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Bushnell 205110 Elite 1600 ARC - Telémetro láser (7 x 26 mm)

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Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Ampliación: 7x
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura): 43 x 129 x 94 mm
Funda de transporte: Si
Peso: 343 g
Tipo de batería: CR123

Descripción técnica

Información sobre el producto
Altura3.38 pulgadas
Longitud7.75 pulgadas
Peso11.3 kilogramos
Anchura6.5 pulgadas
Número de piezas1
Componentes incluidosFunda de transporte
Incluye baterías
Descripción de la bateríaCR123

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not as advertised. ***Updated*** 30 de agosto de 2013
Por Mark A Sutton - Publicado en
Compra verificada
So, I read a lot of reviews prior to purchasing this item. I received the product and it looks really nice. This is what I would normally expect as the only other Bushnell product I own is the HDMR 3.5-21 scope, and it is truly fantastic in every way. However, the problem with this rangefinder is that it does not range. My specific sample will only pick up an object at a max of 120 yards...regardless of size or how reflective it is. This is most likely a defective unit and not how most operate. With that said, I mailed it back to Bushnell and they are taking their time with it. I also had to include a check for return postage. Best case scenario, I get back a working unit and am still out the the shipping charges to and from Bushnell, not to mention a lengthy amount of time spent away. I will update this review if anything positive every comes of it. So far, I can in no way recommend this product.


I just got the rangefinder back in the mail. Bushnell replaced the unit agreeing that it was defective. It definitely works as advertised now. It is great! Very accurate and was ranging things out to 1300 plus yards hand held. It was able to range a medium sized dog at 425 yards, so I'm confident that it could go out further. I am also impressed with the clarity and contrast of the optics. Very sharp and very crisp. This is a completely different product than the first one I received. This one...I would completely recommend. All in all I'm very happy with the purchase even though I had to pay to send it back. It actually took less turnaround time than what the Bushnell website advertised. It ended up just around two weeks from the time that it was shipped off.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Quality control disappointment - poor manual 26 de diciembre de 2013
Por Gregory Piet - Publicado en
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I haven't seen this issue elsewhere so I may have an anomaly. It seemed to pick up ranges fine, and the optics seemed clear to me. The display is too dim to be read in bright sunlight with a light background. I am fine with the display brightness issues as it doesn't overpower the target image and can be worked around fairly easily.

Here is the kick in the pants: The LCD is fuzzy or shows a double image when your eye is situated as it should be on the eyepiece. When I move my eye towards the edge of the viewfinder and I start to lose target image the LCD shows up crystal clear as I would expect it. Of course it was a gift on Christmas, so I cannot contact them today as to how to handle making it right. Best I can tell I need to pay for shipping there and back for repairs which kind of ticks me off forgetting that it will be another 4-6weeks before I get it back. I expected the quality control process to not just see if the thing turns on, but at least see if the display is lined up properly and the crosshairs match with the laser.

Depending on whether they stand behind their product will determine if I adjust this review.

Extremely disappointed that is was messed up out of the box as this is messing up my plans over the holidays.

After reading a few forums on the units design I tested it using my camera looking through the eyepiece and it looked fine.
Examining the unit closely, in front of the adjustable eye piece there is a ring that can be used to fine tune focus... Turn that and everything is great.

If there was a picture in the manual or something describing the different components/adjustable things on the he unit this would have been a lot less frustrating. Looking at the fine adjustment ring I initially thought it s just a locking ring. Dumb moment for me. Might be a good thing for them to add it to their FAQ. Stars adjusted as the system now behave perfectly.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best LRF for the price 27 de julio de 2011
Por Gary - Publicado en
Compra verificada

This is the Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC MONOCULAR range finder, not the FUSION binocs. I say this, because many people confuse the two.

This range finder works perfectly to 1600 yards without issue. I have not been able to get it to range past 1600 yards, so I wonder if it's software limited.

The primary difference between this unit and it's closest top-of-the-line competitor, the Leica 1600 Rangemester CRF is that this unit actually works and is 1/2 the price.

The glass on the Bushnell is not as nice and the Leica or the Swavorski LRF units.

However, Leica has a large number of 1600 units that don't actually work (range) properly, and the Swavorski, which better at ranging 2000 yard distances, does not have ANY of the fetured of this unit.

So, unless you NEED superior glass, as opposed to good glass, and you want to spend time and money looking for a working Leica unit, then this is the unit for you.

I'm not trilled that it's not made in Japan like the Fusion Binocs; it's made in China. However, it does tell you the angle you are shooting from, gives you an accurate distance to the target (I've compared ranging information to Google Earth), and has target, brush, and standard modes.

It works, and it's the only really great Bushnell option out there.

One note: According to Bushnell typical turn around on repair of one of these units is at least 4 weeks. However, all of the ELITE units are warrantied for life.

One advantage this unit has is that it uses a CR123a battery, as opposed to a CR2. So batteries can be found everywhere.

Recharible CR123 batteries are NOT an option for this unit.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Product, Needs Brighter Display 25 de octubre de 2011
Por David - Publicado en
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This range finder is one of the best I've used, other than military grade ones. I've done some capability testing with it during the day and night to see how well it actually performs. Here are a few stats:

Day Time Range on Trees: 1532m
Day Time Range on Houses: 1678m
Night Time Range on Trees: 1441m
Night Time Range on Houses: 1580m.

I took this up to Yosemite National Park also and was able to range rough rock faces out to around 1200-1300m. Now, all this sounds awesome right? Well, it is, the only real problem I encounter with this range finder is the lack of brightness in the display. With the brightness turned all the way up(Power 4 I believe) in bright day conditions, it is nearly impossible to read what range you are lazing. The way around that, that I found, is to laze your tgt. then quickly place your hand over the objective lens of the range finder to make it darker inside the range finder so you can actually read the display. Kind of an inconvenience. When seconds matter to make that great shot, either life saving or life taking, this could be the difference to a completely different ending than you wanted. Overall though, great product. If you're not going to be using it in desert environments you should be good. I would have rated this range finder 5 stars for performance if it was not for my issues with the display. Hope this helps you all.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas spot on distance. No windage. Out to 1500 meters. Works 27 de junio de 2012
Por HMMWV - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The quick summary is in the header. Here's the details.

You will see on the downrange end of he unit 3 holes. On the LEFT is the optics 7 power x 26mm objective lens. Yea, they could be better, but this a RANGEFINDER and not a SPOTTING SCOPE, so I'm letting the 7 power slide. I can accurately find 1500 meters with it.

I have some photos of the display and will try to upload them once I resize them (used a 26 mp dslr camera and the files are huge)

In the middle is the laser receiver. You must ask now, where is the laser transmitter as this is a clsss blah blah laser device using invisible laser beams. Well I have a class blah blah invisable laser beam finder. It turns out that the laser is transmitted out the SAME lens (the 7x26) that you look through, only not into your eye - downrange. HOW? With a prism - just an extra prism to pass IR laser power downrange at the crosshairs lit up on the display. The pulse goes at the speed of light downrange and returns to the receiver, the center hole with the funny shape. The time of flight lets you measure 5M - 1500M accurately, and the unit does not drift with temperature which means it has an accurate timebase (crystal reference - likely a TCX or temperature compensanted crystal) since there is no room nor power for a crystal oven as high precision timebases use (out to 14 digits) or a casesium beam tube, but it's good enough to give me accuracy to 1 yard from 5-1500 yards.

Oh yea, that third small port on the front? it's where your CR123 (1 ea) goes. You get 1500 ranges on a single cell and it has a low battery warning. My BORS uses CR123 as well, so I bought a box of 50 on amazon to keep me in the computer system for now. 1 CR123 comes with it, along with a case that is olive drab and has a dual magnet closure to keep it silent when you open the case. Noboy wants to hear velcro in the field.

Why did I buy it? I live in the people's republic of california and just bought a .416 Barret M82A1 long range rifle. I bought the .416 because it is accurate - moreso than the 50bmg who's ammo is loaded as fast as the belt can be made. The 416 is loaded with CNC brass bullets on new brass cases. The magazine holds 10 rounds - not because of any limit, it's just like inserting the family bible in the weapon w/ 10 rounds. With any more it would be webster's unabridged dictionary.

My optical system is a leopold 8.5-25 power x 50 mm lens (objective) scope that has been modified to take the BORS (barret optical ranging system). So I need to know the range. The barret will give it to you if you have a 6 foot tall reference downrange, or you can get it from the bushnell easier. It is displayed in 4 different brightness levels in red on the bushnell (carefull here - level 1 is barely visable in the dark and ships from the factory on level 1 - I turned mine up to level 4 for daytime use)

Using it is simple.

Wake up the bushnell by pressing the top measure button - it will self test and light up all segments of the display.

pre-configure it for bowhunting or rifleshooting and if using a rifle give it your rough caliber and it will give you the elevation holdoff (drop) at the distance. My BORS will do that too, only with better accuracy as it is tied into the scope)

Get the reading from bushnell in 1.5 seconds, dial it into your BORS and your crosshairs are vertically dead on where you will hit the target to 1500+ feet. You can also get mildot readouts (if you don't know google mil dot) off the bushnell. Adjust for downrange windage in flight using your skillset.

Send the round down range and wait for it to hit.

One shot, One kill - 3300 fps .416 bullet does the job leaving the .338 lapua(R) in the dust.

This is NOT a golfer's rangefinder (unless he/she is having a really bad day and decides to take it out on the golf balls with something they can shoot 'em with!) nor is it for IR illumination of targets for air support with the 1 second reading burst (no IFF coding, no constant on mode), but it does what it says and says what it does very well. I know the distance to the end of my block by the house widths (all 25 meters) and number of homes. I took a math guess in my head and the bushnell was 1 yard different than my mental guess. I guess it works.

It does have a standard tripod camera socket in the bottom for you to stabilize it with a small camera tripod. I should silver solder one of those screws for tripods to the top of my scope cap to keep it in place, but the recoil might not agree with the busnell's precision computer.

Though I do not shoot with a bow, I still highly recommend this for archers (I am not an archer but it has an archery mode very well described in the manual) and long range rifle shooters. Long rage as in 1km or more. If you tell it your cartridge type (I think 10 are defined) it will tell you mil dot holdoff or degrees (and alternate between them) for proper elevation. The manual covers this well, This product was designed for the shooter in mind.

5 stars. Just like some people I know who have 4 stars on their uniform.

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