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Monitor Audio Silver 6 - Altavoces (Negro, Piso, Speaker set unit, Integrado, Alámbrico, 35 - 35000 Hz)

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4,2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 6 opiniones de clientes

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  • Descripción del producto: Monitor Audio plata 6
  • Ancho: 24,5 cm
  • Profundidad: 30 cm
  • Altura: 93,6 cm
  • Uso recomendado: Speaker Set Unit
  • Tipo de auriculares: 2,5-voies
  • Colocación de los auriculares: suelo
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Detalles del producto

  • Dimensiones del producto: 25,4 x 18,5 x 85,1 cm ; 17 Kg
  • Número de modelo del producto: M2
  • ASIN: B0049MPUXC
  • Producto en desde: 15 de octubre de 2015
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Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Altavoz: Si
Altura: 93,6 cm
Ampificador: Integrado
Ancho: 24,5 cm
Color del producto: Negro
Número de altavoces: 2
Número de controladores de altavoces de medio rango: 1
Número de controladores de tweeter: 1
Número de controladores de woofer: 1
Número de dispositivos: 4
Obstrucción: 8 Ohmio
Peso: 16,5 kg
Potencia estimada RMS: 150 W
Profundidad: 30 cm
Rango de frecuencia: 35 - 35000 Hz
Sensibilidad: 90 Db
Tamaño de controlador: 2,54 cm (1")
Tamaño de tweeter: 2,5 cm
Tamaño del conductor de gama media: 15,2 cm (6")
Tamaño del woofer: 15,2 cm (6")
Tecnología de conectividad: Alámbrico
Tipo de altavoces: De 2,5 vías
Tweeter: Si
Ubicación de bocina: Piso
Uso recomendado: Speaker set unit

Opiniones de clientes

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4 estrellas
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Opiniones de clientes más útiles en (beta) 4.2 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 6 opiniones
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas English Sound Unmatched or Accuracy: MONITORS 2 de febrero de 2012
Por Mr. Bradford Bodeaux, MSW. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This model, M2, is exactly the same tonal and build quality as all other MONITOR loudspeakers. The M2s represent my third pair of Monitors and I just love them to death, and I listen to ALL major types of American music. My conclusion is the superior materials used in their CCAM/MP II drivers account for such accuracy and neutrality. Highly recommended!
0 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Exceptional value at this price point. 3 de febrero de 2014
Por Urmuz - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I paid $245 for the pair- just put on some 40 hrs of listening and they are still opening up during the break-in period. Bravo, Monitor Audio ! What can I say ? At this price, I see no rivals. Excellent dynamics, soundstage, uncolored rendering and even a tad of bass that belies their size. For this money, could not recommend them high enough.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas These babies are without a doubt the best sounding speakers that I have owned 19 de marzo de 2016
Por John Garrison - Publicado en
As a long time audiophile, I have owned several brands of speakers. These babies are without a doubt the best sounding speakers that I have owned. They play all genres without effort. The build quality is exceptional. The sound quality is stunning. My listening room is 14x22 and a pair of these Silver 6's fill it effortlessly. Highly recommended.
1 de 4 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Nice Price 12 de marzo de 2016
Por HiFi Freak - Publicado en
My review refers to the previous RX6 mid-size standmounters - this successor should theoretically be equal or better: They sound neutral, homogenous and adapted to all styles of music. Bass is precise, even though not extremely deep. Mids are as authentic as possible in this price class and highs have the right mix beetween crispness and a more soft presentation. All in all, this summs up to a clear, very neutral and balanced sound which is really fun and entertaining. There's even some warmth in the music, showing very welcome on the majority of all kinds of music ! If you get them for a nice price - buy them, but be shure to combine with good quality equipment and cables, which shouldn't be on the harsh or "cold" side - but nevertheless must be quite accurate.
2 de 7 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Best choice for the price, even for 10 or 50 times the price, when you include a nice powered subwoofer 15 de mayo de 2015
Por oqpi - Publicado en
I own RX6... and the trick is to add a powered subwoofer... why:

1) These speakers have small drives, meaning they will reproduce nicely the over 80Hz signal; anything below is artificially produced in the resonance chamber and delivered via the two bass reflex ports.

2) One cannot defy the laws of physics, hence, use them for what they can do best: mids and highs with accuracy and detail; and for that:
a) I filter them to over 80-100Hz (I prefer 100Hz, mostly) with Outlaw 2150 receiver's internal crossover,
b) connected a powered sub (outlaw ultra-12X) via receiver's subwoofer special port,

3) This layout of two fine (but small) speakers and one powered sub will make the bass sound natural not "enhanced" in the chamber by reflections and bounces against the internal walls; it also saves the small drives to work on low frequencies which they are not even supposed to handle:
a) the low frequencies sound a little "boomy" for the two speakers without subwoofer; I cannot hear the detailed texture of the low bass guitar string or deep low piano or organ
b) with subwoofer inserted and speakers crossovered at 100 Hz I can hear such a nice relaxed bass, with detail and texture, going to the real string vibration of the instrument... and it goes down to 16 Hz like that..
c) it is not about power (my sub amplifier is set to 25-30% of the max), it is all about the natural representation of the sound as it was recorded... you only need to balance the sub with the floorstands once...

4) And the icing on the cake is: the receiver does not have to handle the extra power of low frequencies (70% or so) which transfers to the powered sub 350W amplifier to deal with..!.. it has plenty of spare energy to drive the mids and highs in a relaxed, high fidelity manner (not that Outlaw would need that, as being one of the most powerful receivers on the market)....
.... and what a great sound it delivers !!

That is how you make a $2,300 system sound like a $50k + one.... and I'm very serious, no joke !

P.S. I could never understand how people keep saying the word "break-in" for electronics and does not make any sense..
1) For electronics, there is no way a transistor, or any silicon device, or a capacitor to have to break-in after a period of time of use; the only thing that happens with electronics is to behave a little better after they are warmed up... but that takes between 20 min and 2 hours, depending on the electronic components inside; there is no way for electronics to sound better after 40 hours of use, or 100 hours, or that..
2) For the speaker it is something similar, they sound better after a time of use, but that is around 10-20 min of vibrations, not after a "time period of break-in"; why would they do that..?.. the materials will not become more flexible, or the coils will not slide smoother after 40 hours or 100 hours.. I've read reports of people who counted 600 hours of "break-in" and were convinced their equipment sounds better after that time..

In the past 40 years, I have listened to hundreds of systems, some new, some old, some used, some just out of box, and I can tell you they sound better or worse, more clear, or less, detailed, dynamic and the whole bit, because of the design, the assembly and the quality of the materials used....
Nothing more and nothing less... all this raw-raw with break-in periods is just to make somebody to appear they have such sensitive ears, that they can "feel" a difference in sound after 40 hours of total use... It is only to inflate some people's ego..
I would ask all these guys to try a blind test and see what they can actually differentiate in terms of sound quality....

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