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Baby Jogger BJ50015 - Plataforma, color negro

4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 opinión de cliente

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  • Se fija en cualquier cochecito Baby Jogger individual o gemelar con eje trasero
  • Proporciona un lugar para que un niño mayor descanse durante el paseo
  • 20 Kg de capacidad

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Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto2,5 Kg
Dimensiones del producto42 x 33 x 11 cm
Edad mínima recomendada (por el fabricante)12 meses - 5 años
Número de modelo del producto50015
Peso mínimo recomendado455 gramos
Peso máximo recomendado 20 kilogramos
Número de productos1
Productos compatiblesCualquier cochecito Baby Jogger individual o gemelar con eje trasero
Pilas necesariasNo
Se puede lavar en el lavavajillasNo
Número de asientos2
Es portátilNo
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº9.897 en Bebé (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Producto en desde6 de marzo de 2014

Descripción del producto

Baby Jogger Glider Board

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Compra verificada
Yo lo he comprado para un Baby Jogger GT de 3 ruedas. Tengo un niño de 3 años y otro de 1 año y medio.

Lo recomiendo si el mayor mide como minimo 98 cm , para que pueda ir viendo el frente cuando esta montado, sin que le tape la vista el carro


-Doblarlo sigue siendo muy sencillo : Las dos ruedas se quitan apretando un boton y ya se puede doblar sin tener que quitar todo el patin.No queda tan doblado como cuando no lo lleva, pero es mas que suficiente para meterlo en el maletero del coche o que te lo bajen a bodega en el avion.Nosotros lo hemos hecho colocandole dos cinchas para que no se abriese.

-Te ahorras llevar la silla de paseo para el mayor.

-El niño mayor es el mas beneficiado con el patin porque les encanta ir subido.

-No pesa mucho y lo puedes regular cuanto quieres que se separe del carro

-Se recoge muy bien en el carro cuando no lo vas a usar


-El carro ya no se lleva como antes porque el patin te entorpece para andar y te obliga a tirar del carro un poco doblado , sin estar erguido del todo y cansa.Una solucion es ir en paralelo con el carro tirando de el(Peligroso para bajadas ,imposible en subidas a no ser que tiren el padre y la madre a la vez)

-Si el pequeño se duerme en el carro y le tumbas para que vaya agusto , el patin no se puede usar

-Te obliga a llevar la barra de empuje en posicion vertical para que el mayor no se de con la cabeza

-Algunos bordillo seras incapaz de subirlos haciendo caballito y tendras que ayudar al patin con la mano a subirlo

A pesar de los invonvenientes , estamos satisfechos y lo utilizamos mucho.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas ... hesitant on buying this because of some of the bad reviews. I'm not sure if it's been redesigned ... 28 de septiembre de 2014
Por Natalie Reaman - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I was hesitant on buying this because of some of the bad reviews. I'm not sure if it's been redesigned since those reviews, but this glider is a life saver!!

- I'm 5'5 and my feet/shins do NOT hit it like so many othe reviews. I could run with it and still not hit it...not that I would.

-Yes, my child (3 year old boy) has to lean his head a bit, but it's not a big deal at all.

- It has two clips to attach to the stroller bar when you want to fold it up and not use it.

- I can very easily fold the stroller up while it's attached and put in my vehicle without it getting in the way or taking up any more room.

If you have a toddler and infant I definitley recommend this glider!!

One more thing; ALL the gliders I've researched had the same complaints.
131 de 140 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas GREAT IDEA, BUT IT COMES AT A PRICE.... 1 de agosto de 2014
Por Eduardo R. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
So being City Mini enthusiasts, with a pre-K age child, and a toddler, we thought this would be a great idea for pour 4 year-old to be more comfortable getting around New York City. We read the reviews, and even saw a YouTube video or two, and it seemed like just what we wanted.

Do we use it. YES. Does our older kid like it. YES. Would I buy it again... hhhhmmmm, I don't know.

The unit is definitely sturdy. Our older child is 4 years-old and weighs just over 40lbs. This board holds him without making an effort. However, the reality is that while standing on the board, our son's face is pretty much up against the handle. Watch out for bumps in the road, they can become bumps on the head.

The biggest issue is that the glider board changes the driving dynamics of the stroller DRAMATICALLY. First off, this board is HEAVY. I think its the price you pay for a sturdy thing your kid will stand on, but still. And then add the weight of the actual child, and the entire contraption can actually tip. Also, because the wheels are 360˚ rotating roller-blade style wheels, they tend to easily veer one way or another, especially with a kid riding on it. Lastly, because the board is directly under the handles, not only do you have to hold the stroller from farther back (to accommodate a child now between you and the strolled), but the placement of the board means that your normal stride will end up you kicking or walking onto the board.

But do we still use it? YES.

Oh, and another thing. This unit folds up against the frame when not in use (and secures with an included attached bungee clip). IF you read the product information, it says that the stroller folds with the board in a folded position. Yes it does. BUT you have to pull off the wheels for it to fold flat. So after walking around for half a day, over questionably clean sidewalks and streets, while handling the things you bought, or your little one, you have to reach down, and push a release button, and pull each wheel. Try doing that while loading up the car in a parking lot with that little one passed out or screaming. Not fun. Oh, and I don't expect it'll be fun in slushy or muddy winter weather.

But do we still use it? YES. And I think mainly it's because we're not going to buy a double stroller, or an extra stroller to have to put somewhere.

And it is completely removable too. My wife just left on a trip with the kids, and she removed it before going to the airport.

So, yeah. It's OK. If you have a compatible Baby Jogger stroller, and you don't want to give it up, this is an option. But it has some pretty big limitation.

And YES, we will still use it.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Seriously, just buy it! You won't regret it! 4 de febrero de 2016
Por jennicalaura - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I had been procrastinating about purchasing the Glider board for at least 6 months. I wasn't sure if we'd get much use out of it or if my almost 3 year old would even like it. One of her little friends has one for his stroller and she always wants to take his spot. She started trying to ride on the frame of our stroller in both the back and the front when we don't have the second seat attached. My husband got on my case and I ordered one (still a little skeptical if it is worth it).

It is sturdy, easy to attach and my almost 3 year old loves it! Baby Jogger thought of everything! Attachment and any adjustments can be made in seconds.
-The board attaches to a space in the frame that was left just for its attachment. Look at your stroller, you probably have one too!
-You can adjust the angle up and down to make it level for different stroller frames
-The distance from the frame is an easy, single hand adjustment. With both seats attached you extend the board away from the frame and the toddler's head goes to the outside of the handlebar. With a single seat (on the lower bracket) you can tuck the board in close to the frame and your toddler can stick their head inside the handlebar even with the parent console in place. This gives you a little more space to walk without accidentally bumping the glider board.
-You can also set the distance anywhere in between fully extended and fully retracted depending on the height of your toddler and how you like your handlebars.
-When not in use, the board folds up and clips to the frame.
-We have no problem going up and down small curbs. For a standard height step I need to boost it over with my foot, but it has not been an issue.

I truly wish I hadn't waited so long. If you're debating whether or not to get it, just do it! As much as I wish that Baby Jogger sent this to me for free to write an unbiased review, they didn't. I paid full retail and I still love it!
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Oh man, where to start.. 2 de julio de 2016
Por Tiger Daisy - Publicado en
Compra verificada
*A father writing this. Hopefully it still has credibility. (I AM a professional Dad, though)*

If you were unfortunately bullied into a City Select Baby Jogger, or such, you are probably up to your eyeballs in design flaw frustrations, packaged sloppily into a 30-pound heaping mess of a stroller. If you NEVER had to fold the stroller down to throw into the back of a non-short SUV, it'd be a great ride for the kids. This is adding to the fact you have to remove the front seat (that you had to purchase separately) to fold the stroller down, thus, increasing the joyous thoughts of how much cash you've sunk into this money pit.

Now, about the glider board. As a father of three, I'm not setting any progeny records, but I'm not a rookie either. Glider board... the savior to my offspring transport woes... only not.. in fact, the exact opposite. To fold this complete contraption down, you HAVE TO REMOVE THE DARN WHEELS and secure it to the stroller frame with elastic straps! Amateur hour! What do you do with the wheels? Really, buy more stuff to store the wheels with the glider board?! I DO bang my shins on this torture device so I have to walk behind it and mosey like I have chafing in my nether regions.

I swear, this thing (actually, any of the company's products) was designed on toilet paper with crayons and all of the good design ideas were lost in interpretation/translation and that this nonsense was the result of a night of hard binge drinking!

- 5'0 - 7'2 = you're banging you shins on the board or Charlie Chaplin waddling while totally pissed off
- if you have a child taller than 22" riding this thing, you'll probably have to extend the board out = bye-bye shin skin. You could extend the stroller handle out all the way, but makes it feel like I'm going to break the handle off.
- if you travel with this blasted thing, PUT THE WHEELS IN YOUR CARRY ON! The airline WILL lose them or leave them at your origin airport... especially if you ZIP TIE them to the stroller!

I would, however, recommend this waste of pay to other parents, so I don't have to feel like one the few chumps that actually wasted time, money, patience, and shins on this mistake.

The wheels do ride nice, though.
28 de 31 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I love this glider board for my City Select and it ... 23 de enero de 2015
Por H. Gufrey - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I was hesitant to buy this product because of all the negative reviews but as I sifted through and read them it seems that most people who have the City Select (as I do) have had no issues. It's the people who have the other models that are having difficulty. With that said, I love this glider board for my City Select and it folds up nicely and I have no problem with my feet running into it.

My daughter, 2 yrs old, is definitely not the "sit in stroller" type gal anymore, especially since we live in So Cal where we take her place to place in a car so she hasn't been used to sitting in the stroller for long periods of time, except when we go to NY and I force her to. Anyways, we were planning a trip to Disneyland and I figured I'd gamble and get this glider board hoping that she would ride it since theres no way I can carry her around anymore (esp being 8 months pregnant!). She loved it!! She loved the idea of being on it and had no problems with it.

The only thing is that I have the Baby Bee Haven organizer (which I loved on my sisters bumble ride but doesn't exactly perfectly fit on the city select anyway) and it was in her way when she was on the glider so I had to remove it. She can hang onto the seat in front of her or on the side handles, head fitting through the handlebar.

What I love most about this glider board is that you can "hang it up" when you are not using it because it comes with 2 elastic straps that can hang on the lower bar of the stroller. Also I love that it folds up neatly whether you "hang it up" or not.