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Olympus VN-7200 - Grabadora digital (memoria de 2 GB)

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Detalles técnicos
Peso del producto181 g
Dimensiones del producto15,5 x 13,2 x 4,6 cm
Pilas:2 AAA necesaria(s), incluida(s)
Número de modelo del productoV404130BU000
Número de productoV404130BU000
Pilas / baterías incluidas
Pilas / baterías necesarias
Incluye batería recargableNo
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Producto en desde6 de octubre de 2014
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Get Olympus VN-722PC Voice Recorders, 4 GB Built-In-Memory Instead 11 de febrero de 2015
Por Jennifer H. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have no idea how this is a best seller, other than they count all the sells that are then returned. In order to get all you need from this product you will have to buy additional accessories and go through many extra steps to get saved to your computer. Save yourself the aggravation and buy the Olympus VN-722PC Voice Recorders, 4 GB Built-In-Memory, for only about $15 more. It is a superior product and easily worth the little bit extra. Besides, to make this one work with your computer you will have to spend about that much on additional cables and you will have to download special software.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Very user friendly - Simplicity at it's best 27 de septiembre de 2011
Por Charles - Publicado en
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This recorder is very easy to use as it has only two large buttons, one for Stop and one for Record. There is also a toggle wheel that allows skipping back and forth through recording and a button in the center that serves as an ENTER button for message prompts. So it's easy to grab and start recording and to hit Stop when finished. Battery life is excellent, the delete recording button is small and you get a verification prompt before deleting so you will never accidentally delete a recording. Usage is very intuitive and I started using it without reading the instructions. The LED readout is not backlit and that is a downside and this is the model that does not allow uploading the audio files to computer (which I did not want or need). So the only improvement would be to backlight the LED readout but then that would shorten battery life. I'm very happy with the simplicity of use, the uncluttered ergonomic design and layout of controls, it's very light weight even with batteries, and it's small size that fits nicely in shirt pocket.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas You can save audio files to a computer... with a few tweaks! 3 de septiembre de 2012
Por Cynthia Raxter - Publicado en
This is a solid little recorder and has served me well for several years now. It will hold many hours of recordings and it uses AAA batteries available anywhere. It will keep its memory for at least 5 days if the batteries are dead.

You _can_ digitally record the output from the headphone jack and save the recording on your computer. It is not as easy as a USB interface but it is do-able.

I am a storyteller - it was a fun hobby. This spring thanks to a great mentor/teacher, I started getting offers for paid gigs! I needed to up my game quickly! I had this recorder already and loved it - and didn't have the cash to upgrade immediately.

First I downloaded the audio recording/editing computer software Audacity. Second, got a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack. eForCity 3.5MM JACK CAR AUDIO AUX AUXILIARY CABLE FOR iPod touch.

I plugged the audio cable into "Ear" on the recorder and "Mic" on computer. I set the recorders volume to 7 or so, and I also TURNed OFF Noise Cancellation. (Hold the recorders Menu button 10 seconds then tab through the different setting - Noise Can? = No.) I started a New recording in Audacity - then I pushed Play on the recorder. I have to monitor the recording. The recorder's playback stops automatically but I have to stop Audacity's recording manually.

You can use edit functions in Audacity to cut off the lead, or filter out background noise, cut bloopers, etc. Also note, in Audacity it will be a Mono recording. You can copy and paste the recording to right and left tracks to make it Stereo. Export the file when you are done as an MP3.

I use it to record storytelling shows, practice and memorize new stories, send good sets to a far away friend. It is not super high quality recording but it is good enough for the spoken word.

Three things about using the recorder itself... when you are recording always slide the power button down - that is your hold button. More than once I have accidentally bumped a button and turn off the recording 5 minutes into a performance!

Also as soon as your recording is done, lock the file! I accidentally erased 2 months worth of performances in one fell swoop. I am not sure how I did it either. To lock a file, hold the menu button for ten seconds. Then tab through the selections until you get to Lock. Change it to Lock=Yes, then tab some more and press Stop. When a file is locked it has a tiny padlock above it. Do it so you won't regret it.

Last I keep the Mic setting on Low all the time (again, hold Menu button 10 sec...). On High Mic I get a lot of background noise, and a Lo mic will easily record people talking to me, an emcee introducing me with a PA system, audience applause, amplified lectures, etc. If in doubt (like in a group discussion around a big table) check the recording quality at your earliest convenience.

Good luck and happy recording.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not for Singers. Okay for Meetings, Class or Rehearsals. 27 de octubre de 2016
Por Dr. Braxy - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This Olympus Digital Voice Recorder is just "Okay." I loved my Olympus NoteCorder so I purchased this one hoping for good results.

The Pros:
~ I like the clear recording and it picks up very well
~ Easy to operate after you get used to the buttons
~ Lots of memory to record songs/instructions
~ I am a singer so I tape rehearsals. It is helpful that there are four separate folders (A, B, C & D) where I can sort rehearsal music from performances or other events/lectures.

The Cons:
~ I'm having to search constantly for the song I want because you can't have the recorder in date view at the same time as you have length of song view. My old NoteCorder I'd have a general idea of which date and how long so that's how I'd search (looking for March 2015 around 40 minutes long). It allowed me to see both at the same time. This one doesn't.
~ The earphone jack doesn't work. When you stick your headphones in, it plays in only one ear (which is a form of death to a singer!). The only way to get it to play in both ears is to pull it almost all the way out. This is irritating because if you move even slightly, it comes out and now you're accidentally serenading everyone on the subway.
~ The button placement is terrible. When just sitting down to record, it is fine. But if you're a performer who puts the recorder in your bra, this design means each time you move, it presses the stop or play button and turns the recorder off. Again, irritating.

Overall, it's a recorder and it works so for rehearsals or class lectures, I like it. But for the purpose for which I bought it (singing), it is not at all good and I am upset about this purchase. Also, the product description did NOT say it comes with a carrying case so I purchased one for $9. When the box arrived, there was indeed a carrying case included, so the faulty description caused me to make an additional that was not needed.

I do not recommend this recorder for singers.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Great price, performance for a student recorder. 14 de marzo de 2015
Por Maleko - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This is a pretty cheap digital voice recorder, but it has a lot of features and it's pretty small maybe 3" by 1-1/4 inch by not more then 1/2" thick. First off it's pretty easy to scroll through the menu's, theres a menu button and it lets you scroll through the options. There are a few options i didn't know, but i left them at the default. But the ones i knew, like mic hi low value, voice activated recording and settings like that were pretty easy to figure out, plus entering time date was easy as well. The mic is situated at the top so you can point it at your professor while it sits on your desk, the layout is good. Once you set your settings in menu, hit the stop menu it goes back out of the menu mode. Then just test it, push record, if it immediately flashes standby, means the level is too low and just click the up arrow a couple times and the level will go up and it will stay recording at that level. it does come with 2 AAA batteries, but would recommend you getting some rechargeables if you plan on using it for lectures everyday. Other then that, the value for the price is great, therefore the 5 stars. Great for students.

Oh and it does have mic and earphone jacks, they sell a mini audio jack to usb, or just mini to mini and just plug it into your computer to save off recordings. There is no usb jack so you can't just save off recordings, which was one of the complaints, but there are work arounds.

Update1: My nephew just knocked my recorder into the dogs water bowl, it was in there for a good minute, totally submerged. I took the batteries out, but let it dry out a day, not taking it apart or anything, just left the battery portion open. The first day, still didn't work. But i put the recorder near an appliance that has warm air and put it next to the warm air for 24hours and guess what, i just put the batteries in and it still works. Plus it retained what was in the memory since it was digital, this thing is awesome.

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