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Barska AX11620 - Caja fuerte con apertura por reconocimiento de huella táctil (11,5 x 4,5 x 11 cm), color negro

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Nuevos: 1 desde EUR 301,38
  • Agujeros pre-perforados permiten que la caja fuerte para ser montado en una pared, en un estante o mostrador
  • Puede almacenar hasta 30 huellas dactilares de usuarios registrados

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Tamaño11.5 x 4.5 x 11
Incluye baterías

Detalles del producto

  • Dimensiones del producto: 19,8 x 30 x 19,8 cm ; 6 Kg
  • Pilas 4 AA necesaria(s), incluida(s)
  • Número de modelo del producto: AX11620
  • ASIN: B004XSB5TK
  • Fecha de disponibilidad en Amazon: 10 de mayo de 2012

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Works Perfect Every Time 1 de marzo de 2012
Por David in Florida - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I read lots of user reviews for this and many other brands of biometric safes and finally decided on this one. With a four year old in my house, I didn't want a safe that could ever be accessed by anyone but myself and my wife.

Bought, paid for and received the safe within one week. Programmed one finger and both thumbs into the safe (only once each - you can add up to 30 total fingerprint scans for this safe). Had my wife do one finger and one thumb as well (now a total of just 5 scans saved out of a possible 30). Set the safe to silent mode. EVERY time I tap the button on the front, slide my finger or thumb ALL the way in, this safe recognizes me and opens. EVERY time. I have tested it with other fingers and have had friends try it - will not open (as it should!) for anything but what I have programmed into it. Someone in a review recommended placing your thumb or finger ALL the way in so that when you go to use it, your finger or thumb placement is the same every time.

I have found that by programming my thumb into this, I can tap the front button, slide my thumb all the way in (fingers gripping the bottom of the round biometric reader which allows you to open it quickly) and have it opened in less than 4 seconds (have practiced it several times and usually around 3 seconds). The locking mechanism, when opening, is no louder than a whisper. Place my handgun back in, close the door, tap the button and it re-engages the lock (and again, it's no louder than a whisper).

The reality is this: an 18" barrel 12 gauge shotgun makes the best home defense weapon so I'm not overly concerned with being able to access my handgun in this safe at lightning speeds (although I seriously doubt that I could access any other type of safe with a key or combination any faster). Someone complained that the 3 seconds would seem like an eternity if you were desperate to get your gun out. I challenge them to do it any faster with a key or combo lock... while still having the peace of mind that a child absolutely will never access it. I can access this in the darkest room without giving it any more thought than pushing a button and jamming my thumb in. That 3 seconds to open will give my head a chance to clear as I retrieve my handgun and chamber a round!

This safe was well worth the money and most importantly, peace of mind. My wife was 100% against having a handgun in the house... until I demonstrated how precise and safe this Barska safe truly was. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone wanting to keep their handguns or valuables out of the hands of anyone but themselves. I am so impressed I am now going to purchase their biometric rifle safe.

I have to laugh at the idiots that complain it doesn't work when their fingers are wet or when they just got out of the shower or pool and their fingers are wrinkled. This is biometric technology that sells for under $200. What are you expecting... something worthy of accessing a bunker under the pentagon? Get real and find something else to complain about. This safe is worth every penny.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Works every time the first time 28 de mayo de 2011
Por Frank D - Publicado en
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Both my wife and I wanted a quick-acting safe by the bed so I purchased the Gunvault GVB1000 Biometric safe ($235) and the Barska Mini Biometric safe ($172) and was able to compare the two. The reviews I read for the Gunvault varied so much that I didn't know what to believe. My own experience is... please do not trust your life to the Gunvault bio. If you ever needed it, first it would sound to the intruder that you are programming a microwave oven the thing is so loud and beeps so much, secondly even scanning my own fingerprint 10 ways into the scanner it would only recognize me 60% of the (first) time, then more beeps to try and get back into the vault and, the latch would release but the door would not open (it gets 'stuck') half the time. The instructions for the Gunvault Bio in the 'troubleshooting' section actually say you either have to hit the top hard or keep a flat bladed screwdriver to pry the door open with. In contrast, the Barska Mini bio works every time, the first time, and all the time. It's not as loud in use but also is a little more flimsy than the Gunvault. I returned the Gunvault and thanks to Amazon got my money back and ordered another Barska Mini Bio for my wife. It's a big decision balancing child safety vs accessibility. I hope this helps.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good for me, not for Mom--problems with biometrics 6 de junio de 2014
Por Patrick Rigney - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought this safe for my elderly mother to keep her personal effects in at her house, because she has a lot of visitors and a housekeeper. I thought that by going biometric, I'd reduce the possibility of a visitor getting or seeing a code/combination and accessing the safe surreptitiously.

I'll say the safe works great, for me. It accepted my fingerprints per the instructions on the first try, and worked flawlessly opening when I used my correct, registered fingers, and didn't open when I tried to use other fingers. Biometrics can be defeated, but I didn't work too hard at that, figuring that this basic protection would prevent casual, opportunistic abuse, it doesn't need to be Fort Knox reborn.

Unfortunately, my mother is in her late 80's, and her skin in very thin and worn. The biometric reader would not register her fingerprints at all, not with any finger, except in one case where thereafter it would then not accept it to re-open the safe. During all of our trials to get it to work for her, I could drop my finger on and get it open instantly, but she could not. At her age, I know too well that if she cannot get her safe open to get to her stuff even once, she will stop using it, so the requirement was that it be as reliable as a thrown brick, but this wasn't even close.

I'm giving it three stars for being an OK product for the right person, but it's not everyone.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Almost perfect mini biometric safe 24 de enero de 2015
Por orliec - Publicado en
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One of the better fingerprint scanners out there - just make sure your fingers aren't wet or dirty, and take a few scans of the same finger in slightly different positions. When in silent mode, it operates very quietly and opens very quickly - about 3-4 seconds. Just make sure to lock it within a few minutes so it doesn't start beeping at you. I use this for storing 2 handguns, spare magazines, and 2 boxes of ammo safely; it does the job very well while giving me quick (and quiet) access on-demand for home defense.

Complaints have been brought up by other reviewers: no padding, no shelf. This means your items can get scratched/banged moving them in and out, and the lack of a shelf wastes a lot of space in this mini safe. Easy DIY fix is to build your own shelf (I used an old plastic cutting board) and also used a self-adhesive protective felt to line the inside walls as well as the DIY shelf. Below is the actual felt liner I used:

Although I haven't opened and closed this safe on a daily basis since purchasing it close to a year ago, I have opened it regularly - at least once a week. Batteries are still good, probably because after opening it I engage the lock within a minute - that stops the timer, flashing indicators, and audible warning. If you need to keep the door open for an extended period, engage the lock with the door open.

Overall very happy with this purchase. Very impressed with this little safe. Gave it 4 out of 5 stars only because Barska could have easily manufactured a shelf and lined the inside walls to protect items kept within. A couple of competitors offer this in their products, and hopefully Barska will do the same with updated versions.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Very good compact biometric safe 16 de agosto de 2013
Por J. Page - Publicado en
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I recently purchased this BARSKA mini safe to place in a home office to secure a firearm. I had been doing research on these safes and initially I was reluctant to go with a biometric model over a "simplex lock" style model that has the mechanical pushers.

What tipped me over to biometric was that for the location the safe was going I couldn't take any chances that a curious guest or child would randomly guess the combination and in the process of fiddling around with it gain access to the safe contents as the weapon I keep inside will be loaded and in condition 1 (ready to fire).

I was pleased when the BARSKA showed up. It is fairly solidly built, although I imagine that a determined thief with a few tools could gain entry. In fact, the safe is small enough and light enough that the most likely thing would be they just pry the safe off the wall, floor, etc, and take it with them. The safe does come with a set of concrete anchors if you want to "really" secure it but I imagine that most users will simply screw it into a piece of furniture or a wall stud.

The interior of the BARSKA leaves me wanting. There is a single piece of thin carpeting material that lies on the floor (it's not attached as you might need to remove it to screw the safe down) but there is no padding of any kind around the rest of the safe interior. I don't like expensive weapons coming into contact with bare metal where they might corrode or the finish might be damaged. I ended up getting a small piece of commercial carpeting at the local hardware store and cut it to fit around the interior shell of the safe. The carpeting I purchased was $3. It would be nice if BARSKA simply included a liner that the owner could install after anchoring the safe.

One other gripe with the interior is that the safe is quite tall, but you can't make use of the top 1/2 of the safe if storing smaller objects as no shelf is provided. A small shelf with plastic standoffs would have been appreciated as it would have allowed for more organization.

I was really concerned about the size of the safe, as the dimensions that I saw published on the BARSKA website made me concerned that a compact pistol might not have enough space. It turns out there was no need for concern. Not only did my small Springfield XDS fit with tons of room to spare, if desired I could also fit my SIG P226 which has an extended beavertail... also with plenty of room to fit. I provided a couple of photos with this review to demonstrate the size.

The most important thing to most users is how easy the biometric feature is to program and how well it works. I can say that the biometric feature on this safe works extremely well. My finger-print is recognized 95% or more of the time, and if it's not recognized immediately it gives a short double beep, I re-position my finger a bit and it is recognized. I would recommend programming in several digits at different angles to increase the chance of a successful read.

The safe does make noise when you use it, but the noises can be muted with the same switch that sets it to program a new print, it will then be silent other than the warning beep if you leave the safe open for 3 minutes or if the batteries are getting low.

The safe includes a pair of keys for opening if the batteries die or the biometric feature does not work. The safe appears reliable enough to me that I locked these in a much larger safe. To access the manual lock you must remove the BARSKA logo plate (attached with hex screws), then use the key provided to open the safe.

It is worth pointing out that while the type of lock provided (a tubular cam lock with a coded "key") for backup is better than a really cheesy wafer lock, a determined teenager can probably find a way to pick it, as there are tools available to do this and videos on the internet instructing them.

All in all, I highly recommend this safe. If BARSKA reads my review, the takeaway I have for them is;

1. Include full carpeting for the safe.
2. Include a removable shelf.
3. Switch the crappy tubular style lock for a cross type lock. Yeah, they cost a few dollars more but are extremely difficult to hack into and I would be willing to pay $20 more to have one.