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Merkur 510.001 - Maquinilla de afeitar regulable (mango largo), diseo cromado

3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 opinión de cliente

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  • Dimensiones del producto: 12,7 x 7,6 x 17,8 cm
  • Número de modelo del producto: 051
  • ASIN: B0047Z7RNM
  • Producto en desde: 27 de marzo de 2012
  • Valoración media de los clientes: 3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 1 opinión de cliente
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº51.735 en Salud y cuidado personal (Ver el Top 100 en Salud y cuidado personal)
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Merkur 510.001 - Maquinilla de afeitar regulable (mango largo), diseo cromado

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Muy buena calidad.El mango corto no como aparece en la descripción y algo resbaladizo
El soporte de regulación está hecho como una especie de pasta
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The Merkur Progress: Close But No Cigar. 29 de agosto de 2016
Por S. Jefferson - Publicado en
Compra verificada
A German adjustable razor. Worth the price? Yes. Do I like mine? Yes. Would I buy it again? Hmmm, probably not. The Progress shaves well, but the Merkur Futur shaves better and the Futur has the potential to shave much more aggressively. I also don't like the Progress's cheesy plastic knob adjuster, which just looks cheap and ill suited to a razor of this caliber. There is a secondary market in the shaving razor industry solely to replace these plastic knobs with the metal knobs that the Progress razor SHOULD have come with. The secondary craftsman also properly calibrates the Progress razors, adds a click adjustment, adds a colored dot, and generally does what the Merkur designers SHOULD have created. Redesigned Merkurs are on a waiting list for buyers who like these razors, but hate its shortcomings. I also don't like that the head can potentially be installed incorrectly if one doesn't pay attention and doesn't line up the marks correctly. I also don't like that almost every Progress razor adjusts differently because they are not calibrated the same. A setting ONE may in fact not be a setting ONE in actuality. This razor also doesn't CLICK to each setting like other vintage adjustable razors. For this reason the Merkur Progress doesn't get put into my shaving razor rotation very often. I would buy a vintage 1950's Gillette Fatboy adjustable, 1960's Gillette Slim Adjustable, 1950's Gillette TTO Super Speed Red Tip, 1948 TTO Gillette Aristocrat, Merkur Futur, or Muhle R41 before choosing the Merkur Progress. It IS a good shaving razor, but it's not my favorite. It could have been a much better razor if Merkur had designed it more thoroughly.
12 de 12 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Really great device, but they charge 20 times what it cost to make. 5 de enero de 2013
Por Huns - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I was completely new to "classic shaving." I found that within a few days, I was able to use this with Feather razor blades (supposedly the best) without cutting myself at all. The best part is that the razor has an adjustment knob that you can turn to change the angle of the blade and the gap between it and the razor carriage. It also has channels inside the carriage to carry the shaving scum away from your face. I start with the knob set to 1, get almost all of the whiskers, then come back with it set to 2 or 2.5 and get the really rough stuff on my neck. It's a pleasure to use, and the blades are both cheaper and better than cartridge-based razors such as the Mach 3. I've been using it with standard Gilette shaving foam, which works just fine. I'll probably switch to something glycerin-based when that runs out.

The best place to use a safety razor is in the shower. I was never able to get results as good if I shaved with the bathroom sink and mirror, even if I did so immediately after stepping out of the shower. I think the humidity, elevated skin and hair temperature, and easy access to hot water are what make the difference. The bathroom sink just isn't as good. I got a ToiletTree fogless mirror (also sold here - just look at the ratings) and that makes it really easy. Mount it across from the shower head. Give your face a really good hot soak before you start shaving. After each pass, blast it again with hot water for at least ten seconds, and then use the hot water to clean out the razor. I noticed that rinsing the blade with HOT water right before shaving helps it do a significantly better job. (Cold or no water may rip up your face!)

Here's what I find unreasonable about this thing. First, the product is decades old, and in the old days they used to paint the numbers on the setting dial - and the little dot to indicate which one you're on - red. This made it really easy to use, even when the handle is wet (which it will be.) Second, seventy dollars? For a few bucks worth of metal and plastic, and they don't even paint the numbers anymore? Come on. Show a little respect to your customers. The design costs were probably recouped by the time of the first moon landing! I think it's time for another manufacturer to step in and offer a similar product. You could sell these for half the price, cover your operating costs, and still have a great profit margin. There is no complicated technology in this at all. It's just a few easily cast metal pieces, a captive screw, and maybe half a cent's worth of plastic.
1 de 1 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Very Good All Around Razor 12 de noviembre de 2016
Por Stanley - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Was a little hesitant to go back and tray this razor with the Feather blades again. Previous experience was that the Feathers are just too sharp, FOR ME.
HOWEVER, after doping some more research and discovering some on line recipes for homemade shaving oil, I decided to try the Feathers again after having very good experience with the Astras using shaving oil. The shaving oil makes a world of difference. Got a close head shave, with the Feathers., and with minimum nicks compared to past shaves with the Feathers.
Bottom line, from my personal experience, lubrication is the key regardless of the razor you use, and shaving creams/foams offer minimum protection.
Just a few links to shaving oil recipes.

Just a couple of personal points.
I would add tea tree oil to any shaving oil just for antiseptic purposes, and it doesn't smell THAT bad.We have used tea tree oil around our house for years as a general purpose natural antiseptic fro all types of cuts, scrapes, abrasions, etc. No complaints at all.
AND, from what I have seen in my personal case, the thicker the shaving oil mix (ie the more castor oil) the better. I am working towards a pure castor oil base and only a few essential oils for scent, antiseptic purposes, and skin nourishment. But mix to your own preference.

*****Original Post*****
Just received my Progress Adjustable one day ago, took the first shave with it and from what I saw with that first shave, this will be my day-in, day-out, razor.

Just as background, I have purchased and still own AND USE, a Merkur 47c, and the 'Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor' model 180 ASIN: B000NL0T1G. I purchased and own, but no longer use the 'Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor' ASIN: B00SA7YS58, and the 'Extra Long Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor' ASIN: B013JGAKDI. I have also purchased and returned a Merkur HD 34C. I use Feather, Astra and Personna blades. As for the razors;

-Merkur 47c – Was my go to razor. Very nice balance and weight
-Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor model 180 – Only used occasionally.
-Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor – Cheap/Bad Design, ergo bad shave
-Extra Long Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor – Cheap/Bad Design, ergo bad shave
-Merkur HD 34C – Good weight, handle too short for me

-Astra – Excellent all around blade. Good combo with the Merkur Progress Adjustable
-Personna – Good blade. Needs extra effort to provide as close a shave as the Astra and the Feather
-Feather – Sharp. Can provide an excellent shave, but requires being careful and takinig your time.

All that being said. From the first time I started using the Progress, I could tell the difference in the shave. This razor is heavy and to some may seem bulky. Even though I like the heavier, longer handled razors, when I first held this one, I was wondering would it be too heavy and bulky. However upon shaving with the razor, I could tell this was going to be a good shaving razor. As I mentioned, the weight and bulk, will take some getting used to. I did not even consider ordering the shorter handle version, and I am glad that I didn't. As with the 47C, the heavy weight is easily managed with the longer handle. That was one of the main reason I did not like the HD 34C. Even the larger head on the Progress seems to work in it's favor, especially when combined with the sharper blades and utilizing the adjustments. In the past, I had trouble getting a close face shave with the 47C and the 180. Shave looked close, but beard was coming back pretty quick. And my bead is not that heavy. Shaved with the Progress loaded with an Astra blade and only need a 1.5 for my head and a 2 for my face. One of the closest shaves I have had since switching to the DE razors. Looking forward to trying with a Feather and a Personna blade.

From my experience, if you have a DE razor and aren't getting the closeness in your shave your desire or you have a problem with nicks and cuts, this may be your solution. But as with all DE razor shaves, take your time, use a sharp blade, and LUBRICATE, your beard/head before shaving.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great shave! 12 de febrero de 2016
Por Island Outdoorsman - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Great razor! It took a couple of shaves to get used to the weight and long handle, also the angle you hold the razor at is slightly different. I also had to figure out which settings were best for me. I think a lot of the negative comments come from people who either install the top plate improperly when they put the blade in; or just don't give it enough time to figure out the razor and its settings. Like I said earlier, it took a few shaves( and the associated nicks) to dial in what worked for me, but I am currently getting the best and closest shaves ever. Mantic59 put out some videos on YouTube regarding the Progress that I recommend viewing. He recommends starting out a low setting and dialing up for subsequent passes; I have to do the exact opposite. I start at 21/2 or 3 for my reduction pass and then dial down to 2 and then 11/2 for my final pass. Nick free and bbs every time. The razor is well constructed and the adjustments are accurate and repeatable every time. I have been DE shaving for about four years, shave every other day for work and own three other razors; this has become my go to razor ;I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Ugly Knob 1 de mayo de 2016
Por Jeff - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Cheap plastic parts earns this razor low star rating. I wish Merkur would catch a clue....everyone hates the knob. People even pay up to $180 for aftermarket replacement knobs just to get rid of the plastic.
**Update** I hated the ugly knob so much I soaked it overnight in Black Rit dye at a very strong concentration. Not the knob is nice and black and looks like it came from the factory that way. I saw people used Rit dye to dye plastic radio controlled car parts. So gave it a try in the knob, it worked great. Since the knob is off-white you could probably dye it any color you want.