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Panasonic TC-P50GT50 panel de plasma - Pantalla de plasma (4:3, 16:9, 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080), 1080i, 1080p, 720p, Analógico y Digital, Full HD, Vivo)

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  • 24p
  • Altavoces incorporados
  • Exhibición en pantalla (OSD)
  • Guía electrónica de programación
  • Internet TV
  • Si
  • TV por Internet
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Detalles del producto

  • Dimensiones del producto: 138,4 x 21,6 x 81,3 cm ; 23 Kg
  • Pilas 2 AA necesaria(s), incluida(s)
  • Número de modelo del producto: TC-P50GT50
  • ASIN: B00752VKU0
  • Fecha de disponibilidad en Amazon: 6 de febrero de 2012
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Descripción del producto

Otras características:
24p: Si
3D: Si
Altavoces incorporados: Si
Audio digital, salida optica: 1
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0: 3
Color del producto: Negro
Diagonal de la pantalla: 127 cm (50")
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura) con stand: 1394 x 222 x 820 mm
Ethernet: Si
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) cantidad de puertos: 1
Exhibición en pantalla (OSD): Si
Formato de pantalla, ajustes: 4:3, 16:9
Formato de señal digital: ATSC
Formatos de imagen soportados: JPEG XR
Formatos de vídeo compatibles: 3GP, AVCHD, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, TS, VOB
Formatos gráficos soportados: 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Frecuencia de entrada: 60
Guía electrónica de programación: Si
Idiomas OSD: ENG, ESP, ENG
Modos inteligentes: Vivo
Número de altavoces: 2
Número de lenguajes OSD: 3
Número de puertos HDMI: 4
PC (D-Sub): No
Peso: 23 kg
Peso con stand: 27 kg
Potencia estimada RMS: 18 W
Resolución de la pantalla: 1920 x 1080 Pixeles
Salida de audio: Y
Sistema de audio: 3D Real Sound
Subwoofer incorporado: No
TV por Internet: Si
Tarjeta de lectura integrada: Si
Tarjetas de memoria compatibles: SDXC
Temporizador Encendido/Apagado: Si
Tipo HD: Full HD
Tipo de sintonizador: Analógico y Digital
Voltaje de entrada AC: 120 V
Wifi: Si
montaje VESA: Si
Ángulo de giro (alcance): -10 - 10°

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Staggeringly good picture 9 de abril de 2012
Por Michael Romo - Publicado en
Compra verificada
UPDATE - September 29, 2012

So, it's been a few months since I wrote my initial review of the GT50 and I wanted to give another update.

Overall, the set is working great. I have not gotten it professionally calibrated, I want to do that next month, but the picture still looks fantastic, both for 2D and 3D content ("The Avengers" looks amazing!). Interestingly, I find myself using the THX-Cinema settings just as often, if not more often, than the custom settings I had generated using the various calibration discs. That may be more out of laziness than anything else, to be honest.

A few things:

1 - If you have a lamp or a window in your room that you think will reflect on the screen, be aware that the anti-glare coating will not cut it during the day. You'll need heavy drapes for the day and use a dimmer or just turn off the lamp at night. It can be distracting.

2 - My biggest frustration is that I am noticing some degree of line bleed, which I guess is a problem with plasmas in general -- I noticed it with my old Samsung but find myself noticing it a lot more with the GT50. I am very frustrated to have to report this to you all and I am going to see what I can do about it, if anything -- again, this is something that happens on all plasmas, apparently, I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I was finding it somewhat distracting.

(Line bleeding is when a "ghost" version of another element on a screen actually appears on part of the screen where where it shouldn't -- for example, a character's face might be in front of a window sill -- the "ghost" of the sill continues across the character's face. There is some discussion of line bleed on the GT50 here:[...] )

I am not going to change my star rating for my review based on what I am perceiving as a limitation of the technology (as opposed to the set) but it's something to keep in mind. I will be doing some research to see what, if anything, I can do to address the situation and let you know what happens.

Finally, I have received a few email inquiring which kind of TV stand I have (in the pictures section). I got the stand in 2007 from IKEA -- sadly, I do not think they make it anymore. It's a pity, it's kind of a perfect TV stand.


After six years, it was time to replace my aging 42" Samsung plasma (during which a circuit board died, which ended up requiring an all new screen to be installed--thank goodness I had the extended warranty). At first, I went with the UN55D8000, which was a good looking set, granted, but just didn't have the picture quality I wanted, so I ended up returning that less than a week after it arrived. Then I heard about the new Panasonic models coming out, and realized that the GT50 looked like a promising candidate.

I have had the TV for less than a week, and there is no way I am returning this incredible plasma television. I will share some initial thoughts (and have submitted photos as well), and will update my comments later as a kind of progress report.

If you care about picture quality and don't feel like waiting for the VT, look no further. This set has one of the best pictures out of the box I have ever seen, with deep, silky blacks and vibrant (not never overly so) colors. My "go-to" test for black levels is the first scene of Episode 9 of the first season of "Game of Thrones," which takes place entirely in the shadows. Quite frankly, I didn't know blu-ray could look so good. The details in the bricks and the clothing, all illuminated by a flickering torch, were astounding. There was a real sense of depth and clarity, even with this very dark scene--incredible. I dialed in my own settings using the Spears and Munsil disc, but the settings included in the THX- Cinema mode worked really well and are a great starting point.

The color controls for this TV are very extensive, and I think a professional calibrator could really make this set sing. I will get a real calibration done in a month and let you know how it goes. Suffice to say, once I dialed in the proper brightness and contrast and turned pretty much everything else off (and making sure to turn the "panel brightness" to low)--the set was great.

I watched "Tron" in 3D using the Oppo BDP-93, and was very impressed with the 3D and the clarity of the picture. I don't have a lot of 3D content, so I will make sure to add more comments once I see more films. The glasses, which are not cheap, are light and quite comfortable, though it's annoying you are supposed to charge them via the TV--when the TV is on. It would be nice if they came with little carrying cases or bags, but no such luck.

I have DirecTV and the 1080i picture looks fantastic, as does the AppleTV's 1080p. It is with Blu-ray, however, that this set really feels most at home. I cannot overstate how rich the contrast is; my wife continues to comment on how much she notices the better picture, which is a great sign!

I have this plugged into my sound system, so I haven't even heard the speakers, really, so I can't comment on the sound quality.

As I illustrate in the pictures, the HDMI ports are very close to the side of the cabinet, so if you have thicker HDMI cables, you really need to coax them, gently, down the side so they don't poke out behind the set. I have a set of Bluejeans cables, which work just fine, but my Better Cables HDMI is definitely very close to the edge. Speaking of cables, while the set does come with a cable stay, there is only 1 (though there are four places to put it)--Panasonic really needs to included another.

The bezel is very thin and the set is not that much thicker than the Samsung LCD I had just a few weeks ago. I really like how it looks in the room. The screen swivels about 10° either direction, which is nice. It's also much lighter than I thought it would be; I was able to put the stand on and lift it into place by myself (though, clearly, you should have someone help you--I was just excited).

This is a really great set. I haven't seen the ST50, but I can't help but feel that the extra 24,000 shades of grey really push this TV to a higher level of picture quality. I am extremely, extremely pleased so far, and I am looking forward to putting it through its paces--and will let you know how it goes!

Update (4/11/12):

I started playing with the Internet Apps last night and wanted to add a few notes:

1 - Every time I press "Viera Tools" or "Internet" I am kind of shocked how fast the interface comes up. This is, by far, the fastest interface I have ever used, thanks to the dual processor. It's so fast that you start to get the feeling that you might actually USE the Internet on this thing!

2 - Panasonic does have a web browser (App Store:LifeStyle) but it's a pain to download (you have to enter in your credit card information even though the application is free); I just wish it was included. I am going to fill out my credentials on the vieracast website because it's kind of annoying to enter in the data using the remote.

3 - The YouTube interface is actually pretty nice. The text is displayed larger than on the AppleTV and you can sort by HD Content only, which the AppleTV does NOT let you do--so that's very cool.

4 - I still need to check out Netflix, Hulu +, Vudu and other applications. The GT50 offers a very comprehensive assortment of online services and, like I said, it's very easy and intuitive to get to.

Other things:
1 - Clicking on Viera Tools brings up a toolbar on the lower part of the screen from which you can access various items:
- 3D options
- THX options - basically, switch from THX Cinema to THX Bright Room and one other THX mode. Pretty good for testing out your custom settings with the THX ones.
- Viera Connect - pretty much the same as pressing the "Internet" button on the remote
- Media Player
- DLNA - wasn't applicable to my system
- Viera Link - not really sure what the difference is between Viera Connect and Viera Link; I will check it out and update this post
- Eco - adjusts the auto-brightness features
- eHelp - access to the 208 page manual via a specialized interface

2 - There IS an iOS app (and I would assume an Android App) that can take the place of the supplied remote control. Useful, I guess, for Harmony users who may need specialized controls from time to time. This seemed to work well for the most part but I have some thoughts:

- The app makes ridiculous sounds when using the remote. You can turn the sounds off. Really silly.
- The trackpad controls are the default screen, but you cannot control the TV with them. You need to swipe to another pane to get to the arrow keys to navigate the menus. This was confusing at first and then just kind of irritating, because you have to go to one page to call up "Options" then swipe to another page to interact with the options.
- The reason why I gave up entering my credentials to get the web browser was because the keyboard on the iOS app was NOT sending text to the TV. This is clearly a bug, but once it is fixed, this will work like the AppleTV, where you can use your iOS device to type into the TV, which is obviously much better than using the remote. Lame it's not working for me, though.
- There is an iPad specific app which I have looked at but I haven't used with the TV (I don't know if it consolidate the various panes, will update).

So, I dunno how important these services and Internet features are to you. I really like my AppleTV, so I already have most of them, but am curious to see Vudu's video quality and check out how Dolby Digital Plus sounds--I hope it works the Toslink output. I personally will be using my iPad or Phone to deal with Facebook, twitter, etc -- even though image retention and burn-in are much less likely to be a problem on modern plasmas, I don't really feel like tempting fate with having a static web browser interface on the screen while I am surfing the web.

hope this update helps!

4/15/23 Quick update

Tried the 3D. Here's what I got:

1 - 2D-3D conversion was nothing to write home about. I didn't know if it was working half the time. Maybe I did something wrong, but it just gave me a headache.

2 - Straight up 3D is awesome. Watched beginning of Hugo and found it hard to press "Stop". If you are into the 3D, you MAY want to get the 55" for a more immersive experience, but the 50" was fantastic, regardless. I still think the glasses make your eyes get tired, but still--the depth is really great, and the sense of immersion with "floaty-bits" was really top notch, at least in "Hugo". Look, 3D might look brighter on the LED/LCD set I had before, but there was a sense of depth here that I felt lacking in the Samsung I tried out.

3 - I have a few "THX" Blu-rays. I watched them in "THX Cinema" mode and they looked awesome. Maybe THX is not necessarily just hype?

4 - Demo'ed the streaming services. Vudu's HDX format is no joke--it looks incredible, close (from my viewing distance) to Blu-ray, totally. HOWEVER, I could not get Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 (which is supposed to sound GREAT) output from the Toslink output on the TV. I am pretty sure DD+ requires HDMI, so that explains it. Still, DD+ includes the DD 5.1 mix and that sounded great. I was really impressed with the Vudo service and I think I will use it. Amazon and Netflix both looked great as well. I still like the AppleTV UI, but this ain't half bad.

Note: I talked to someone on the Panasonic "Raise the Bar" tour and she acknowledged that the iOS remote control app had some issues (the Android one is supposed to work fine) and that my problem (the keyboard not working) was going to be fixed soon. It was kind of cool that she knew about that.

Finally, I put up some new photos showing a few off-axis viewing examples, a bird's eye view of the swivel angle, and some shots showing Vudu and Amazon content.

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Finally, a plasma that looks good with the lights on. 12 de junio de 2012
Por Sheshechic - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought this tv to replace a LCD that had bad off angle views and weak shadow details. The room is bright during the day and I often watch tv with a light on unless we're watching a movie. The THX Bright Room mode is nearly perfect out of the box. I lowered contrast and brightness a bit and turned up color a few ticks. Watching shows like Game of Thrones was breath taking and bright movies like The Fall with all that light and vibrant colors was mesmerizing. And what amazed me even more is the way the image got even better after about 2 days and again after about 2 weeks.

For those who are agonizing over whether to buy the ST50 or GT50, here is my advice- if you have a light controlled room, will most likely only use one mode and will you're willing to have it calibrated to attain the best possible picture - then buy the ST50. If you want a dark room mode, a bright room mode and you're not so sure that you want to spend money on professional calibration, then buy the GT50 and never wonder if you made the right choice. The GT50 offers 2 THX modes that are awesome right out of the box and the Custom mode has professional color settings that can be adjusted easily and will offer a reference picture if professionally calibrated.

When the GT50 is fed a very good signal such as HD or blu-ray the image is natural, bright, has great color and contrast and the shadow details are the best I have ever seen. I was watching a notably dark movie and could see the detail in the corduroy of a man's black jacket. Wow! Hair has never looked so good on tv. As with any other display, GIGO- bad signals look bad. If you never owned a big screen tv then you should know that it makes all the bad stuff much more obvious and offensive. You should also know that just because a station is HD it doesn't mean that the old stuff is upgraded and will look like blu-ray or even HD for that matter. I think it's a shame that some of HBO and AMC can still be so bad even with newer programming. Shame on them. If you think any of this is the TVs fault then pop in a blu-ray and see what your tv can really do with a good signal and then you'll know who the true offender is. If you are using a set top box from your cable provider or satellite service be sure that you have the newest HD model available and that the settings are right for HD.

This tv offers a dual core processor which improves app response and may help with future apps too. I'll take a dual core over single core any day, considering that tablets now have quad core, why would anyone interested in using apps or the internet even consider a single core processor? BTW, wireless was very easy to setup and updating happens without a hitch.

There's not a tv out there that is perfect and certainly this tv has a few flaws too. However, my rating is based on what's available, not dreams. The GT50 does have dithering (inherent to plasma tech), DSE (dirty screen effect), does not offer the same tools (isf) for picture adjustment that some manufacturers do and the web browser does not support Flash Player- only HTML 5. IMO, the dithering isn't too bad and is often subtle when it does show up, but can be bad with lower quality signals. If you have a lot of dithering (or sparkles) try lowering your brightness setting. I've only seen DSE once during a subway shooting scene that was dark and is improved when using a less bright mode.

I only hear buzzing if my ear is 2" or less from the white part of the screen. Plasmas shouldn't buzz very much more than this. The tv does not have brightness pops or floating blacks either.

This tv is well worth the investment. If you're coming from LCD and really want to love a plasma check this one out in THX Bright Room. ;)

Update: I exchanged this tv for the 55VT50 a week ago and I am returning the VT50 to get the 60GT50 back again. IMO, the VT is only very slightly better at handling reflections, blacks are slightly better but not much, shadow detail out of the box was not as good as the GT and the VT will definitely need professional calibration to achieve what might be a significant improvement over the lower models and none of the flaws associated with the ST & GT are any better on the VT- it is not better at motion handling. So my opinion it that the improvements with the VT are not significant enough to justify the price difference, especially not when comparing sets of equal size. I love the picture so much on the GT50 that I don't feel compelled to get it calibrated and that is just not true about the VT50. Also, the 5" size difference was enough to change the experience I had, while watching John Carter I couldn't help but clearly understand what was missing. The 60GT50 is coming home to stay and I can't wait until it gets here. 8D

BTW, thank you Amazon for the price match. '''

Update: 1-6-13 This tv still looks amazing and even more so after updating the settings in Custom. We still use the THX bright room settings when it's really bright outside and the shades are all the way up (windows are now directly across from the tv). There is still glare but no worse than on other tvs and not as bad as on some. Blacks still look good even with all that light shining directly on the set. I have seen no image retention while watching tv and I do not hunt for it. We do nothing special to prevent image retention either, we watch anywhere from 1-3 hours of MSNBC daily and hubby has been watching a ton of football.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a great price on a smaller GT50 for another room.
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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Problem Image Rention 4 de diciembre de 2012
Por akgirl - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I purchased this TV in August 2012 and have been extremely happy with it, the picture is excellent. A few days ago I noticed that I had an image showing on the screen on all my channels, a retained image from a channel I watch frequently. I contacted Panasonic through email and they advised me run an "Anti-Image Retention" scan in the Setup menu. I ran the scan for the full 15 minutes and the problem still persists so I let them know. They advised me to call the Panasonic customer care center due to my television most likely requiring service. I phoned and was told image retention was not covered under warranty and gave me some tips on how I might be able to get rid of it. I wanted to pass them on to everyone:
-Use dimmer brightness
-Don't stay on one channel too long, periodically switch channels
-Run the "Anti Image Retention Scan" twice a day until image fades
-Don't run a channel too long that has a still image on it
-Use standard mode instead of vivid

It would have been very helpful to have received this information with the TV's set-up quide. I had no idea this type of problem existed. And if I knew the problem was a possibilty I certainly would not have purchased a plasma television let alone pay $1600 for it.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Amazing picture and Great value for your money 20 de abril de 2012
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I bought this TV to replace my previous Panasonic TV which lasted for 7 long years and 4 moves without a scratch or a problem.
The GT50 produces stunning pictures, some of the best I have seen. I looked at a number of different TVs and brands from edge lit LEDs, back lit LEDs to Plasmas. This TV has one of the best picture quality in my price range. It also offers a comprehensive list of practical features ( no gimmicks like gesture response etc). The on board dual core processor offers smooth performance while browsing, watching online movies etc. No question about this offering the best value for your money in terms of both features and functionality. I also like the look of the TV. I am not a big fan of the edge less design offered by brands such as Samsung or LG. The GT50 has a thin glass like edge which actually makes the picture stand out better against the background.

The only negatives I have is, I wish it came with 3D glasses. The glasses themselves cost 50$ a piece and for a family of 4 I am looking at another 200$.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Deep, inky blacks, brilliant colors, Panasonic's GT50 plasmas are nothing short of amazing. 21 de junio de 2012
Por Bricktop - Publicado en
I picked up my Panasonic TC-P50GT50 50" plasma on June 7th. I have previously owned a TC-P42S2 and TC-P50VT20 plasmas from Panasonic. The S2 model suffered from fluctuating brightness but I never did see the black levels rise noticeably like I did on my friend's TC-P42G10. The TC-P50VT20 had far less noticeable fluctuating blacks than the S2, but the black levels did rise and couldn't be considered "inky" by any means, although the overall picture, contrast, colours, etc., were simply stunning.

The GT50? WOW! What a great set. First of all you won't believe how incredible light this TV is. If it weren't so big you'd easily be able to lift it yourself but because of the width you really need a second person to help you mount it. It's only 1.6" thick, a huge difference from the VT20 series. The screen filter has also changed and you don't notice reflections as much but the purple hue is also not as pronounced, if at all, as the VT20 and Pioneer Kuro plasma sets show.

I haven't paid for a calibration yet, I'm waiting for DeWayne (D-Nice) to post his settings at High Def Junkies to see how much improvement I get over the THX Cinema settings. I have a room with very controlled lighting and double thick black curtains over my window, so even in daytime it is very dark. I do not need the "THX BRIGHT ROOM" setting although it still looks pretty great in the dark, but it's too bright. I am currently using THX CINEMA with the Sharpness turned down to 0 as that's almost always the level I see with Panasonic sets that have been calibrated.

Inky black levels on a Panasonic, finally. Okay with nothing on the screen you can clearly see that the TV is turned on, but again I'm in a pitch black room. The same thing happens with Kuro sets. But boy this is a really deep black level and with even a little bit of material on the screen the effect on the human vision allows the bezel or any black bars you're watching with a 4:3 or 2.39:1 source (and thereabouts) to disappear into the dark. It's a wonderful experience to see your image floating in space...of course other than the red LED light for power but you can cover that if you want, it doesn't prevent the remote from working. Yes, the picture is beautiful, colours look wonderfully rich but not over-saturated, contrast level from ALL angles in my quite wide seating area is gorgeous (suffer in your jocks LCD owners!) and those blacks are just delicious. Yes I wish I had the money 5 years ago to buy a Kuro new, some people I know managed to get the KRP-500M's for $1,600 shipped just before Pioneer exited the market, but it's 2012 now and I'm pleased that I have a great option for a television. I would love to have the extra $1,000 to move to the VT50 and get 96Hz mode and the additional calibration options, but in all honesty the GT50 really delivers and from what I hear so too does the ST50 model. I got a deal on this TV where it was going to cost the same whether I chose the UT50, ST50 or GT50 (don't ask, I can't tell) so it made sense to get this one.

The 3D, some discussion has been made of some ghosting but if you adjust to 48Hz mode there is none, and the 3D is really well done. Even better are Panasonic's new 2012 glasses. They might feel a little cheap but they're very comfortable, have additionally wide legs around the eyes so they do a good job of blocking out any ambient light that your TV is throwing off if that's your only light source in the room, and at $50 from Amazon they're a bargain compared to the older glasses. The new Bluetooth standard means these glasses will work with other manufacturer's sets, and so will theirs. So for $20 if you want a couple pairs of extra glasses for company the Samsung glasses are a good deal, but the Panny glasses are definitely the bee's knees for your own personal use.

There is some minor image retention noticeable on these new 2012 sets when you have a logo or something very briefly on the screen then go to pitch black, but under normal viewing conditions this has not affected my enjoyment at all as it seems to be removed immediately upon viewing anything else.

I don't care for 2D > 3D conversion. I tried it a few times and some stuff looks okay but anything red stands out way more than it should and just pales in comparison to 3D. Pick up any of the animtated 3D Blu-ray discs like Pixar or Dreamworks stuff if you want to see how really good 3D looks. Only CON with this set is that it no longer comes with Avatar, lol. That's a good 3D demo disc also.

Also I don't care for any of the apps. In fact I'd love to see Panasonic offer a top of the line above the VT series that doesn't have any fancy schmancy apps, no speakers, just a monitor like the Pioneer KRP-500M and KRP-600M, just for those that only care about picture quality. Maybe it might even be cheaper than the VT? Just an idea. For me I bought this TV only for viewing Blu-ray, broadcast HD and sometimes DVD. I would rather watch internet streaming material on my PC where the flaws in the picture aren't exacerbated as much as they are with a good display. I don't want my TV online, big brother is always looking for new ways to watch what you're doing.

The new GT50 is slim and sexy, gorgeous picture, very light and has a small footprint too due to its thin bezel. Finally Panasonic makes a sexy, attractive frame/bezel! Well done Panny. I give this set full marks and recommend it highly to anyone who lists overall picture quality as one of the most important things they're looking for.

Update > here are some recommended settings from D-Nice. They are recommended to be used after following the panel prep procedure (Google it) but honestly, they look great anyway and even better than the THX Cinema mode.

Picture Mode: Custom
Contrast: 78
Brightness: 56
Color: 47
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0
Color Temp: Warm2
Photo Enhancement: Off
C.A.T.S: Off
Video NR: Off

Pro Settings
Colorspace: Normal

W/B High R: -6
W/B High G: 0
W/B High B: -2
W/B Low R: +10
W/B Low G: 0
W/B Low B: +2

Black Extension: 0
Gamma Adjustment: 2.6 (50/55" models) 2.4 (60/65" models)
Panel Brightness: Mid
Contour Emphasis: Off
AGC: 0

HDMI Settings
***Leave all settings in this menu at their default***

Advance Picture
Block NR: Off
Mosquito NR: Off
Motion Smoother: Off
Black Level: Light
3:2 PullDown: Auto

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