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InvisibleSHIELD - Protector de pantalla para Motorola Milestone 2

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3,6 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 27 opiniones de clientes

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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Nombre del modeloFFMOTDRO2S
Año de fabricación2014
Dimensiones del producto1,9 x 12,7 x 21,6 cm
Número de modelo del productoFFMOTDRO2S
Número de productoMOTDRO2S
Aparatos compatiblesDroid 2, Motorola, Teléfono móvil/smartphone
Número de productos1
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Pilas / baterías necesariasNo
Información adicional
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde31 de mayo de 2012
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Otras características:
Cantidad por paquete: 1
Color del producto: Transparente
Compatibilidad: Droid 2
Easy to apply: Si
Marca compatible: Motorola
Scratch resistant: Si
Tipo de dispositivo: Teléfono móvil/smartphone

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Opiniones de clientes

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5 estrellas
4 estrellas
3 estrellas
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Will not scratch, if you don't mind the quirks 20 de julio de 2012
Por Dominick C. Pastore - Publicado en
Compra verificada
A Zagg InvisibleShield is an excellent screen protector. It does more than protect the actual screen by taking the scratches itself--it actually prevents scratches in the first place! I say this after using them for two years now and not finding a single scratch yet. They're not a miracle solution though, since they have their quirks that other protectors don't have.

First, it's made of a rubbery (but very durable) material, and you can feel that when you use your phone. It definitely doesn't feel like the glass screen itself. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but worth mentioning.

Second, while the screen doesn't scratch, it does get little dents instead. These aren't as noticeable and not nearly as ugly as scratches in my opinion, but again, it's worth mentioning.

Finally, and more annoying, is that the material it's made of absorbs water. I know this sounds really strange, since it doesn't look like it should at all, but it's true. This matters because drops of water on the screen get interpreted as touches by the Droid 2, because of however the touch screen works. So, if your pocket gets soaked in the rain and your screen is against your wet pocket, for example (which has happened to me before), you'll have to take your phone out of your pocket and wait about 15-20 minutes for the screen protector to dry out before your phone will be usable again. There's no permanent damage, though.

One other note: These use a wet application process. You spray the shield with the special applicator liquid before applying it to your phone. Some people consider this a negative since the liquid could potentially soak into crevices and damage the phone. I suppose it's possible, but I've never worried about that since it's so little liquid and the phone is supposed to be off when applying it. To the contrary, I see it as a huge plus since it doesn't get stuck as soon as it touches the screen, giving you a few tries to line it up perfectly.

Don't be discouraged by the nuisances. This is an excellent screen protector, which is why I gave it 5 stars without question. As I said, there hasn't been a single scratch on my devices after 2 years. Unless any of the quirks are deal breakers, get this screen protector! You won't be disappointed.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Installation not a problem if you follow instructions exactly. 16 de noviembre de 2011
Por Malfunction - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Zagg has been the leader in screen protectors when it comes to your digital devices. I put one on my wife's iPod touch without incident so I decided to get one for my phone when the old one started peeling.

As always, shipping was fast and the price was right.

I applied the screen protector as directed, but found that it had some slight imperfections in it, even though there was no dirt underneath it. The instructions said that these would work themselves out in a few days and that if I wanted to accelerate the process, I could use a hairdryer, but to make sure not to overheat the device. Sure enough, after a day or two, the minor defects were gone and the screen was perfect.

There is no difference in visibility of the screen of the phone than when it was out of the box. My old protector was a peel and stick type dry-application and it had a slight distortion to it that blurred the screen if you looked close enough. This one, however, does not have that same issue. Crystal clear.

These things are indestructible. I carry my phone in my pocket (with an otterbox case) with my keys, and I haven't had any issues. I normally set my phone face-down on the table and I have yet to see any damage to the protector. The one on my wife's iPod is still going strong and she's harder on electronics than I am.

For those that are scared about doing a wet-installation, here is my advice:
1. This is not a quick job. It takes patience and time.
2. Wash your hands. The natural oil from your fingertips will contaminate things and make it more difficult.
3. Cleanliness - Be sure to remove all fingerprints, dust, dirt, etc... from the screen before application. Use the fiber cloth provided and clean the screen, then clean it again, and again. Dust particles are hard to see and while the wet-install does minimize the effects of contamination, since you only get one shot, make it count.
4. Turn off all fans. They move dust around and can contaminate the screen after you've thoroughly cleaned it several times.
5. Be sure to wet your fingertips with the solution provided before handling the protector. Fingerprints contaminate the application.
6. Be quick, but not too quick. After you clean the screen, take as little time as possible to prep the screen protector. The more time you take, the more change there is for dust to settle on the clean phone screen.
7. Don't over-spray and have a towel handy. Spray a few times to wet the protector, but don't over-spray it. Have towels handy to soak up excess so it doesn't damage the phone. If you do it right, there shouldn't be much.
8. You've got about 15-20 seconds before the adhesive sets, so immediately after you press it to the phone, you can move it into position, but don't take too long.
9. Work out all the air with the squeegee provided.
10. Let it sit to cure for about a half-hour. Then you're good to go. Small imperfections work themselves out after a few days.

There are videos online of how to do the install. I suggest watching them.

Also, if you're just not confident enough, you can take it to your local BestBuy and they do wet-installations for about $10 extra.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Less snug than the Milestone, update: 5/25/12 And that's okay 20 de junio de 2011
Por James M. Mueller - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This is the third ZAGG screen protector for my Droid 2 that I've had to buy, however it is the first Droid 2 version, as the local stores had only the Milestone (Droid 1) versions in stock.

First, this is not the 3rd I've had to buy because there was a problem with them. The first one went with the phone when it got returned due to dead pixels and power issues. The second I erroneously thought was causing a problem with my screen and so I removed it (the problem was from my having had wet hair from a shower and using the phone).

Installation is easy and straight forward, as this is my third run at invisibleSHIELD installation it was a snap, and as usual within a few days all the bubbles were gone. The three cut out holes that another reviewer commented on are there for the proximity sensor, the notification light, and the ambient light detector. While I'm not sure how much the screen protector would interfere with them, I am grateful not to have to find out (and have to cut them out myself).

Personally I prefer the Milestone cover now that I've had the Droid 2 version. Why? It provides a true edge to edge cover, fitting just inside the bevel (only less than half a mm of material must be trimmed from all four corners to keep the protector from eventually lifting up) on all sides of the screen. The Droid 2 protector leaves 1.5 mm edge between the screen protectors edges and the side bezels of the screen (the top and bottom are much closer), so is not as seamless in appearance as what I have gotten with the Milestone cover.

The screen is easier to keep clean and has a better texture (to my fingers) with the protector than without. Most noticeably is that the screen of the Droid 2 is a fingerprint grease magnet, while the InvisibleSHIELD doesn't make it as obvious that fingerprints and smear marks are on the screen (which means they cause much less interference for using the phone).

As far as screen protectors go, I've had no real issues with ZAGG. They do eventually wear down if you keep your keys and phone in the same pocket. If you want a glass smooth surface when the phone is off, I've yet to get one with ZAGG, it's more of a leather texture. But if my phone is off, why do I can what it looks like. It decreases the screen clarity an brightness only a little bit.

For not perfect sizing, I will give it 4 stars, this is after all advertised as precision cut, and that is not precise.

UPDATE 02/08/2012
I'm still using the last ZAGG Invisible Shield I put on my Droid 2, and it has no painful defects. A few puckers the size of a fine ink dot. Surface still feels good under the finders, and isn't showing smears.

UPDATE 05/25/2012
Here it is a year later, and I have to buy a new Zagg Invisishield. Again this isn't because the shield needs replaced from wear and tear, but I had to have the phone replaced due to the micro USB port failing. It says something about the quality of the product when it lasts longer than the phone. I'm upping my review to 5 stars, because I've noticed that the issues with the screen protector being smaller actually were a minor help in it lasting longer (the edges were more secure).

The only thing I noticed, was when I pulled off the protector on my old phone to look at it, is that it was slightly greyed (like it had absorbed color). This means over the long time it likely affects color, but I would never have noticed.

Honestly I'm looking forward to getting my replacement screen, because I don't like the smear marks my fingers are already leaving on my new screen, and it feels weird. Also, I know I can easily scratch it and ruin it (with the shield on I've shot it across concrete to no effect).
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas High quality- amazing feel 25 de abril de 2014
Por Icarus Cottontail - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Feels extremely high quality and vinyl-like. Not like any other cheap screen protector out there. From an angle, it looks like a super thin microscopic layer of clear goo. I don't know what it is made of, but I have become obsessed with the material itself. I no longer am as addicted to my apps as I am with just staring at the film itself, mesmerized by the way it seamlessly blends in at the edges. Feeling it is very pleasurable as well. Poking it feels like poking a vintage inflatable duck from the 70s. I never thought I would say this having come from a resistive screen, but I think I like using my capacitive touch screen now.
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Really thick, but scratches still suck 18 de diciembre de 2011
Por R. McCullough - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought this along with an Otterbox to make my phone indestructible (didn't know that Otterbox cases come with screen covers). The "installation instructions" are pretty cool - you have to spray some stuff on the screen and on the screen protector before you apply it. I don't know, they just really make it seem like something awesome and important.

Anyway, this screen protector is really thick and all. but I got a pretty deep scuff on this one part, and it's been driving me absolutely insane. The area that's scratched is blurry, and every time I use my phone, it's pretty much the first thing I look at. It depresses me, honestly. But I guess that's what it's there for, to protect the actual screen and let this stupid thing take the beating.

Still want to rip this damn thing off every time I look at my phone, though. :/

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