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Honeywell HT-900 - Ventilador (Negro)

4,3 de un máximo de 5 estrellas
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4,3 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 12.188 opiniones de EE. UU.

Precio: EUR 72,10 Envío gratis.
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  • High-performance desk fan with aerodynamic wind tunnel design, three speed motor, variable 90° tilt head and wall mounting feature (hardware included).
  • Versatile aerodynamic wind tunnel design provides fast, focused cooling.
  • Powerful three-speed motor with high, medium and low operation options.
  • Variable tilt head pivots 90° for use as an air circulator.
  • For desk top use or wall mount (hardware included).

Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Identificador de producto del fabricanteHT900
Peso del producto1,5 Kg
Dimensiones del producto28,5 x 16,4 x 28 cm
Número de modelo del productoHT-900
Número de productos1
Tipo de montajeMesa
Características especialesModo de ahorro de energía
Incluye bateríasNo
Necesita bateríasNo
Peso1.5 kilogramos
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº243.586 en Bricolaje y herramientas (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Producto en desde4 de agosto de 2012

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Color del producto: Negro
Modo de ahorro de energía: Si
Número de velocidades: 3
Ubicación: Mesa

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Opiniones de clientes

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Little fan moves a ton of air! 15 de abril de 2017
Por NEPA Pizza Review - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought this fan because our house does not have good circulation unless we are running the central air. We can open all the windows and air still doesn't seem to move. My wife and I also have a challenge because I need moving air to sleep and she cannot have any moving air or she gets an ear ache and headache! I read a little about air circulators and how they can move air around a room effectively, so I thought for $14 bucks I would make a minimal investment and give this a try. I found out very quickly that this tiny little fan can really move the stale air with very little noise. When I started it up on high speed, it didn't feel like it was moving a very impressive amount of air close up, but as I moved away 5, 10, 15, and 20 feet it seemed as if there was a concentrated cylinder of air moving in a vortex of sorts. I was pretty amazed. I placed this on the floor in the corner of our bedroom and aimed it at the ceiling toward the opposite corner of the room. It really moved the air around the room nicely without the violent blowing and noise of a box fan. For me, the moving indirect air is enough to keep me sleeping comfortably through the night and I hope that this indirect air doesn't end up giving my wife ear aches over the long haul. I have to believe this fan uses far less energy than the huge box fans that are clumsy and inefficient. I'm sold on air circulators, and will probably pick up a few more for other rooms in the house. If this review, photos and video helped you, please let me know by clicking "YES" below. Thanks so much!

PROS: moves a big vortex of air like I didn't expect, quiet, energy efficient
CONS: None
UPDATE: Because I was so satisfied with this product and its low price, I went and purchased a 2nd air circulator.
67 de 68 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A poem about a fan. 21 de abril de 2017
Por lowendmadness - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I'm quite a large man, my temperature's hot
My blood boils and churns like a cast iron pot
The last fan I had, made hardly a breeze
As sweat pools collected and I smelled like wet cheese
It made lots of noise and drowned out all sound
While meanwhile a sweat pool dripped onto the ground
I could no longer take it, my face was on fire!
I felt like a bonfire that was fed with a tire
So I looked up this fan, It had good reviews
And it could ship quickly (really good news)
It came in the mail and I plugged it right in
And felt the cool breeze make its way to my skin
I was cool! I was comfy! My attitude shifted
I felt like a schoolbus or house could be lifted
So if you are warm, or got forbid hot
PLEASE BUY THIS FAN, it's the best one I've got.
915 de 969 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent fan with a single glaring con,for those young at heart 5 de julio de 2015
Por Anthony - Publicado en
Compra verificada
let me start off by saying this: Before this fan I was sweating enough to get us out of the California drought. With this fan now I am cool as a cucumber I have not drippity drop dropped a single sweat in my room ever since I plopped this puppy on my desk.

BUT..I cannot talk into the fan and distort my voice which really let down my inner 6 year old self.

Still 5 stars, but for those of you looking to distort your voice by speaking into your new beloved table fan, look elsewhere. If the above doesn't apply to you stop reading this nonsense and buy the thing already!
29 de 30 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas "TurboForce" doesn't say it right... "TurboHurricane", maybe? 21 de mayo de 2017
Por the 13th Doctor - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Let's be realistic: when you buy a fan, you want it to move the air. This beauty does it IN SPADES! Even on low, it is still pushing quite a bit of air and does so relatively quietly. I set it up a few feet from my bed thinking it was "enough". Wrong. It's almost too much, and from me, that's saying something. If I lay with my back to it (like I normally would) there is enough wind going past my ears that IT MAKE A SOUND - yes, literally the wind rushing past my ear. And that's on low from 3 feet away! ... Frankly, I LOVE IT! I have had too many little fans that just couldn't live up to the task. But this little jewel does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do. But be advised, it makes noise. Especially on high. This is a FAN! And I am a FAN of this fan!
963 de 1.013 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Comparison to the Chillout Fan 14 de junio de 2012
Por Sam - Publicado en
Are you in the market for a $16 smallish fan? Then you are probably trying to decide between the Honeywell Chillout and the Honeywell TurboForce. I have both and like both, but both are suited for slightly different settings. In a nutshell, the Chillout pushes less air but has quieter operation (and a more pleasing tone, but that is subjective); and, the Honeywell has more options (tilt, 3 speed settings) and a more stable base (and as you can guess pushes more air with it's larger fan blades and is louder). So in the end you need to decide which fan will work better for you.

Air Flow: Winner = Tie
- (+1 Honeywell) Based upon my observations the Honeywell low setting produces airflow in between the low and high setting on the Chillout. The medium setting on the Honeywell gives more airflow than the high setting on the Chillout. The high setting on the Honeywell give more airflow than can be achieved by the Chillout.
- (+1 Chillout) As a consequence of this, however, the Chillout allows you to have a truly low setting for those instances you just want a touch of airflow. The Honeywell is still pretty powerful at its lowest setting. For us, this comes in handy in our daughter's room. This way our baby monitor (audio only) is not overpowered by the strong gust/sound from the Honeywell. Now my daughter is allowed to use a fan overnight - with the Honeywell, we would shut it off before going to bed.

Sound: Winner = Chillout
- Chillout: 80 decibels (dB) directly in front of the fan, 70 dB about three feet in front of the fan, 45 dB about three feet to the side of the fan.
- Honeywell: 80 dB directly in front of the fan, 75 dB about three feet in front of the fan, 50 dB about three feet to the side of the fan.
- As I mentioned above, I fell the tone of the sound from the Chillout is closer to white noise, whereas the Honeywell motor overpowers the sound and is higher pitched. The Honeywell sound is not annoying, just louder and less pleasing (for those that like white noise).

Stability: Winner = Honeywell
- The Honeywell has a solid base that allows uniform distribution of weight across the entire base. It sits well in window sills with extended platforms in front.
- The Chillout has a pair of feet in the front that is connected by a cross bar. The back is a fin similar to the front feet, but pointing backwards. The depth of the Chillout is slightly less than the Honeywell. I thought this might add to stability when used in a window sill or the platform in front of a window if you have one; however, I did not find this to be the case. I found that with the feet design, the Chillout has a more concentrated distribution of weight and therefore has a tendency to slip and fall to the side when used in situations that are not perfectly stable.
- Case in point - our windows have platforms that sit in front of the window. They run about four and a half inches wide. The Honeywell sits on these with not problem despite extending about an inch or so beyond the platform. The Chillout, despite being only about a half inch beyond the platform, want to fall forward and off the platform because of the shape and position of the front feet and lack of other contact points. We have to use something underneath the fan to extend the effective platform width to keep the fan in place.

This review is re-posted as a Chillout review.