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Coby CV195 auricular - Auriculares (Supraaural, 40 mm, Alámbrico, Oro, 152.91 x 50.04 x 200 mm, AAA)

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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Nombre del modeloCV195
Año de fabricación2011
Peso del producto227 g
Dimensiones del producto5 x 15,3 x 20 cm
Pilas:1 AAA necesaria(s), incluida(s)
Número de modelo del productoCV195
Número de productoCV195
Factor de forma de los auricularesSupraaural
Descripción de la bateríaAAA
Pilas / baterías incluidas
Pilas / baterías necesarias
Descripción de la interfaz de redAlámbrico
Tipo de conectorAlámbrico
Incluye batería recargableNo
Información adicional
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde9 de marzo de 2011

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Audifonos: Supraaural
Contactos del conector chapado: Oro
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura): 152.91 x 50.04 x 200 mm
Dimensiones del embalaje (alto x alto x peso): 190.5 x 66.04 x 271.78 mm
Numero de baterías soportadas: 1
Tecnología de conectividad: Alámbrico
Tipo de batería: AAA

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas CV195 Battery Compartment Mysteries! 25 de septiembre de 2011
Por Daniel Carter - Publicado en
There are no instructions for loading the battery, so you're on your own.

My attempt began with pushing-in on the little button on the one muff. It looks like you would push in on the button, and then pull-up on the oval plastic disk just above the button. But nooooo!

Push down on that button, and at the same time SLIDE the plastic shroud below there downward a little. It's on a hinge, so don't make the mistake of yanking it off!

Rotate the shroud up and out of the way to install the battery. The flat side of the battery goes in first, with the positive terminal facing out as you push it in there. With mine, the battery supplied was dead, so I tried another and it works fine. No issues with the battery not fitting. Fits well.

I wonder how many customers will try it with the supplied "dead" battery, assume the headphones are defective, and return the unit immediately? Probably many will. It DID cross my mind. Good thing I had a few AAA batteries around here.

A few words of instructions to install the battery would be helpful. Might save them some expense for returned items, too, making it extremely cost effective. Doh!
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good headphones for $20, Noise cancelling you get what you pay for 9 de octubre de 2010
Por G. Gustin - Publicado en
It always amazes me that people who buy a $20 set of headphone expect to get Bose quality, common they were twenty dollars. Cheap non-noise canceling cost more.

ok enough of that, for 20 dollars they are a serviceable set of head phones with decent sound. The noise canceling is minimal but does seem to block out some ambient noise. (IE air conditioning and engine sound on an airplane)not 100% if you want that buy Bose or Senhiesers. For everyone's information noise canceling will often not block out human voices. Not even my $200 Senhiesers do that.

If you are looking to block out even human voices look at sound-isolating headphones.

My only complaint is that I have big ears wich lets out some of the sound from the left ear and causes feedback at high volume levels.

that is not a problem for my kids for whom I bought these, to use for a DVD play on and airplane for which they work great.

For $20 they do what i expect of them.
13 de 15 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas single-sided cord w/ replaceable 1/8" cable = BARGAIN for JamHub 15 de agosto de 2011
Por Basil J. White - Publicado en
I front a band (the Deathbillies) and we rehearse in three separate studios with JamHub headphone mixers. After years of trial and error, I've developed the following requirements for headphones for live rehearsal: 1) A single-sided cord, so you can throw the cord behind your back so it doesn't get in the way of the guitar or drumsticks. 2) A detachable industry-standard 1/4" or 1/8" male-to-male cable that you can replace with any other standard male-to-male 1/4" or 1/8" male-to-male cable when the cable gets a short (cable shorts are why I've discarded >99% of old headphones.) 3) Full-size earcups, but not so big that they trap humidity.

The Coby CV195 wins on all three, and at about US$25 they're a bargain. I have at least 10 pairs of these headphones spread across three studios. They use a noise-cancellation system powered by an included AAA battery, but I never use the noise-cancellation function. The only drawbacks to these headphones are that they require a battery to work in ANY mode, inserting the battery requires some patience and deductive logic, and the included 1/8" stereo cable is really short... BUT as the cord is detachable and replaceable with any 1/8" stereo cable you like, I'll be happy to replace the US$1.50 cable as I discard all my hardwired headphones when they short at the cable connection (which is how even the most expensive high-end headphones tend to fail -- why do >US$300 headphones with hardwire cables even EXIST?!?!!?)
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas What does it take to please some people? 14 de junio de 2012
Por w1_m2 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
These are excellent earphones. What is wrong with the complainers?

These earphones are very light to wear. These earphones sound great enough for me. These earphones cancel noise as well as can be expected. The fact that the cord disconnects from the earphones is a big plus. I feel as if I can wear these earphones until I am just tired of listening to my music, but if I discover they are too hot or bothersome in some manner, I will edit this review later.

These sound as good as my wireless earphones from Sennheiser which cost around $300. These e'phones cost ~$17.00 delivered. I mean, WTF? These are an excellent value.

Okay, yes I had problems with the battery installation too. But thanks to this forum, and specifically to Daniel Carter [thanks again Dan], I installed the battery without breaking any part so I didn't need Duct tape as some others may have.

Also, if anybody thinks that the sound only comes out of one side, well all you need to do is rotate the plug a bit. I mean, come on. Do some people buy things without even 1% effort on their part? I almost didn't buy this EXCELLENT product due to their clumsiness, and that would be personal. But, I took a shot anyway and can't help but chuckle that I found a jewel for next to nothing. Maybe it is being discontinued because of so many bad reviews(because the price is so low). Too bad. I got mine. It is unfortunate that many may be passing this item because of those reviews.

Hope this helps in your decision to purchase, or not, this product.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Well designed, great value, and great for kids and travel! 13 de mayo de 2013
Por Karen K. - Publicado en
I think these are a great value for the price and work well especially for kids and travel.

We first bought 4 pairs of these from a brick and mortar store a year ago in preparation for a 28hr roadtrip from LA, CA to Canada and back. We had devices (tablets, game consoles, dvd players, etc.) to entertain the four kids for periods of the trip, but I remember from other trips that car noise was usually too loud to really use them with normal headphones effectively. I also didn't want to be blasting the volume on anything and damaging anyone's ears. So we quickly reviewed what was locally available. These were one of the cheapest sets of noise cancelling headphones (discounted 50% from $30 down to $15; overstocked?) and I was concerned about the quality (I'd prefer to just buy a high-quality product once rather than work my way up through cheap junk that breaks a month after you buy it) but the large discount sold us. I'm really glad we got them.

The kids loved them! (they only had ear buds before which never fit or fell out too often)
Very affordable (other noise-cancelling ones averaged ~$50 and ranged up into the hundreds).
Most importantly, they fit the kids, ages 5yrs-9yrs. (I find most headphones are too large).
They also cancelled the noise perfectly for the car travel so the devices did not need to be turned up any more than in a normal quiet environment. This also allowed the adults to chat in peace during these "entertainment breaks".
They were also comfortable for the kids (soft and padded on top and ears, adjustable, and they don't squeeze too tightly).
We used the included(!) AAA battery which lasted the half the trip (1 week) and bought another 4pack of AAA's for the rest of trip back (1 week).
The cables are very long and worked great for when we connected all four to a splitter for a DVD movie playback from the front of the vehicle all the way to the back.
The cables also detach to help prevent them from being damaged if accidentally yanked too hard.
We have since also used these for air travel and have been equally impressed with the noise cancelling.
They come with a (durable) plastic travel bag which worked great to keep tack of them so they were not lost or damaged.
Also came with airplane travel adapter (never used or needed).
Includes a switch for the noise-cancelling (so you can turn it on or off as needed). If the battery is dead or not inserted, you can't hear anything with the noise cancelling enabled, but they operate like normal headphones when turned off.

Yes, the battery compartment took 30sec to figure out instead of 2sec.
The light indicator is only visible from directly above it, so it's easy to forget/not notice and leave them on (draining the battery) although it still lasted several days.
Of the four pairs, two ear pads were accidentally pulled off. It took a few minutes but I was able to put it back on.
No child volume-level limit. We just tested them ourselves first and then set and checked the volume levels periodically.

We actually forgot 2 pairs when visiting family but told them to keep them for their kids as we had no problems getting new ones. I'm now really glad to have found these on Amazon at such a great price!
I decided to write this because I don't think the current 3/5 stars average rating was accurately reflective. I hope you find this helpful and enjoy them as much as we do! Thank you Coby!

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