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Panasonic KX-TG9392T - Teléfono (DECT, 40 min, Negro, Escritorio, ENG, ESP, 100 entradas)

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  • Alarma
  • Antena integrada
  • Base station
  • Base, dimensiones: 215 x 154 x 127 mm
  • Capacidad de auriculares: 2
  • Capacidad de lista de direcciones: 100 entradas
  • Capacidad del indicador de batería
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Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Nombre del modeloKX-TG9392T
Año de fabricación2010
Peso del producto907 g
Dimensiones del producto15,5 x 21,6 x 12,7 cm
Pilas:4 AAA necesaria(s), incluida(s)
Número de modelo del productoKX-TG9392T
Número de productoKX-TG9392T
Otras característicasAlarma, Antena integrada, Base station, Base, dimensiones: 215 x 154 x 127 mm, Capacidad de auriculares: 2, Capacidad de lista de direcciones: 100 entradas, Capacidad del indicador de batería, Contestadora incluida, Identificador de llamadas, Indicadores LED, Intercom, Manos libres, Pantalla incorporada, Posibilidades de teleconferencia, Respuesta con cualquier tecla, Tipo de montaje: Escritorio
Tecnología de pantallaLCD
Dimensión de la pantalla1.4
Resolución de pantalla103 x 65 Pixeles
Descripción de la bateríaAAA
Pilas / baterías incluidas
Pilas / baterías necesarias
Tipo de conexión inalámbricaDECT 6.0
Incluye batería recargableNo
Información adicional
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde28 de junio de 2010

Descripción del producto

Otras características:
Alarma: Si
Altavoz: Si
Antena integrada: Si
Capacidad de lista de direcciones: 100 entradas
Capacidad multibase: 6
Capacidad para múltiples teléfonos: 2
Cargador: Si
Color de luz de fondo: Color blanco
Color del producto: Negro
Compatible con Mac: No
Conexión inalámbrica: Si
Contestadora integrada: Si
Dimensiones de auriculares: 48 x 33 x 160 mm
Dimensiones de base: 215 x 154 x 127 mm
Estación base: Si
Frecuencia de banda: 1,9 GHz
Identificador de llamadas: Si
Idiomas de soporte: ENG, ESP
Indicador de capacidad de batería: Si
Indicadores LED: Si
Intercomunicador: Si
Llamada en conferencia: Si
Manual de usuario: Si
Numero de baterías soportadas: 2
Número de líneas en pantalla: 2
Pantalla: LCD
Pantalla incorporada: Si
Peso de auricular: 130g
Peso de base: 720g
Resolución de la pantalla: 103 x 65 Pixeles
Respuesta con cualquier tecla: Si
Tecnología de batería: Níquel-Hidruro metálico (NiMH)
Tiempo de conversación: 12h
Tiempo de grabación: 40 min
Tiempo de reposo: 144h
Tipo: DECT
Tipo de batería: AAA
Tipo de montaje: Escritorio

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Don't be scared off 23 de septiembre de 2009
Por --chris - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I needed to replace my old Panasonic 5.8 phone system. The old handsets had been dropped too many times, battery life had dropped to nothing and none of the replacement batteries were worthwhile.

Onto this product, however.

Reading the other reviews I was afraid that my GSM phone was going to cause it to drop calls. Fortunately that was NOT the case. I've had my GSM Moto Razor sitting next to the base and next to a handset and had no drop (some static, but no drops) when receiving a call.

The range is fantastic. Areas of my house where my phone used to lose connectivity are clear as a bell with the new phone.

A really pleasant surprise is the battery. Demonstrating some unheard of common sense the new device uses 2 AAA rechargeable batteries instead of a proprietary battery pack.

Good clarity
Great range
AAA rechargeable batteries
Corded handset on the base

none so far...
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Functions just fine, but the UX has major flaws. 16 de julio de 2015
Por Evan D. Dorn - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've had this for a couple years now, and I have to say I'm fairly disappointed in it. As a phone it functions just fine, but there are some major flaws. Let's just say that Panasonic doesn't hire UX designers the way Apple or Google do.

The two that annoy me the most are:

1) There's no way to silence an incoming call that you've decided not to answer (e.g. obvious telemarketer). Clicking off on your handset will silence the ring on your current handset, but all other handsets and base station will continue to ring. Then the answering machine comes on full volume, playing through all handsets, including the one you just turned off, and there's no way at all to silence that anywhere except the volume buttons - which again is only your current handset and then is a persistent setting, you'd need to turn it back up if you want to hear the phone ring next time. You're pretty much stuck listening to the full 4-to-5 rings and then the full answering machine message. On every call.

Some other brands/models of phone systems have a "quiet" button that will quiet all devices for the current call.

2) The UX for getting to the number directory is terrible, as many others have noted. It takes four clicks before you even see a single number. Since that's the feature you'll probably use most aside from the dial-pad, it should be really easy to get to.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Meets my needs well 23 de abril de 2012
Por Eric E. Haas - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I've been using this for my SOHO for three years now.

Base Unit. I rarely use the handset on the base unit (but I like that it works when I lose power in the house). On the base unit, I primarily use the answering machine only. But it has a speaker phone feature which I used to use and I like having available. The answering machine function works well on the base. I call in from remote phones sometimes to check messages -- that works OK too. Only complaint is that it would be useful if they provided some sort of wallet card summarizing the key functions for remote operation.

The remote handsets work well. I find the battery life is fine (i.e., I don't know how long I can talk on these, but it has never been an issue -- I've gone way over two hour conversations and not gone dead). I like that the handset have the option of a speakerphone mode, which I occasionally use. I regularly use a headset with the handset -- and it seems to work adequately well (how well it works is probably dependent on the quality of the headset, I'd imagine).

The unit works with caller ID.

Overall, this unit has all the features that I was looking for and it seems to work quite well. I'd buy it again.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Wireless quality problems unacceptable 2 de octubre de 2009
Por J. Webster - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I have had this phone for about 3 weeks. Intermittently, on at least half of my calls using the wireless handsets, the folks I'm talking to have severe problems understanding my voice. I have no problem hearing callers, but when trying to hear me they complain of low volume, jitter, stuttering, and dropouts of several seconds. The problem seems to get much worse when I'm beyond about 25 feet from the base unit - i.e., at the other side of the next room! Beyond about 50 feet, the wireless handsets are practically unusable. That means that if you even have a modest single-story home of standard wood construction, and put the base near the center, you may well encounter severe problems inside your home -- never mind outside.

I called Panasonic Tech Support twice, who were nice enough, and first asked me to try the standard unplugging/resetting, and then asked me to change an obscure setting of "Line mode" (Menu, #, 122). Changing the default from "B" to "A" did not make a significant difference. The support person agreed that she heard the problem as well, to the point that she had to call me back on my cell phone to understand me. Now they are asking me to box up and return the phones and base unit at my expense, and that it will be 2 weeks before I can expect a replacement.

Unfortunately, based partially on other reviews, I'm not optimistic that another unit of this model will correct the problem. It occurs in both handsets, and with either phone line. (And unlike others with similar problems, I do not have an iPhone). I suspect a design problem with the firmware or base unit transmitter. I've tried and used many 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz units in a similar setup in my home over the years without any of these problems (recently including VTech and Panasonic 5.8 Ghz models). Unfortunately, those are only available as single line phones, and I need 2 lines for my home business.

A few positives: The base set has a solid feel, and I applaud Panasonic's use of standard NiMH AAA batteries in the handsets. Other negatives: the menus on the handsets leave much to be desired (who would expect to have to press 3 buttons just to see the last call??), and the ring tones sound cheesy and artificial.

Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed with this phone system - more so than I've ever been with any other product from Panasonic. I work in the telecommunications field and am somewhat familiar with DECT phone technology in higher-end phones, so I know not all DECT systems have similar problems. Honestly, I can't believe that Panasonic released this phone as-is, since at least in my experience, it's practically unusable. Unless they can fix it, I'll have to ask for my money back.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent quality and range 11 de octubre de 2013
Por Tim H. - Publicado en
Compra verificada
The telephone system was used in an environment where there were a lot of computers and wireless routers. There was never any interference and I found that I could walk outside the store as far away as 800 feet and still make and receive calls without any interference and calls that were crisp and clear.
The built-in menus are very user friendly and pretty intuitive. I only had one problem (syncing time with my cable carrier) and was pleasantly surprised that the customer service was relatively quick, the rep. was courteous and knowledgeable and resolved the issue in a couple of minutes.
Being able to upload phone entries from the base unit to the remotes and vice versa was very useful and very quick with these phones. In case of a power failure, it was good to have a base with a handset that still worked.

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