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8GB Supersonic Xpress

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  • 8 GB USB3.0 Flash Drive
  • Patriota Express
  • supersónicoVelocidad de lectura de hasta 50 MB/sec
  • Velocidad hasta 20 MB/sec
  • de escrituraCapless diseño respaldado por 2 años de garantía

Información de producto

Detalles técnicos
Año de fabricación2011
Peso del producto18 g
Dimensiones del producto5,5 x 0,9 x 2 cm
Número de modelo del productoPSF8GXPUSB
Número de productoPSF8GXPUSB
Capacidad de la memoria8 GB
Capacidad de almacenamiento digital8 GB
Interfaz del hardwareUSB 3.0
Número de productos1
Pilas / baterías incluidasNo
Pilas / baterías necesariasNo
Información adicional
Clasificación en los más vendidos de Amazon nº746.956 en Electrónica (Ver los 100 más vendidos)
Restricciones de envíoEste producto se puede enviar a España y a otros países seleccionados.
Producto en desde11 de agosto de 2011

Descripción del producto

8 GB USB3.0 Flash Drive de gama Express supersónico de patriotas. Llamas transferencia rápidas velocidades de hasta 50 MB/s (lectura) y 20 MB/s (escritura). También compatible con los sistemas USB 2.0. Elegante diseño capless.

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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas No guarentee on Phison firmware 4 de octubre de 2016
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
Compra verificada
Works as it should. I bought it because I was under the impression that it had a certain Phison firmware; However, it was not the correct one. Again, works great as it should just not the piece I needed for the project.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Fast drive, but hokey retractable mechanism. Here is how I fixed it. 10 de enero de 2013
Por Blake D - Publicado en
First, a few notes on the drive itself. I don't think it can be beat value-wise as USB 3.0 drive. I've owned the 16gb model for a little over a year now, and it has seen heavy use as a general use drive, a media drive, and it's even been used multiple times as an OS install drive. Since I work in IT, this drive has been put through the paces plus some. A week ago, the internal mechanism that allows the drive to retract finally completely broke. It still worked, but was a pain to use because it was constantly trying to close itself and often would unplug itself from the computer. Plus it was a general pain to plug it. So, here is how I fixed mine. **Note, I'm aware this is a macgyver, but hey, it works.**

First, find some superglue. Everybody has superglue! Now, while the flash drive is in the "closed position" (ie the blue plastic is sticking out as far as it can), spread some superglue on the blue plastic. Next, get some vice grips or vice clamps, and clamp the drive into the "open position" (ie the usb plug is sticking out as far as it can). If you don't have vice grips, you could probably still hold it in the open position by wedging it between two heavy objects. Anyhow, this means the superglue ends up between the blue and the white plastic. After this, I also beaded some superglue in the little gap between the blue and white plastic just to reinforce it, but I don't know if this is required. Let it dry overnight. The end result will be a fast and cheap USB 3 flash drive that is always in the open position. Mine has now been like this for a week and it is still solid. Honestly, I wish I had done this a long time ago, because the built in mechanism is just a pain.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas FAST! Even with USB 2.0 2 de diciembre de 2011
Por W. Ball - Publicado en
Compra verificada
I was stunned at how fast this drive is even with USB 2.0. Using Crystal DiskMark with a 100MB file, it hit 32 MB/sec Read and 20 MB/sec Write with USB 2.0. With USB 3.0 the numbers were 64 MB/sec Read and 24 MB/sec Write. So, although USB 3.0 doubled the Read speed, the Write speed was not much different and still very fast under USB 2.0. I also bought the Super Talent Express Duo USB 3.0 16 GB Flash Drive ST3U16EDB and found it to be slightly faster on Read performance (71 MB/sec with USB 3.0 and 36 MB/sec with USB 2.0). But I don't like the SuperTalent's loose cap and prefer the spring-loaded retractable Patriot design. There are faster flash drives but none that I could find at this price level.
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Pretty good performance for a USB drive 7 de septiembre de 2011
Por Lenny - Publicado en
I bought this drive from a B&M because it was on sale. I won't mention the name since it is probably verboten in an Amazon review, but suffice to say that, like Amazon, they're an authorized reseller.

Performance :

This is a USB 3.0 device but backwards compatible with USB 2.0 (and 1.1, of course, but you'll grow old filling this drive at USB 1.1 speed). The drive came pre-formatted in NTFS. The package says "up to 60 MB/s read / up to 25 MB/s write". I tested it on my i7 920 computer with USB 2.0 and h2testw. I managed to get about 30 MB/s read and 19.4 MB/s write. (See 4/19/12 edit below for USB 3.0 testing. Spoiler : it is good). h2testw writes large files, and has been pretty accurate for sustained large read / write numbers. It is possible that on a USB 3.0 system, I might get better result, but these numbers are pretty decent for a USB flash drive.

Edit 10/17/11. I reformatted it as FAT32 and re-ran the test. The results were pretty much the same. In fact, it is slightly less than 1 MB/s slower with FAT32 for reads.

Edit 4/19/12. I installed a PCIe USB 3.0 interface card and re-tested the drive. I reformatted it as exFat and ran it through h2testw. I'm getting 24.9 MB/s write and 57.4 MB/s read, very close to the manufacturer specified speed. I'm changing my review to 5 stars because of this.

If you're not familiar with h2testw, it is a small, free, Windows utility that will write large (1 GB) files of pseudo-random data to your drive, and read it back to verify that there are no errors. I recommend doing this, as it not only gives you a rough idea of how fast your device is, it also ensures you did not end up with a fake drive (a smaller drive altered to appear as a larger one).

Physical :

The drive is a lot thicker than the photo shows. The white part is 10mm thick (almost 0.4"), and the dark blue part is 7mm thick. Hold on to the white part and push the end of the black part (like a pen), and the USB connector comes out from the other end. There's a spring inside and it clicks and locks just like a retractable pen. Push it in again to retract the USB connector. There's nothing to close the opening when retracted, so dust or moisture could easily get in. It's advisable to keep this in your laptop bag instead of your pocket. On the plus side, there's no cover to lose.

The mechanism makes it a little awkward to insert and remove. The spring retracting mechanism doesn't feel all that sturdy, so I try to insert and remove by pushing or pulling on the dark blue part. Unfortunately, when the USB connector is exposed, there's very little area to hold on to, and as a result, the connector has a tendency to snap back in when I'm trying to insert the drive into a USB port.

There's a small hole to tie this to a lanyard on the edge of the dark blue part of the drive. No lanyard is provided.

Electronics :

I looked up the device under Windows Device Manager. The Vendor ID is 13FE and PID is 5000. According to a device database I could find on the Internet, the controller is a Phison P2251-01-M. According to the manufacturer's website, the controller supports "multiple partitions and hidden mode". I've not been able to test flipping the removable bit with Lexar's BootIt under XP, however. If anyone has something they would like me to try please leave me a message in the comments.

Conclusion :

When I purchased this, it's about the same price as the other (slower) USB flash drives of comparable size. I'm giving it a 5 for the performance, especially at this price, but I'd dock it 1/2 a star for its retraction mechanism design.
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1.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Unreliable spend your money elsewhere 28 de diciembre de 2011
Por Builder of Things - Publicado en
I chose this drive because its was cheaper than other 32gb drives and I have used patriot memory in the past on my computers without any problems. I have been using this thumb drive primarily to put my movies on so that I can watch them on my Samsung TV.

Initially it worked fine but after 2 weeks it was really unreliable. The problem first started when it wouldn't load anything bigger than 800mb then I reformatted it completely and it worked for a little while. Now it won't play certain movies and will freeze up on my computer or shut my TV down.

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