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Cateye Ciclocomputadora Commuter Cc-com10w

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El primer ciclo computador específicamente diseñado para aquellos que se desplazan regularmente. Las características detalladas le ayudarán a que su recorrido no le resulte estresante. Fecha estimada de llegada, reloj, temperatura y luz le ayudarán a cumplir con su objetivo. La parte frontal de gran tamaño le ayudará en solo un vistazo, a ver toda la información. Se incluyen las características estándar de un ciclo computador junto con la reducción de CO2. Esto le hará sentir mejor no solo respecto de la vuelta en bici, si no también del paseo en sí. Fun Funciones: - ETA (Tiempo estimado de llegada) - Temperatura - Velocidad actual, media y máxima - Distancia parcial - Tiempo parcial - Reloj Características: - Calendario desde el 1/1/00 hasta el 12/31/99, tamaño "día, mes, año" - Distancia total programable (durante el ajuste inicial) - Distancia: Hoy y ayer, hoy y la semana pasada, hoy y el mes pasado, hoy y el año pasado, distancia total - Dióxido de carbono en ahorro: hoy y ayer, hoy y la semana pasada, hoy y el mes pasado, hoy y el año pasado total de dióxido de carbono en ahorro - Tiempo total - 1 tamaño de néumatico - Retro-iluminación con modo nocturno - Señales visuales de 10 segmentos decrecientes hasta el destino con señal de llegada - ClickTec™ - Nuevo sopo

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MarcaCat Eye

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Cateye Commuter by a Daily Commuter 3 de septiembre de 2010
Por S. Bowman - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I replaced my Polar CS400 with the Cateye Commuter and have been very satisfied with the Commuter's performance. The Polar was plagued with dropouts for no explainable reason and, thus far, I have had no dropout issues with the Cateye.

The display is easy to read. It saves the odometer information on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and overall basis so you can keep track of how much you ride in a given interval. One minor downside is that the total odometer is not available on the normal display (current ride distance is, however, always available - you access the overall odometer with the menu button on the back). The trip mileage on the display is cumulative until you reset it by holding down the mode button. For each trip the computer remembers your last distance and will use that distance to estimate arrival time. This works nicely if you commute a lot since you tend to ride the same route to/from work. You can also manually set the expected ride distance for special/long rides. The computer also advertises the CO2 offset calculation. This is interesting but not of much practical use.

I like how Cateye implemented the Mode button. When the computer is in the handlebar mount, pressing the computer itself presses the mode button so you are not fumbling for some small or obscure button on your bike computer when you should be looking up and paying attention. Another very nice feature is that the odometer and bike settings are stored in non-volatile memory so you won't lose your totals if you change batteries. And even if they do disappear for some reason, you can enter the starting values to resume your overall mileage accurately! Another nice plus is the thermometer on the display.

Personally, I ride 4-5 days per week commuting a distance of 10 miles each way. For the two months I have had this bike computer, I have been very satisfied and would recommend it. If you are focusing on a mountain bike solution rather than a road bike/commuter solution, I would say that although this computer will work for you, there may be other solutions such as the Cateye Adventure.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A little overpriced but EXCELLENT layout! 18 de abril de 2011
Por Consumerist Maximus - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I'm very particular when it comes to how things are arranged at times. This is the MAIN reason why I decided to purchase the Cateye CC-COM10W. I just love how the time and temperature are separated on the bottom while other information is displayed in big numbers.

Sure, I realize that there are other less expensive alternatives that display the same information and more. But its not as "neatly" displayed as this Cateye. Its a tad overpriced on Amazon, but you can find it for $59.99 if you froogle it.

So far no interference issues (yet). I've heard that power lines or electronic devices interfere with the wireless computer, but so far so good. The time is also kept correctly. I use this on my folding bicycle that I keep in the trunk of my car.

The light is very dim and turns on for a very brief period of time, you shouldn't be looking at your computer while cycling in the dark anyway. I'm not sure if other models offer a light at longer intervals. Its really only good for briefly checking the display (time or ETA) at a stop. I suppose its better than no light at all. A manual standby mode would have been good.

All-in-all I am very happy with this bicycle computer. Its obviously aimed at bicycle commuters. But you can make it work for you if all you need is Speed, distance, time and temp. The ETA mode is great too.


-AWESOME display layout.
-Info modes by day, week and month.
-ETA (estimated time of arrival) mode calculates your time based on previous rides.
-On-click action to switch between modes.
-Easy removal from bracket.
-Carbon offset calculator is a bit gimmicky but its there.
-Time and temperature

-The light is way too dim and duration is very short
-Current mode letters are too small.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Commuter Computer 26 de enero de 2014
Por Bernard Murphy - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This Computer works with the mount and magnets of other Cat Eye wireless models, so I can switch between
The ETA works very
The temperature sensor is a bit slow....not so cool.
The unit is spotty under 32 degrees F......not so cool since I didnt see this spec and bought it for winter riding.
The new button underneath feature is great, as you can just push the bottom of the unit from the top with lobster gloves missing a small button!!!!!...very cool.
Setup takes a bit of a learning curve, but effective.
I found a great fix for the spotty performance in sub zero conditions. This is not a manufacturer represented fix, however it works and is non intrusive to the unit. My first ride out was 13F and the computer stopped logging after 4 miles.
After this , I placed two squares of adhesive exterior sign tape (the grey stuff with red release film sold at Home Depot) which completely covers the external portion of the battery compartment. My next ride was 12F again and it worked like a charm for 26mi round trip. It seems to me the manufacturer could insulate this unit to make it more extreme weather friendly......the only reason I did not give it 5 stars. All in all, this is a great unit for the money. Cat Eye makes a good range of products.
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great computer some flaws though 6 de diciembre de 2013
Por Brice Bigelow - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The Computer works wonderfully except for one big flaw. The mounting bracket that holds the computer has a little plastic piece that keeps breaking. The first computer I ordered, it broke within a day, I ordered a new one thinking that it was a fluke. Nope it turns out within a week the replacement one broke. I contacted Cateye about it and they are sending me out a new bracket, I really hope it is a updated or a reinforced piece.

I really like the computer, it comes with every I need: current speed, average speed, top speed, temp readout, and personally my favorite is the eta feature. You enter your approximate mileage to your destination and you start biking and the eta bar will fill as you progress to your destination. As you bike the eta will display the time you will arrive at which will constantly be changing and there is a little arrow that points up or down that shows if your current pace will increase the eta or decrease it. Now the entire computer has one button which is on the underside of the computer, when it is mounted all you have to do is press down at the bottom and it clicks cycling through the menus. it makes it easy to use with gloves on since it only has one button that you have to press.

Overall I would recommend this speedometer to someone who bikes as a way of transportation, if you need things like temp and an eta read out then this computer is for you
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great little bike computer 12 de julio de 2012
Por S. DeVoir - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The Cateye Commuter is a great bike computer. I like that it is wireless and easy to operate while riding because there is only one button for cycling through the pages, resetting odometer, etc. There is another button for a backlight and that is a bit harder to press when you are riding at night and want to check your stats. Carbon offset is a fun conversation starter, but wasn't a huge selling point for me and I rarely check it, I commute to save money, get exercise and because I love it, not because I think the human race is killing the Earth single-handedly. But if that is why you are looking at this computer, then I think it is the only one of its kind. Temp is nice as is ETA, but with the ETA it would be a pain to reset how many miles away your destination is on a regular basis. So, it would work best if you want the ETA feature for the same destination such as work or school, rather than a myriad of errands you are running.

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