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Limitless [Blu-ray] [Reino Unido]

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  • Formato: Importación
  • Audio: Inglés (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)
  • Subtítulos: Inglés
  • Subtítulos para sordos: Inglés
  • Región: Región B (Más información sobre Formatos de Blu-ray.)
  • Relación de aspecto: 2.40:1
  • Número de discos: 1
  • Calificación FSK: No recomendada para menores de 18 años. No se nos ha facilitado la calificación española por edades (ICAA), pero puedes consultarla en la página oficial del ICAA. Las calificaciones por edad y/o versiones de otros países no siempre coinciden con la española. Más información sobre las diferentes calificaciones por edad.
  • Estudio: Momentum
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas  Ver todas las opiniones (2 opiniones de clientes)
  • ASIN: B0051NH5KY
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Formato: Blu-ray Compra verificada
Gran película, calidad en blu-ray inmejorable.
Buen argumento, bien acabada, buena trama.
El concepto de hacerlo en flash-back muy acertado.
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Este genero empieza a estar tan bien muy trillado, aunque este film es algo diferente, se puede ver y rever,

La recomiendo
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas THIS YEAR'S SLEEPER 28 de mayo de 2011
Por The Movie Guy - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
I was taken in by the opening credits as an outline of a brain turns into a city. I am a big sucker for that microcosm/ macrocosm stuff.

Edward has writer's block. He has a book contract for some reason, yet hasn't written a word. His girlfriend, who was his meal ticket leaves him. Bummed out he decides to go live on a bunk bed at Dad's place in New Jersey, but then bumps into his ex-brother-in-law, who is a drug dealer. He offers Edward a pill that increases a person's use of their brain. They can recall everything they have seen or read and can correlate it to increase intelligence. The smarter a person is to begin with, the more data they have to work with. Edward is a smart guy to begin with, so he is able to start his book. The downside is that the pill wears off. Not only does one lose the abilities, but they get a little ADD, and throw up like a heroin addict. Too much of the pill causes a Mr. Hyde type of character including blackouts. Edward's supplier is murdered and Edward finds his stash of pills and a wad of cash.

Edward uses his ability to make money on Wall Street. He catches the attention of big time corporations as well as the Russian mafia. He quickly finds out people who take the smart pill eventually die from either taking too much or running out. Edward must try to balance his life.

I loved the concept. I loved how they did the drug effect with simple but effective camera tricks. Anyone who has come down off of cocaine, LSD, or heroin knows how Edward feels and he portrays a man coming off drugs very well.

I even liked the ending, although the last few minutes should have been stretched out. No nudity.
148 de 166 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Unique Plot & Entertaining 20 de marzo de 2011
Por Stephen Ashley - Publicado en
A blocked writer (played by Bradley Cooper) with average intelligence and a very low drive for success comes into possession of an unreleased drug that makes him a super genius. The movie's premise is that we only use a very small percentage of our brains, and the drug gets the body to use 100% of the brain.

In the movie, the writer only has a limited supply of the drug with no way to get more. The plot thickens since the drug has side effects and others are after his supply.

If I could give half stars, I'd give this movie a 4 1/2. It was very good, and definitely worth seeing, but there have been some movies more deserving of the full 5 stars. Still, this movie has a lot going for it. Here what's good:

1. The premise of this movie is unique. It's a great fantasy. Who wouldn't want that level of smarts. He's able to protect himself, make a killing on Wall Street and even impress women by ordering dinner speaking Italian. Just pop a pill and you're able to pretty much conquer the world. Great concept.

2. I like movies with smart heroes. This movie has that - well sometimes. The trouble with our hero is that without the drug he's an average guy who's sincere but not all that interesting, smart or even very likable. And when he's on the drug he's almost all about making money and having fun.

In the characters favor, he does sincerely love a woman, and he honestly wants to be the better man she needs and deserves. Or at least to appear that way.

Regardless of his flaws, the movie pulls you in, and you'll care about Bradley's character. This is usually essential for a movie to be good, and this movie succeeds in that. Cooper does an excellent job portraying the character in all his states.

3. This is not a special effects movie, but the cinematography and special effects were really well done. They were a major part of moving the story along, helping you understand what was happening to Bradley Cooper's character, and helping you get inside his head.

4. There was some suspense, action and danger that made the story exciting. The fact that the drug was going to run out and had dangerous side effects worked similar to a ticking bomb, always in the back of your mind. The movie kept to a good pace. It was almost always interesting and sometimes exciting. There were interesting plot twists. You don't always know what's coming next.

Here's what's not quite as good:

1. I wanted to like the lead character even more. I didn't quite identify with him personally. However others might.

2. I would have liked the love story to have been more developed. I think it would resulted in pulling the audience into the story in a more intense way.

3. Of course De Niro is an amazing actor, however his role was kind of small and not particularly high impact. I don't think the role was a great fit for him.

Regardless, I'd definitely recommend this movie. It's exciting and interesting, and I'd watch it again. Anyone who likes sci-fi, thrillers and suspense will want to check this movie out.
47 de 51 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Memorable and Unique 31 de marzo de 2011
Por Cymry - Publicado en
Mostly, films go in one side of my head and right out the other. If I can remember a film I saw Friday, on Monday, that's unusual.

It's been a couple weeks since I saw this. It's still there in my memory.

I think there are several reasons, not necessarily in order of importance:

1) The opening credits are worth the price of admission on their own. Whatever you were thinking when you sat down in the theater, you're transported immediately to somewhere else... wherever that will turn out to be. Amazing and outstanding!

2) The overall plot is Hitchcock-esque. You don't know what's going to happen, and cliches are out the window. As the story builds, the suspense is palpable.

3) The visuals... This isn't on the scale of an AVATAR, but parts of it approach The Matrix. This movie is really a trip-and-a-half.

4) The performances, and dramatic direction, are excellent, as are many other production factors, including music, that don't smack you in the face but which are indispensible to the experience.

5) The ending is entirely non-cliche and unpredictable. Hitchcock would be proud to have directed it.

So, although it isn't populated with super-star actors and actresses (yet), this is a blockbuster, destined for cult fame and longevity.

The more I think about it, the more I like it.
23 de 26 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent movie, disappointing extras on the DVD 25 de julio de 2011
Por Wild Bill - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
My wife and I saw this in the theater when it first opened. We saw the trailer on TV and knew we would not be able to wait until it came on satellite. We were not disappointed. One thing that makes this movie really great is that it is easy to buy into the premise right away. A pill that lets you access 100% of your brain. That is where 99% of the fiction starts and stops - most everything else in the movie is very believable. The pill doesn't make you fly, or levitate things, or read minds, it just lets you use 100% of your brain. Imagine how smart you would be if you simply never forgot anything - even the stuff you didn't know you knew at all! This movie lets you peek into that world. It also shows how stupid you can be when you are so smart - the trouble the main character gets into could very easily be avoided (but then the movie would not be much to watch!).
The only disappointment was the "Extended Cut" - I didn't see much besides about 10 seconds of footage that added nothing to the movie. The trailer shows things that are never said in the movie - why not include those scenes in the extneded cut or at least on a deleted scenes reel. The alternate ending is not much of an alternate. Excellent movie, disappointing extras on the DVD.
31 de 40 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 3.5 stars...not bad but misses here and there with belivability 8 de julio de 2011
Por S. Kochel - Publicado en
Formato: DVD
Just got back from a 12 hour flight where I saw this on the plane. I also enjoyed it quite a bit too. I teach psychology and like the brain pill idea to make you smarter and I like the character changes. I am would have like more explanation (even if it was pseudo-science of course and how it works and especially the after effects/side effects). Overall, the movie was gripping but my biggest problem is for someone that is suppose to be so very very hyper intelligent on the drug, why did he (and the others on it) make so many mistakes? SPOILERS COMING...............................................................................................................

-why not get advanced knowledge in chemistry early and learn how to make the drug himself before running out, and improve on it early too?
-with all the money he was making, why not pay off the Russian RIGHT AWAY, that would have really helped him
-and there's more of these things
-also, why doesn't his super secure apartment have an alarm hooked to the police of a cell phone call would have done it, duh.

anyway, would love to hear comments if you're still reading as this means you probably watched it already.

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