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Bodylastics - Bandas de resistencia (21 unidades) Incluye 8 tubos irrompibles, bolsa de transporte, DVD en inglés y una suscripción gratuita de 6 meses a la página web Liveexercise. Fabricadas con materiales de calidad.

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  • Resistencia ajustable. Sistema de cierre rápido de Bodylastics. Más de 90 niveles de resistencia (de 1,4 a 118,8 kg) de tensión.
  • Materiales de gran calidad. Componentes extrafuertes y látex fabricado por inmersión.
  • Bandas con resistencia antirrotura al 99%, tecnología patentada D.G.S.
  • 6 de acceso gratuito a Liveexercise.
  • Incluye DVD con 5 ejercicios.

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Bodylastics 21 pcs *STRONG MAN XT with 8 Stackable Snap Guard exercise tubes, Heavy Duty components, Heavy Duty carrying case, and printed instructions for the top muscle building exercises

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Por Todd Dolce - Publicado en
After reading so many wonderful reviews about the TO Strongman Bodylastics,...I figured that I would give them a try just to see how strong these things are.

Being a heavyweight lifter myself, I had some serious doubt that these latex tubes were really going to do it for me,...but again, 46,...I was looking for a change and tired of lugging steel plates around just for a short lifting interval.

Let me begin by saying that these tubes are indeed heavy duty and pretty well constructed. The problems I had with these things became immediate to me with my first "real" test with them. First off, the fact that these bands come in strange resistance weights makes it quite odd to adjust to. When you double them up and use both handles,...the odd numbers even out,...but messing around during the initiation phase trying to figure out what colors to use for your workout is just plain ridiculous. I tried to be patient, and adjust myself to this new way of lifting, but as I clipped on some bands, the resistance just didn't feel right.

When you press with rubber or latex, have "dead" space and it also has a jerkiness to it even at light resistance levels. There is perhaps a 50-60% area of the lift that indeed feels right and really does what it claims to do,...but there is a 40% or so loss in the return that just feels wrong.

I can see these bands being beneficial to someone who travels a lot, loves to use lighter weight and circuit train, or hasn't really become used to the traditional way of lifting, but it just doesn't work for me. It's very awkward and the strap that connects the latex to the clips burns as it scratches against my forearm on several lifts. My hands are VERY large and even though these handles are of decent construction,..they still weren't as comfortable as I would have liked them. On a few presses,...I could feel the core of the handle beneath the foam and that was awkward too.

I will be returning these bands very soon and saving up to buy a weight stack home gym with the good old fashion steel weight.

A tip for those that may want to try these:
Work "against" the door so that it is pulling against the frame and you will not have an accident if somebody opens the door.

UPDATE: After some additional time with these bands,..I have decided to keep them. I have had my son using them too, and it's just a safer way to lift for a young kid starting out. I find as long as I "re-think" the way I go about lifting,...these bands are good supplemental support for my lifting needs.

Pros: Well made tubing and very durable. Very portable and that is a big plus. Great for curls and lat raises.

Cons: Sorely ineffective in lower body work which requires more resistance and is too awkward to use against the average door.

Not as effective for maxing out on heavy bench presses due to the feeling of your body being pulled back to the door. (I predicted that this pullback effect would occur on heavy lifts,...and it certainly did)

The straps tend to scrape my forearms and/or shoulders on certain lifts when using several bands.

The numbering of the band resistance seems so odd...what happened to 5, 10, 25, 50, 100? The odd weight numbers just don't make sense.

Lastly,...the uncertainty of what you are really lifting. With your feet planted on the bands it feels one way,...spread them a bit further apart,....and the bands are naturally more difficult to flex, then what resistance poundage is that? (if you're a numbers guy or gal,....this set is NOT for you. If you can rethink
the way you go about training, may like the bands for certain exercises.

UPDATE: Week 2 of just using the bands and I must say that it has been a great experience. Basically,...this has become an elastic alternative to a dumbbell routine. I designed an amazing tricep bar with PVC pipe and a corner joint,..and then drape the bands over a post in my garage rafters...and it is the BEST tricep extension exercise I have ever experienced! I also created a curl bar with PVC pipe and some hardware which allows me to strap on as many bands as I want to a straight bar. It really gets those arms pumped!

The biggest drawback is the lack of a good leg builder....Squats just don't do well with these things and that is a BIG negative.
UPDATE: Going into week 4 I have seen some really pronounced physical changes! These bands are absolutely amazing! I have totally changed my approach to working out. Now my routines are based on colors and THAT has really helped me get over the "number" obsession that so many of us purists get hooked on. Oh,..I still get zoned in on numbers,..but it's regarding my reps and sets and NOT the poundages. My REAL LIFE SITUATION strength has actually increased dramatically too! Again, a skeptic...I just knew these things were a joke. Now,...I'm laughing, myself for doubting these things.

I treat these things as a replacement for a dumbbell routine and keep a record just like I would my old routine. Rather than recording a set as 60lb x 15reps I would now say O/O (two oranges) x 15 reps. I still do 14 sets per body part and I still get wiped out (even more now) at the end,...but NO JOINT pain accompanies this routine. There is less wasted exertion per exercise due to the lack of gravity at play and each arc of motion seems to be at least 40% more effective with the bands.

I created a very unique tricep triangular shaped bar out of PVC pipe and a angle joiner custom made for accepting the clips and I must say that after just 3 sets, tri's are pumped beyond words.... I followed suit with a custom curl bar and that also bombs my biceps beyond belief.

If you just get passed the "iron" mentality and open your mind to experimentation, will become a convert like I am. I basically told myself that I would spend a few days just experimenting and building my routine based on what "felt" right for me. I never looked at the manual or even glanced at the website. The bands are THAT flexible! Just make your own routine and alter it if need be as you "grow" along.

Only question now is how long will the bands last.....we will continue to monitor these as I push them hard!!

UPDATE: Not enough for me afterall. The leg exercises are poor and the Bench press is difficult to perform at any high levels due to the pullback effect. Also a freaky accident where the door strap failed was enough to make me say "no more."

UPDATE 10_01_2011: I brought the bands back out and tried them again for about 3 months after using them really extensively last year. I have discovered a problem with these. What I'm about to explain is not necessarily a direct shot at these bands in particular as it is perhaps bands in general.

I've discovered that for light weight training,...or training with high reps (repetitions) these bands and most bands in general are an excellent choice and can be used in conjunction with free weights or cables for a super effective exercise routine.

As for heavy lifting,....these bands can work....for awhile,...but what I've discovered is that yes,....they are more convenient than free weights,....their is something about the way band resistance works that plays havoc on my joints in the end. Pulling on a super heavy band will often cause an inconsistent herky-jerky sensation at certain levels of the lift that is killer on the joints.

The pain adds up and ends up hurting my wrists and shoulders beyond belief. When I try to max out with free weight or a cable gym, main concern is to be sure that I don't cheat and use my back to avoid injury, but the lifting motion is consistent. My muscles feel the weight in the beginning of the lift, yes, but the resistance is smoother and thus causes less jerky movements against my joints...(again, long as I keep my form good).

For heavy lifts,....the bands just don't seem effective. (Just my opinion) For toning and lighter lifting....these bands are very good!

Also,..please be aware that the guys at Bodylastics are passionate about their product and THAT is worth at least another star!!! If you have a problem,...they WILL address it and resolve it! You can't get much better support from a company than you can with Bodylastics. They are at the top in this category. So,..if you are not going to be doing massive Power lifting,..these are the bands for you. I'm thinking of designing a gym piece that will accept these bands thus allowing me to perform powerful lifts with more control. If I get it built,..these bands will be absolutely the best!

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best investment I made for all around exercise equipment 31 de octubre de 2009
Por Triple Bogie - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I recently purchased this TO Bodylastics exercise bands after a friend introduced me to them. I was kind of skeptical about it at first but thought the idea was really great since I don't have the room for all the large gym machines and this is very portable. I bought the TERRELL OWENS SUPER STRONG MAN SET because it came with the additional set of handles and door stopper which can be used for 2 people at once. I'm trying to get my wife to exercise with me. I also ordered the TO SET because I wanted the orange bands which does not come in the other set. When the set arrived I followed the DVD workout routine and got a great workout and sweat. Almost felt like I played racquetball for an hour straight. I found out that I will be using the lower resistance bands the most as the tension on the orange and even the black band is very intense for normal workouts like curls or triceps. I rather go lighter and work the muscle a few minutes until it starts to burn rather than going very heavy and short. I'll save the orange and black bands and use it for bench pressing while lying on my flat bench. These bands and all items included are very well made. The included bag is rather small to hold all the items so I just keep the whole kit stored in the box that it came in and it works just fine. I like the way the bands can easily clip on to the handle using the mountain climbing style clips. They even have markings etched onto clips to show the band pounds tension. It would be nice if Bodylastics come up with various exercise routines in a iphone app. Other than that there are many exercise apps on itunes which you can download and track your progress with exercises programs you create yourself. I would recommend Bodylastics to anyone who wants a great and intense work out in the privacy of their own home without spending on expensive space taking gym equipment. It's like a portable bow-flex and you can carry it around with you wherever you go or travel. If you are thinking of only working out by yourself, I feel the smaller set will be fine and will provide you with all the bands you will ever need. Get the TO set if you want the extra handles and extra door stop. Awesome product and I give it 5 Stars *****

Update...I just got really hurt the other day when the bands snapped back into the back of my neck while doing the laying down triceps exercise. The door anchor piece with attached bands and aluminum clips came flying back at me at about 100 mph hitting the back of my neck when the bedroom door somehow opened. I got hit really hard by the bands aluminum clips to the back of my neck with so much force that it left a bruise and almost broke the skin. I noticed that the screw in metal door latch piece that is in on the door frame came with the inside piece having a little angle to it and it prevented the door knob spring latch from entering all the way. I noticed that the metal door plate had the inside angled on all my other doors as well. The door knob brand was Falcon. I ended up removing the screwed in plate and bent the inside piece until it was completely flat so that the door knob spring latch can enter into it completely. I also attach a beach towel to the top part of the bands when it is attached to the door. I have a huge welt on the back of my neck and it's a good thing I was not facing the bands when this happened as it could have easily detached my retina if I was doing an exercise facing the door. I still love this Bodylastic set but take more precaution when using it. My neck still hurts badly from the hit of the bands powerful force.

It would be a good idea if the company writes in the manual or mention on their website of what type of door knob hinges to look out for or how to adjust if you have this type. It could do serious damage to you and you won't want to find out the hard way like I did. I would advise to always lock your door knob also when doing any of the exercises using the door attachment. If someone opens the door form the outside while stretching the bands on the other side, the bands could easily take out your eye as well. Be careful and check your door latch type before using.

Other than that...I would highly recommend the Bodylastic Set as i use it everyday in my daily exercise. But now with way more caution and a huge beach towel is attached if used with the door anchor. The towel is slow down the flying back bands with aluminum latches in case the door ever opens again while exercising. I'm going to create something better like a pillow attachment with velcro straps later for added safety in the future.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Five Stars 9 de agosto de 2016
Por sereniti - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have had these for years and love them, they work and they last.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great 11 de julio de 2009
Por C. Putman - Publicado en
Compra verificada
These bands are great. They are not your standard bands, that is for sure! I love the clips at the ends to make changing or adding bands easy. The handles are large and comfortable and I like the pounds indicator on each band. Great product so far!!
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good Product and Well Made 13 de julio de 2009
Por EmporiumHut - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Hey, I'm going to try and review my first product here on Amazon. Please excuse my sentence/grammar construction as I've never been that well in the area. To start off..I'd like to say I had placed my order for the TO Strong Man set minaly because I wanted to get in better shape. I spend a good amount of time at work so I dont really have time to work out at home nor do I have the space for a gym. I was considering a totalgym/bowflex but ended up opting out because..overall you have to get the upper ranged products just to get a decent work out. The lowerend models..dont really offer much in the way variation.

The TO set arrived in the mail today. It took roughly 5 days even with the Super Shipping Saver and the packaging wasnt too much but for bands of rubber..You really have no need for it anyway. The contents were laid out pretty well with the cables in one bag and the accessories in the other. Everything that was stated arrived and was accounted for with no issues.

Overall impressions at first glace..I thought it was a pretty good setup. Their were no defects or any issues with any of the items that I had received. One thing that I had noticed though was the included bag/carrying case is a bit on the smaller side. I placed all of the items(All Cables, 1 Set of Ankles, 1 Door Ancor, 1 Set of Hand Grips) that I would be using in the bag and it seemed..fairly full. Personally I think the bag will last a litttle while but I think overtime..the bottom portion will probably begin to tear. I'm not certain but its just how I feel based on how full the bag is and the overall look of it.

The TO Diet/Exercise guide looked decent but I personally wouldnt/wont use it. The included user manual is nice and I recommend that you take a look at it before you start using the set. It has a circuit listing and a few other programs along with exercises that you can do to help get in better shape. All of the Bodylastics sets come with atleast 30 days of the Strength University and I recommend that you atleast use it for 30 days. I say this because..You can look at the manual all you want but it dosent really help you to get the form down like actually seeing it does. One to note is that if you do the 30 day trial to Strength University..make sure that before the 30 days is up you cancel it. Otherwise you are setup on an automatic billing cycle and its 9.95 a month. Personally it isnt worth the 9.95 a month at all but for the first month it is great to get your form down.

I havent really used the TO Set a whole lot yet. I just did a few exercises with it earlier to get a feel for the cables. They are a lot different then pulleys/free weights and you should take this into consideration. I havent really lifted in a long time so I plan to try and get in better shape with these. One thing that you should spend some time finding out when you first get the set is where you stand resistance wise. You should go through whatever routine you are doing and make a note of the reistance you are using..I'd something that isnt too heavy but isnt too light either and work your way up. One thing that I noticed is that..I dont know where i stand and it kind of gets to be a hassle at the start because im unsure of where to start at each exercise as far as resistance. It can really slow down your work out. I think if you make a note that should speed things up and you'll eventually get used to it.

The door ancor and other accessories seem to built decently. I was a bit skeptical with the door ancor but it held up pretty well. The anckle/hand straps are fairly comfortable in my opinion and have plenty of room for a lot of cables. Even with all 7 cables hooked still have room for probably another 3 or4.

I think this set is good for those that plan to use resistance cables only and will want to upgrade in the future. Personally I got the TO set because..I thought it was the most balanced set that I could get. The max tension set..I thought for my long term goals was a bit skimpy and I'd eventually have to spend money to get additional cables adding up to roughly the cost of the TO set anyway.

I had looked into the TNT Power Cables as well..and it is a lot cheaper but It dosent come with a whole. It came with cables(40Ib cables) and two handles and a door ancor. For me and anyone else just starting out..I dont really think the TNT Power cables would work out well. I think the only way the TNT power cables would work out well for me would have been if I purchased additional cables..and considering they are between 5 - 15.00 each..The cost would have been around 80 or so anyway. Even at that though you dont really get the same variation as the TO set has.

My conclusion is that..The TO set is decently put together with a good variation of resistance. Its a quality set with a life time warrenty(5.95 replacements on everything after 90 days). I'd recommend this set if your a man or husband/wife that wises to get a good set that you can share. If your a women..i'd recommend that you get the Max Tension set unless you plan to put on a lot of muscle. I think for a women..most of the extra resistance in the TO set would go to waste and I dont think it would be worth the extra 35.00 in my opinion.

I hope this review has been somewhat helpfull. I tried to cover the basics of the set and give decent feedback on the items. Please do your research before you purchase an item or if you can try it out first so that you know what you are buying.

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