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Lady in the Water [Reino Unido] [Blu-ray]

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Everyday magic 3 de enero de 2010
Por Irene L - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
I think this is one of the most underrated films of the century. The bad reviews baffle me quite a bit because this has become one of my all time favourites. Lady in the Water reminds us of the magic that we left behind as we grew out of childhood. It shows us that we all have a place in life, no matter how trivial we think it is. This is a fairy tale for grown ups.

In addition to being visually stunning in every way, Lady in the Water has just the right balance of action, horror, drama and comedy, supported by a great cast of actors that bring everything to this story.

I am very much moved by this film and it is one of the few that I can watch again and again. If you have just a little fraction left of that innocent, inner child, then you will surely find the magic here as well.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Lady in the Water (Widescreen Edition) 13 de marzo de 2010
Por TREND700 - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
An apartment building superintendent named Cleveland who discovers a magical sea-nymph named Story who's been transported to this world and is living in the building's own swimming pool. As this bizarre revelation sinks in, Cleveland becomes enraptured by her other-worldly charm. As he shelters her in his apartment, other inhabitants of the building begin falling into place as representations of characters from an Eastern myth in which these mermaids, or "narfs," co-exist unhappily with more beastly and violent characters. In human reality, the forces of darkness that threaten the heroes of a fairy tale prove to be much more terrifying, and the victory of good over evil is by no means guaranteed. "Lady in the Water" has a wonderful cast, the script is well written and at times funny, the plot is very simple and straightforward but towards the end of the movie is quite touching. This movie doesn't talk down to its audience but its content is fantastical and fairytale-ish. A grown-up "bedtime story" that is fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Fairy Tale Masterpiece 27 de julio de 2006
Por AIM - Publicado en
I must admit that my children and myself were the only ones in the theatre laughing at the many humorous moments in the movie. I am not sure why everyone was not enjoying themselves and when I got home and read the many critical reviews posted online I began to understand. This movie is not hitting home with a majority of the viewers, and it is too bad because on first viewing it appeared to me to be one of the best modern fairy tales that I have seen. I believe a part of the problem is that the trailer I saw for the film misrepresents it as a horror film. Then I believe many people are unwilling to go along with the fairy tale premise. This is a fairy tale. It is a bedtime story. So sit back relax and enjoy the story. It is a wonderful modern myth that speaks to larger issues of faith and who we are on a personel level. The movie is wonderfully shot, told, and presented. I enjoyed the way the story unfolds and the many very funny scenes. It is difficult to tell this type of story without losing the audience part way through and I felt Shyamalan did a masterful job of holding things together. This was the kind of filmgoing experience I was hoping for from Terry Gilliam's "The Brother's Grimm" but was horribly dissapointed. If you like modern day fairy tales, like good humor and are not easily confused then I would highly recommend this film. From the negative reviews I have seen and the audience I saw the film with, this film is not for everyone, but I found it a real gem.
14 de 15 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Charming parable suffers from Shyamalan's self-serving nonsense 10 de junio de 2013
Por Kathy Cunningham - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
M. Night Shyamalan's LADY IN THE WATER is often cited as the film that changed his career. While he hoped the film would place him irrevocably among the pantheon of greats (he had been compared to Alfred Hitchcock since his first major film, THE SIXTH SENSE, won critical acclaim in 1999), it ended up as the start of his slide into mediocrity. The critics were ruthless when LADY was released, and audiences agreed that the film was a muddled mess. But for some reason I like it. And I'm not totally sure why.

At its heart, LADY IN THE WATER is a fable based on a bedtime story Shyamalan made up for his own children. The plot centers on a sea nymph named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) who mysteriously appears in the swimming pool of a run-down apartment complex in Philadelphia. The manager of the complex, Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti), tries to figure out who Story is, where she came from, and what her mission is. She tells Heep that she's a "Narf" from the "Blue World" who has come in search of a writer whose words are destined to change the future. After she finds him, she can return to the Blue World . . . that is, if she can elude the vicious "Scrunts" that are determined to stop her. To help Story, Cleveland must identify certain people from among the apartment complex's oddball residents to play the roles of "Healer," "Guardian," "Symbolist," and "Guild." Only they can help her get home.

There are some really good things about LADY IN THE WATER. First, Paul Giamatti is phenomenal as beleaguered apartment manager Cleveland Heep. This is a guy who was once a doctor, with a wife and children . . . but now he's alone and depressed and without an apparent purpose in life. He is onscreen for almost all of the film's 110 minutes, and he's wonderfully watchable. Some of the other actors are also quite good, including Bryce Dallas Howard as Story (she comes across as sort of a mermaid with legs), Cindy Cheung as Korean student Young-Soon Choi (who helps Cleveland unravel the strands of the fairy tale), and Bob Balaban has some of the film's funniest moments as a self-absorbed film critic (more on him later).

Also, the juxtaposition of the fantastical fairy tale and the very down-to-earth reality of the apartment complex and its residents can be quite charming. There's something very satisfying in watching Giamatti's character struggle with absurd terms like "Narf" and "Scrunt" as he tries to figure out whether the guy who spends his days doing crossword puzzles could be the "Symbolist." Is the group of over-the-hill hippies (who smoke and philosophize all day) the "Guild"? And is Clevelend himself Story's "Guardian"? And does it matter than none of this makes one bit of logical sense?

Not really. But other things do matter. The fairy tale (or bedtime story, as Shyamalan calls it) is so convoluted, and so difficult to explain, that too much has to be told through exposition. Heep asks Young-Soon about the story, and she asks her mother (who speaks only Korean) - the conversations between the three of them are meant to inform the viewers, but it loses its charm fairly quickly. Additionally, it's not at all clear why only these two Korean women have heard this particular fairy tale . . . and why couldn't Heep have just checked on the Internet? More egregious are the dreadful special effects, which look like something out of the old "Power Rangers" TV show. The Scrunt, which is supposed to be a creature with grass-like fur, looks like a cartoon wolf draped in AstroTurf. The "Tarturic" (described as horrifying creatures sent to stop the Scrunts) look like funny monkeys covered in twigs. And the supposedly majestic "Great Eatlon" (the giant eagle meant to carry Story home to the Blue World at the end of the film) is not really shown at all. For this film to work, the creatures need to be as real as Story is -- and they are not.

But the most difficult problem with LADY IN THE WATER is Shyamalan's insistence on using the film not only for shameless self-promotion (after all, he casts himself as visionary writer Vick Ran, whose words are destined to change the world) but to get revenge against the critics who had the audacity to criticize THE VILLAGE (released the year before LADY). Bob Balaban's character is a smug, arrogant film critic who mocks the films he's paid to review - his is the only character to die in this film, and it's clear that he is a product of Shyamalan's rage. These things make the film seem uncomfortably personal, as if we're all watching a Shyamalan home movie, or somehow wading around inside Shyamalan's murky brain. And the story itself gets lost somewhere along the way.

Why do I still like this movie? I honestly don't know. I like the idea that myths and fables carry within them a grain of truth. As Young-Soon tells Heep, "It's time to prove some stories are real." I also like the idea that we all have a purpose in life, but it's not always easy to discover what that purpose is. In this film, Heep is lost. He no longer has hope in the future, and at its core LADY is expressing his longing "to believe in more than this dreadful world." That's a longing I share.

I see glimpses in this film of what it could have been, had Shyamalan been able to step away from the production enough to see it without his own very personal blinders. Heep's journey is deeply meaningful, as revealed in the climactic scene when he and the others are finally coming together to help Story. Through his experiences with her and with those pledged to help her, he finds not only his true purpose but a real understanding of what it means to live. This is so much more important, and so much more engaging, than the silly side-plot about a writer whose words will save the world. Shyamalan's films will not save the world. That is not his purpose, whether he realizes this or not. LADY IN THE WATER should have been a beautiful little film about one man's spiritual journey. Even as it is, it's a charming parable worth watching. See it for what it could have been, rather than for what it is.
152 de 196 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Bewitching allegory 24 de agosto de 2006
Por Kasia S. - Publicado en
M. Night Shyamalan doesn't do plain movies. As an artists he has his own unique approach of seeing extraordinary tales in mundane things whether its aliens, mythical beasts, ghosts or a mysterious azure pool. This tale is like no other, perhaps can be thought of as a tale of good and evil, of human purpose, common ground and understanding. When a mysterious pale woman with red hair saves an apartment superintendent, who looked like he gave up upon falling into the pool, simply because he didn't see a purpose to living, she brings hope and a sense of purpose to him and other tenants. Together they try to figure out who she is and why she came into their lives.

Story, is the name of the woman, perhaps those who save the Village, recognize her as the blind brave daughter Ivy Walker, takes on another roles this time as a narf, a word that does not really exist in an English dictionary but a word that takes on meaning by the time the movie ends. She is a fairy like creature that is on a mission and needs help from Cleveland Heep the stuttering superintendent who loses his stutter and finds his true calling. She needs to find a safe passage back to her own world, which is guarded by an evil wolf like beast, invisible to all but those who know how to find it. Together all the characters have to decipher the answers behind what she says and in all reality they have to save the modern world. She tells one of them that he will be a great orator and his book will change the world, cease wars and bring peace, she tells another that he can heal; others learn that they will have profound impact on the feuding life and who will improve life around them if they take the risks and do what she says.

This was a visually stunning and memorable movie, with hair rising music and some really jumpy special effects, especially with the wolf. Yes there are monsters and there are casualties but then there is a sense of purpose, of a mystery coming together brought upon this mysterious creature, who in my interpretation is an angel. She brings hope and love and unites those who sulk and lose their touch. It's a beautiful story that leaves one thinking long after leaving the theater, a story that feeds the soul and feeds a hungry mind ready for something different. It's a fairy tale that leaves one feeling good and light, with hope and understanding of the future. M. Night Shyamalan is such a fantasy wizard that no matter how outrageous his stories are they have a ring to truth about them. I can't wait to see what he cooks up next, for he is fabulous for those who like something special.

- Kasia S.

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