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Mysterious skin (Oscura inocencia) [Descat.] [DVD]

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En 1981 Brian tiene 8 años. Lo último que recuerda es estar sentado en el banquillo viendo un partido de béisbol. 5 horas después se despierta en el sótano de su casa. A raiz de este suceso, Brian comenzará a tener pesadillas y a confundir las cosas. Pero el tiempo pasa, y Brian se convierte en un torpe y acomplejado adolescente. Todo lo contrario que su amigo Neil, un joven guapo y decidido y aparentemente sin problemas. <br><br /> <br><br />Extras: Tráiler, lectura de los dos primeros capítulos de la novela por Joseph Gordon-Levitt y Brady Corbet, audiocomentario conjunto del director Gregg Araki y los Actores Brady Corbet y Joseph Gordon-Levitt en inglés con subtítulos en castellano. <br><br /> <br><br />

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas GREAT MOVIE ABOUT SUFFERING TWO MAN FROM EARLY ABDUCTION AND SEXUAL ABUTON 28 de abril de 2016
Por Hee Chul Kwon - Publicado en
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This is a great movie about two boys who suffer from when they were abducted to a man and end up being prodtitute even they went back home safe.
One of them are played by now a well know actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the other by Brady Corbet.
While Joseph is understanding what has happened back then pretty well, Brady was kind of all blanked out during that period when he was 9. He has the bloody nose and thinks that he was kidnapped by alien and was experimented by them But he does remembered that he was with Joseph and he is desperately looking for him to find the real answer to what really happened back then since his life is not so smooth even when he is now.
He sometimes faints, bleeds from his nose. Life ain't easy for him.
Brady on the other hand became a prostitute and sometimes he got bitten by older guys but he seems to manage pretty well.
He got a girlfriend that is the only one who understands him. (Not a girlfriend girlfriend byt just a friend).

This movie is showing how it effect boy's life when they were kidnapped and experience sex from another man later how they suffer in life.
They either become a hooker or outsider in this world.
For the man who did this to the boys simply do this for their one minute of pleasure and forget it for good.
What a pitty.

We should have a better law something like cut off their thing or something when we find them out.
Not just put the electric ring thing in their feet to watch them.

The ending was a really memorable when finally Brady Corbet finds out that it was not an alien who did this to him but the man who did. With the music of the Sigur Ros following, it was more then sad. It was like sulimation of anger and pain.

I first saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the movie <The Lookout> or <Brick> he was a guy whom I cannot deny. Then I saw him again in a bigger budget movie <(500) Days of Summer>. Now he is a star being in movies like <Inception> <50/50> <Looper> <Dark knight Returns> <The Walk>.
From the beginning I think most of all knew that he will make it.
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Darkly Disturbing, Delightfully Deep 13 de octubre de 2009
Por Serious Inquirer - Publicado en
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The film follows the lives of two boys who, at the age of 8, were molested by their little league baseball coach. The divergence in their personalities as they grow older is quite telling: one boy embraces what happened and longs to feel loved by a man, while his counterpart represses the scenario and becomes (as one character in the movie describes him) "asexual." Their reunion some 10 years after the fact ends in an intense and heart-pounding confrontation, amplified by a scene that can only be described as an exemplar of catharsis.

Both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbett deliver amazing performances, exploring a range and depth of emotion often missing in film. Both young men portray their character's unique perspective on the world perfectly: Gordon-Levitt in a numb and even nihilistic fashion, Corbett as a naive and trusting soul who has been gravely injured at a deep, psychological level.

The film rests in the same category of cinema as works such as "The Mudge Boy" and "My Own Private Idaho." This is perhaps the most phenomenally dark gay-coming-of-age film to date!

The themes and issues of child molestation stand apart from those of homosexuality and the two are not confused, even in the minds of the protagonists. Gordon-Levitt's character is avowedly gay while Corbett's is not. The clear distinction between pedophilia and homosexuality is both welcome and refreshing.

Personally I am appalled at the 1-star rating some users have given this film for its content. The film is graphic, disturbing, and shockingly provocative. Yet the characters are believable and likable over-all, the direction is superb, and the whole work is enthralling.

Michelle Trachtenberg and Jeffery Licon deliver sound performances in their respective supporting roles.

Five stars are given because Amazon won't allow me to give six.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Disturbing and Beautiful 3 de febrero de 2007
Por Amy Lynn - Publicado en
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Plot: The movie centers around 2 boys- Neil and Brian. Age 8. They both play on the same baseball team. They both go through the same abuse from their coach. The movie then forwards to when the boys are about 18 or 19 and one of them cannot seem to remember what exactly happened to him.

Neil is now a [..] charismatic teenage hustler and Brian is a nervous introvert obsessed with the idea he was abducted by aliens. Both boys were abused by the baseball coach but Brian instead thinks this trauma he remembered experiencing had to do with being abducted by aliens. All Brian can remember is having a bloody nose and finding himself somewhere else. At first he only remembers bits and pieces of the trauma.. Though he does happen to remember Neil and thinks he was also involved in this 'abduction' as he puts together the bits and pieces of what happened. He eventually ends up tracking Neil down and they both end up confronting the pain of what happened to them.

The ending is very heartbreaking and somewhat disturbing. This film is not just for shock value, it has a deeper meaning and is an eye opening look at child sexual abuse.

The movie was very fresh, moving and contemplative. The only uncomfortable parts of the movie to watch were the baseball coach and his intentions with the kids. Also a scene in a hotel room where Neil gets brutalized by one of his johns. Other than that it was a very well done independent film.
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Compelling, Captivating, FEEL Each Character 19 de diciembre de 2007
Por MovieLover - Publicado en
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I just saw this movie last night and felt compelled to write about it. This movie shows how two boys deal with the very same sexual abuse from the same little league coach very differently. Although both are adversely affected, the way their little minds (8 yrs. old) dealt and processed all of it sent them on very different paths for the next 10 years when finally they met up to help each other understand.

I can't say enough about the quality of the production, the acting in each role, the directing, and the story itself. You can really feel each character on both sides of the abuse.

Words that come to mind are thought provoking, intriguing, aware, captivating, artistic (the directing / framing shots), and emotional.

I love movies that do something that has never been done before. Abuse may have been done before, but this movie's uniqueness lies in how the characters are developed; both the kids and the coach to give a perspective that has never been displayed in a movie. The acting and directing are of the highest quality.

In rating this movie on it's own, I have to give it the 5 stars. If I was rating the DVD, it would get 4 stars. There is commentary and a a few extras of the actors rehearsing lines and reading the first 2 chapters of the book but I would have liked to see more behind the scenes footage and information as well as getting actor feedback on the film.

Also, do not be fooled by people who tagged this film with "male full frontal nudity" because you never see the front on the actors. You see full nudity from the back, but front shots are waist-up and thighs-down.

Let me leave you with: This is GREAT FILM! I'm glad that I now own it in my library of movies.
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas More Than Enough To Be Great 4 de octubre de 2007
Por Daren - Publicado en
Formato: DVD Compra verificada
I did not know what to expect when I read the write up on this film or the reviews. As far as quality goes, I was pleasently surprised. I have a wide variety of movies in my collection. This , is by far one of the best. Perhaps that is because I have seen similar behaviour in real life. Jospeh Gordon-Levitt shows he is not just a "one pony show" as he stretches to the other end of the acting spectrum, comedy being at the other end. His tormented "my pain is mine-just deal with me, this is how I ge male acceptance" is done to perfection, never overdone. You never know where his character is going next emotionally. An entire movie could have been written around his characters' abuse by the coach, abandoment by his father, permiscuity by his mother and deep feelings for his best female friend.

Abused by the same coach, the character of Brian(Brady Corbet)reacts totally different to his early childhood circumstances, including an emotionally detached father, a dominant mother and sexual abuse by this same coach. His path leads to a very interesting and understandable journey, as he has blocked out his abuse in an interesting way. The results of his abuse physical and emotional present themselves allthroughout his upbringing and launch him on a journey to find "the other kid".

Linking both abused teens is a gay friend who draws on the viewers' sympathty as he seems to fall for both.

This is an "-A-" movie in every aspect. There was not a part that one could think might not be actually true. Someone behind the pen or camera on this book/film clearly lived this pain. This movie could not have come from anyone's imagination. Never boring, how anyone could rate this move a -B- or less , I cannot understand. Taken from pain, everyone delivers. Would I place this movie in my "Top Ten" List. To be honest, it is a close contender for No. 1. One of the best.

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