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Onaroo OK To Wake! Reloj de noche

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El reloj de noche para niños de Onaroo les enseña a dormir a su hora y facilita así el descanso a los padres. El reloj se programa para que se encienda la luz verde cuando el niño puede levantarse.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Saved me from my early riser! Life changing! 29 de diciembre de 2014
Por Julia R - Publicado en
Embalaje del producto: paquete abrefácil Compra verificada
This product has saved my life. My daughter (22 months) has been a terrible sleeper since birth. First I could never put her down (so I slept sitting up), then when I finally got her in a crib, she would wake up multiple times a night. Even when she started sleeping more steadily, she would wake up at 4AM. Everyday. Sometimes earlier. And she wouldn't just wake up and chill by herself - she would immediately start crying, wanting me to come get her. I would cry out of exhaustion. I looked up ideas online to get her to stay in her crib for longer, and I found this! Thank GOD. I'm not even joking, it took her about a week to understand what the light meant, and now she stays asleep until 5:30, when I have the light set for. She usually wakes up earlier than that, but I watch her on the monitor, and she just peeks over at the clock, sees its not lit, and lies back down again. And when it does light up, she just stands there, calmly waiting for me to come get her. AMAZING. This is literally groundbreaking for us. I figured someone else might be able to relate to my story, and invest in this amazing product too. You won't be sorry.
135 de 141 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Packed full of features! Battery life added to review! 10 de marzo de 2015
Por Cj - Publicado en
Embalaje del producto: paquete abrefácil Compra verificada
I was so hesitant to buy this because of the negative reviews (and the price)- but I'm really REALLY glad I did get it. So how it works is, you can set the time, and can also set the time of the morning that you'd like it to turn green (indicating to your child that it's now OK to get up). This feature can be used, or not. You can also decide how LONG you want it to stay green (mine is set to an hour) but you can shut the green light off when your child gets up by tapping the foot. There is also an alarm feature, which we don't use but I tested. The alarm is perfect for a toddler, nothing to loud or startling. At night you can press the foot and put on the orange night light, that feature has 3 levels of dimness, and can also be set to stay on for a certain amount of time (mine is set also to an hour, on the most dim setting). So my son loves a dark room and his windows are pretty much blacked out lol but he has taken a liking to his orange light being on as he's falling asleep at night. It's good that it shuts off, because he likes it dark if he wakes up. I do believe the light has the ability to stay on all night but I don't remember 100%. When the green light comes on (at 8am in our house!) there is a cute smile face that comes on the screen. The whole thing is really cute looking actually! All the buttons to set the time and everything are in the back, large enough to understand and see well. It's really easy to set up, I can't imagine anyone having trouble with it. There is also a nap feature that you can set, so if your child is going to nap you can set the green light to go on in an hour or two, etc. The alarm can be used with the green light, if you so choose.

Overall I am very pleased with this clock. Two things go take notice on: it runs on battery's, I plan to update how long our batteries last using it the way we do (orange light on for an hour at night, green light on for an hour at MOST in the a.m) so we will see how long that lasts. Being plugged in would be nice, however in our old house we hardly have any outlets so in that case I'm actually happy it's on battery's.

Also, I do think it's over priced. I almost took off a star for this BUT so far it has been working great, my 3.5 year old totally gets the concept and stays in bed until it turns green, so in that regard it's worth the money. But it feels kind of cheap and so this clock is off limits to my toddler as far as playing with it/touching it goes. I do believe if he handled it to much, dropped it, knocked it around, it could break or stop working. But even if it was a regular alarm clock I'd still not let him play with it because um hello he's 3 and he doesn't need to play with an alarm clock.

This clock is feature packed and I've recommended it to many people already!

So I was interested to see how long he battery's would last and they just died this morning! So this was delivered to me in February 2015 and the batteries lasted until today, June 24, 2015 so about 4 months. This is with less expensive batteries (not name brand) and with consistent nightly use. I have the clock set so that I can put the nightlight on for 1 hour while my son falls asleep, and in the morning at 8:10 (we are late sleepers lol) his "okay to wake" light turns on and will stay on for 1 hour if need be. But I usually always go in and shut it off by 8:30. We don't use the alarm feature yet and it's not played with at all by my toddler. So! That's the battery life for this alarm clock for us and the way we use it. I'd say 6 months would be better, but you might get longer battery life if you don't use the night light feature at night, or for a shorter time, or if you use better batteries then we do.

I will say, I am still very impressed with this clock. It's so easy to grab, pack and take with us to Grammys or camping, it does it's job, it's cute and it's held up so far. Really love it!

Another battery life update:::
Its October 10th 2015 and the batteries from June 24th just died this morning. So again, almost 4 months. About 3.5 months this time but like I said, we use off brand batteries. Even the rayovac batteries seem to last at least a few weeks longer. This alarm does take 4AA batteries and we still use this clock nightly as stated above. I wouldn't mind a plug in feature but our house seriously lacks outlets so actually the battery on this doesn't bother me. For me it's easier to change batteries then find an outlet that will allow us to reach the top of his dresser where we keep it. Hope this helps!
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas It's cute and I like that it has an interchangeable panel to have a ... 7 de junio de 2016
Por Rebecca - Publicado en
Embalaje del producto: paquete abrefácil Compra verificada
This alarm is okay. It's cute and I like that it has an interchangeable panel to have a pink face for my daughter. The problem is, as any kid, she's curious and wants to play with it. She keeps pushing the buttons and turning it off, making it useless. I'm hoping as she gets older, she'll get the hang of it and it will help her stay in bed. This product came recommended by a friend and she said it worked wonders to keep her child in bed until it was "morning" (deemed by parents deciding what time the alarm will change colors). Overall, I like the idea of it, it just hasn't worked well for us yet. We'll keep trying!
6 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Worked great, and was effective for a very short period ... 5 de julio de 2016
Por Alyson - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Worked great, and was effective for a very short period of time. Had regular batteries in it that were newer and the clock caused them to go bad leaking battery acid over the inside of the clock, in turn destroying the clock. This performance does not align with the cost of the product. Have previously recommended to friends but will be cautioning for now on.
3 de 3 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Working amazingly for autistic, sleep troubled preschooler! 16 de diciembre de 2015
Por JJT - Publicado en
Compra verificada
How do I say enough good things about this clock!? My son is autistic, and has never been a good sleeper. This product has helped us tremendously. Before, he was getting out of bed and staying awake from between 5:30-5:15am (this is after not falling asleep until around 10-10:30pm usually). He was irritable, tired, and just plain needed more sleep. We used this clock to gradually move his out-of-bed time to 7:05am, and he is so much more well rested! Since he was staying in bed instead of wandering around, he was able to fall back asleep during those in-between hours. He usually comes out now between 7:05-7:15am, saying "guys, my clock turned green! Come check it out!" He also loves to bring it in to his sister's room to show her. "Lucy, time to get up! The clock is green!" So cute.
To help get him some more rest on the bed-time end of the night, we have been using a super low dose of melatonin right when we start his bedtime routine, which allows him to fall asleep around 8:30pm. I do not recommend trying that without the suggestion and/or approval from a child's pediatrician!
But without this clock, the mornings would still be a nightmare, even with the melatonin (we've been using that for around 4 months now). I would have liked to try this a little sooner, but I'm not sure it would have worked for him sooner. It's impossible to tell really. He is almost 4, and really has made a lot of advancements lately on listening to instructions. We've been using the clock successfully for about 2 months now.
I am thinking about ordering another one for my 18 month old daughter, because I think she would like it as well! She has luckily never had the sleep issues our son has but it would be nice (for me!) if she'd stay in bed until a consistent time each morning. Maybe I'll try it when she's fully weaned and closer to 2...

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