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JayBird JB-SB2 - Auriculares con diadema deportiva y bluetooth color rojo/blanco

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Nuevos: 2 desde EUR 440,67

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Peso del producto408 g
Dimensiones del producto5,7 x 19,7 x 19,7 cm
Pilas:1 Iones de litio (Tipo de pila necesaria)
Número de modelo del productoSB2RR
Número de productoJB-SB2-RUNNERRED
Potencia de salida0.15 vatios
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Pilas / baterías necesariasNo
Incluye mando
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SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones
USB Cable
Spare earpads
Get Started Guide (Download full user manual)

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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Buyer Beware 29 de marzo de 2011
Por Jeff0807 - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I purchased the Jaybird Sportsband bluetooth headphones from Ace Photo through Amazon in January. They quit working about 5 weeks later. I was told by the vendor that they could no longer warranty them and I should contact the manufacturer. What ensued was a 2 month cat and mouse where Jaybird has done everything they can to not stand behind their product. I had to send the proof of purchase in 5 different formats before they reluctantly agreed I had in fact purchased said product. They then suggested the vendor was not a supported vendor, but after 4 days relented and said the vendor was ok. Now they have accepted my request for exchange; however, when they did not receive the headphones back within 48 hours, they threatened to cancel my request. The product had great performance for the 5 weeks they worked. They failed while sitting on my head in a dry warm environment. I have low expectations for actually getting them exchanged based on my experience with the manufacturer thus far. I also have low expectations on them lasting very long after I get them back. I have since purchased some Motorola bluetooth headphones and they are still working. If the Jaybird headphones had better quality, they would be preferable over the Motorola ones. I would recommend anyone considering purchase to read all reviews of these headphones and "Buyer Beware".UPDATE: The product is now on backorder; only the color combination I ordered is on backorder though. I expect that I will never get an exchange or my money back. I went to Best Buy and purchased a set of the top of the line Motorola bluetooth headphones. It was quicker than ordering through Amazon, and if I have problems I can go deal with people instead of an online run around. This experience has left me rather jaded about buying products through Amazon and I haven't purchased anything through them since.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Cool design but with practical flaws 9 de mayo de 2011
Por Miles D. Stevenson - Publicado en
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I've had my JayBird Sportsband for about three months now and used it quite a bit while running, cycling, and at the gym. At first, I was really impressed with this product and thought I had found the perfect athletic headphones but, after a while, several practical issues became more apparent, and I'm ultimately going to be using a different pair of headphones during my workouts.

Here are some of the best features of this product, which has also been noted by several other reviewers here:

-Attractive look
-Easy to clean
-Convenient controls (especially for iPhone 4)
-Pretty good sound quality for athletic headphones
-Convenient microphone included for taking calls while at the gym.
-Lack of wires while working out is fantastic.

Now let me point out some of the issues that cropped up over time for me:

-I have a big head. Big enough to where it is difficult to find sunglasses that fit me well. This headset is flexible and fits my head, but after wearing it for about an hour begins to irritate my ears quite a bit, since the band squeezes on my ears. Wearing this set for a 2 hour work out gives me really sore ears.

-I sweat a LOT. I'm probably one of the sweatiest people at my gym, my shirt often drenched all the way down to my waist. I can definitely vouch that this headset does not short out due to sweat. However, the design of the ear pads on this set result in the black foam pads soaking up sweat like a sponge. At the end of a long work-out, the ear pads are completely soaked and more than a little uncomfortable.

-Since these headphones cover your ears, they heat up a lot more during your workout than earbuds. I can easily become over-heated and irritable due to a build-up of body head on my head. Sometimes I need to take them off for a while to let my ears cool down.

-The bluetooth controls are VERY convenient. I use them a lot to skip songs when my workout playlist is on shuffle and to adjust volume. But, I end up forgetting to charge this headset all the time. I've had several times when I just didn't realize it was low on power, and ended up running out of power while at the gym. There isn't a good battery indicator on this device, only a flashing red light when the battery is really low. Having to remember to charge this device every day became a bit annoying for me, especially when I'm in a hurry to get out of the door to fit a workout in during the day.

-Any time I do exercises where my head is on a bench or resting in an odd position, these end up getting in the way. I have to take them off during bench presses and similar exercises. They stay on perfectly fine when your head is upright, but start to lose their grip on your head when you are lying down.

As far as sound quality goes, these are pretty good for athletic headphones. Of course, these will never sound nearly as good as high-end or even mid-range hifi headphones or earbuds. But then again, no pair of headphones that were designed for athletic use will sound that good. I have a pair of $500 Shure 535 ear-buds that are a dream, but I would never use them while running or at the gym. As far as headphones that are more practical for working out, these aren't bad, and are similar in quality to the stock ear-buds that come with the iPod/iPhone. But like another reviewer noted, these bluetooth headphones do occasionally cut out for a split second and have a harder time maintaining a solid wireless signal when you are outdoors. As long as your music device is on an arm-band instead of in your pocket, you should be mostly fine. If you are in-doors, it really isn't a problem. I only ever have signal problems when I am outside and my iPhone is in my pocket or further away from the headset.

So that is about it. These are definitely cool headphones and I've had several people stop me at the gym to ask about them because they are cool looking. But they just aren't for me. I'm convinced that athletic ear-buds are the way to go since they are lighter, don't collect as much sweat, keep my head cool, and don't hurt my ears after an hour of usage. I'll be sacrificing the convenience of bluetooth for a wire that I'll have to run under my shirt, but at least I won't have to worry about charging my headphones or running out of power.

I ordered the Sennheiser Adidas OMX 680i Sports Headset from Amazon and it should arrive any day now. I'll post a review of that headset after I've used it for at least a week.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Good but not perfect 23 de agosto de 2010
Por Sam Yang - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought these headphones about one month ago to go on daily runs. I typically pair it with my HTC Evo, which I carry in an SPI belt. I received the headphones in a clear, minimalistic box with a tiny instruction pamphlet, a charger, and 2 extra sets of ear piece covers.

- They work (most of the time - see below). The audio sounds good (but then again I'm not an audiophile) and is loud enough relative to Manhattan streets.
- They look awesome. People will sometimes stare or ask about them when I'm stopped at an intersection.
- The range is decent on the bluetooth connection. I can walk around my room and living room with no problems or drop in reception.
- They fit pretty snugly on my head and don't ever feel like they would fall off, although there are times when the ear piece slides slightly toward the front of my head, making it so that the music isn't directed directly into my ears.
- So far the headphones have been very durable. It looks exactly the same as the first day I got them and the ear piece covers haven't shown any wear as of yet.

- The bluetooth pairing can sometimes be a serious pain. You have to turn on the headphones before turning on the bluetooth on the HTC Evo or it won't pair correctly. Sometimes it will pair but you won't be able to hear any music. Sometimes it will pair with headphones and the music sounds all jumbled and the controls won't work.
- Occasionally there will be moments when the music stops for a few seconds and then resumes.
- The controls can throw you off. The volume control doesn't control the volume on your device so you have to set your device music volume to an adequate level before changing it on the headphones - which can be a hassle if you didn't have it loud enough and then you need to take out your device in the middle of a run to change the volume.
- The fact that the left side has "fake" buttons makes the headphones seem a little cheap. I feel like additional commands (such as voice commands or play/pause) could have been programmed to make the use of these buttons.
- Price

All in all, I think is a good product for a run/workout but it does have its flaws. I would recommend it for its looks, durability, and wireless freedom, but just keep in mind that it doesn't always provide a frustration-free experience, especially for the price. Hopefully the can address some of the issues with bluetooth pairing and not-so-seamless music experience in their next iteration. In my mind this is worth 3.5 stars.
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Update after Another 6 months: Still Not Recommended 5 de enero de 2011
Por M. J. WEST - Publicado en
2nd UPDATE: It's been another 6 months or so, and now the replacement died, too. No accident or misuse, it just plain stopped working. So I still don't recommend buying this product.

UPDATE: I'll leave my original review as it was below, but here's an update. After working fine for about 6 months, the headphones developed a problem: every time I adjust the fit, they turn themselves off. This makes them all but impossible to use, since one always has to adjust them a bit after putting them on to get a secure fit, and even the slightest movement -- and I really mean slightest -- of the sliding parts where the speakers are causes a shutdown. Very disappointing. On the plus side, Amazon replaced them without any fuss. I'll report back after another 6 months.

INITIAL REVIEW: After reading the reviews here and elsewhere, I was expecting a decent but cantankerous set of bluetooth headphones. What I got was even better than the wired headphones I had been using with my phone in nearly every way.

-- They always work. I've never had a problem pairing them with my HTC Desire as long as I turn the headphones on before activating bluetooth on the phone. They've never faded in and out, gotten the music jumbled up, or paused momentarily on me. The controls have always worked just like they should. And I haven't had any conflicts with other apps on my phone (then again I don't use GPS very often).
-- Sound quality is way better than I expected. I had prepared myself for weak bass and weak volume for walking around busy city streets. Bass is perfectly fine and so is the volume. Yes, you have to remember that the volume in the headphones is affected by the volume settings on both the headphones themselves and the phone.
-- Nice fit, even on my big old head with a stretchy knit winter hat on it. Fits snugly in the gym, too. No slipping either on the treadmill or with the free weights.

-- This is a nitpick, but the color isn't what I thought it was. Based on the picture on Amazon, I thought I was going to get a product that was silvery on the outside and red on the inside. In fact, it is pure white on the outside. Not really what I wanted, but no biggie.
-- In the gym, the part of your head that the band is up against will sweat a lot because it's rubbery/plastic and doesn't "breathe" at all. Then again, that rubbery/plasticky-ness is what makes it sweatproof. A good thing!
-- There is wind noise on windy days. On the other hand, these headphones keep my ears warmer than my hat alone ever did, which is worth a lot on windy winter days.
-- The proprietary charging connector is a bummer. Since they felt it necessary to do that, it would have been nice if they'd included two of them -- one for home, one for office.

For me, this product is worth the $89. I am so happy not to have to fuss with wires anymore during my commute and workouts, and the quality level is high. Love 'em!
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Lasted 1 month, DO NOT PURCHASE 15 de octubre de 2011
Por RealityBytes - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Purchased these headphones on September 3rd 2011, received them within the week.

Sound is excellent, great dynamic range for bluetooth headphones.

Used for light daily running and nothing more. Used for maybe 35 minutes a day. Worked for 1 month, then abruptly died and will not take a charge. Left plugged in for a day, will not even try to power up.

Simply put, do not purchase!

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