por Eric Werme - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
When The Ascent of Man was first broadcast in the US in 1974 I went out and bought my first color TV to watch it on.

40 years later this series is still as informative as it was and it has never been equaled. The first episode is a little slow, as it is far removed from everyday life. However, it's referred to in later episodes, and you'll be glad you watched it. I disagreed with Bronowski a bit with the last episode on the future of science, but it turns out he was right. This won't be equaled for a long time yet.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas This is a must see for anyone who ever wonders ... 25 de noviembre de 2015
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
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This is a must see for anyone who ever wonders what does it mean to be human: what we are, who we are and what drives us to progress.
Dr. Bronowski gives a very well illustrated summary on how we got to where we are now from our ape-like ancestors to the modern society with all the achievement of science and technology and what factors, driving forces and, sometimes, accidents helped us on that way. The documentary was made over 40 years ago, there has been a lot of progress and discoveries in genetics, anthropology, etc. yet, the main ideas presented there are still valid.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A word of caution about buying DVDs from regions other than your own. 28 de marzo de 2017
Por William Moulder - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
I am enjoying this series very much. Before buying this set of DVDs, I did not realize that there were any differences between where a DVD was recorded (i.e. different regions). Fortunately I have access to a player where I can watch the entire series.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas An excellent series for learning how human civilization developed. 25 de marzo de 2017
Por Donnell Hester - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
After reading "The Twelfth Planet" which proposed the idea that aliens, acting as God's, assisted mankind in his developing civilization. The videos in this DVD set, although repaired in the 1960s, is an excellent source for speculating on how mankind did its own thing in developing civilization. I strongly recommend that everyone should view these videos to get a much better idea of our evolution into a civilized world.

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