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EasyAcc Clas sic180 00 mAh Power Banco compacta alta capacidad batería externa para smartphones & tabletas (Negro)

5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 opinión de cliente

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Peso del producto367 g
Dimensiones del producto15,9 x 6,3 x 2,4 cm
Número de modelo del producto18000-BS
Número de producto799695145386
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
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Producto en desde18 de julio de 2014

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Cumple con mis expectativas. Carga mi Samsung Note3 cinco veces completas.
Lo recomiendo por su fiabilidad y calidad. Estoy satisfecho con la compra.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Five Stars 30 de enero de 2015
Por Tammy Battista - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Love this!!!
4 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Really Nice and Luxurious Battery 6 de diciembre de 2014
Por Reviewer431 - Publicado en
This is a pretty nice battery that EasyAcc has come up with. It is very stylish and feels high-quality!

When you open the box, you’ll find the battery sitting nice and snug. When you take that out and lift up the part of the box that it specifies, you find an Instruction Manual and two micro-USB cables (one short cable and one long cable). That is everything you receive in the box.

First Impressions: I have to say, the matte-finish is REALLY nice!! The outer chrome part compliments it well. There are two ports: one 2.1A Port and one 1A Port. It has some weight to it (which is expected since the battery packs 18000mAh). Seems like a pretty nice battery.

After using the battery, I have to say, it charges my phone pretty fast. In less than an hour, I went from 22% to 87% when using the 2.1A port. It can charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPod Touch 4th Gen simultaneously with ease. I experienced no problems whatsoever. When you click the button on the right side, the LED lights light up, indicating the charge level of the battery.
All four lights = 75-100%
Three lights = 50-75%
Two lights = 25-50%
One Light = 5-25%
One Blinking Light = 0-5%
Clicking the button also turns on the battery and starts charging your device. Double clicking the button will turn on the flashlight. Double clicking it again will shut the flashlight off.

I would recommend this to students, people that work, and people that travel. This is great for just about anyone who owns a portable device.

I really like this battery because of its unique design, feel, and quality. My only complaint is that it does not come with a carrying pouch.

Overall, this battery was great and I had no problems whatsoever! I highly recommend this!!

I was supplied a unit for testing purposes and I promised to provide a completely honest and fair review.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas High Quality Large Capacity Charger 10 de diciembre de 2014
Por MatthewAtGotoTechReviews - Publicado en
Full Review Here:

This is a large power bank that is meant to keep your electronics good and charged while on the go. This is a heavy duty charger targeted at those with a lot of gear (I feel I fit that category rather well) or those who travel a lot. Let's jump on in and see how it does.

Look and Feel
It comes in a rather plain cardboard box, but don't let that fool you. Once open, you'll find the charger, two USB to micro-USB cables, and instructions. The charger has a nice black finish with a chrome plastic outer ring. It's contoured in a way that makes it very pleasant to hold. It has a good heft to it and has a quality feel to it. EasyAcc managed to make it affordable without feeling cheap. A simple carrying pouch would have helped since it is so nice and don't want it to get all scuffed up.

The charger has 18,000mAh capacity with two USB output charging ports, 2.1A and 1.0A at 5V. There is also a power button (which also can be double-clicked to toggle the flashlight), flashlight LED, and 4 blue status LEDs, and a micro-USB input for charging the power bank.

LED Status Guide:
4 Lights - 75-100% Capacity
3 Lights - 50-75% Capacity
2 Lights - 25-50% Capacity
1 Light - 5-25% Capacity
1 Blink Light - 0-5% Capacity

The 2.1A USB port is geared more toward devices like tables with larger batteries while the 1.0A USB port is geared towards phones. The 1.0A port has a special feature which allows Samsung Galaxy Tabs to be boosted to 1.3A-2.0A. I was unable to test this specifically as I do not have any Samsung Tablets. You can certainly plug phones into the 2.1A ports if their tolerances allow it and you can also plug a tablet into the 1.0A port if it can supply enough juice. For most (not all) instances, both ports are mostly universal.

Real World Use
The max input power is 5V at 2.0A which is rated to charge from empty to max capacity in 9 hours. In our testing we found this to be accurate and will completely charge overnight. We tested a couple of devices, an iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 7 2013 Edition (still under test at the time of this writing) and kept a log of the results using the 2.1A port.

Check website for table...

Just a few notes. The tablet charging is still under test and those numbers will be updated as results come in. The iPhone 6 Plus has a batter size of 2,915mAh and the Nexus 7 2013 Edition has a 3,950mAh battery. The phone and tablet were still being used with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled while charging with some intervals of heavier use than others.

We found the EacyAcc PB18000 to be extremely robust, easy to use, good quality, and extremely useful. The iPhone 6 Plus has a huge batter and to be able to still get nearly 4 solid charges from the charger is really nice. Theoretically, with the iPhone battery capacity of 1,570mAh being nearly half of the iPhone 6 Plus', you should be able to get around 7-8 charges from this charger. Pretty impressive.

We also plugged in various other items such as PS4 controller (seriously, those things can't hold a charge worth a darn), PS Vita, PSP, 3DS, and other sundry devices. The charger fit easily in my backpack and was super convenient to use at work, or while picking up the kids, at church *cough*, and even at the in-laws. It's just so convenient to use.

Final Thoughts
The EasyAcc PB18000 is a quality product that will keep any tech-head charged without having to constantly worry about where the next outlet is, especially while traveling or on the go. We highly recommend it since it's affordable, robust, quality built, and keeps your gear charged. EasyAcc has a winner when compared to some of the high priced, lower capacity name chargers. No techie should be without one.

Stayed tuned for our YouTube Video in the coming week, our first one!
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Well deserving of five stars 14 de marzo de 2015
Por Edward H - Publicado en
As far as power banks go, I have only ever used one other, and it was a small navy blue one that just could not fully charge my phone. This EasyAcc portable charger with 2 USB ports was more than capable of charging my phone, and does so at a rate faster than the typical lightning USB plugged into a wall piece does. The PB18000 was sent to me as a sample as I promised to leave an honest review

Upon opening the box, which I found to be a very neat design as you just pulled back on the cardboard and everything appeared (Hard to explain). Inside the package there was an instruction manual, the power bank, and two charging wires (One longer than the other) for the power bank.

The instruction manual comes in both English and German with a surplus of information on how to use the product. It gives information such as how to activate the flashlight, which can be done by double tapping the power button, or how to read the indicator lights on the device. It is very straight forward, but if you don’t get it right away:

When charging a device:
Four lights - 75%-100%
Three lights - 50%-75%
Two lights - 25%-50%
One light - 5%-25%
One flashing light - 0%-5%

When you are charging the power bank:
Four lights - 100%
Three and one blinking - 75%-99%
Two and one blinking - 50%-75%
One and one blinking - 25%-50%
One blinking - 0%-25%

In my opinion the blinking provides a more accurate read of the battery than most other power banks seem to do (Based upon friend’s devices). The user manual also has diagrams on how to charge both the power bank and your device, as well as troubleshooting, and finally, explains there is a 12 month warranty incase your power bank becomes defective.

The two charging wires are different lengths which can be useful depending on which length suits your usage. Typically I use the longer wire as it allows it to reach the ground when charging on a wall socket instead of just dangling in the air.

The power bank itself stores 18000mAh, which makes up for its weight, which can be quite the bother if you do not have something to carry it such as a backpack.(Benefit to students and campers). The chrome and black design is very nice looking and the curvature makes it seem very modern, as that is what it is. The portable charger, for what it stores, has an extremely slim figure, fitting in most pockets. The power button, when tapped once, activates the indicator lights, allowing you to see how much battery is left. Holding it down will turn the device off, or stop charging all together, and tapping it twice in rapid succession activates the flashlight. The flash light is a cool feature that just builds with how amazing this charger is, but in reality it is not very bright compared to how much energy is there to feed it. It can be turned off by double tapping the power button. The charger charges other devices at a rapid rate (iPhone 6 was charged in almost forty-five minutes quicker than it usually takes). A possible draw back would be the charge time of the device itself, which is about 11 hours (Left a timer on over night, still wasn't charged fully when I woke up). To counter this however is the outstanding energy storage which is able to charge my phone and some other devices from empty to full several times. The final feature of this charger is the dual USB, allowing you to charge two devices at once (I just use it for a phone and iPad so far).

The PB18000 by EasyAcc is an outstanding device that will last you about a week until it needs to be recharged unless of course you are charging bulky devices. I would recommend this to any type of student or person who travels, as it is definitely worth the price listed. Finally, this portable charger works best with a carrying pouch of any type!
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Awesome capacity to charge your iOS devices as well as smart for Android/Samsung Tab owners. 19 de marzo de 2015
Por CSV - Publicado en
I had the opportunity to test this external battery over a weekend. I walked away quite impressed by the sheer capacity and simplicity of the external battery. We own 4 external batteries in our house hold and all the four are of varying capacities from different manufacturers. So I truly had the opportunity to not only compare them against each other but also had prior knowledge of how things can go.
Packaging and construction:
Simple yet adequate packaging. Comes with the external battery (obviously) plus TWO (not one) micro USB charging cables. The charger itself has recessed glossy sides but rubberized front and back that feels very comfortable to touch
Two USB ports for charging devices. One port charges at 5V 2.1 Amps and the second at 5V 1 Amp. Note that the second 1Amp port is a smart port designed especially for android lovers that possess a Galaxy TAB. I will share more details below.
Also has an LED light that you can switch on in case you are need of one (power loss etc).
Charging: The battery is 18000 mAh capacity so you have plenty of juice to charge all your gear. When I first received it, I didn’t even bother charging it. Plugged my iPhone right into it and started running tests. There are 4 blue LEDs that signal the battery charge level. All the 4 lit up when it received it.
For charging you phone or tablet, all you do is plug the USB cable into one of the ports and hit the button on the side and viola it starts charging. The 2.1 Amp charging port was working as advertised and was charging close to that, the 1Amp capacity USB port was working as advertised as well.
Android friendly: Okay may be Samsung Tab friendly is more like it. Ours is a unique household in the sense that we have the iPhone and iPad Air as well as the Samsung Tab 8.4 Pro as well. Here is where I was very surprised at what EasyAcc did. The 1Amp capacity USB port is a unique intelligent port. When you connect your Samsung Tab tablets, it not only sense the TAB automatically, it even switches the output current to 1.3-2.0 Amps to turbo charge your TAB at full capacity. I thought this was a very clever feature that a lot of other batteries I own do not do.
Charging the Powerbank itself takes roughly 9 hours from empty to full when connected to a charger/source that can provide 5V 2Amps. This is well worth the money and definitely recommended for people who either travel or in case you are going on a vacation with your gadgets in tow.