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LaCie 2big 4TB - Unidad RAID (4000 GB, 2000 GB, 0, 1, JBOD, 0,0625 GB, Plata, 2,7 kg)

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  • Storage
  • externa de 4TB LaCie 2big a 7200 rpmSerie de rayo con interfaz dual para Margarita chaining
  • Es compatible con RAID 0 / 1
  • Dos discos hot-swap para operation
  • sin pararSuperior de refrigeración en la carcasa de aluminio único

Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Series2big 4TB
Peso del producto2,7 Kg
Dimensiones del producto20 x 9,1 x 17,2 cm
Número de modelo del producto9000191
Capacidad de la memoria RAM0.0625 GB
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº127.901 en Informática (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Producto en desde19 de junio de 2012

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Capacidad de la unidad de almacenamiento: 2000 GB
Capacidad total de almacenamiento instalada: 4000 GB
Color del producto: Plata
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura): 91 x 200 x 172 mm
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado: Si
LED de energía: Si
Niveles RAID: 0, 1, JBOD
Número de unidades de almacenamiento compatibles: 2
Número de unidades de almacenamiento instaladas: 2
Peso: 2,7 kg
RAM interna: 0,0625 GB
Velocidad de rotación de disco duro: 7200 RPM

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Ain't 2big 4 de octubre de 2012
Por David M - Publicado en
Compra verificada
But definitely big enough. And boy is it fast enough as well. Can't speak to price because I focus almost solely on quality and features. I really like the idea that drives can be swapped if needed. Too many alternatives either had no option to replace or placed too many restrictions. I didn't need the drive set up the way it came to me so I jumped into the disk utilities provided in OSX. As a long time windows user/developer/fan this experience left me preaching the gospel of St. Steve/Apple as well as LaCie. Perfect. Seamless. Pain-free.

It does make its presence known with a blue light that could light up a small room reasonably well, and that isn't something I need or want. It also keeps reminding you of its presence with knocks that, at times, scare the dog. I have mitigated both of these with a 6 ft TB cable allowing me to store it in a ventilated cabinet under my desk.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Solid but noisy 29 de enero de 2013
Por Brian G. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The Pros:

* The case is solidly built and feels like it could survive an earthquake and/or grizzly bear attack. (Not tested.)

* The individual drives are extremely easy to access and replace with nothing more than a small coin.

* If you only want RAID 0 for speed/performance, it's ready to go right out of the box. RAID 1 and JBOD are also fairly easy to setup if you're familiar with OSX Disk Utility. RAID 1 setup took me about 5 minutes.

* Although the SATA bus limits the top speed compared to the max. throughput of the Thunderbolt interface, it's still plenty fast. I use the drive for projects in Aperture, Logic Pro, and streaming music and video from iTunes without any noticeable slowdown. (It might be too slow for editing HD video -- haven't tried this yet.)

The Cons:

* This drive is loud, even without the built-in fan running. I can't have this drive powered up while recording music in my home studio, as you can clearly hear it whirring away through my instrument mics.

* When the drives heat up and the case fan kicks in, it's even noisier. I think mine shipped with a slightly defective fan, because at high RPMs it starts to make a buzzing noise that you can hear from the next room. Expecting a fan failure any day now.

* The drive is HUGE. It stands about the same height as a 13" Macbook Pro with the screen open and takes up a footprint on my desk about the size of a child's lunchbox. Considering it only houses 2x 3.5" SATA drives, the circuit board, and a 50x50x15mm cooling fan, the case seems larger than necessary.

* I bought this drive specifically because all of the online specs said it had hot-swappable, user-serviceable drives. I had planned to buy a third 3.5" SATA drive to use as an off-site backup, but the manual specifically says not to swap out drives in RAID 1 unless one of the drives has failed. It would have been nice to know this before buying...

* The giant, obnoxious blue light ruins an otherwise elegant design and is extremely annoying, especially if your workspace is dimly lit.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Beautiful but 3 significant issues 5 de marzo de 2013
Por Ian J. Wright - Publicado en
I really wanted to love this drive but unfortunately I returned mine for refund.

To start with - the positive - it's beautiful and it's faster than blazes I'd give it 5 stars based on those criteria - but.....

Three issues that made me send it back for refund

1. Power up - there is a huge bright glowing blue power button on the front. Unfortunately that button does not have dominant control. The drive will power up when my Mac is brought out of sleep. A serious design flaw imho - if you are going to have a power button - it should have control, not the computer it's attached to. I back up once every day or two, not every time I wake up my Mac.
2. Noise - really too much for a desktop drive - aggravated by the fact it turns on when I don't want it to
3. Unmounting and Power off - First I noticed that when I unmounted the drive properly and turned it off, it gave this long beep. Not a happy `bye, I'm turning off now' beep but an alarming `I'm really not happy and you've done something wrong' beep. I logged a ticket with LaCie and they responded - this is normal. Then I noticed sometimes on power off it would not beep at all. I logged another ticket - the response `this is also normal but if you are worried about it, please send it in at your expense and we'll take 12 days to tell you if it's ok or not'. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

To LaCie's credit - they did give me a full refund
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Really fast 27 de febrero de 2013
Por The Cane Maker - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The whole idea behind the Thunderbolt connection is to be able to link external devices to your computer at the same speeds as if they were installed internally to the high speed bus. No longer does one have to have a large desktop computer with multiple drive bays. One can link up to 7 devices to each Thunderbolt port on the Mac, and can create super high speed raids.
This unit has 2 separate 2 TB drives which appear as a single 4 TB drive on the desktop. The user can alter the configuration to RAID 1 to make it a 2 TB drive with backup but will lose speed and capacity. Linking up multiple units continues to increase overall read/write speeds. It is at least 3x faster than a Firewire 800 drive.
The unit is quiet but large. It has 2 Thunderbolt ports - but no others. I think LaCie now provides a cable with the drive, and the cost has come down some.
If you are working with lots of multi-GB video files, this drive is just wonderful to have, and 2 or 3 would be fantastic. For less storage or smaller files, a 120-240 GB SSD is the way to go and would be twice as fast as a single LaCie unit.
If buying a new Mac, I think the hybrid drive Apple is offering is the best option as a built in, and then if massive additional storage needed, these LaCie drives can be added.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not terrible, has some issues 27 de abril de 2013
Por powderific - Publicado en
Update to review:
Doing a warranty return with LaCie as the power issue has become unworkable. Haven't received the replacement yet but they've been very responsive and have good advance replacement options, so I'm upping my review a star. Maybe they're better than I thought!

Update 2:
Got the cross shipped drive and everything's working well again. One note: Lacie says that your warranty is void if you put new drives in the trays, but if you do an advance replacement, you can just plop the drives and trays from the replacement unit into the old non-functioning unit and avoid the problem all together.

Original Review:

Bought this for video editing and photo storage. The drive is fast, as is any Thunderbolt drive. I use mine with each disk independent instead of as part of a RAID array as it's fast enough for my needs and gives me easier backups.

Mine has major issues with the power connector--it's really touchy and will randomly power down the whole unit. Not a good thing. It'd be even worse if I had it setup as an array.

Maybe I have low standards or something but the noise doesn't bother me.

LaCie claims that using alternate drives in their trays voids the warranty. I decided just to do it anyway and haven't had any issues, but it's an annoying limitation. If you want to get a replacement drive from LaCie it's something like an $80 premium over the bare drive. No thanks.

Generally, I think of LaCie's hardware as a small step above garbage with pretty industrial design. It seems like they've collectively conned the entire video and design industries into thinking their stuff is better than more mainstream alternatives when it's probably on par if not worse than the bigger guys. I wish there had been a better option available when I bought it.

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