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Garmin City Navigator - Mapas del norte de EE. UU., Canadá y México en DVD

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  • Media: Accesorio
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Otras características:
Cobertura geográfica: North America NT
Compatibilidad: aera 500
Dakota 20
Edge 605
Edge 705
eTrex Legend HCx
eTrex Legend Cx
eTrex Venture Cx
eTrex Vista HCx
eTrex Vista Cx
GVN 52
iQue 3000
iQue M4
nüvi 1200
nüvi 1210
nüvi 1240
nüvi 1300
nüvi 1300T
nüvi 1310
nüvi 1340
nüvi 1340T
nüvi 1390T
nüvi 1490T
nüvi 1490TV
nüvi 1690
nüvi 200
nüvi 200W
nüvi 205
nüvi 205W(T)
nüvi 215
nüvi 215W
nüvi 245
nüvi 245W
nüvi 245WT
nüvi 250W
nüvi 255
nüvi 255W(T)
nüvi 265T
nüvi 265WT
nüvi 275T
nüvi 300T
nüvi 310T
nüvi 360T
nüvi 370T
nüvi 3760T
nüvi 3790T
nüvi 465T
nüvi 465TF
nüvi 550
nüvi 610T
nüvi 660FM
nüvi 670
nüvi 710
nüvi 765T
nüvi 770
nüvi 775T
nüvi 860
nüvi 865T
nüvi 250
Oregon 300
Oregon 400t
Oregon 450
Oregon 450t
Oregon 550
Oregon 550t
StreetPilot c510
StreetPilot c550
zūmo 220
zūmo 400
zūmo 500
zūmo 550
zūmo 660
Espacio mínimo del disco duro: 2000 MB
Formatos compatibles: DVD
RAM mínima: 1024 MB
Requisitos mínimos del sistema: 1024 x 768
Sistemas operativos compatibles: Windows XP
Mac 10.4.11 +

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Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 3.4 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 12 opiniones
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Works Fine, A bit Bland, CAN ONLY BE USED WITH ONE GPS UNIT 24 de agosto de 2010
Por B. Herder - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have a Garmin Dakota 20 and had been using a very old version of City Select but was getting "Route Calculation Errors" pretty often so I decided to buy the latest software hoping those problems would go away and they have. I assume I have more up to date information now, but one one-way street near me is still not recognized as being one-way, but that's a minor nit, everything else seems to be current. I'm able to download maps to my gps, make routes and do auto-routing with the maps I download to my GPS. I know this isn't the Topo version of the software, but I also have a Garmin Nuvi 500 and there is an option to switch to a view that shows you topo lines and shading which is nice. I'm not sure what software that is, but I really wish it was included with City Navigator, but it's not, you just get dull looking maps.

The actual Mapsource software on my PC still seems rather bland. There's a view satellite imagery in Google Maps feature, which is useless, it just brings you to Google maps in a seperate window with none of your routes or tracks you've created. You can upload your tracks to [...] and get really cool maps including elevation plots but ... that functionality does not exist in the Mapsource program which is disappointing. The Mapsource program seems to be almost not updated at all since I first started using a prior version many years ago. I'm also a little disappointed I can't find a way to split a track which is a feature I use a lot... mostly when you forget to reset the track before using the unit or forget to save the track when you're done. So I have to use other software to do that. I really wish they'd update Mapsource so it could get satellite imagery right within the product or topo maps. And I wish you could edit the tracks and put labels on the maps and use it for actually creating useful trail maps, but Mapsource has none of those features.

Lastly - installation of the software on my PC went ok, but then I had two problems:

1. I could not unlock maps (so I could send them to my Garmin Dakota 20). I have Windows 7. I had to call Garmin, wait on hold for about 15 minutes, then got someone who had me try a whole bunch of things, then eventually, he sent me (via email) a file that I had to put in .gma file (whatever that is) that I had to put in my C:\users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\Maps which is a hidden directory on the machine and a little hard to find. But that unlocked the maps.

2. Now my old version of City Select no longer works. I really wouldn't care about that problem if you could still unlock this software on TWO GPS UNITS, BUT GARMIN HAS CHANGED THEIR POLICY AND ONLY ALLOW YOU TO DOWNLOAD MAPS TO ONE GPS UNIT. You buy this for ONE UNIT only and would have to buy another copy (or license anyway) to download the maps to a second GPS if you have one (which I do). So - that's a big bummer. One last thing too - until you unlock the software for a particular unit, you can't even use it on your PC, so you can't create tracks or anything... I think it said Map Details Locked and was pretty much frozen. Terrible.

Bottom line is - the Maps you download to your GPS are perfectly fine for the most part. You might experience difficulty unlocking but Garmin can send you a file but expect this to take an hour or so to get through. The Mapsource software is still pretty basic and in my opinion way behind the times, but if you want auto-routing on your GPS that didn't come with built-in maps, you have to use it to get the maps to your unit and to create routes to follow and you'll have to find other software to make maps and work with tracks.
10 de 11 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Overpriced. Buy an Auto GPS Instead 21 de mayo de 2011
Por Ray & Catherine - Publicado en
If your intention is to load this on a Garmin hand-held GPS unit, there are better ways to spend your money. The maps must be unlocked for one and only one specific Garmin device. If you lose that device, or it stops working, or you buy a newer device and no longer use the device for which the maps are unlocked, the money you spent on these maps is gone. In order to load the same maps on another device, you would have to pay the full price for the product again. I have a previous version of this product that I purchased several years ago, but when I considered purchasing another license for a newer GPS device, I found that a few things have changed since then.

1. There are numerous auto-specific GPS units on the market now (Garmin Nuvi, Magellan, TomTom, etc.) that have built-in routable street map coverage of the same area (US/Canada), including lifetime map updates and traffic info. Most have a larger screen than a typical handheld GPS that allows you to see street names, etc. more clearly. Some of them are also small enough to carry with you walking or biking if you really wanted street maps while on foot. Many of them only cost around $150 which is a much better value than paying around half of that cost just to add the same map data to a hand-held device that isn't even well suited for street navigation.

2. If you really want/need street maps on your hand-held device, there are several sources that will provide, for free, similar map sets to what this product offers. Some of those free map sets are even kept more up-to-date by individual GPS users who contribute track data, street name updates, etc. Use search terms like "open street maps" or "free routable street maps for garmin" just to see what's available. You may then decide, as I did, that this product is significantly overpriced, and too restrictively licensed, especially considering the marginal value it adds to a hiking/backpacking, small-screen, hand-held GPS.

This product is intended for those who just don't care about the cost or those who just don't want to make any effort to find a less expensive way to add routable street maps to a hand-held, portable GPS. For anyone else, the price vs. value of this mapping product is no longer very attractive.
8 de 9 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Routing for bicycle is not easy 15 de octubre de 2010
Por San - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The Garmin Mapsource DVD is a must when you really want to use a Garmin GPS. The routing with the DVD is rather simple, once you understand how to work with it. The user guide is not always that simple. But for routing a bicycle ride it is not ideal. Google maps does a much better job and leads you through smaller and safer streets. But it is not possible to import the Google route into the Garmin mapsource program. Another option is to use other mapping programs or Google Earth. All in all the bicycle routing is cumbersome. Hopefully Garmin can make an agreement with Google maps to import their routing.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Could be Improved 16 de julio de 2011
Por Timothy Tower - Publicado en
My 62S is my third GPS, purchased April 2011. With it, I purchased the MapSource City Navigator DVDs for NorthAmerica/Mexico (2011.1 NT) and Europe (2012.NT), a DaneElec 4 GB microSD card, and a Colorado Series Bike Mount (#11023). I purchased the 62S & mount from DigitalOasis & the card plus Software from GPScity. Both companies shipped promptly. The 62S has v2.8 software.

My previous two GPSs are the GPSmap76 (purchased 2001) and the Edge 305 bike GPS (purchased 2009). I have used the 76S successfully with Bluechart software for kayaking in the Pacific NW, and with Garmin MetroGuide 2007 for biking around WA State.

I am an Electrical Engineer who writes control software for a living. I have been using the 62S for about 3 months - two months while biking around Seattle, and one month during a trip with my wife to Europe. It has worked OK, and has helped us drive about 1000 miles around Sweden, Norway and S. England. However, I have encountered some frustrations with it and the CN software. Overall, I rate the 62S and CN software 3.5/5 - good, but could be improved. I haven't used other manufacturer's GPSs so maybe this is as good as it gets right now. I have a number of comments about the CN software and the 62S user interface, in the hope that these may be improved in time. I am not an expert in using the 62S so perhaps some criticisms are invalid. In that case, I hope a reader can update me.

The comments below relate to both the City Navigator NorthAmerica 2011 and Europe 2012 Software. For more details, see my review of the 62S in Amazon.

Things I Like: =============
1. The City Navigator 2012 NT Europe maps were more accurate than I expected. We used these in and around Amsterdam, in Prague, In Stockholm, for a 10 day/ 800 mile driving tour of Sweden and Norway, and for 200 miles driving around southern England. Only once did it make a grievous Otherwise, it gave us good directions. It was excellent driving in Stockholm and around Heathrow airport, and walking in Prague. It lacks the detailed database of Points of Interest (POIs) that one finds in Google Maps. In some places, e.g. Prague, it lacks some walking/bike routes (which is my main gripe with the City Navigator NorthAmerica 2011- see comments later on

2. One can install the City Navigator NorthAmerica software on at least 2 PCs. Copies are tied to the same GPS.

Things which could be Improved: =============
1. City Navigator North America 2011 (CNNA) lacks many important Walking/Bike trails. For example, it lacks the Burke-Gilman trail (BGT) in Seattle, perhaps the most used and well known of all bike/walk trails in the city. This makes it hard to plot a bike route between two waypoints. For example, say one wants to bike from Gasworks Park Seattle to Marymoor Park, Redmond. The BGT and Sammamish River Trail will take one the whole way there, about 25 miles, without the need to ride on a regular road. If one asks the CNNA software to plot a route between these two points for a bike, the map will route one on the regular roads used by cars. Some of these (e.g. Lake City Way) are dangerous for bikers. Google Maps (GMaps), on the other hand, proposed the correct bike route, using the BGT / SRT, for the example above.

How, then does one create a bike route using CNNA? I haven't found an easy way to do this. It would be great if one could export a Gmaps route to the Garmin. I find myself plotting the route in Gmaps, and then laboriously recreating this, point by point in CNNA, using the create route tool.

2. Waypoints and Routes sent to the 62S are duplicated if these already exist in the device. For example, assume one has created a route or two with waypoints and has sent these, plus the maps, to the GPS. Then one adds another route to the CN map on the PC, saves this and exports it and its waypoints to the 62S. The new route and waypoints will be sent, plus all the original ones, which will now appear as duplicate entries on the 62S. The only way I have found to avoid this is to deleted all existing routes and waypoints in the 62S, connect it back up to the PC, and then re-export the whole set.

3. Importing Data from the 62S to the CN software is clumsy. It seems one cannot import waypoints or routes created manually on the GPS. Neither can one import saved tracks (only the current (unsaved) track). If one tries this using the CN software, it responds that none were found. However, one can copy saved tracks using Windows Explorer. The 62S appears in the Explorer tree as "GARMIN". Look under the folder \Garmin\GPX, and copy the desired .gpx files to a location on the PC.

4. Route Preferences are global in scope, instead of applying to each route, and are not copied from the CN software to the 62S. For example, assume one wishes to create a walking route. In CN, one goes to Edit\Preferences\Routing and selects "Bicycle" and "Use Direct Routes" under the Routing options. One also sets other options if desired. One then creates and saves the route. Assume one then creates and saves another route, this time for a car. First one must go in and change the preferences to "Car" and "Use Auto Routing". The route will now follow known roads. This change in preferences wont affect the first (bike) route provided one doesn't recalculate the route. So far so good. Assume one then sends these routes to the GPS, which has its route preferences set for "Car" and Lock on Road= True. (The CN settings are not sent to the 62S). If one then tries to navigate the first (bike) route, it will be different from the CN original - the 62S will look for and follow the nearest roads. One must go into Main Menu/ Setup/Routing and change over to "Bicycle" and "Lock on Road" = No. Assume one does this, and the navigates the route. If one then wishes to navigate the second (car ) route, one must go back into Setup and change the options to suit. This can get tedious, especially if some routes have "Avoid Tolls" or "On Road for Time" instead of "On Road for Distance". Route settings should be unique for each route.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The best, but some potential problems 12 de abril de 2012
Por KiwiExpat - Publicado en
Compra verificada
As a long-term user of Garmin products, there was only one choice when heading for the US. But if you do buy maps on any form of media, be careful when you install them. Unless you have a VERY fast & reliable internet connection and lots of time available, DO NOT select the option to download and install updated maps. Do that later.

You see, the problem is that once you select to download the offer4red map update, there is no way to reset the choice if you find that it is taking too long (like, 183 hours, in my case). To be fair, Garmin support did e-mail me an updated MapUpdater that was MUCH faster at downloading, but it still took 28 hours to complete - and that's a lot of time sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee.

At least, if you have to terminate the download session, it does resume from the place that it got up to, so you don't have to start from the beginning again - Intelligent programming, Garmin.

But not being able to reset the choice to do a long download and install from disk is a bad mistake. I hope that you won't get caught like I was...

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