Liix Nantucket C/003/A - Cesta de bicicletas

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4,5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 556 opiniones de clientes

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  • Réplicas de las cestas de la Lightship primer Producido en Nantucket durante la era de ballenas de El siglo 18
  • Nuestro Cestas Lightship están hechas de ratán natural de caña de ratán finamente tejido: la piel exterior de la vid
  • Se fija al manillar frontal con 2 correas de cuero ajustables
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La colección lightship cestas están hechas con una caña de ratán Material muy fino, que es la piel exterior de la fibra de ratán natural. estas cestas son réplicas de la Nantucket lightship cestas, que fueron producidos en primera Nantucket durante las ballenas era del siglo 18. la mayoría de cestas de bicicleta son tejidas en una forma que lo haría hacer una cesta decorativa, uno que le gustaría utilizar en su hogar como una pieza y el problema con esto es que este tipo de tejido no es propicio para uso en cestas de bicicleta, que Sirven a un propósito funcional y se utilizan sobre una base diaria. del desgaste diario, así como los elementos naturales en estas cestas de bicicleta requieren que se les tejida en un método más resistente, más fuerte. nuestro exclusivo tejido de borde garantiza la cestas con capacidad para las demandas de uso diario en la bicicleta. la empresa Nantucket cesta de bicicleta (se especializa en la única, artesanales, cestas para tu bicicleta. hecha de materiales de alta calidad mediante técnicas de tejido de durable, Nantucket Bike cestas están hechos para durar, mientras dando su bicicleta que aspecto clásico.

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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great at first, fell apart after a year :( 26 de marzo de 2015
Por Kaptain Fantastic - Publicado en
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I bought this basket for my daughter for Christmas one year ago. It is a beautiful basket but has not lasted at all!!
The sides have separated from the wooden bottom, making it worthless. Although pretty to look at, the quality of this product is highly suspect. :(
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Just right! 4 de mayo de 2013
Por Shelley - Publicado en
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My birthday gift this year was a new commuter bike. I bought a Trek Allant 7 WSD, and it's perfect for running errands around town, getting to the beach, and just cruising around the neighborhood after a days work. I really wanted to outfit my bike with a wicker basket as I love the retro look. The Nantucket Lightship Classic dark stained is EXACTLY what fit the bill. This basket is well constructed, and it's wood base makes it sturdy and roomy. I keep my cable lock, and a cloth sack that holds everything else like keys, phone, Kindle reader or tablet, small wallet and a rolled up windbreaker if it gets chilly. I wouldn't pack heavy things in there as the weight limit is around 13 lbs. This basket completes my accessories and it's super cute.

June 30, 2013 - Updated review

To my dismay, the basket lasted only two months before it started to fall apart. The rim loosened up and the basket started to pull away from the rim. I was so disappointed and reluctantly returned it to Amazon (after the 30 day full refund deadline). Kudos for Amazon for giving me a full refund anyway, given that I returned a defective item. I then spend a couple of hours on the internet researching other baskets, both wicker and wire. Guess what? I did not find anything that I likes as much as the original Nantucket Lightship basket, so I ordered a second one! I'm hoping this one isn't defective and it will last for two years instead of two months. I will admit, I also ordered a mini alloy front rack that I will install as extra support for the bottom of the basket. I don't carry heavy items but I want this basket to last. I'm hoping to relieve some of the pull from the leather straps at the top by having extra support at the bottom. I'm going to keep the 5 start rating.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas super basket, DO NOT OVERLOAD! 24 de enero de 2014
Por kelpy reader writer artist chef - Publicado en
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I am experimenting with urban living without a car, so I bicycle the mile over flat terrain to the grocery store, and bought two of these to hang on either side of a back bike rack. They are strong, and durable, as are their straps (important!!) and carry a lot, and when it is too cold or snowy or raining, or if I am too tired to go out, that is okay because my house is full of provisions -- because of these baskets! thank you!!

And of course, I used to love renting bikes with these baskets on Nantucket when I was a kid!

Update: Two years later, January 11, 2016, and my left-side basket ripped off without anything in it. Just happened when my foot hit it. Yesterday, though, I carried about 8 lbs in it, and it seemed fine. I weighed some of my groceries today, and see that I MAY have been slightly overloading this basket, carrying maybe 15 lbs on occasion, though I have only used it about 17 times.

Both of the baskets I got from Amazon warehouse, at great discount, and they were visibly mashed, but I thought it would be okay. So, conceivably, the fault today was NOT the fault of the basket manufacturer, per se, so I kept my rating at five stars.

Bottomline, DO NOT overload these baskets. When they say 13 lbs weight load capacity, I think they mean it. I Just clicked "order" a new one from Amazon warehouse, and am going to make an effort to stay below 10 lbs per basket from now on.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best Basket Ever! 3 de marzo de 2015
Por G - Publicado en
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This is a very classy basket, roomy and sturdy. Mine came a little damaged but Amazon was able to fix that problem in no time. The second one arrived in perfect condition.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Beautiful but delicate 3 de diciembre de 2014
Por William Mills - Publicado en
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The basket is beautiful, that is true. I gave this basket to my girlfriend as a gift for her city bike. She loved it and received a lot of compliments.

Unfortunately, she used the basket. This is unfortunate because the basket does not endure actual use. After a few months of use the basket began to tear. After several months of use the entire bottom ripped open. It's now unusable. We are partly to blame for sometimes getting caught in Chicago rain, which I believe exacerbated the problem. I'm going to reach out to Nantucket customer support to see if there's any kind of a warranty. If they are listening, my email is Hit me up, y'all. If there is a warranty I will update my review. Until then I must give it one star for beauty and one star for one year of use. For us, it was not durable beyond one spring/summer/fall of use.

UPDATE: The company responded to my inquiry about the warranty and they will be replacing the basket. This makes me very happy. They honored the warranty despite it expiring six months ago.

I do wonder whether their thicker weave baskets will hold up better overtime. Consider the Cisco, probably not named after the folk singing legend: