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Caravana hacia el sur [DVD]

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Descripción del producto

Un holandés y una irlandesa se unen para llevar a cabo un viaje en caravana al Sur de África unidos a los borres. Las feroces tribus zulúes los hostigan a lo largo de la ruta. La supervivencia es el objetivo primordial. Característica narración épica de un viaje por territorio peligroso, con peripecias que refuerzan la emoción y las complicaciones sentimentales y amorosas propias del género.


Irlanda Sufre Una Grave Crisis Economica Y Millares De Personas Hambrientas Se Ven Obligadas A Emigrar Katie O'Neill Y Su Marido Shawn Kildare Deciden Ir A Africa Del Sur Despues De La Muerte De Shawn A Manos De Los Zulues Katie Se Encuentra Con Paul Van Riebeck Un Cabecilla De Los Boer Que Habia Conocido En Irlanda

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas UNTAMED! _ The Widescreen Spanish DVD with English Audio 13 de junio de 2010
Por Gary Vidmar - Publicado en
This lush Fox adventure was ripe for using their patented CinemaScope process in 1955. Susan Hayward was perfect for playing the tempestuous heroine headed for South Africa during the Boer Wars. Tyrone Power, as always, cuts a dashing figure as Hayward's on-and-off love interest. In fact, the whole thing comes off like a mini-version of GONE WITH THE WIND in Afrikaner territory. A location shoot was done for the CinemaScope cameras, and the efficient Henry King, Fox's CinemaScope director of choice, was in charge. The whole thing is overly episodic, but lavish, and it has the kind of dime-novel melodrama that would appeal to adolescent girls at the time. It's sort of a boy's-own adventure for the ladies, and it succeeds on that level. Along with the panoramic vistas, the fabulous score by Franz Waxman is the best thing about it.
This Spanish DVD version presents the film with both an English and Spanish language option (with optional Spanish subtitles). The film is presented widescreen (2:55 to 1), but, sadly, without anamorphic enhancement for 16:9 tv setups, and also without the original 4-track sterephonic sound. Both the soundtracks are presented in monaural from the magnetic masters and sound adequate. The picture quality on the disc is in good shape, albeit interlaced. The disc is nicely slip-cased. This is the only available widescreen dvd available as of 2010, so viewers will have to settle for it until Fox presents this film on dvd or blu-ray in the US. Corporate interests have made most major studios adamant about releasing their classic film libraries in the USA, except in premium-priced, dvd-r versions - a disrespectful practice to say the least!
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Gone with the Veldt 27 de marzo de 2012
Por Trevor Willsmer - Publicado en
Another of 20th Century Fox's big location pictures designed to show off their new CinemaScope process, Untamed has great raw material to work with - the Great Trek and the building of the Dutch Free State in 19th century South Africa - but wastes it as a largely offscreen background to a soapy saga of Susan Hayward's wilful Irish girl pursuing Tyrone Power's Afrikaner commando. A sort of Gone with the Veldt crossed with a South African Cimarron, Power is hardly in the film, a supporting player despite his star billing (he was a late replacement for Robert Mitchum and took the job to get his contract with Fox over with), dropping briefly into the film from time to time like Yancey Cravat before long stretches away with his commandoes, which leaves Hayward to carry the movie. Unfortunately she's often quite terrible, but a bigger problem than her performance is the role she's saddled with. Leading on the men around her to get what she wants and not even waiting for her husband's corpse to get cold before making doe eyes at Power, you keep on hoping for her to get her comeuppance only for her to bounce back like the proverbial bad penny. This wouldn't be a problem if she was meant to be scheming, manipulative and unlikeable, but despite nods to Scarlett O'Hara she's clearly meant to be someone we root for and whose determination we admire. Instead you can't help feeling sorry for Richard Egan's trekker gone wrong, who goes from dreaming of waking up with something besides his gun to becoming a bad 'un and (as Peter Cook would say) deficient in the leg department to the tune of one because of the minx repeatedly using him and dumping him (and still he never learns!). Egan may end up wearing the black hat, but Hayward comes across as the real villain of the piece, and you end up hoping that he and Power will ride off into the sunset together leaving the selfish bitch to the mercy of the elements.

Unfortunately, despite the money and talent there's not enough going on elsewhere to compensate. Henry King's direction is efficient but not up to his usual standard, the big battle with the Zulus is spectacular but rather average, though the final shootout fares a bit better even if the film has simply turned into a conventional Western by that point. Still, Rita Moreno does get one great line as Egan's gal when Hayward turns up again - "What's left of heem eez mynn!" Easily the best thing about the picture is Franz Waxman's superb score, which captures all the sweeping excitement and romance the film never quite manages - and you can get that on CD without having to see the film, allowing you to imagine it belongs to a much better film. Untamed isn't terrible, but it isn't terribly good either.

Fox's Spanish PAL DVD has no extras but a good 2.55:1 widescreen transfer.
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Essentially a western with Zulus subbing for Indians 25 de abril de 2012
Por The CinemaScope Cat - Publicado en
When a South African (Tyrone Power) travels to Ireland to buy horses, he falls in love with the fiery daughter (Susan Hayward) of the land baron (Henry O'Neill) he's purchasing the horses from. But he leaves her to return to South Africa. When the disastrous 1845 potato famine hits Ireland, she and her new husband (John Justin, THIEF OF BAGDAD) move to South Africa to start life anew. It's inevitable that she'll meet her old flame and the sparks will fly. Directed by Henry King (SONG OF BERNADETTE), the South African setting is extraneous. The film feels and looks like a conventional western with Zulus subbing for Indians. No doubt the "exotic" background was used in conjunction with the promise of CinemaScope into luring 1955 audiences into thinking they were going to see something different as opposed to a routine western. When it's not a faux western, it comes across as a Harlequin romance with the feisty and headstrong "untamed" heroine with low cut bodices and the dashing soldier of fortune who must tame her. Though Power is top billed, he's essentially a supporting character, absent from the film for large sections. The film is all about Hayward's character, a distant cousin to Scarlett O'Hara. The purple prose that passes for dialog is a bit much and the film is all over the place. For instance, there's Rita Moreno who's apparently supposed to be playing a "native" but it's the cliched, hot tempered Latina ("I keel chu if chu take my man!") with no explanation of how this hot tempered Puerto Rican got to South Africa! The colorful score is by Franz Waxman. With Agnes Moorehead (shamefully wasted), Richard Egan, Hope Emerson, Kevin Corcoran, Eleanor Audley and Brad Dexter.

The Fox DVD from Spain is an adequate non anamorphic wide screen (2.35 transfer) in both English and Spanish with optional Spanish subtitles.

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