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Ost-Königreich der Himmel

4.5 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 2 opiniones de clientes

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CD de audio , 2 may 2005
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  • CD de audio (2 de mayo de 2005)
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  • Sello: Scl (Sony Music)
  • ASIN: B00080EUN0
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Reproducir la canción Comprar: EUR 1,29
Reproducir la canción Comprar: EUR 1,29
Reproducir la canción Comprar: EUR 1,29
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Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
De la película mil veces mejor la versión del director. De la banda sonora la que quieras, una lástima que no se vendan las "recording sessions" pero esta edición es de todas formas magnífica.
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Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
Es muy bonita y evocadora. Te transporta a esa época y a la trama de la película. Muy recomendable para todos los amantes de la música de las películas.
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HASH(0x950be0fc) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Nothing Comes Close 20 de junio de 2006
Por W. Noshie - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
I am into Rock and Jazz music and not a classic listener at all.
Kingdom of Heaven is a different story with different sounds. Living in the Middle East,
The music in this CD was born from the greatest movie I have ever seen.
The sound is a blend of Classical and little Arabic which could not fit any better in the Region I am living in.
Jerusalem, Beirut, Tripoli, the land of the Crusades and the Arabs. The music of this album is the perfect atmosphere this region creates.
Watch the Movie; (The Director's Cut) then choose a relaxing day; put this CD in your CD player and enjoy.
A 5 star CD. A 5 star Movie
I have later bought The Music of "Alexander" and the music of "The 13th Warrior", that is After reading many reviews on Amazon about them as well;
After listening all these CD's; They are good music to buy but.... my personal opinion: Nothing Comes close to the music of "Kingdom of Heaven"

1 Great soundtrack recommendation : The thin red line.
Just Added Recently: I have just heard a new album that could be nicely compared to Kingdom of Heavens, titled: "An Ancient Muse" by Loreena McKennitt. This one is another great CD.
32 de 34 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0x950bfb4c) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Gregson-Williams Proves his Greatness 5 de mayo de 2005
Por Arizona Score Reviewer - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
First off, I'd like to explain the title. Harry Gregsom-Williams already proved himself to be quite the composer with Shrek and Shrek 2. However, they are Shrek and Shrek 2. Not exactly the most respected genre of scores. So to pull off such a dramatic piece as Kingdom of Heaven should really propel him, especially with his role in the Chronicles of Narnia movie(s).

Now to the actual score. It was a real pleasure to listen to as it contains a wide variety of music. You have a "Heavenly" choir whose involved in basically half the score. Then you've got a mix of both contemporary scored music (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, etc.) and Arabian wood music. Williams was also thee producer of the album along with Peter Cobbin, and they made sure that we got enough of both types of music to be satsisfied, but not too much as we would get tired of it.

There is no particular style that you would be reminded of while listening to Kindom of Heaven, but a large mixture of them. Certainly the most influential style to this score would be Hans Zimmer (who was originally picked by Ridley Scott, who worked with Zimmer on Gladiator). But there is also some pieces that might remind people of Carter Burwell's "Alamo." Williams and Shore types could also be heard here.

A guide to these great tracks:

1. Burning the Past--Well people with experience with scores know how the first track always sounds. Afterall, they need to put a slow paced score in order to fit well witht he credits and title. However, this is one of the best opening scores I've ever heard. It's got a very heaven;y feel to it as the chorus sings like mourners. Sometimes I get the chills listening to it. Very unique instrument use, too. Don't know what it is exactly. Turns out that the tune in this track is also the suspense/mourning theme.

2. Crusaders--Here, as is the case with may films, is where the main action theme is introduced. It is a very good four beat theme. Granted, it's not the most original one, but it still is a good listen and works well with a movie.

3. Swordplay--I thought that the beginning of this tune was a bit unfitting for this score. It reminded me of something you'd here from an old sailor movie.
However, it got back to the mood of the original score after those first few seconds.

4. A New World--The first real relaxing track on the soundtrack. Very good wood and string instrument use. Introduced to the more gleeful theme, which will be better used later in the CD.

5. To Jerusalem--Like I said, Gladiator is awesome. Wait- this isn't Gladiator? would have never known from this trck. A bit too similar for my likings.

6. Sibylla--This is a typical love or mourning theme (kinda ironic how those two are so easily lumped together).

7. Ibelin--This is my favorite track on the CD. I know I'm probably showing bad taste, but this is the one song I like to just keep replaying over again. It has such melody to it. It is also the prime showcase of the more gleeful theme. It's the type of music that would typically be played as the caravan is entering a great city, or maybe during a dance, or something of that sort. Probably the best use of Arabic music I've heard on any soundtrak.

8. Rise a Knight--There is more of the suspense theme introduced in the first track on this pre-battle type piece. It's a great track to go along with the scene in order to set up what will happen in the rest of the movie.

9. The King--This is the longest track on the CD at 5:45. It starts of really slow with some nice vocals, but then it starts to get more upbeat in the middle.

10. The Battle of Kerak--Well you can probably guess what this one is like based on the title. Of course, the action/battle theme is promenent here along with some new very enjoyable suspense pieces. HGW is proving to be quite the action composer.

11. Terms--Two very chilling vocals (one male, the other female). Something out of the books of Troy or Gladiator. Overall, it makes a good post-war music. Then a more upbeat drum piece, followed by a Lord of the Rings-ish battle tune.

12. Better Man--This is a combination of the opening track and "Terms." Then there's some more Arabian music so you can get your fix. Very much like Pirates of the Caribbean at the end, too.

13. Coronation--This is the type f track where you know something important just happened in the movie but the score just bores you to death.

14. An Understanding--This starts off with an exotic female vocal with an arabian music background. It then goes on with many other choral effects.

15. Wall Breached--One of the best tracks on the CD. Great use of the drums, as you could imagine with this title. Then it becomes one of the best suspense moments in the score.

16. The Pilgram Road--Some charming wood music to lead off this track, followed by some more Gladiator-type drum and string music (you could have told me Zimmer did this score and I wouldn't be surprised).

17. Saldin--Well this one almost put me to sleep. However, I know that there are a lot of people that love these type of tracks. To each his own.

18. Path to Heaven--Just a typical "wrapping up" piece here. Another heavenly tack with the choral in it besically the entire time.

19. Ibelin Reprise--I am here to proclaim in behalf of soundtrack fans everywhere that not every theme ever composed has to have words put onto it at the end. They tried to do it with the gleeful theme and it just didn't work out well. It seemed really out of place and almost hurts the ears.

So bottomline: I thought about giving this a four star rating for some of the Gladiator copying music and the annoying song at the end, but I decided the the things that were actually original in this score outweighed the things that weren't. It is a Heavenly score and is sure to please soundtrack fans of all types. A great buy.
37 de 40 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0x94f27240) de un máximo de 5 estrellas Enjoyable A-typical epic score 16 de mayo de 2005
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio Compra verificada
Kingdom of Heaven has a fantastically understated score that is completely enjoyable. Harry Gregson-Williams has crafted perhaps his best score for the Ridley Scott epic. Although I am a huge fan of Gladiator, Scott's choice of Gregson-Williams seems inspired after listening to the finished score. He combines light European choirs with traditional Middle Eastern music, powerful and ethereal at the same time. What makes a score great, is the ability of the composer to musically relate to the characters of the movie and become not necessarily a separate element, but a part of the whole. If the score says just as much as the characters than it is successful and Harry Gregson-Williams' Kingdom of Heaven score is a real character in this epic film.
24 de 27 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0x9507a0e4) de un máximo de 5 estrellas New Spin on Historical Subject 7 de mayo de 2005
Por G M. Stathis - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
Music for Ridley Scott's films seems always to have some element of controversy. His latest, a very good, and accurate treatment of the Crusades, "Kingdom of Heaven," is not completely immune from this. First and above all Harry Gregson-Williams has done a wonderful musical score for this film. Avoiding cliches, but interweaving interesting Middle Eastern motifs, this is a score that enriches the portrait of another age and a new world. The soundtrack album is representative of this achievement and works well on its own (a capable production by Sony). Still, this writer was stunned when, during a highlight scene, music by Jerry Goldsmith from "13th Warrior" emerged. Granted it is fine music, and it worked very well in this scene, but usually in the past Goldsmith suffered the indignity of having his music cut or replaced in several of Scott's film subjects. This puts a bit of a cloud over Harry Gregson-Williams' efforts here, and that is really too bad because he produced a very good score that will not disappoint.
10 de 10 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
HASH(0x950bfc18) de un máximo de 5 estrellas A second opinion 21 de noviembre de 2005
Por Annaleise Ferreira - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: CD de audio
I've reviewed this album once already, but when I did I'd just bought it and hadn't really listened to it all the way through. Reading over it now I realize there's lots I could have said but didn't because I was upset that Vide Cor Meum hadn't been included. Now I accept that the soundtrack only has pieces that were composed for the film by Gregson-Williams, and that makes sense. So while I'm still annoyed that certain key pieces weren't included, I understand why. So I'd like to review it based on its own merits, not what else I thought should have been there.

The first track, "Burning The Past", is one of my favorites. It's slow, pretty and solemn and sets the tone for the rest of the album very well. It's also easy to sing along with.

"Crusaders" is a lovely vocal piece that is heard several times in the movie, and is more the kind of "epic action music" you like to hear in these kinds of films, but definitely doesn't have a generic feel to it. It's the kind of thing you can listen to outside of the context of the movie.

"A New World" and "To Jerusalem" are some beautiful instrumentals, one slow and one with a catchy beat. They have an obviously modern sound but don't feel out of place in an ancient setting.

"Ibelin" is a happy, busy tune that sort of makes you want to dance or some other strenuous activity. It's fun.

"Sibylla" is really more about Ibelin than Sibylla, but is very soft and beautiful and can work for both.

"The King" is my favorite from the album. It sometimes plays over battle scenes but it's mostly King Baldwin's personal theme and marks his presence in the movie quite well. It's simple but beautiful and effective like a good motif should be.

The final piece is "Light Of Life" by Natacha Atlas, whom I've gotten to be a fan of lately, and it's a reprise of "Ibelin" with lyrics in Arabic. Natacha is a very talented singer with a disciplined voice which captured me immediately. I much prefer her traditional and dance-inspired work to her hip hop inspired work, but it's all very good.

The first ten or so songs on the soundtrack have been playing pretty steadily on my mp3 player for about a month now, and I haven't gotten tired of them. Gregson-Williams is a very talented composer and I'll be seeking out more of his work in the future.

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