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Haba - Monstruo Calcetines Cartas

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  • HABA Lucky Sock Dip Card Game

Advertencias: Utilizar bajo vigilancia de un adulto.

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Peso del producto186 g
Dimensiones del producto13,7 x 10,9 x 2,8 cm
Edad mínima recomendada (por el fabricante)3 años y más
Número de modeloHA3615
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Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde11 de julio de 2013
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A fun game filled with color and shape recognition;Enjoyed by parents and kids alike;Made from sturdy cardboard and wood;Recommended for ages 3 and up;Made in Germany

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best Drinking Game Ever 18 de noviembre de 2013
Por Earl Huie - Publicado en
I love HABA games, I've got twin 5 year olds and have quite the HABA game collection. I've played this with my kids and it is ok, you have to go kinda slow to match their speed, which makes it less fun than other HABA games like zippy cars, number dwarves, or rhino hero.


This is my go to drinking game for grownup parties. I brought it to a party last night and had the absolute best time. This is why I like it:

1. Small Box: You can carry it around all night in your pocket and wait to break it out when the mood is right, or not at all. I hate walking into a party with nongamers with a big box o'games, it totally pegs me as a 'game pusher' or 'game geek', which ruins my evening. I think people also get scared of a big box and get defensive about playing too, like they don't want to get dragged into your realm of nerdiness. At least in the USA I think most people believe table top games are for kids or uber-geeks, so a big box really plays on that vibe.

2. Approachable: The game looks a little kidish, which is cool, because it makes it more approachable. "Yes, I am drinking, oh, you have a game, oh, but I don't want to think too hard, oh, that's a kids game, well, how hard can it be then, sure, I'm down".

3. Simple Rules: Everyone does laundry and has trouble matching up different kinds of socks correctly, find X matches, grab the little green dude, and you win the round.

4. Dirty: This step is *****CRITICAL***** The first round you need to make this game as cut throat and dirty as possible, to change it from a kids game into a no-holds-bar, rock-em-sock-em, free for all, grab-athon. I tell people, "Yeah, it's like a fight at the DVD discount bin at a Black Friday Sale". Shuffle the deck, spread the cards on the table, and shout GO! Play dirty! Mix up the cards in the center of the table while people are sorting through them, grab opponents unguarded matches they THINK are safely set aside, grab a handful of cards and start laying them out on a chair instead of the table, grab the green alien guy and throw him across the room so no one can grab him and end the game, get people to fight with each other and use the opportunity to find your matches while they are distracted, at some point last night the dealer threw the cards on the table and some ended up on the floor, I picked them up and HID UNDER THE TABLE when they weren't looking. If you don't hear some one say, "hey that's cheating" at least once per round, you aren't playing right. Add booze to the mix and insanity will ensue.

5. I'm not chauvinistic, but I think women do MUCH better at this game than men, which drives us dudes nuts and makes the ladies feel special. Maybe it's the whole evolutionary genetics thing of men having tunnel vision and women seeing everything at once. Whatever it is, the guys get all macho and start fighting with each other, while the women sting them with verbal barbs and DOMINATE. Equal challenge in a party game where women have an advantage is kinda rare in my limited experience (unless we are talking 7 minutes in heaven).

Well that's why I like it. Here's a couple things to watch out for:

1. Things can get a little out of hand, so you will probably need to say something like, "just don't hit me in the face, because that's how I make my money", or "yeah, you just knocked that guy out cold, but you still haven't won the game yet".

2. The cards are going to get DESTROYED, they will be bent up, torn up, hidden in pockets, lost in chandeliers. You'll be extremely lucky to get all sock cards back into the box at the end of the night. Talk about art imitating life; whenever I do laundry it always seems like some socks get lost in the wash. Just roll with it and have fun, be all OCD with your other big box board games, this one is cheap enough to be semi-disposable. Hell, if you buy a few, you can make a wooden green alien collection, which might bring you as much luck as those hairy troll dolls old ladies bring to bingo night, but I digress...

In conclusion, buy it for the kids, but unlock the full potential of this game by adding alcohol and rowdy grownups for some ridiculous SHE-NAN-IGANS!!
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Fun for kids, not so much adults 14 de enero de 2010
Por Hiawhatha - Publicado en
This is one of those games made for kids to play with each other and not against a parent. It is mostly a matching game, with an added element of time and counting.

Each person has to find 5 matches and then grab the 'sock monster'. We have the "Socken Zocken" version, so you are also supposed to yell "SOCKEN ZOCKEN"! The person to win 3 games total is the overall winner.

This game is great for kids to play with each other. But to add an adult in, there is a need for the adult to hold back quite a bit. (Not that there is anything wrong with this, it just doesn't make it very enjoyable to play as a family.)

It is good for learning matching skills, colors and beginner counting. My 6 year old got bored of the game before she became good at it. So while we played it for a good year, now it sits in the closet until her 3 year old brother can grasp the concept. Perhaps then she will want to play again, too?

It is colorful and more interesting than many of the other matching type games we have tried. Haba is always impressive with their quality and design.

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