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Lasko 5307 calentador de ambiente - Calefactor Gris

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Nuevos: 1 desde EUR 130,20
  • Designed for either floor or table top use, this heater is versitile enough to warm any space in your home.
  • Choose your ideal heat setting: High, Low, or Fan Only, all of which feature quietly propelled air.
  • This no hassle heater comes fully assembled, ready to plug in, turn on, and heat your home.
  • You can either get direct heat, perfect for warming your feet under your desk, or oscillating heat, perfect for warming a small room.
  • This heater is fully equipped with built in safety features so you don't have to be nervous about having it in your home with children or pets.

Detalles del producto

Estilo: 5307

Descripción del producto

Nombre de estilo:5307

Otras características:
Ajustes de termostato: Si
Calefacción tipo de elemento: Cerámico
Color del producto: Gris
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado: Si
LED de energía: Si
Número de niveles de potencia: 3
Potencia de calentamiento: 1500W
Sistema de calefacción de cerámica: Si
Tipo de combustible: Eléctrico

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5 estrellas
4 estrellas
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Really loved this heater until this happened 22 de diciembre de 2015
Por Picture Geek - Publicado en
Estilo: 5307 Compra verificada
Gosh, I want to give this a 5 star because it did heat my office!! But it melted! It also blew a lot of fuses in the house, but we have an old house. Really loved this heater until this happened. Very scary. Pictures attached.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Man I love this thing! Gushes heat, extremely reliable, quiet operation, great for smaller rooms or under a desk 8 de diciembre de 2015
Por Graydon Blair - Publicado en
Estilo: 5307 Compra verificada
This is my 3rd Lasko Heater I've owned in 14 years and I absolutely love them!
I use them under my office desk to keep warm in the late fall, winter, and early spring. I bought this one to replace an identical model that was over 10 years old. The old one still heats, but the oscillating option didn't work anymore and I've run it for so long that the bearings in the fan were starting to get loud. Not terrible, but loud enough that I wanted to replace it.

So, how does the new one compare?
Almost identical - the top switches aren't chromed anymore, the oscillating switch is now square, and the red light is round instead of square, and the LASKO logo is now printed on the base instead of on a little grill emblem. The new one is also about a 1/2" shorter. That's about it.

Way better!!!
Within 2 minutes I could tell this one was putting out more heat than the old one. They both are rated at the same output, but the 10 year old one definitely wasn't putting this much heat out. On medium, the new one puts out as much heat as the old one did on high. Yeah, it puts out that much more heat (and I LOVE IT!!!)

The first day I used it, it had that "new heater smell" that a few people have complained about, but it's now gone. Wasn't really all that strong either--at least to my sniffer. If it bugs ya, run the heater in your garage or a day or something until it goes away. Didn't bother me a bit.

Heat Output:
Oh baby! This thing rocks! It can easily get hot enough on high blowing on my legs that I have to turn it out (that's a GOOD thing!) Also, it'll keep my 20x20 foot room nice & toasty. It keeps the area under my desk EXCEPTIONALLY warm, which is the whole reason I bought it.

Why Buy a Lasko:
Short version. Because they work and they're tough as nails!

Longer Version:
About 10 years ago I bought an identical model. I've beat the crap out of that thing. Thrown it around, kicked it around, shoved it in closets upside down, on its side, with the cord mashed up, etc all summer long and every winter when I bring it out, it works! It's like an old friend that comes to visit every winter. It's just flat out reliable! Yeah, the oscillating switch finally quit working about 2 years ago, but I just aimed it at my legs & let it rip. It still did what I bought it to do--HEAT, and heat well!

Why Buy A Replacement:
The newer one puts out more heat. It's quieter (MUCH quieter) than my trusty 10 year old one, and it just works!

Would I Buy It Again?
Oh heck ya! In a heartbeat! It's a great value too!
Five well earned, well deserved stars. My warm legs love this thing!
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Effective Whole-Room Heat Source! 3 de enero de 2012
Por David L. Vasser - Publicado en
Estilo: 5307
I've had mine about a week. Initial impressions so far are all very positive! This model is yet another 1500 watt ceramic heater and there is no shortage of them from several makers. Initially I set out to buy one of those fake portable fireplaces or wood-stoves with the visible fake fire inside. Reading all the specs and user reviews I could find on every one of those fireplaces and stoves it seems the maximum heat they put out is exactly the same as this far more compact and much less costly Lasko heater. About 1,500 watt power consumption and approximately 5,100 BTU heat output is the most you'll find in a portable room heater for home use. I settled on the ceramic type because of the rapid heating since I am only going to run it when I'm in the area where it is located. Ultimately since I only need an auxiliary heater a few months out of the year I decided that I really didn't want a fake fireplace or wood stove collecting dust the other 8 months of the year when I didn't actually need to use it. The Lasko is very compact stowing under the bed out of the way when not needed and is easily portable with a built in recess to use as a carry handle in the top back of the unit. I also read reviews about how the fans in some of the portable fireplaces/wood stoves were very noisy which next sent me looking for a very quiet ceramic heater. The word QUIET kept coming up in reviews of this Lasko heater and mine in fact makes hardly any sound at all! You do hear a low hum but that is all the sound mine has made so far and it does not interfere with TV or music enjoyment. The cable is 6 feet long.

I compared numerous brands of ceramic heaters with built in fans including Bionaire, Sunbeam, Honeywell and others. The Lasko warranty is 3 years which is the second longest warranty out there as the Bionaire has a 5 year warranty. The Lasko oscillates, it is very compact and is stylish looking more like a stereo speaker than a room heater. I also own a Lasko high velocity utility fan that continues to serve me well. Collectively those were the deciding factors in choosing the Lasko brand. Bionaire makes a good product as evidenced by their longer warranty, but their user reviews were not as strong regarding reliability on similarly priced Bionaire models.

The Lasko oscillation function was difficult to visualize before plugging it in, but how it works is that the entire unit except the small black base pivots silently left to right then right to left in a travel arc of about 45 degrees when you press the silver OSCILLATION bar on the control panel. Press the oscillation bar again and it stops moving immediately wherever it is at that moment. Now that I've used it the oscillation does actually seem to speed warming of the entire room and is a worthwhile feature I would definitely want again.

After looking for a space heater with a UL Seal I could not find one! I also looked for a heater made in the USA or at least North America and could not find one of those either. While made in China like the others and there is no UL seal, this one seems well made, sturdy and works perfectly. This heater is not easily knocked over, has an overheating safety shutdown, and is safe around pets or small children as it only gets warm to the touch. It has a red LED power light that is always on when the unit is plugged in whether turned on or not.

I would not hesitate recommending this Lasko portable ceramic room heater to a friend but encourage you to shop around as your needs might be different from mine. For example, an oil filler radiator type heater makes more sense if you plan to run it about all the time. If you need quick heat in a small to medium sized room for a few hours per day then a ceramic is probably better for your needs than the oil filled radiator type you run about all the time.

There are 4 settings on the operation switch which are OFF, Fan Only, 1 for Low Heat and 2 for High Heat. On high heat it consumes 1,500 watts, on low heat about 900 watts. The fan is always on when the heater is actually heating and cycles off when the thermostat turns off the heating element. The fan only has one speed but it is adequate enough to double as a small personal fan in hot weather making this unit more versatile than I expected when I bought it. The "fan only" feature may keep it out from under the bed in the summer but it won't replace the high velocity Lasko utility fan I own that moves a ton of air.

This unit's thermostat is easy to use. Once the room is at the temperature you like, slowly rotate the thermostat left until the unit cycles off and it will then cycle on and off to maintain a comfort level that is in the same ballpark.

I have turned down the thermostat on the main heat to 60 degrees and using this unit for the small area where I spend most of my awake time to make it more comfortable. Hopefully it will save money by not heating the entire place to 70 degrees. All on it's own it will heat up about 150 Sq Ft. to 70 degrees on high setting in 30 to 60 minutes, then cut it to low and it will maintain room comfort indefinitely. If you use a 15,000 BTU AC unit to cool an area, you can not reasonably expect one 5,100 BTU portable heater alone to heat the same area unaided, because you probably would need three of these units. When using in an area much larger than about 150 sq. ft. you may find you have to run it on high all the time to get much benefit. In order to get the maximum economy a space heater like this should be ran on high for about an hour at the most to warm up the room then reduced to low to maintain the temperature. If you find it is running on high all the time without warming the room enough so that you can turn it down or have the thermostat cycle off then you probably need to add a second or even a third one. The 150 Sq. Ft. rule seems to apply to all these 1,500 watt room heaters. This unit is not intended to heat an entire home, floor or even apartment unaided. Think of this as a whole-room heater, not a whole-house heater.

There is no remote control or digital thermostat control on this unit, but those features add a substantial amount to the price and I don't mind manually setting the thermostat. Other Lasko models are available with those extra features if you need them. I only use it when I'm up and around so I don't mind turning it on and off, changing the power setting or setting the thermostat manually. The last thing I need is yet another remote control to buy batteries for and lose in the sofa cushions.

So far as operational cost in concerned, it is easy to calculate based on your cost per kilowatt Hour for power. On high any 1500 watt heater like this one uses 1.5 KW per hour when actually heating. Here I pay 13.9 cents per KWH so it costs me about 21 cents per hour when heating on high setting in constant use. On low setting when heating it uses about 0.9 KW per hour so that costs me about 12.5 cents per hour of constant use. Your cost per KW Hour may be lower or higher so you'll have to do your own math. I run mine on low except for the first 30 minutes or so. If I ran it on high constantly heating for 24 hours it would cost me about $5, on low it would cost me about $3 for 24 hours of constant heating. I only run it about 8 hours per day and mostly that is on low, so the most it will cost is about 30 dollars per month, but that is not counting what I save by cutting down the thermostat on the whole house. The Lasko doesn't run continuously and it cycles on and off maybe running about 60% of the time on an average day here which is about 50 degrees outside for a high temperature and 30 for a low. It should save me some money over heating the entire house to 70 degrees, but I'm not sure exactly how much yet. I do know I am warm in this room and the main heat isn't running nearly as often or running quite as long when it does run.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Almost caused a fire! 28 de julio de 2016
Por OCGal - Publicado en
Estilo: 5307 Compra verificada
This unit did the job in heating our family room this winter and we were happy with it. We usually had it on the high setting because it doesn't heat a large radius.
However, this summer I unplugged the unit to discover that the wall plug had MELTED on one side where this space heater was plugged in! It looked like it had almost caught on fire. Yikes! Too late to return this heater, but it won't be used again in our house! Now I have to replace the outlet,too. Look at the photo. This is NOT want you want to see.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas and they definitely heat great. The very first one we bought did die ... 18 de septiembre de 2015
Por Jason Foster - Publicado en
Estilo: 5307 Compra verificada
We've bought 4 of these heaters in the last 4 years, I bought 3 at Walmart and 1 from Amazon.

We have used them a ton, and they definitely heat great. The very first one we bought did die after 2 or 3 years of use, but it was probably used 10 hours/day for 3-4 months a year, for 3 years. The other 3 have not yet died, although one or two of them has a slight fan noise.

We keep them scattered throughout the house. The one in our bedroom, we do tend to run it all night on the 750 watt setting for most of the winter, and 1500 watts on really cold nights. My wife is very sensitive to noise, so we never utilize the temperature feature since the fan starts/stops, but if they had a temperature feature that would continue the fan but stop heating then we probably would use it.

One annoyance that I have found is that over time the fan will get noisier, and so we've had to switch out the bedroom unit from time to time with another unit that isn't as noisy, or I've also found that if you tilt the back slightly up against a wall, the bad noise will be reduced or go away completely. We bought one other brand's version of this heater, and it died after 1-2 months of use, so all in all we are pretty happy with this Lasko and would recommend it for space heating needs! I have just purchased a NewAir AH-450B today, to try out this winter in the bedroom, we'll see if that is quiet enough for us (i.e. hopefully not clicking noises...)

Honestly, my wife and I both wish that it wasn't as noisy as it is, which is why I give it 4 stars and also why I'm writing this article because many reviewers stated that it isn't noisy. I would gladly drop an extra 50-100 bucks for one that isn't quite as nosiy AND doesn't get noisier over time, but other than that we are quite pleased.