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Philips 42PFL7403D- Televisión, Pantalla 42 pulgadas- Plata

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  • 3D
  • Alcance de temperatura operativa: 5 - 40 °C
  • Bloqueo para niños
  • Escaneado progresivo
  • Mando a distancia
  • Temporizador de apagado
  • Ángulo de visión, vertical: 178°
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Detalles del producto

  • Dimensiones del producto: 26,2 x 104,6 x 71,6 cm ; 27 Kg
  • Número de modelo del producto: 42PFL7403D/F7
  • ASIN: B001E3VXSU
  • Fecha de disponibilidad en Amazon: 31 de julio de 2008
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Descripción del producto

Otras características:
AV 1: Audio L/R in, YPbPr
AV 2: Audio L/R in, YPbPr
AV 3: CVBS in, S-Video in
Altura: 64,5 cm
Ancho: 104,6 cm
Ancho del dispositivo (con soporte): 104,6 cm
Audio digital, salida coaxial: 1
Bloqueo para niños: Si
Brillo de pantalla: 500 cd / m²
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0: 1
Cantidad de páginas favoritas: 4 páginas
Color del producto: Plata
Conexiones multimedia: USB
Consumo de energía (inactivo): 1 W
Consumo energético: 270 W
Diagonal de la pantalla: 106,7 cm (42")
Entrada de S-Video: 1
Entrada de audio (L,R): 1
Entrada de video compuesto: 1
Entrada para antena: 75 ohm F
Escaneado progresivo: Si
Filtro peine: 3D
Formato de pantalla, ajustes: 4:3, 14:9, 16:9
Interfaces de montaje VESA: 400 x 400 mm
Intervalo de temperatura operativa: 5 - 40 °C
Mando a distancia: Si
Manual de usuario: Si
Número de puertos HDMI: 4
Peso: 20 kg
Peso con stand: 25,5 kg
Potencia estimada RMS: 30 W
Profundidad: 8,8 cm
Relación de aspecto: 16:9
Relación de contraste (dinámico): 29000:1
Requisitos de energía: 110 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Resolución de la pantalla: 1920 x 1080 Pixeles
Salidas para auriculares: 1
Sistema de audio: Dolby Digital (AC-3), BBE
TV bandas soportada: Hyperband, UHF
Temporizador de apagado: Si
Tiempo de respuesta: 2 ms
Tipo HD: Full HD
Ángulo de visión, horizontal: 178°
Ángulo de visión, vertical: 178°

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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Excellent picture & styling... 21 de diciembre de 2008
Por BMeek - Publicado en
After a good deal of online research and close looks at competing HDTV models, I concluded that the 42PFL7403D compares favorably to competing models costing 50-75% more and purchased one.

The Philips 42PFL7403D/F7 gets 5 stars because the picture is truly superb. When up-close and viewing Blu-ray content at 1080p/24, the picture on this 120Hz LCD is about as good as HDTV gets at any price range.

Furthermore, when viewing standard (480i/p) TV sources, this set's video processing engine does a respectable job of smoothly interpolating the standard 480 lines of source to fill the 1080 lines of HD picture screen (for those who don't realize it, this takes some serious mathematics and processing power to cleanly scale the viewing area of a video stream by 500% :-). Since most 1080p HDTVs do a respectable job of simply displaying a clean 1080i/p signal as seen in electronics stores, I view this capability as a key differentiator between high-end and low-end HDTVs (although perhaps of diminishing value as HD broadcasts are becoming the norm). In fact, the upsampled 480p picture on this set is comparable if not superior to the picture on my old trusty 32" Sony Trinitron XBR tube TV.

Other positives for me include the 42PFL7403's construction, styling, and audio. The clear Plexiglas around the perimeter directs rather substantial sound to the front to complement two rear-facing woofers. Thus, the 42PFL7403's 30W audio, when properly-adjusted, should be strong and clear enough to satisfy those who haven't decked out their viewing area with a home theater setup and positioned speakers all about the place...

In the US we don't often see Philips' better HDTVs next to the more expensive Sonys, Samsungs and Panasonics outside of Costco or Sam's Club. This "7000 series" model is Philips' top-of-the-line 42-inch TV sans their "Ambilight" feature (I couldn't find a 42PFL7603D in the US other than direct from Philips).

Summary: an excellent TV with top picture quality and styling at a surprisingly good price point.

The remainder of this review gets still more geeky and also lists some gripes about the 42PFL7403D/F7 for those who care...

First, this class of larger 1080p TVs make the quality - or lack of quality - of digital content very clear to the viewer. It's important to know whether you're judging the quality of the HDTV set or the content being viewed. I've read many user reviews of HDTVs that slam the subject HDTV for what amounts to poor-quality content - their "older conventional TV looked better". These claims aren't surprising, because their old sets didn't magnify content encoding flaws by spreading them over five times the original viewing area. The old adage of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) certainly applies to modern home entertainment.

I get DirecTV and have their HD DVR (HR22-700) plugged into the Philips 42PFL7403D via HDMI. Like all digital satellite and cable providers, DirecTV compresses the digital signals they deliver to conserve bandwidth. The results of their overly-aggressive compression are clearly visible up close, but the Philips' "digital noise reduction" function appears to do a pretty good job of compensating at all resolutions - things really look pretty good from a comfortable viewing distance.

I do have a few arguably minor gripes about the 42PFL7403...

Gripe one: I currently use only two HDMI inputs to the TV, but there is no way to remove the numerous unused inputs from the rotation of a remote control. So, my DirecTV remote has a "TV Input" button that normally selects the next TV input in a rotation. The first press of this button pops up the Philips TV's list of all 10 inputs, while subsequent presses selects the next input. Unfortunately, the TV takes time with each press to switch to the temporarily-selected input and conclude that there's no signal coming in... With the TV's own remote, one can use the up/down arrows before selecting the desired input. The DirecTV remote can control the TV pretty well, but it's a pain to switch it into full TV mode to change sources, then switch back to controlling the DVR...

Gripe two: The standard setting options like "Movie", "Sports" etc, combine BOTH picture and audio settings, so the relative volume and audio processing emphasis is quite different in each mode. The set maintains a single "personal" settings memory that one can switch back to, but only if there's been no attempt to modify the audio or video settings in "Sports" or "Movie" or whatever... Any such mode modification immediately becomes your new "Personal" settings config. That said, after growing bored with trying out these options, one can certainly adjust the audio to sound good and stay that way. Of course, those with a home theater receiver for audio control won't notice...

Overall, so-far-so good. I cheerfully recommend this TV to my friends.
7 de 9 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I own it. It is awesome! 10 de febrero de 2009
Por J. Hollis - Publicado en
Excellent TV. Very nice HD images. I've viewed HD DVD on this TV via X-Box 360 and it is stunning. I found no need to turn the Natural Motion on for this as the image was so very nice.

As for gaming: this TV is excellent. Presents a wonderful image that appears clean and free of artifacts (this using an earlier model X-Box 360 operating at 1080i output [later models can handle a true 1080p, and then of course there is the PS3 which is 1080p all the time]).

Do you need 1080p? Most people don't as most people do not have a Blu-Ray player or a Play Station 3 (which are currently the only things that output a 1080p signal). If you plan to use your TV as a computer monitor, then 1080p is what you want as all newer computers can output at 1080p. Keep in mind that cable and over the air broadcasts at 720p or 1080i maximum because they compress a signal to save bandwidth. So you're not going to get a 1080p signal from just anywhere (at least not right now). A 1080p image on a TV of this size is probably not going to make much of a difference anyway (unless you're running your computer on this, and even then it's more so going to be a matter of scaling the image cleanly). It's not really until you get into the 50" and above area that 1080p becomes truly appreciable. In any event, this is a 1080p TV and it is a nice one that boasts an incredible refresh rate of 2ms. Anything under 6ms refresh is considered good. 4ms is very good. 2ms is incredible.

The Natural Motion does indeed give films shown on television the appearance of video, so it is something to either get used to or simply turn off (turning it off works just fine). I prefer the movie look myself, but the power of the Natural Motion is quite impressive in its ability to dejudder a moving image so quickly. There's a fast set of innards in this TV!

There are a number of contrast and color temp settings to play with to get images to your liking. There are several forums around the Internet that can suggest some settings for this TV. So if you're at a loss as to what to go with, do some surfing and see what others recommend.

You can easily update firmware on this TV via the USB port with a simple jump drive. This is a nice feature in the event there are manufacturer feature updates or if you encounter any buggy behavior (as some of the first batches of 2008 [which I believe were actually the model: PFL7403D-27] encountered things like the TV turning itself off or on, or picture auto-resizing). I've encountered no problems after a few days of near non-stop use, but will eventually check to see that the firmware is up to date for the heck of it.

You really cannot beat this TV for price and I'd dare say the quality as well. This is a 120hz television and is the top of the line for Philips and I think stands up well against the competition. They did a great job on this TV. It is tragic that we are seeing less of a Philips presence in stores here in the US. The Samsung's and the Sony's of the world are nice, but they do tend to cost more. Picture-wise, I'm very impressed with the Philips and am not sorry I did not go with a slightly smaller 40" bigger named brand.

While I did not purchase my 7403 from Amazon, I have found that Amazon has a better price on this set than most others (though there really aren't very many places selling this in the US). Costco gives an automatic 2 year extended manufacturer's warranty which is free and the return policy is amazing if you happen to have a Costco in your neck of the woods. That's hard to pass up, especially when dealing with electronics of this size that are not returnable in most online instances. A brick and mortar store is always nice to have for returns if you need it. That being said, you'll probably only find two other places online that can beat the Amazon price, and those are membership only big box places (Sam's Club and Costco).

I've seen some grumblings on some other TV purchases when they were serviced by an Amazon third party seller. I have, however, heard great things about Amazon's White Glove service. Amazon really can't be beat in the free shipping service they offer and I've usually chosen to purchase directly from Amazon even if it did cost a few dollars over an Amazon seller. I have long trusted Amazon to give a great price and will continue to look to them for incredible deals like this one.

Best advice: If you're shopping for a TV, then do some research. There isn't much out there on the Philips 7403 as Philips has been lessening its presence in the US because it's such a tough market to compete in and the fact that Philips also manufactures the cheaper rebranded names specifically for the Best Buy's and Circuit City's out there (essentially the big box stores didn't want Philips pulling people away from their store brands [Insignia, Dynex, etc...], so it seems they wound up putting the squeeze on Philips which was one of the better quality televisions that were actually also affordable). Philips is still pretty much king of the television world in Europe. If you're comparing TV's, there are a number of choices on the level of this 42" 7403. Vizio is supposed to have an affordable new 120Hz 42" that is also supposed to be good. There are of course the 40" Samsungs and Sony's as well. Toshiba and Sharp and LG offer some 42" models that are supposed to be quite nice. Best thing to do is to see what others say about the TV as well as the professional reviewers out there. Look closely at the nuanced differences between model numbers from a manufacturer. Often times a company will have two models that appear to be the same, but may have slightly different components or some different feature that may appeal to you (and often times one of the models may simply be an older model, but with no discernable differences). Seeing the TV in a store in person is recommended, but don't believe everything you see. In most cases a store will have several TV's running on the same signal. When it is split so many ways, the image will often lose integrity. I've seen some places with a standard DVD player hooked up to an HDTV. The image is never going to look as good as when you have a single dedicated HD source for each TV. So, ask them to hook up Blu-Ray players for each of the TV's you're looking at so you can see what the TV's are truly capable of handling. Also play with the remote and the TV's settings. Many places like to put a showroom TV's Dynamic Settings on because it makes the image brighter or more vibrant. Sometimes these automatic settings are not properly corrected for color saturation or contrast and you could be missing what the image is supposed to look like (or what it would look like if you were driving it). You'll get a better sense of the image and the bells and whistles when you can get control over the HD image. Also keep in mind that a 42" TV can look pretty small in a warehouse sized store compared to your home!

While the prices of TV's are coming down, they're still pretty much a big ticket purchase (especially at the bigger screened size). So get as much TV as you can for your dollar!
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas AppleTV and the Philips 42PFL7403D/F7 -Amazing 18 de abril de 2009
Por P. D. Kousoubris - Publicado en
IF you value your productivity, do not purchase the Philips 42PFL7403D/F7 42 in LCD with an aPpleTV- the combination is like 'crack' for videophiles and will keep you glued to the set without recourse!

I bought this lovely Philips through, the EXACT company who you will buy this through via Amazon. I have dealt with them for years and their product values are solid. The Yellow truck shipping was $99, the nice manager (rare in urban areas) called to set up a delivery time convenient to me, and the nice driver (even better) helped me move the unit and unpack it properly.

OPEN YOUR BOX IMMEDIATELY upon receiving it before signing the slip. The driver noted a few big screen LCD's with gashes on the screen that could only be noted upon careful inspection. Pluggin the unit in isn't as important as you can deal with the company later (tigerdirect's phone support has been mediocre-average in my past experience).

The Philips 42 LCD with 120Hz refresh, HD at 1080p, and a 2mS (very fast) response time with 3 adjustable picture settings (color, contrast for dark vs. light blacktones, and sharpness) ROCKS. Very sharp, colors are warm without bleeding. Dynamic range is very good.

My upconverting toshiba xde dvd player produced wonderfully rendered imax movies (ie, galapagos) which made me sigh "aaaah" like the first time i turned on my larger LG 50 plasma.

Unlike the philips MRI units and computers i have worked with, The remote IS intuitive, color coded buttons appear on the screen matching the remote 'function key like' and my mom might even be able to operate this!

The sound is fine - the 'surround' option sort of works, and importantly does not distort sound like other surround receivers if there is not a 5:1 or 6:1 speaker arrangement. don't expect subwoofer lows, or wall shattering power output.

AppleTV has recently been upgrade with 720p HD content, the movie rentals last 30 days for $3, and the content is amazing between itunes / podcasts/ tv episodes (notably the movie selection remains subpar for purchase titles).

AppleTV did produce a few odd loud "clicks" on the LCD when the hdmi input was selected from another...can't figure out why, but only happened 2-3 times. Oh, and you would be crazy to not use HDMI - just buy cheap cables on amazon.\

UPDATE 6/2012: There are a few complaints that need logging after having this a few years.

1. The switching between HDMI inputs is WAY too slow; fine maybe for 2009 but nowadays, this is unacceptable (about 20-25 seconds?!!)

2. The labels you can user assign the HDMI inputs are odd: some are HD/HDD or 'Other'. There is no label for TV! c'mon philips, many of us have cable TV with hdmi!!!

3. Many unifying remotes i have tried simply can't deal with the complexity of inputs on this unit - and the fact there is such a lag with hdmi/ rca/ component swithing doesn't help.

Hope this helps.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas best bang for buck! 23 de febrero de 2009
Por Marcos M. Sastre - Publicado en
I got this about a month ago and couldn't be happier. You really can't beat the free shipping offer from Amazon. Mine got here within 5 days and delivered right to my living room, unpacked, and inspected. This was really a good buy. None of the LCD cons' against plasmas seem to hold for this one:

1. The blacks are as dark as the screen when powered off
2. There is no blur... seriously NONE
3. Factory color settings are superb
4. Half the power consumption of comparable plasma screen
5. 120 Hz refresh and 2ms pixel response not available in any other model for this price
6. Really good sound from internal speakers

Bottom line: This is the best under $1.5K 42-inch LCD you can get.

Recommendations: Disable the "Digital Natural Motion" when watching 1080p (bluray) as it makes high-contrast lines flicker. This is a non-issue with DVDs, and probably not really needed for bluray.
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5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas excellent product best out there 2 de febrero de 2009
Por Brian Kenney - Publicado en
Excellent colors and picture quality, great design overall a great product for the money and better than the competition. Compared against Sony Bravia and others and this Philips offers a much better product for the money. Highly recommended.

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