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Baby Jogger City Mini Doble negro negro

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4,2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 70 opiniones de EE. UU.

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Peso del producto21 Kg
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Rango superior de edad recomendada0 - 3 años
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas AWESOME double stroller! 8 de marzo de 2013
Por jkwendzel - Publicado en
Color: negro
I searched and searched and searched and researched to find the perfect double stroller for when our second son arrived in March of 2012. Our boys are a day under 20 months apart. I found out that there is no perfect stroller, but the CitiMini Double is pretty close to perfection for our family! I knew we wanted a side by side double because I feel the front to backs are like pushing a bus (much like the bench seat shopping cart at the grocery store...awesome idea, way bad for the person pushing). After researching TONS of options, trying out a bunch at the stores, looking on craigslist I found the CityMini Double. When I first saw the price...YIKES...but we were fortunate enough to have my parents split the cost with my husband and I which was a huge blessing. However, I think we would have made do for a while, saved up the money, and bought this on our's that good.

Here are many of the features that I love about this stroller:

* It folds up almost completely flat! Especially when you take the front wheels off, which is super easy I might add. We have this stroller fit in the back of our Mazda Tribute, it can also sit upright against the side of the trunk and we can still fit lots in for our family of 4. (The dog didn't come with us as much though after having 2 kids) :(
* Folding and Unfolding the stroller is super easy, all you have to do is lift up on the straps in the middle of the seats and it fold up. It's fairly lightweight and I can easily lift it into the trunk of the car.
* My oldest (who is now 2.5) can get in and out by himself which is awesome because he doesn't always want to be pushed in the stroller
* I LOVE that BOTH seats recline almost completely! This was great when our second was a newborn, we had him in this stroller completely reclined with a snuzzler put in on his side when he was 2 months old. We strapped him in tight and could take him around the block as he slept comfortable. LOVE this feature! Putting the seats up and down is super easy too
* I love that the sun shades go one step further than most to block out the sun when it's setting/rising. My kids like this feature too. It helps if they are napping as well or if it's really windy out!
* The harness straps make me feel like my kids are safe, they are super easy to adjust and to put on and take off. I no longer have my 2.5 year old strapped in when we use it because he likes to climb in and out, but he can sit comfortably without having them on.
* I LOVE that this is no wider than a wheelchair which means you can fit through just about ANY door! Many people are surprised to see me fit through doors with this stroller as I don't think many side by sides do. Some clothing stores in the mall make it a challenge to fit through (ironically children clothing think they would have planned on double strollers), but whatever.

Things that are a bit annoying: (not a con, just some things you get when buying this amazing stroller)
* There isn't a lot of storage for your diaper bag. The basket underneath (although large) is hard to access. You can throw a few shopping bags from the mall in there, or loosely throw diaper bag items in there, but that makes a bit of a mess. We usually wear the diaper bag and push the stroller. There are two mesh pockets behind each seat that can hold a water bottle and snack easily which is helpful to quick grab and give the kids if necessary.
* This isn't the best stroller to take on a bumpy road. I wish they had more of a "tire" feel to it, but oh well. It works for us to take the kids around the block (which is very bumpy, my toddler doesn't care for the bumps too much, but it is what it is, can't have a perfectly paved road). If you had this on a nice paved jogging path, it would be fine to push and walk/run/rollerblade behind.
*There is no storage along the top bar for a water bottle, keys, paci, etc. This was a major challenge for me at first and I ended up putting a lot of it on top of the boys seats (just lifted the sun shade back, put my stuff there, and set it back to hold it). however, after much searching on amazon I found this DIONO BUGGY BUDDY ORGANIZER that fits the city mini double. It works on one side of the stroller, holds 2 water bottles, keys, phone, paci and is the solution to much of my frustration! CityMini would say that you are not to hang bags or anything off this handlebar because of weight restrictions and the possiblity of the stroller tipping over, but this little organizer would never get heavy enough for the items in it to make it tip over. Here is a link to that item

The seats do sit fairly close to one another, but the kids have to sit back a bit that they can't bug each other (ie hit one another) :) If you had a larger child, I'm not sure this would be very comfortable for them to sit in.

On a side note: Don't hang your diaper bag off the back of the stroller if it's heavy or if you have super tiny kids in the stroller. When the kids get out, if the diaper bag is heavy enough, it WILL pull the stroller backwards to tip over. There are warnings all over the manual and the stroller that tell you not to do this and DUH, there is a reason. Because this stroller is so lightweight and compact, it will happen. FYI

Again, there really aren't many negatives for us about this stroller (just more annoying), but we have learned to live with it and/or found a solution and we LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller for our two boys. We plan on expanding our family and knwo we will continue to use this stroller.

Sorry for the long review - I just wanted someone to hear how this stroller has been great for our family or hopefully help you out if you are doing crazy research like I did in finding the best double stroller for you! Thanks for reading and sorry for any typos :)
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas BROKE!!! 5 de julio de 2013
Por Mother Brown - Publicado en
Color: negro
I really liked this stroller while it lasted. We used it every day, on rough sidewalks, often loaded up both with shopping and/or library books in the bottom, plus two girls 14 months apart. I got it when the younger was maybe just turning one, and the older just over two. It was great in terms of size, and we loved the big shade and rain covers. Easy to maneuver, and they always seemed comfortable in it. Surprisingly easy to fit in doorways. BUT, a couple of months ago -- just 18 months into owning it -- the main metal bar of the stroller just snapped in two, while my partner was tipping it to get it up the curb of the sidewalk. It was completely useless, unfixable. Fortunately the kids were not hurt, but they easily could have been. Really dangerous! And this was normal city use... you can't avoid curbs!

UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer, and they responded, after a week, saying that the frame does sometimes break if you use it on stairs or curbs, and this is not covered in the warranty, because you aren't supposed to use it on curbs. It's obviously a problem with this model that they have already heard about. I checked through the warranty, and in fact it mentions stairs, but NOT curbs. I don't see how you can avoid curbs in the city. A stroller that is likely to break irreparably if you push it up or down a curb is not a very useful or sturdy product. Very disappointed in babyjogger. For this price, you really should make a sturdier product.

BUT, I ALSO WANT TO SAY KUDOS TO AMAZON: I explained the issue to them and they actually REFUNDED me. THAT WAS AMAZING SERVICE. SO, one star for babyjogger, but five stars for Amazon.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best stroller ever . 10 de febrero de 2016
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
Color: negro Compra verificada
Money well spent . I've had this stroller for over 2 years now and finally got around to writing a review. It really is a great stroller and super easy to push. It feels super light . I love the storage underneath I can easily fit my giant diaper bag , cooler bag and blankets no problem. The extra large canopies are great and I love that seats fully recline . Both kids always look so comfortable when they nap. It folds up super easy and flat . It takes up less room in my trunk than my baby trend expedition SINGLE stroller did. I've never had a problem fitting It through any door when we are out shopping. The only bad thing I could possibly say about it is for the price it would be nice if it at least came with a cup holder but I just bought a universal parents console with cup holders to go on it since the baby jogger ones are so expensive and it works great ! Love this stroller!!!
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Awful underneath storage!!!!! 14 de marzo de 2015
Por Jennifer Regan - Publicado en
Color: negro Compra verificada
The storage on this stroller is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!! When my kids are in it, nothing can get in or out if the underneath storage bin. Even when they are not in it, it is very difficult to get anything underneath. Going anywhere with two or more kids tends to require a lot of stuff & it is such a pain to have to get on my knees on the ground to try to get anything in or out. While there are some nice features; the canopies, easy fold up, easy steering, lightweight; it is NOT worth the money for how incredibly inconvenient the storage is. I cannot believe that no one else had mentioned this in reviews at my time of purchase. I would not recommend this stroller to anyone who wants to store a diaper bag, lunch bag, shopping bags, or anything in the underneath storage bin. Incredibly disappointed & inconvenienced by it.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas BEST STROLLER EVER!!! 4 de septiembre de 2014
Por Lou - Publicado en
Color: negro Compra verificada
This is my second city mini (I also have a city mini single stroller) and love them both! This stroller is the best! Lightweight and very easy to fold. I have a toddler and a newborn and both fit comfortably. I do not like the car seat adaptor at all because it positioned the baby very far from me and was somewhat awkward in the stroller. I also did not like the fact that I needed to purchase a separate double stroller adaptor and could not use my single stroller adaptor. Instead I purchased a snuzzler for my newborn to fit into the seat and it works perfectly!!!