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Michael Jackson Conspiracy (Inglés) Tapa blanda – nov 2010

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Book by Jones Aphrodite

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Innocence is not always a good quality. 23 de julio de 2009
Por Inkhorn - Publicado en Amazon.com
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I don't know if you're like me, but ever since Michael Jackson passed away, I have been really curious to know the truth.

I don't think there has ever been anyone more misrepresented in human history than Michael Jackson. He said in an interview that '99.9% of what's written about me is not true.' He said this long before he ever went on trial.

After he was found 'not guilty' of the 10 charges, he was still treated as if he was guilty by the media. Forced to leave the country, to go to Bahrain, like a bird tossed out of its nest, never to return to Neverland again.

I wondered: 'well if he's innocent of the trial charges, what about the 1993 case where there was a settlement..'

When Aphrodite Jones went to numerous publishers, nobody wanted to publish a pro Jackson book, a book that would tell the truth about the trial. She actually had to self publish.

"In this world there are facts, and there are opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, not to their own facts." Senator Patrick Moynihan.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read a truthful book about Michael Jackson. The further you get into this book, the more you realise how Michael was not only not guilty but truly had the innocence and nature of a 10 year old child.

This naivete made him easy prey for a predatory reporter such as Bashir, who got a career making opportunity to film a documentary for free only to taint it with his own duplicity, sinister interpretation and innuendo. He reputedly sold the documentary to ABC for $7 million, and got a job as anchor, destroying MJ in the process without a second thought. After all, would a pedophile invite a camera crew into his home, and admit to sharing a bedroom with 10 year old kids. If children were abused, would there not be an immediate change in their behavior. Would their parents also staying at the house not notice this?

No.. Pedophiles act out of compulsion, cannot control themselves, and usually have many victims.

This naivete made him easy prey for the Arvizos who did the round of other celebrities such as Chris Tucker, George Lopez, and even Jay Leno looking for a handout. These guys got wiser sooner.

Among the many revelations in this book: The Arvizos deny on four separate occasions after the Bashir documentary that any molestation ever took place, on audio tape, on a rebuttal video, to DCFS workers, and to Gavin Arvizo's school principal.

Only after visiting the same civil attorney used in the 1993 case, after all this did Arvizo make a final return to Neverland. It is then he alleges the incident happened. Under cross examination, it is established that if Arvizo got a criminal conviction, he could sue MJ in a civil action until he was 18.

In the trial, the 1993 evidence was introduced. Jordan Chandler refused to testify against Michael Jackson. His mother did appear as a witness and surprisingly said she never had any qualms about her son being around Michael Jackson.

Janet Arvizo gave wild and wacky testimony, alleging that MJ conspired to keep her family captive at Neverland, and that he planned to abduct her son. Meanwhile she charges thousands of dollars for beauty treatments on the Neverland account in a local town, gets dental treatment for her soon paid by Jackson, alleges MJ made her fly to Miami to give a rebuttal interview. The truth is she found out MJ was in Miami and had Chris Tucker charter a jet for her to fly out with her children.

Janet Arvizo previously alleged sexual assault against JC Penney when her son was arrested for shoplifting. She claimed a security guard tweaked her nipple 25 times. She won a large settlement. Mesereau exposed glaring inconsistencies in the evidence in that case, particularly her claims that she had been assaulted yet the police photos taken shortly after showed no signs of assault, or even a need for medical attention, yet days later she turns up to an attorney with fresh color photos with bruises. She lied to a newspaper about having not having medical insurance, and lied about the cost of treatment to get them to raise money for her family.

What will amaze you as you read this book, is how many viewed Michael Jackson as a meal ticket for life. Disgruntled former employees who had lost multi million dollar lawsuits made the most outrageous allegations, which were skilfully dismantled and disproven by the incisive cross examination of Tom Mesereau.

About the 1993 agreement, Jackson said on the Prime Time Diane Sawyer interview, that the only reason he was sitting there giving the interview was that the photographs taken of his parts did not match up with the description of the accuser. There are many more surprises waiting between the covers of this book.

If you are filled with a burning curiosity to know the truth, you can feel confident that this book is true. If you are curious to explore even further I may post some links in the comment section below.

I hope you find this helpful.

Update: As of August 30,2009, I have now reviewed Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness.
The 2005 actual trial coverage only runs to 17 pages out of 700 odd, with 40 pages about the events leading up to it. It's nowhere near as detailed as Aphrodite Jones book, yet it's interesting to read a different account, and he uncovers interesting facts about the JC Penney case. He also lays down a precise timeline before the trial happened, which could make you wonder why this case ever went to trial. The 2009 edition adds the trial and the final years, to the previous edition written before the 2005 trial. Very little duplication between these two books.

Update Nov 3, 2009: If you have not already seen This Is It, I highly recommend it. Considering it is a rehearsal, the standard of filming the sequences is very high, Michael's voice still has it's magic, it features new complete video with MJ being chased by Humphrey Bogart, and new video to go with other classic songs such as Thriller. Truly some magical moments, and interesting to see the level of detail that goes into this type of production. A masterful job by Director Kenny Ortega, and a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Michael Jackson in the Crosshairs 12 de octubre de 2016
Por bonsnoop - Publicado en Amazon.com
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A very accurate account of Michael Jackson's 2005 molestation trial. Jones makes you feel like you're sitting in the courtroom. Told from the defense' perspective, Jones uses a lot of actual transcript material.
At times the book can become repetitive or stay too long on certain testimony but it is a very vivid account of how the media prejudiced the public against Jackson and gave a scary portrayal of when the courts and especially the prosecution try to bring a false case against an innocent client for obsessive and racial reasons.
I think the book will appeal to both Jackson fans and those who are still on the fence as to whether the "King of Pop" was actually a pedophile.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Conspiracy Indeed - Buy this book 13 de agosto de 2009
Por R. M. Ideus - Publicado en Amazon.com
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All I can do is commend Aphrodite Jones for writing this book. Michael Jackson has always been a target for the press and this "trial" only proves how much they wanted to dehumanize him and tear him down.

I NEVER read books and I started this book on a Sunday afternoon and finished it by Tuesday morning. The numerous facts the media failed to report, or we never heard about is absolutely amazing. Things like Gavin saying Michael put liquor in a Diet Coke to hide the fact he was giving Gavin alcohol. HOWEVER, you learn from a flight attendant (and the evidence submitted showing Michael's special requests filed with the airline) that he ALWAYS requested his own personal drinks in Diet Coke (long before he knew Gavin) cans so people, especially children, would not see him drinking alcohol as he didn't want that exposed to them being he was embarassed by it.

The fact the same attorney for Jordan Chandler was yet again involved is quite interesting as well. Not to mention certain elements Gavin took from Jordan's story and incorporated into his, like the hair licking incident. It takes no time at all to learn this family was out to get money from numerous celebrities and the book explains this in full detail. You actually begin to look at the entire family with disgust because they used cancer to their advantage to try and manipulate people like Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Jay Leno, and George Lopez. Unfortunately, Michael got the worst of it because he was the easiest and biggest target.

It only takes a few chapters in to realize this "trial" was a total joke and had no merit. Michaels team even asked the judge dismiss the case near the end because nothing was being upheld or proven by the prosecution.

Michael's defense team disproved everything the DA Tom Sneddon was trying to charge Michael with. Yet, you rarely heard any of this in the media.

For those of you that judge simply by your biased opinions from the media, I challenge you to put some effort into your opinions and read this book. Any person who can look at things objectively will most certainly be convinced of his innocence and in turn, realize the 1993 ALLEGATIONS were a hoax as well (I suggest Redemption by Geraldine Hughes to accomodate this book).

To those who have always believed in his innocence, I suggest you buy it for the sake of being a fan and helping you be more informed. I've used the knowledge of this book to defend Michael Jackson to numerous people and will continue to do so.

God Bless you Michael Jackson. May you rest in peace now knowing people will always believe in you.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The Truth Deserved To Be Told 8 de septiembre de 2009
Por Wynnie W. Ng - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa dura Compra verificada
The mass media portrayed MJ as a weird guy and led people believed the way they wanted, and his name always only associated with negative things. That's why young people like me did not have much chance to see all the positive sides of MJ. But truth and justice prevail! If you pay attention to Michael Jackson the person, you will find out not only he's a genius, but also a loving and caring man. I was never a Jackson fan before he passed away... I regret to learn about this great person too late. I wish everyone with a heart will learn the truth one day.

After finishing the book, I felt sad and angry...sad for what Michael had to go through, but angry because I felt ripped off and betrayed by the mainstream media.

Thanks Aphrodite Jones for the truthful review of what happened inside the case. No sensationalism in this book. The true story deserved to be revealed. If you want to know why MJ was acquited, here's the book.
13 de 13 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas This won't convince everyone 31 de julio de 2009
Por A. Bos - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Tapa dura Compra verificada
I was one of those people who did believe MJ was guilty and got away with it. I did not follow the whole media circus in 2005, but ofcourse .. being alive on this planet and owning a tv, I was fed with media BS. What Ms Jones so succesfully brings across in this book is that we, the people, are being manipulated on a 24/7 basis. And if you were apathic and worn down by the media, like I was; opinions other than your own just nest in your brain without any thought.

I finished reading the book in almost one go. It is easy to read and the subject is fascinating (morbidly enough). I had hoped though that it would have been written in a more objective manner. Ms Jones is very much pro-Jackson. If you're not a MJ-fan, this will have to be something you need to set aside. I found it difficult sometimes because I was feeling I was being manipulated again by the media, Ms Jones in this matter.

Having said all this; I finished reading the book knowing that justice was done when MJ was found not guilty. Not just because Ms Jones writes so, not just because a jury said so. But because I started using my brain again and logically came to that conclusion. It's a painful one. I guess it was easier for me to believe that one eccentric man was able to be guilty of a dispicable crime than it was for me to believe that greed dehumanizes a person (a family) to such an extend that they would bite the hand that was giving them so much. Even Judas would have hung his head in shame. But this was a reality that MJ was living with every day, not just from this family but from a lot of people pretending to have his best intrest at heart. For that, I earn MJ a big apology and respect. Unfortunately it's too little ... too late.

If you even have the slightest bit of your mind still open ... even if it's just a little; read this book.