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Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai [Francia] [DVD]

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Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai, 1 DVD


L'histoire se passe dans un petit village du Rajasthan. Une fille aveugle, Durga, vit avec sa mère veuve. Bien qu'étant aveugle, Durga a un don spécial, elle fait de belles sculptures en argile d'idoles. Un jour, Durga est sauvée par le beau Rohit, alors qu'elle est sur le point de tomber dans un fossé. Ils apprennent à se connaître et bien qu'elle ne puisse pas le voir elle tombe amoureuse de lui , ébahi par l'art de Durga et sa beauté, Rohit l'aime au premier regard... C'est le point de départ d'une magnifique histoire d'amour.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Romance,Loyalty & Friendship :) 15 de abril de 2011
Por TracyAlexandra7511 - Publicado en
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Warning!! This Review contains SPOILERS!!! If you've seen "Mujhse Dosti Karoge!" w/Hrithik Roshan (yummy!),Rani Mukherjee & Kareena Kapoor,then you'll Love this movie. I have read reviews on Internet Movie Database (IMDB.COM), the reviews compare this film to Fanaa w/Kajol & Aamir Khan. I believe it's b/c Kajol is blind & then regains her eyesight & the basic plot altogether supposedly is similar. Now to my review of "Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai" which I believe translates to "I'm in love with you" :) the main characters are:Arjun Rampal (delicious), Amisha Patel & Bobby Deol. The story revolves around Amisha Patel (she's blind), Arjun Rampal (her love interest) & Bobby Deol (he loves Amisha but she still loves Arjun). At thd beginning of the film,Arjun rescues Amisha from falling off a cliff. From this moment on Amisha falls in love with Arjun & the love is reciprocated. Amisha is a known sculptor in her small town. One night she takes some clay and touches Arjun's face spreading clay over his face,so that she can sculpt his face out if the clay. She sculpts his face perfectly. Arjun takes her to an Opthamologist that comes from Switzerland,after running some tests the Dr. concludes that Amisha can regain her eyesight by way of an operation he can perform. In the meantime, Amisha & Arjun go to a fair & Amisha's mother finds out that a criminal/thug that has come back to town,has his eyes set on Amisha. Upon finding out she's in love w/Arjun & at the fair he attempts to kill Arjun. Amisha's mother jumps in front of the thug & takes the bullet to save Amisha & Arjun. Amisha's mother dies. Arjun fights off the thug,Rana & he's arrested. Arjun takes Amisha yo the hospital,so that she can go through with the operation. After the operation is final,Amisha's eyes are bandaged & Arjun promises her that when the bandages come off she'll finally be able to see Arjun's face & they'll be married. The day before the bandages come off, Arjun goes to town to organize the wedding preparations. As bad luck would have it, Arjun is attacked by Rana & his thugs,as much as he tries to fight them off he's outnumbered & it looks like he's dead. Or so we think. Amisha receives the bad news & tries to commit suicide unsuccessfully. The Dr. adopts Amisha as his daughter & decides to take her to Switzerland as a change of atmosphere,hoping it will pull her out of her depression. The Dr. takes Amisha to a party, here Bobby Deol notices her. Bobby Deol tries to win her over & woo her unsuccessfully. The Dr. tells Amisha that she must let go of the past & try to be happy with Bobby & give him a chance. Amisha tries but she's just still in love with Arjun. Bobby in a fit of anger shows Amisha pictures of his childhood friend that has been dead for about 6 mos. now. Who's in the pictures?! None other than Arjun,but since Amisha NEVER saw him,she doesn't know. Amisha decides yo give Bobby a chance & tries to fall in love with him & accepts his proposal of marriage. Bobby takes Amisha back to his hometown & during the engagement party he receives a call. The call is from a military base hospital that has been treating Arjun for the past 6 mos. & he just came out of a coma. Bobby takes off mid-party to pick up his dear friend. Bobby brings Arjun to his engagement party & he couldn't be happier. Arjun sees Amisha at the party & he leaves in tears. Bobby goes looking for him & Arjun gives him an excuse for having left abruptly. The following day, Arjun is going to be introduced to Amisha however Arjun doesn't speak. Amisha hears Arjun speaking & she instantly knows it's her "Babbu". Amisha takes her father,the Dr. to see Arjun & Bobby from afar to see if it's her "Babbu" Amisha's dad tells her it's not him. In the following scene we see, the Dr. & Arjun speaking,the Dr. is advising Arjun to come clean & tell Bobby & Amisha the truth. Arjun would rather sacrifice his love for the sake of his loyalty to his childhood friend,Bobby. One night, the lights go out in Bobby's family's palace & both Amisha & Arjun wander about. Arjun bumps into Amisha & she feels his face, only to confirm it's her "Babbu" Amisha confronts Arjun & Arjun tells her to forget him for the sake of Bobby, who will make her happier than he ever could. On the day of the wedding,Bobby verbally accuses Arjun of stealing his bride & Amisha speaks in Arjun's defense. She tells Bobby that she's ALWAYS BEEN IN LOVE W/Arjun & ALWAYS WILL BE. Bobby looks at the Dr. & tells him that their plan worked. Bobby hugs Arjun & tells him that he's an extremely loyal friend & that how could he sacrifice his love for the sake of his friendship. Arjun & Amisha get married :) This is why I compare this film to "Mujhse Dosti Karoge!" where Kareena Kapoor sacrifices her love to allow Rani & Hrithik to marry, since they were in love with each other from before. I loved this film, it was full of romance & even though it's typical Bollywood, I for one happen to LOVE BOLLYWOOD. By the way ladies, there's plenty of eye candy with the gorgeous Arjun,I love him!! Bobby Deol isn't bad to look at either & Amisha Patel will be eye candy for the guys. The clothing that Amisha had on, during the film was gorgeous. There are quite a bit of songs, in this film, they're quite romantic. Watch this film & I hope this review will be helpful :)
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great Movie bad Disk. Rip Off!!!! 7 de agosto de 2011
Por Awa Ndoye - Publicado en
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I LOVE this movie but buy it from ANOTHER SELLER!!! The RATING is only for the FILM!!!

I watched this film on YT loved it and decided to purchase the DVD. Unfortunately, I received a bad disk with scratch and even dirt on it and packaged in a way that made it look brand new. Total RIP OFF!!! Unfortunately, I will have to purchase another DVD. BOO!!! I guess you get what you payed for in this case. I will NEVER PURCHASE from this seller (Bollywood Video) ever AGAIN.

Now onto the movie:

I absolutely loved this movie in fact I'm already addicted to it. Great looking cast, well acted with a great written love story that showcase True Friendship and the sacrifices one is willing to make. Movies like these rarely come out of Bollywood anymore. This is what Classic Bollywood Cinema was about. I truly enjoyed this film though cheesy (like the typical Bollywood film) it definitely is one to keep. The music was good, great dancing and songs were hummable. I especially loved the title song...very beautiful indeed. I think this movie is underrated if you ask me. I definitely RECOMMEND it. :)

Btw, I must add that Arjun Rampal is one gorgeous looking man. OMG!!! I just had to say that. :p And if you wanna know more about his talent then I recommend watching Rock ON, Rajneeti and Yakeen--Excellent Films!!!
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A must see. 13 de febrero de 2015
Por mention not - Publicado en
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This is a movie with both Arjun Rampal and Amesha Patel at their gorgeous best. The movie has some ups and downs, but as with most Indian movies, the ending is worth waiting for.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not bad at all 26 de febrero de 2016
Por sarahm - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
Being a female, I enjoyed it for obvious reasons.
Apart from that, it is actually a good movie, it has a decent script, powerful performances and does not get boring at all. Watched it mainly for the two main actors.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Four Stars 31 de mayo de 2016
Por Ranjit Abeyegoonewardene - Publicado en
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