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George de la jungla [DVD]

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4,6 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 526 opiniones de EE. UU.

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En medio de la selva, los gorilas han criado un bebé humano que, al crecer, se convierte en el rey de la jungla. Cuando la bella Úrsula irrumpe en su mundo, George pierde el control de todos los acontecimientos. Deja atrás a todos sus amigos y comienza una nueva aventura en la ciudad de San Francisco.

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Amazon.com: 4.6 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 526 opiniones
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Buy George! 30 de marzo de 2008
Por Servo - Publicado en Amazon.com
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When the classic Jay Ward series Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends was first announced for a DVD release back in 2003, I was already thinking how great it'd be to finally own the complete "George of the Jungle" series on DVD. Who knew it'd be FIVE YEARS before it finally happened? But happen it has, and it was definitely worth the wait. The episodes aren't remastered, but still look pretty good considering the age of the show. The included never-before-seen bonus pilot episodes of George of the Jungle & Super Chicken more than make up for the missing interstitials that originally linked the episodes. Though presented from a 1960s perspective, the humor within the episodes remain timeless. Therein lies the appeal of this set, having all these wildly humorous cartoons in one convenient collection to covet for yourself or to share with your family. It's great to see "George of the Jungle" finally preserved on DVD. And like the Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends sets, this set is also reasonably priced. George of the Jungle - The Complete Series is a 2-disc (198 min.) set featuring all 17 episodes in their original three segment form (George, Tom Slick, Super Chicken; Chicken and Tom switch up by Episode 7) for a total of 51 segments; Full Frame (1.33:1) video; plus extras which include an episode guide insert. Here is a breakdown of the discs straight from the episode guide insert:

Disc 1:

Episode 1
George of the Jungle - The Malady Lingers On
Tom Slick - Monster Rally
Super Chicken - One of Our Statues Is Missing

Episode 2
George of the Jungle - Ungawa the Gorilla God
Tom Slick - Snow What?
Super Chicken - The Oyster

Episode 3
George of the Jungle - Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather
Tom Slick - Send In a Sub
Super Chicken - Wild Ralph Hiccup

Episode 4
George of the Jungle - Monkey Business
Tom Slick - I've Been Railroaded
Super Chicken - The Elephant Spreader

Episode 5
George of the Jungle - The Desperate Showers
Tom Slick - The Cupp Cup Race
Super Chicken - Rotten Hood

Episode 6
George of the Jungle - Little Scissor
Tom Slick - The Great Balloon Race
Super Chicken -The Easter Bunny

Episode 7
George of the Jungle - Next Time, Take The Train
Super Chicken - The Geezer
Tom Slick - Dranko The Dragster

Episode 8
George of the Jungle - The Trouble I've Seed
Super Chicken - The Noodle
Tom Slick - Overstocked

Episode 9
George of the Jungle - Big Flop At The Big Top
Super Chicken - Salvador Rag Dolly
Tom Slick - The Sneaky Sheik

Disc 2:

Episode 10
George of the Jungle - Rescue is My Business
Super Chicken - Merlin Brando
Tom Slick - The Apple-Less Indian 500

Episode 11
George of the Jungle - Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume?
Super Chicken - The Fat Man
Tom Slick - The Double Cross Country Race

Episode 12
George of the Jungle - The Chi Chi Dog
Super Chicken - Briggs Bad-Wolf
Tom Slick - The Cheap Skateboard Derby

Episode 13
George of the Jungle - The Treasure of Sarah Madre
Super Chicken - The Laundry Man
Tom Slick - The Irish Cheapstakes

Episode 14
George of the Jungle - A Man of All Hunting Seasons
Super Chicken - The Muscle
Tom Slick - The Badyear Blimp

Episode 15
George of the Jungle - The Forest's Prime Evil
Super Chicken - Dr. Gizmo
Tom Slick - The Swamp Buggy Race

Episode 16
George of the Jungle - Kings Back to Back
Super Chicken - The Wild Hair
Tom Slick - The Mack Buster Trophy

Episode 17
George of the Jungle - The Sultan's Pearl
Super Chicken - The Zipper
Tom Slick - The Bigg Race

Special Features:
Never Before Seen Pilot Episode - George of the Jungle & Super Chicken

Highly Recommended!
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas great fun 9 de septiembre de 2013
Por lisa lynch - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
As silly as the old TV cartoon show, includes even the condescending narrator. Stupid bad guys, fart jokes, funny and clever dialogue, ridiculous coincidences, a gorilla who wears eyeglasses, beautiful heroes and a treehouse. What more do you need for a good laugh?
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas George, Super Chicken, and Tom Slick 13 de julio de 2009
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en Amazon.com
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This is exactly what it says it is--one of Jay Ward's greatest creations. Best known for Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley DoRight, Ward considered the 'George of the Jungle' to be his best work in terms of production values.

If you aren't familiar with these cartoons, they date back to 1967. Each episode contains three separate, completely unrelated cartoons, George of the Jungle, Tom Slick, and, my favorite cartoon of all time, Super Chicken. All three have the things we love Jay Ward for--comic narration, upstanding, stupid hero (always voiced by Bill Scott, also the voice of Bullwinkle and Dudely) who somehow gets things right, and a good hearted woman who is considerably smarter than them man in the show. And Bullwinkle and Dudley fans will recognize the voices, because Ward used the same three voice actors to voice virtually all his cartoons. If George of the Jungle sounds a lot like Bullwinkle, there's a good reason!

George is the best known of the three, both because of the mid-90s live action film which made a star out of Brendan Frazier (and was very good), and because of the recent Cartoon Network remake. Loveble but dumb George, king of the jungle, cannot even remember he lives in a tree house, and falls every single time he leaves home. When he's not falling, he's running into trees. Ursula (voiced by the marveous June Foray, aka Rocky the Flying Squirrel), his smart (wife? roomie? queen?) more or less runs the show, and Ape, the smartest character, plays chess, philosophizes, and tries to keep George out of the worst of trouble. But good hearted George always charges off to save some animal or another, winding up in mortal peril, but is always saved, sometimes by Ape or Ursula, sometimes by George's own clumsiness, and sometimes by sheer dumb luck.

Tom Slick is Dudley DoRight meets Days of Thunder. In each episode, Tom enters a new race, and some villain tries to cheat to win. Tom's vehicle, the Thunderbolt Greaseslapper, is sometimes a car, but other times is converted to a snowmobile, a boat, a submarine . . . you get the idea. Again, the women are the brains in the operation, with Marigold (again, June Foray) as the Ursula character and the octogenarian Gertie Growler who serves as Tom's mechanic. Tom usually wins; the humor, and this is a funny show, comes in the ridiculousness of the races, the crazy devices the villains use to cheat, and in Tom's carelessness in the face of Marigold's bravery and Gertie's competence.

The crown jewel, in my opinion, of the three is Super Chicken, the least well known of the series. Of the three, Super Chicken relies the most on wit. Super Chicken is the secret identity of Henry Cabot Henhouse the Third, a wealthy playboy whose assistant, Fred the Lion, is even more clueless than Henry. Henry transforms into Super Chicken when he takes the Super Sauce, whose recipe changes every episode, and then heads off to fight change, clucking the traditional cavalry charge tune as only a chicken could. The humor is similar to the others, but Super Chicken's real humor comes through the narrator's breathless, wry-joke-every-line narrator.

Really good if you like this kind of humor. This is the only DVD of an old TV show I have ever bought, and it was well worth it!

++An aside, June Foray is still alive and is into her nineties. She is, as far as I can tell, still active professionally. What a comic genius!
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A Great Movie. On time Delivery 2 de mayo de 2017
Por R M M - Publicado en Amazon.com
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A Great Movie.
On time Delivery.
Thank You.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Four Stars 12 de abril de 2017
Por Que Pasa - Publicado en Amazon.com
Compra verificada
Silly movie that grandkids love.

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