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Frigidaire WF2CB PureSource2-FC100 Frigidaire Refrigerador Filtro de Agua

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Peso del producto463 g
Dimensiones del producto15,2 x 7,6 x 17,8 cm
Número de modelo del productoWF2CB
Número de productoWF2CB
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Pilas / baterías necesariasNo
Contiene líquidosNo
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Producto en desde7 de mayo de 2012
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El WF2CB Sistema de filtraci-n de hielo / agua Frigidaire encaja Frigidaire, Electrolux, y refrigeradores Kenmore con un cartucho de filtro deslizante situado en la parte delantera del compartimento del refrigerador. El Filtro de Agua WF2CB adapta a todos los modelos de refrigeradores PureSource2 fabricados por Frigidaire. Hecho en EE.UU. Filtro vida: 9 meses o 400 galones (lo que ocurra primero). Caudal: 0.5 galones por minuto. Presi-n de funcionamiento: 30 - 100 psi. Temperatura de funcionamiento: 33 a 100 grados Fahrenheit. Tipo de filtro: Bloque de Carb-n. Tama-o real: 6-3/4 \"Longitud x 5-1/4\" de ancho x 2-1/4 Altura.

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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Read this review before purchasing 16 de febrero de 2016
Por Todd S. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I felt compelled to write a review about this product so nobody else has to go through the annoyance that I went through. I have an older refrigerator that's about 10 or so years old. I purchased the water filter and like many other reviewers have reported the water filter spontaneously ejects and sprays water inside the refrigerator. I contacted the manufacturer about this issue and they initially blamed it on not having purchased the filter directly from the manufacturer. So I purchased one directly from the manufacturer and same results. I contacted the manufacturer again and this time I was told that it's a "known design issue" and after several transfers they scheduled an appointment for repairman to come take a look at it free of charge. He looked inside the fridge and determined that a new base water filter (part #240396002) would need to be ordered. The part took 1 week to arrive and we had to reschedule another appointment for the repair. It turns out that if your base water filter is made of a clear plastic it will NOT fit the new WF2CB water filters. The new base water filter is made of a white opaque plastic (see attached photo). The manufacturer will replace the base water filter free of charge but it wasn't until I mentioned the known design issue. I wish I knew all of this before I ordered the WF2CB water filter. It works fine now, but it took a couple weeks to get everything repaired properly.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Will absolutely not work in the older models but I have illustrated a fix. 12 de julio de 2015
Por Super Jet Ski Fun Monkeys - Publicado en
Compra verificada
They changed the way this item clips into your fridge and it will not work with older models. We even went to Home Depot and found one that had a decade of dust on the retail box and it still didn't fit. I wish I could specify exactly the date range of years and models so people didn't waste their money but all I can say is that our fridge is a FRS26F4CB0 and was manufactured in 2003 and we tried at least 3 of these from various sources and they all didn't work. So don't be fooled if your fridge is older and is listed as compatible - it's not. So that being said, you now have the choice to either contact Frigidaire with what I've read to be limited to varying success, to modify your fridge to bypass the filter (if you are that handy), live without the water and ice dispenser, or perform a fix similar to the one I've outlined below.

On top of all the headache of it not fitting, be prepared for an ill-fitting filter to shoot out of the fridge at you. Yes, it can build up pressure and if you happen to have the door open watch your feet - we were "this close" to getting a broken toe or two (plus it completely broke open the filter and was beyond repair). If you don't have the fridge open you're just going to hear a loud thump as it ejects forcefully, but continue to be careful as it could still come down at you when you open the door. Also, add a plethora of water all over your fridge and floor as it continues to pop out and spill the water that collected inside the filter while it was connected, all while you figure out what's happening.

In the end I decided to do my own permanent home fix:

1. I reached in with a needle-nose pliers and removed the spring to cut down on unnecessary pushback.
2. I used needle-nose pliers to tighten the metal clamps at the back of the housing to make them tighter (you will either need some really long pliers, or you will have to unbolt the little 1/4" bolts that hold up the white housing to the fridge in order to get access to do this if you have a regular-sized pair. Hold down the eject button for the filter while you do this to get more leverage in order to bend the clips even further.
3. I used some thin metal strapping to create a band that will not let the filter move whatsoever. I used a 90 degree drill adapter in order to get the screw inside the housing to seat exactly where I wanted it, but you could accomplish the same with a stubby screwdriver (although not as easily). Make sure you know where you are screwing into seeing as how there is the post for the 1/4" bolt right around the area you want to target (left side of the housing). If you have unbolted the housing it's easy to see/locate a good place. The screw on the right hand side was no big deal, there's nothing behind that area you can hurt (see picture 1).
4. I removed the front plate of the filter and used a coping saw with a fine-toothed blade to remove all the plastic backings of said plate (see picture 2). You could also accomplish this with a heavy set of dikes but I found this way to be quicker and easier.
5. I put some velcro on the metal strap and on the back of the plate so I could put the plate back on and hide the ugly.

I had everything to do this home fix around the house so it cost me zero. You may be thinking that you are passing the point of no return by performing this, and you are, but it was worth it for us to avoid the hassle of calling Frigidaire or dealing with some repair person or unknown/hidden costs. Also, if you are thinking this will hurt your ability to sell it when you get a new fridge you should consider the fact that you aren't going to get a lot of buyers when you tell them that the ice maker and water dispenser aren't working. Also, this system does not prevent you from replacing the filter when its time because it's a fix, not a bypass. Just undo the screw on the right and move the metal strap out of the way, press the eject button and pull out the filter, take the plate off the new filter, slide it in, re-screw the metal band in place, reattach the old plate and you're done - a minute longer process at best.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Cloudy, strange tasting water after replacing water filter 24 de julio de 2013
Por M. Walsh - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have purchased this brand of water filter a handful of times in the last 3 years (but not from Amazon until this last time) and have never had this issue before. I dispensed water through the filter and after several glasses, the strange taste is gone but the water is still kind of cloudy. When I let a glass of the water sit over night there is a white residue that settles at the bottom of the glass. I am not sure what is causing this but I threw away the packaging so I don't think I can return it.

UPDATE: July 27th. Amazon sent me a replacement filter and I received in less than 2 days (way to go Amazon!). Unfortunately I am having the same issue with this filter which is why I dropped the rating down to 1 star. I called Fridgidaire and they confirmed that they switched suppliers a few months ago but received enough complaints about the filters since the switch that they have since gone to another supplier. They said that the defective filters are likely still in stock at other stores and websites and that if I want a good filter that I need to order it directly from them. I am going to give that a try even though they are more expensive. In the mean time I am sending this filter back to Amazon for a refund.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas New design doesn't work (edited) 3 de octubre de 2013
Por M. Walling - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've had my Frigidaire fridge for 8 years now, and just had to order the 16th filter replacement. The previous units fit fine and worked great, but the manufacturer has changed something in the design that won't allow the filter to click into place. It feels like it seated completely, but the first time you press the water button, the filter comes flying out of its opening and spews water all over the place. Typical cheap made-over-seas crap! Now my water dispenser and ice maker are not working. I've got photos that plainly show that the lock on the front of the filter has changed slightly which causes the problem. With all of the complaints, I simply can't believe that Frigidaire hasn't fixed this yet...

*** Edit ***

I called Frigidaire customer service (1-877-808-4195) and complained that the new filters I bought didn't fit the fridge like the previous 15 have over the last 7 years, and the customer service rep told me that they have indeed changed the design of the filters, and they are sending out a technician at NO CHARGE to the consumer to update the filter assembly inside the refrigerator. I am updating my review to 5 stars since the filters always provide a high quality drinking water, and the outstanding customer service of Frigidaire (Electrolux) to upgrade the filter system in my fridge FOR NO CHARGE after owning it for 8 years.

The recall number that you give to the local repair company for the free housing modification is RF-1210
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Says it will fit your model but doesn't! 3 de mayo de 2017
Por Tonya - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I wish that we had the option to rate this filter a ZERO stars because that's what this one would get! We recently acquired a newer stainless steel model similar to our old Frigidaire refrigerator. I ordered a new filter for our newer fridge providing the model number to make sure I was getting the correct filter. The newly installed filter seemed fine for a few weeks however one day I notice the fridge had no new ice and the water was no longer working. This usually happens when it is time to replace the old filter and that's when I noticed the new filter had popped out. I thought maybe someone had accidentally knocked it while putting in a gallon of milk or something but I soon realized that it was continually popping out, leaving water all over the fridge. Luckily, we haven't experienced the filter shooting out across the floor, like other customers have experienced but I have heard it bang into the butter dish door that is in front of the filter when the refrigerator door is closed. Usually the filter will pop out if you try to use the ice or water but it's popping out at random times, leaving water all over the fridge. I am very unhappy since I did everything right when ordering this filter and the fact that it didn't start acting up until it was too late to return it. It looks as though now I'm going to have to contact the manufacturer and jump through the hoops there when trying to get them to make this right without wanting to send a repair man to check it out. All I want is a filter that will fit my fridge. This responsibility should be totally on the manufacturer and not the customer.

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