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Gigi - Cera depilatoria de miel para ingles (396 g)

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3,7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 735 opiniones de EE. UU.

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  • Profesionalmente elimina el pello corporal no deseado
  • Deja al instante la piel lisa y libre de pelo
  • Ideal para las zonas más delicadas
  • Fórmula natural

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  • Dimensiones del producto: 15,2 x 12,7 x 10,2 cm ; 399 g
  • Número de modelo del producto: GG330
  • ASIN: B0030ZRS9I
  • Producto en desde: 4 de febrero de 2013
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Descripción del producto

Make sure the wax is at the correct temperature - too hot will burn, and too cold will cause the muslin strip to rip or not adhere properly to the wax., Slight irritation is normal after any waxing session, but swollen, discolored or irritated skin could be the result of poor technique., All purpose wax, Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair, Gentle enough for delicate areas, 14 oz. can

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1ST TIME WAXING - REVIEW 9 de septiembre de 2016
Por Holly - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I had never waxed before, and my sister-in-law recommended this brand to me. Said it was the best. After reading lots of reviews here on Amazon, I agreed that this was the brand I wanted to choose. It seemed like the best quality, gentlest, easy to clean up, etc... I was a little shocked when I received the wax. For some reason I was expecting a plastic tub of wax that I could just pop in the microwave and get going right away. (A plastic tub was what my sister-in-law recommended.) The description did not say this product was one way or the other so I just assumed it was what I was told about.... So, This is a metal container of wax which you can not put in the microwave. It requires you to purchase a wax warmer, which is more money than I really wanted to spend while just getting started. I thought to myself, oh no big deal, I have a candle scent pod warmer that plugs into the wall. I'll just borrow it for a bit to heat the wax. Well, the wax container was a little bit too big around to fit down into the pod warmer. On to plan C: We ended up setting the metal container directly on top of our electric stove. I really don't recommend this but it worked at the time. It only took about 10 mins. to melt the wax.

Applying the wax: We used Gigi Accu Edge Small Applicators that we also purchased. The wax went on better when it was warmer and runnier, you could tell it was cooling off when you could feel it pulling your hair when applying. We then used Gigi's Muslin Epilating Strips to remove the wax and hair.

Clean-up: We really didn't know how to clean off the excess wax from the skin. The only thing we had and ended up working pretty well was an oil that came with a different smaller kit that I had purchased previously. Now that I know a little more about this whole waxing thing and everything needed. I would definitely recommend that if you buy this wax or any other wax that you make sure you get a wax remover product at the same time. Gigi sells a "Wax Off" product that I just found out about.

Links to the other products I mentioned above:
Applicators Gigi Accu Edge Applicators Small, 100 Count
Epilating Strips Gigi Natural Muslin Epilating Strips, Petite, 100 Count
Wax Off Gigi Wax Off, 8 Ounce

As someone who always likes reading reviews before making any online purchases, I just want to do my part by giving my personal experience and opinions on products in order to help you make a more informed purchase.

I hope my review was somehow helpful to you.
If so, please let me know by clicking below. -Thanks!!
15 de 16 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The best! 14 de abril de 2015
Por Cocoa N. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have been using this product off and on for 3 years. I’m African American and the only woman in my family with hairy legs. If I shave today I have stubble tomorrow. When I use this wax I’m hair free for 2-4 weeks. I wasn’t into the idea of going to a salon to pay someone to do something that I believed I was capable of. So I decided to do it myself.
It is a unique sensation. Not unbearable just different. I lay a dollar store plastic tablecloth on the floor before I start. Apply the wax in a thin coat in the direction of the hair growth. I use oil afterward to remove any residual wax from my skin. I apply the oil and rub it away in a warm shower.
Don’t wax near on carpet or furniture. The wax is extremely difficult to remove. If it gets on tile or linoleum us oil to remove it. It is water soluble but oil works best.
I’ve used the oil collars for the warmer. I prefer lining the warmer with aluminum foil. The wax still heats but it doesn’t get inside the warmer. The wax container is metal and cannot be used in the microwave.
You must use muslin to remove this wax but Gigi does make a hard wax.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Wax ya man.. 11 de septiembre de 2015
Por Wolfqueen - Publicado en
Compra verificada
LOVE it, i use it for my (as well as my husbands) waxing's. YES men get waxed too. Trust me ladies best non prickly face/other places ever!!!

If you hate having sand paper grind into your face when you kiss your man, or you don't like for you "miss prissy" to be agitated from his hairs scraping the skin from your nether regions then wax your man! It took some convincing but he finally gave way and let me try it on him (LOL his reactions were priceless!!) But thankfully he can tolerate it enough to keep has made his hair finer and it takes a while to come back not the normal 5 o'clock shadow crap. So we wax his nether regions, as well as his face two points on him that can leave me with serious hair burn...

As for me i use this for my very own bikini wax, and although it hurts like a mother****** i wouldn't stop for anything. Being so clean and smooth down there is priceless and hubby thoroughly kisses away any pain after. ;)
Love GiGi, she makes wonderful products, i paired this with the GiGi warmer as well as the muslin wax.
17 de 19 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Wax 31 de octubre de 2015
Por Nukhet Taneri - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I really, really love this wax. I got the student starter kit around March and got this one to replace the wax I went through around August. So one can lasted me around 5 months, which is great. I use it for my legs and upper lip area and this wax works great on both.

I really like the quality of this wax. I find it very easy to apply and I almost never have to go through the same area more than twice. With that being said, I've not used razors/creams etc. more than a few times in my entire life. I'm 26 and I've been getting waxed since I was 12/13. So having seen it done to me by professionals a billion times, I'm pretty familiar with the application. Since I had a great experience with this wax I thought sharing what I do could be helpful to some people/beginners out there.

The consistency is key. It should be like honey (I actually like it just a tiny bit thicker). Too thick = you'll get a bruise, too thin = you'll burn. I use the Gigi warmer that came with the student kit. When the can is full or 2/3 full, I warm it on high for 15 minutes. If it's half or less than half full, I heat it less (around 10 minutes). Which melts half of the wax and there is an unmelted lump of wax in the middle. The reason I do this is the top center always melts the latest and by then, the rest is too runny for my taste. Waiting everything to melt and turning the warmer off and waiting for a couple of minutes could also work, but I just don't have the patience. Depending on how long it takes you to wax, you might have to turn the warmer on/off a few times to keep the consistency.

Exfoliate & Clean:
Having your skin clean and dry is important. Lotions, water, sweat & oil etc prevents you from applying the wax evenly and even if you manage to apply, it doesn't really stick to your hair so it doesn't work. I also found that exfoliation beforehand helps a lot. It takes off the dead skin & exposes the hair better.

Length of the hair:
If you are a shaver, your hair gets thicker, so it becomes more noticeable. To get results from waxing, you might have to let go for a while (week / 2 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows) and try to live with it, so it gets long enough for the wax to actually pick it up. I had to shave a couple of times and in my case, my hair grows very slow so I had to wait 2 weeks after shaving. I generally wax every 3 - 4 weeks, because the hair in my legs are very thin and they aren't noticeable before week 5.

I've read a lot of reviews about wax being messy, and it is. With every soft wax that will be the case. What I do is to put a few paper towels/old newspapers between where I pick up the wax with the spatula/applicator and where I apply it, because sometimes accidents happen and it really is a hard task to remove it from surfaces. And I recommend using a collar with this wax.

The first thing I do with every new brand or type of wax is to test it in a small area. If you have sensitive skin or allergies I would definitely recommend doing this before anything else. A little bit of redness is normal, but stay away if it makes your skin itch, swell, bruise. I actually test the wax in a small area every time I wax to check the temperature and avoid burning myself.

Powder (or don't):
For the application, some people prefer lightly (key word being light) powder the area. I only use powder on my lips where I can control the amount of wax with my fingers. In my opinion, powder is only good with oily skin or on the areas you might be sweating. My skin is dry, so I don't really need powder on my legs. Also, overdoing the powder can make your job harder than it is, make it hard to apply the wax, create clumps and make the wax useless.

I usually get enough wax to lightly cover the tip (around 1 inch in length) of the applicator. I apply a thin and even layer of wax toward the direction of my hair. I cover a small area, & try to never to cover a larger area than my palm on one go. Applying the wax to a very large area is a huge mistake I've seen my friends do. Wax dries, by the time you get to it so it gets stuck on your body, but it doesn't stick to the strips and so you have a mess on your hands. The quality of the strips are also important. The strips I got with the kit really sucked, so I bought a roll of cloth strips. This way I can cut smaller pieces for my lip without wasting any material. Oh also, you have to pull the strips fast, and in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Pulling closer to your skin and pulling it really fast minimizes the pain.

Pull your skin tight:
In areas where your skin is soft and the surface isn't tight & flat (in my case soft and wobbly inner tighs), you have to pull the skin up and tighten the area before you pull the strips. Otherwise you might pull your skin with the strip, which is crazy painful and you'll definitely get a bruise. Trying to pull the strip slowly can also cause you to get a bruise.

Get it off:
I got a Wax-off with the student kit, but to be honest I only use it if my hands get sticky as I'm waxing. I like to use baby oil, which works way better than any cream that claims to remove wax from your body. I generally wait for an hour or two after I wax, get in the shower and use baby oil with warm water to take the remaining wax off.
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Bad Reaction to Formula/ Not Very Effective 11 de marzo de 2016
Por Steph L - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have mildly sensistive skin, and I tried waxing my legs with this but only got half way through one leg then had to take a break because my skin felt like it had a mild sunburn. I thought maybe I had the warmer up too high (even though I did do a temp test on my wrist and the wax wasn't too hot), so I turned it down from "low" to "warm".

I thought I would try waxing my arms while I gave my legs a break and I did one test spot on the top of my arm and everything seemed fine. I didn't feel any burning sensation or pain, but then within 30 seconds a bunch of welts and blisters started to form where I had waxed on my arm and it suddenly felt like I had a 2nd degree burn.

I'm not sure if it was bad wax or if I'm just allergic to it, but even without the reaction the wax didn't do that great of a job. My leg felt like it does the day after I shave so it wasn't super smooth. I really wanted this to work for me but unfortunately I'm going to have to throw it out.