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Ouya - Consola, Color Negro + Mando

Plataforma : Ouya
3,7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas
5 estrellas
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3,7 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 800 opiniones de clientes

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  • bluetooth
  • bluetooth: 4,0
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Información sobre el juego

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Bluetooth: Si
Cables incluidos: HDMI
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0: 1
Capacidad de memoria interna: 8 GB
Certificado Energy Star: No
Color del producto: Gris, Acero inoxidable
Ethernet: Si
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) cantidad de puertos: 1
Juego de video incluido: No
Número de consolas de juego incluidos: 1
Número de puertos HDMI: 1
Pantalla incorporada: No
Plataforma: OUYA
Portátil: No
Segunda pantalla: No
Versión de Bluetooth: 4,0
Wifi: Si

Detalles del producto

  • Envío: Este producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
  • ASIN: B0050SZD18
  • Dimensiones del producto: 29,7 x 14,2 x 9,9 cm ; 1,1 Kg
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 de marzo de 2014
  • Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon: nº26.498 en Videojuegos (Ver el Top 100 en Videojuegos)
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4 estrellas
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A fun little console, but issues. 21 de agosto de 2013
Por DCtheEE - Publicado en
I was an early backer on Kickstarter and received my unit a couple months back, so I've had plenty of time to play with the Ouya. Here is a list of the pros/cons:


1) Local Multiplayer gaming is GREAT. Games like Towerfall, Bombsquad, Amazing Frog, etc. are perfect games to showcase the true strength of the console: couch gaming with friends. My friend brought his Ouya to a LAN party a month back and we had a blast with Bombsquad. A lot of people were crowding around and claiming the next round to play. There are plenty of games like this on the console so it's hard to get bored.

2) The UI has slowly but surely been improving. Recently they added a "Recently Played" box and "Discover" boxes on the main menu. Additionally, the UI is snappier and more responsive than first release. Pairing controllers is easier with these updates as well. Updates are relatively small installs, so it generally takes 5-10 minutes at most.

3) The ability to easily sideload apps is great. You can download Airdroid and access it that way. It's not a fully unlocked Android box, but it will do most of what 99% of the population will most likely want without rooting.

4) The controller feels nice and hefty. It also gets great battery life from my experience. Make sure to buy at least one extra so you can take advantage of my first pro.

5) The unit itself is small, and relatively quiet (actually, silent the majority of the time, slightly less so when the fan kicks in intermittently). It's very stylish, actually, though I wish the button on top was a little more hearty and not just a "click" pushbutton. That's just minor nitpicking, though.

6) Every game has a free component for you try, most of which are extensive. If you decide to drop money on the games that aren't entirely free, buying games is relatively easy. Link your credit card and buy in-game without exiting. Very similar to the way that some of the apps work on the Apple Store. Either way, there are a number of free games out there so you don't really have to drop a dime if you don't want to.

7) There are plenty of emulators and they run most games flawlessly. SNES, NES, Genesis, Game Boy, PSX, N64. Don't expect blistering speeds on the last two, but it's serviceable, especially since we're only talking about a Tegra 3.


1) This definitely isn't entirely ready for primetime. While the UI is improved, it still has a long way to go. There's no social aspect to speak of at this point (besides you account name in the upper left-hand corner), so non-existent online multiplayer except where games have their own dedicated servers. There's no messaging, invites, or anything. A relatively minor quibble, though, as its main strength of local multiplayer is enough to sate my coop gaming for now.

2) Wi-Fi Connectivity is a bust. It's well-documented all over the Ouya forums and on Reddit that the Wi-Fi antenna is poor at best. I personally experienced connectivity issues in locations where other devices had solid connections. I even purchased a network extender, hoping to fix it, and it still made little difference. For people that might not have access to a wired connection,this is a catastrophic oversight. I'm hoping this is fixed in the next hardware refresh.

3) The controller is hefty, and the buttons and joysticks feel fine, but the triggers are a nightmare. For me, they're too far back on the controller. The top triggers feel too "clicky" and you have to hit them at a particular location to register (can't hit them too far on the right or left). As for the back triggers, they're too mushy and feel awkward in the fully-depressed position.

4) The "Discover" section (Ouya's version of a store) is a little convoluted. They try their hardest by splitting into genres and subcategories (for instance, "Couch Co-op" is one category), but I think it still makes it difficult to navigate and find games. As for the "Trending" category, I have no idea where they get these analytics from, but some of the games on there appear to have no "Thumbs Up" ratings, which begs the question of why they're there.

5) Arbitrary rating system in "Discover". Their rating system is entirely based on thumbs up. Either you like it or you didn't click like. There is no text-based review system and nothing to provide negative ratings. For games that might not have broad appeal or be well-known, it's easy to pass them over because they might have 20 "Thumbs Up". For shovelware, they appear to get same ranking as GOOD games. This needs to be fixed if the cream is going to rise to the top.

6) Support is a joke. If you have problems, don't look forward to receiving a quick resolution. There are several reports of people waiting 3 weeks+ on tickets without response, after which tickets are just closed without resolution. Ouya REALLY needs to step up the support game.

So, there you have it. Is it a nice little local multiplayer box and emulator? Absolutely. Is it the revolution they billed it as? Absolutely not. Wait until the next hardware refresh and for a few more system updates.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Small and Fast, but Not Good for XBMC 30 de junio de 2014
Por Linda - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought the Ouya primarily for XBMC, as I'm not a gamer. My experience thus far has been mediocre at best.


1 - The Ouya is easy to set up.

2 - Although some people have complained about the sound of the fan, I have not had any problems with it. I do hear it sometimes, but it is more of a "white noise" type of sound rather than an annoyance.

3 - I like the sleep mode feature.

4 - The Ouya is pretty darn fast, especially compared to my Raspberry Pi.

5 - I like the looks of the unit. Very small and compact. It looks like a little speaker.


1 - The biggest issue that I have with the Ouya is that the wireless reception is VERY poor. I had the Ouya sitting in my den, which is right next to the room where my router sits -- about 20 feet away. Even so close, the wifi reception quality was usually "poor," even though other wireless devices that I use in that room had no issues receiving the signal. I tried to put the Ouya in my bedroom, which is at the end of my house (the router is in the middle of the house on a single level), and I couldn't even connect.

2 - The remote/controller pretty much stinks. I do realize that the Ouya is mostly a gaming console, so I'll suck it up because I bought the unit knowing what the remote was like.

3 - XBMC is not very stable. I recently had to install the latest Ouya software version (Chupacabra) and the XBMC software version, and XBMC would not connect to the internet. Since I also have the latest XBMC version on a Raspberry Pi, I believe the issue was Ouya-related and not XBMC-related. When I finally got XBMC to connect to the internet, there was no sound. I had to reboot the Ouya several times before XBMC started working properly.

4 - I don't like the fact that I had to provide a credit card number before I could use the Ouya. Again, I realize that the Ouya is for gaming, but it seems like they could have a gaming login and an XBMC login that would not require a credit card.

All in all, I would not buy the Ouya again, nor would I recommend it as an XBMC player. Since I don't use it for gaming, I can't comment on how it works for that.
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2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Not Ready for Prime Time 20 de febrero de 2014
Por Brandon - Publicado en
Compra verificada
If you want something to fiddle with for instance, you want to develop and test android apps, this might be a product for you. If you're looking for a great out of box gaming or video watching experience, you should probably look elsewhere at least for now.
The system is slow and buggy even with frequent updates. If you're interested in purchasing OUYA versions of games you'll probably do alright but you'll have to side load any previously purchased android games via a usb drive or their terribly unintuitive web browser.

I bought this hoping to replace my Roku3. My reasoning was, "They're about the same price and with Ouya I can play games as well as run my video library!" No deal. It's too underpowered to run video that was easy for the Roku3 and has constant audio/video stuttering. In the time I owned it there were 3 system updates and none of them solved the issue.

As far as games, it is nice that all games have a demo period, but I already own most of the games in the marketplace and even after laboriously loading them on, most need to be optimized to work on ouya properly. That's not really the system's fault, being that most android apps are only programed for touch controls but you get the point. Why buy what I already own?

Like I said, for the general audience this is probably a bad buy for now, for the Android Dev, this might be great!
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Runs XBMC / Mame emulation like a champ ! 18 de noviembre de 2014
Por mykl - Publicado en
Compra verificada
This console runs XBMC like a CHAMP !!! // I was using a Raspberry PI for XBMC but that proved to be too problematic the Ouya runs XBMC 10000% faster and more stable at $99 you can't go wrong !

Few reasons why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars...


1) Runs XBMC like a champ again no SUPER Fast and stable ( make sure you install the version and not the Ouya store version )

2) Price point is perfect ! I purchased mine for $79.99 on sale

3) Its small and quiet ( the sound of a subtle fan is noticeable once it heats up )

4) Runs Mame/Snes/Genesis/NeoGeo/Nes games like a champ as well !


1) No detailed instructions on how to insert the batteries into the controller ( sounds like a dumb question but its not trust me ( the solution is to separate the two side pieces with your nail and remove the sides plates ).

2) When the controller goes into sleep mode and you push the button to resync the remote with the console more often then not two flashing lights in the center will come on and you have to remove one of the batteries to power cycle the remote then it'll sync ( super annoying )

3) The initial registration process requires you to input a debit/credit card or a Ouya game card before you can finish the registration process ( HORRIBLE IDEA ) I was rather agasp at this but you can put in a demo visa # for example 4111111111111111 then a fake CC # expiry and it'll allow you to proceed.\
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas No regrets here. 7 de mayo de 2014
Por Zack Rohtert - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The more I read about the OUYA the more curious I had become. Most of the things I had read ranged from a negative to a neutral standpoint but with the occasional praise. I've had mine now for about a month. My curiosity peaked when I saw a television commercial for it and had a chance to see some of the games available in action. What I've found in this little box (I received a used kickstarter backer model) is a very functional and feature laden little all in one entertainment box that shouldn't be taken too seriously but respected. Its low cost on both hardware and game titles... Combined with it'd encouragement of a d.I.y. environment its like the punk rock of game consoles. Since I had the earlier model I had some of the issues with the controller namely sluggish diagonal movements and occasional controller possession. So I can see there were valid arguments and complaints toward launch. Some firmware updates later and improved controllers however and the console becomes more fun. Scrolling through the marketplace and downloading free demos is addictive. And some of the graphic heavy titles such as Ravensword and Shadowgun show that the box is capable of running some advance titles. Really shows its capability. Now the OUYA has introduced betas of titles released through play cast which along with side loading on live... This $99 console can play advance titles you would find on the big boys through the magic of cloud gaming. Xbmx is a very functional media player device that really makes the most of what some talented programmers can offer in online streaming. This is one purchase I definitely did not regret despite after reading so many negative reviews. Its only getting better with time.

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