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Mélodies (Intégrale) Audiolibro, Cofre, CD

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CD de audio , Audiolibro, Cofre, 26 sep 2013
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Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

Graham Johnson is simply the greatest living authority on French song; an artist whose innate feeling for the music is combined with prodigious scholarship. He also has the ability to discover and nurture singers who here prove to be matchless performers of this repertoire. Following his many wonderful recordings in Hyperion's French Song Edition, Johnson turns to the complete songs of Francis Poulenc, released also to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the composer's death. Each of the four CDs presents a programme of songs in an order that is chronological for that disc alonesignifying four different journeys through the composer's career. Disc 1 features a substantial appearance, recorded in 1977, of Pierre Bernac (Poulenc's long-term collaborator)narrating L'histoire de Babar, a story known to children throughout the world. The singers include Dame Felicity Lott, acclaimed as one of the foremost performers of Poulenc, and many other stars from previous recordings.


As Graham Johnson points out in the superb notes to a set he has supervised so carefully and accompanies so perceptively, this is at least the fourth complete recording of Francis Poulenc's songs. Its appearance marks the year's 50th anniversary of the composer's death, and also pre-empts the completion of another survey, on Signum, which still has two discs to go. Johnson has arranged the 150-odd songs thematically rather than chronologically across the four discs. Settings of Paul Eluard, whose poetry was at the emotional heart of Poulenc's songwriting, dominate the second volume its title, Main Dominée par le Coeur, is a line from one of them while texts by Apollinaire make up the bulk of the third, Parisiana. The Eluard sequence contains many of Poulenc's greatest songs; Johnson calls the best known of them, the cycle Tel Jour, Telle Nuit, his "watershed work". The depths they explore are worlds away from the brittle, facetious surfaces of Poulenc's early orchestral and instrumental music. Even the genre pieces, like the delicious waltz setting of Jean Anouilh's Les Chemins de l'Amour and the "monologue" composed for Denise Duval, La Dame de Monte Carlo, are always more than just empty party turns. As always, Johnson matches singers to songs meticulously. There are some outstanding performances: Christopher Maltman's account of Miroirs Brulants and La Fraicheur et le Feu (both based on Eluard), and the Calligrammes (on Apollinaire's texts) are worth the price on their own, while Sarah Fox is just as persuasive in Les Chemins de l'Amour as she is in Tel Jour, Telle Nuit. There are telling contributions, too, from Ailish Tynan, Susan Bickley and Ben Johnson, and a brief appearance in the Quatre Chansons pour Enfants by the English grande dame of French song Felicity Lott. Touchingly, one work also features the voice of baritone Pierre Bernac, Poulenc's recital partner, for whom many of the songs were composed; he's the narrator in a 1977 recording of L'Histoire de Babar and the whole set is dedicated to his memory. It's a gorgeous collection, and for sometime Poulenc sceptics like me, a real revelation. ***** --Guardian, 17/10/13

This really is a multifaceted release: the blending of the art forms that was characteristic of Poulenc's time, where poets were absorbed by painters, and composers by poets,alongside the 15 singers gathered on these discs, together with the chameleon-like nature of Poulenc's own genius, all make for an enterprise of dazzling complexity. --IRR, Dec'13

Diving into this four-disc anthology may look like a daunting proposition. That the experience is fascinating, moving and enjoyable is as much to do with the performances as it is to accompanist Graham Johnson's clever programming, with the songs sorted thematically into four groups and sequenced chronologically on each disc. We can appreciate more clearly just how fertile Poulenc's middle period was, and can trace the elegant unwinding of the later years. Johnson writes of Poulenc's "gentle dimuendo", and it's hard to stifle a tear at the sublime, pppp coda of the final song, Lune d'avril. Poulenc sceptics will be impressed by the composer's stylistic range, from pastiche chanson to spiky neo-classicism. Especially enjoyable is the final disc, subtitled Fancy. Soprano Susan Bickley is superb in Poulenc's early Poèmes de Ronsard sparky settings of Renaissance poetry, and Ashley Riches has fun with the better-known Chansons Gaillardes. The Huit Chansons Polonaises, sung by Agnieszka Adamczak, pay oblique homage to Poulenc's beloved Chopin. There's not a weak link among the vocal cast, and there's even a cameo from the great Felicity Lott. A wonderful bonus is the inclusion of a 1970s BBC taping of Babar, narrated with impeccable grace and wit by Poulenc's long-time recital partner Pierre Bernac. Johnson's accessible, comprehensive notes deserve to be published in book form, and Hyperion generously provide full texts and translations. These songs will comfort the most jaded of palates, and this box set contains enough riches to sustain a lifetime's listening. In Johnson's words, Poulenc's music has seemed dark and joyous, accessible and remote, imperishable yet infinitely fragile, and now it is in the hands of a younger generation. --ArtsDesk, Dec'13

Detalles del producto

  • Intérprete: Artistes divers
  • Compositor: Francis Poulenc
  • CD de audio (26 de septiembre de 2013)
  • Número de discos: 4
  • Formato: Audiolibro, Cofre, CD
  • Sello: Hyperion
  • Disponible también en: CD de audio
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Listas de canciones

Disco: 1

  1. Le pr,sent - Ailish Tynan
  2. Chanson - Ailish Tynan
  3. Hier - Ailish Tynan
  4. Nous voulons une petite soeur - Ailish Tynan
  5. La tragique histoire du petit ren, - Ailish Tynan
  6. Le petit gar?on trop bien portant - Ailish Tynan
  7. Monsieur sans-souci - Ailish Tynan
  8. Le gar?on de lisge - Ailish Tynan
  9. Au-del. - Ailish Tynan
  10. Aux officiers de la garde blanche - Ailish Tynan
  11. Le portrait, fp 92 - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  12. La dame d'andr, - Ailish Tynan
  13. Dans l'herbe - Ailish Tynan
  14. Il vole - Ailish Tynan
  15. Mon cadavre est doux comme un gant - Ailish Tynan
  16. Violon - Ailish Tynan
  17. Fleurs - Ailish Tynan
  18. Babar . la for^t - Pierre Bernac
  19. Babar dans la ville - Pierre Bernac
  20. Le retour . la for^t - Pierre Bernac
  21. Reine des mouettes - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  22. C'est ainsi que tu es - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  23. Paganini - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  24. No. 2. nuage - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  25. Le sommeil - Ailish Tynan
  26. Quelle aventure! - Ailish Tynan
  27. La reine de coeur - Ailish Tynan
  28. Ba, be, bi, bo, bu - Ailish Tynan
  29. Les anges musiciens - Ailish Tynan
  30. Le carafon - Ailish Tynan
  31. Lune d'avril - Ailish Tynan

Disco: 2

  1. Peut-il se reposer - Christopher Maltman
  2. Il la prend dans ses bras - Christopher Maltman
  3. Plume d'eau claire - Christopher Maltman
  4. R"deuse au front de verre - Christopher Maltman
  5. Amoureuses - Christopher Maltman
  6. Bonne journ,e - Christopher Maltman
  7. Une ruine coquille vide - Christopher Maltman
  8. Le front comme un drapeau perdu - Christopher Maltman
  9. Une roulotte couverte en tuiles - Christopher Maltman
  10. · toutes brides - Christopher Maltman
  11. Une herbe pauvre - Christopher Maltman
  12. Je n'ai envie que de t'aimer - Christopher Maltman
  13. Figure de force br-lante et farouche - Christopher Maltman
  14. Nous avons fait la nuit - Christopher Maltman
  15. Tu vois le feu du soir - Christopher Maltman
  16. Je nommerai ton front - Christopher Maltman
  17. Ce doux petit visage, fp 99 - Christopher Maltman
  18. Les chemins de l'amour, fp 106 - Christopher Maltman
  19. C - Christopher Maltman
  20. F^tes galantes - Christopher Maltman
  21. Le disparu, fp 134 - Christopher Maltman
  22. Main domin,e par le coeur, fp135 - Christopher Maltman
  23. . mais mourir, fp 137 - Christopher Maltman
  24. L'espionne - Christopher Maltman
  25. Mutation - Christopher Maltman
  26. Vers le sud - Christopher Maltman
  27. Il pleut - Christopher Maltman
  28. La grfce exil,e - Christopher Maltman
  29. Aussi bien que les cigales - Christopher Maltman
  30. Voyage - Christopher Maltman
  31. Rayons des yeux - Christopher Maltman
  32. Le matin les branches attisent - Christopher Maltman
  33. Tout disparut - Christopher Maltman
  34. Dans les t,nsbres du jardin - Christopher Maltman
  35. Unis la fraocheur et le feu - Christopher Maltman
  36. Homme au sourire tendre - Christopher Maltman
  37. La grande rivisre qui va - Christopher Maltman
  38. Pablo picasso - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  39. Marc chagall - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  40. Georges braque - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  41. Juan gris - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  42. Paul klee - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  43. Joan mir¢ - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  44. Jacques villon - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  45. Dernier posme, fp 163 - Christopher Maltman
  46. Une chanson de porcelaine, fp 169 - Geraldine Mcgreevy

Disco: 3

  1. Tor,ador, fp 11 - Ivan Ludlow
  2. Le dromadaire - Brandon Velarde
  3. La chsvre du thibet - Brandon Velarde
  4. La sauterelle - Brandon Velarde
  5. Le dauphin - Brandon Velarde
  6. L',crevisse - Brandon Velarde
  7. La carpe - Brandon Velarde
  8. Le serpent
  9. La colombe
  10. Miel de narbonne - Robin Tritschler
  11. Bonne d'enfant - Robin Tritschler
  12. Enfant de troupe - Robin Tritschler
  13. Air romantique - Ailish Tynan
  14. Air champ^tre - Ailish Tynan
  15. Air grave - Ailish Tynan
  16. Air vif - Ailish Tynan
  17. L'anguille - Ivan Ludlow
  18. Carte postale - Ivan Ludlow
  19. Avant le cin,ma - Ivan Ludlow
  20. 1904 - Ivan Ludlow
  21. Pierrot, fp 66
  22. Dans le jardin d'anna - Ivan Ludlow
  23. Allons plus vite - Ivan Ludlow
  24. La grenouillsre, fp 96 - Sarah-Jane Brandon
  25. Bleuet, fp 102 - Robin Tritschler
  26. Chanson d'orkenise - Ivan Ludlow
  27. H"tel - Sarah-Jane Brandon
  28. Fagnes de wallonie - Ivan Ludlow
  29. Voyage . paris - Ivan Ludlow
  30. Sanglots - Ivan Ludlow
  31. Colloque, fp 108 - Robin Tritschler, Geraldine Mcgreevy
  32. Montparnasse - Sarah-Jane Brandon
  33. Hyde park - Ivan Ludlow
  34. Le pont - Robin Tritschler
  35. Un posme - Ivan Ludlow
  36. Paul et virginie, fp 132 - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  37. Jouer du bugle - Brandon Velarde
  38. Vous n',crivez plus? - Brandon Velarde
  39. Rosemonde, fp 158 - Brandon Velarde
  40. No. 1. la souris - Brandon Velarde
  41. La puce - Brandon Velarde
  42. La dame de monte-carlo, fp 180 - Nicole Tibbels

Disco: 4

  1. Attributs - Susan Bickley
  2. Le tombeau
  3. Ballet
  4. Je n'ai plus que les os - Susan Bickley
  5. · son page - Susan Bickley
  6. La maotresse volage - Ashley Riches
  7. Chanson . boire - Ashley Riches
  8. Madrigal - Ashley Riches
  9. Invocation aux parques - Ashley Riches
  10. Couplets bachiques - Ashley Riches
  11. L'offrande - Ashley Riches
  12. La belle jeunesse - Ashley Riches
  13. S,r,nade - Ashley Riches
  14. Vocalise, fp 44 - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  15. pitaphe, fp 55 - Neal Davies
  16. Chanson bretonne - Nicole Tibbels
  17. Cimetisre - Nicole Tibbels
  18. La petite servante - Nicole Tibbels
  19. Berceuse - Nicole Tibbels
  20. Souric et mouric - Nicole Tibbels
  21. Wianek - Agnieszka Adamczak
  22. Odjazd - Agnieszka Adamczak
  23. Polska mlodziez - Agnieszka Adamczak
  24. Ostatni mazur - Agnieszka Adamczak
  25. Pozegnanie - Agnieszka Adamczak
  26. Biala choragiewka - Agnieszka Adamczak
  27. Wisla - Agnieszka Adamczak
  28. Jezioro - Agnieszka Adamczak
  29. · sa guitare - Geraldine Mcgreevy
  30. Priez pour paix, fp 95 - Susan Bickley
  31. Chansons du clair-tamis - Christopher Maltman
  32. Les gars qui vont . la f^te - Christopher Maltman
  33. C'est le joli printemps - Christopher Maltman
  34. Le mendiant - Christopher Maltman
  35. Chanson de la fille frivole - Christopher Maltman
  36. Le retour du sergent - Christopher Maltman
  37. L'enfant muet - Susan Bickley
  38. Adelina . la promenade - Susan Bickley
  39. Chanson de l'oranger sec - Susan Bickley
  40. Hymne, fp 144 - Neal Davies
  41. Mazurka, fp 145 - Neal Davies
  42. Fancy, fp 174 - Geraldine Mcgreevy

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